Activate: Business Success

March 13, 2014 | 6 Comments »

online business successAs part of our vibration activation series, this activation script is written by Stella Seaspirit and is designed to rock out online business success.

Use it when you’re ready for your business to expand in all the best ways.

We know this works because whenever we find a way to feel what we want like it’s already here, it cues Universe to make it happen.

One read through should be good for a 17 second vibe activation, and that’s all it takes to make a shift.  All you have to do after that is honor inspiration (that is, do what feels good).

Replace Stella’s “witchiness” biz topic for your own and enjoy activating the vibration of a thriving business:

Is it possible for me to build a thriving, lucrative online business awakening and fostering clients to their Witchiness? Stranger things have happened.

I can and I will. The time is Now. We are going BIG baby! Not just global credits, how about intergalactic credits?! I reach beyond time and claim the etheric blueprint of my fortune before it is.

I remember why I wanted this business all along. To pioneer something I care about deeply, to support my clients in a way that transforms them for the better and impacts the world on a grander level. This is what I choose to invest my creative energy in. Abundant financial blessings flow toward me when I remind myself that I am wholly loved and supported on every level in every way.

This is my soul mission and I channel my best love into it. The more I engage my heart the more my money grows. I am capable and proud to make all the final decisions about my livelihood; I do what feels good and follow inspiration. With this much love and positive expectation going into it, I know what the return on investment will be. I was born for this and more than ever, I am ready to allow my financial abundance to come forth in a perfect way. Fortune glistens each time I contribute a little more sparkle to each of my clients’ souls.

I Am totally financially free! I Am totally financially free! I Am totally financially free!

Big thanks to Stella for sharing her business success alignment script! Find Stella’s magical online offerings here.

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6 Responses to “ Activate: Business Success ”

  1. Stella is a truly magical being … and this is beyond awesome!
    I’ve copied it out for regular readings.

    Thank you oodles.

  2. That’s what I thought, Jacqui, when I read it in the GVU forum! I was like, Stella! – you have to let me share this!! It’s fabulous!

    Glad you’re enjoying it, too, Jacqui. 🙂

  3. I think I’ll tap to that!

  4. Good idea, Valerie!

  5. Thanks so much for your comments Jacqui and Valerie and for having me as a guest, Jeannette. I’m delighted to have shared some magick with you, may it move through you and with you in all ways and on all levels ~*

  6. Deanna says:

    this is a fabulous affirmation, Stella. I have changed a few words to suite my business, Rockin’ Realtor – I just love this – I copied down as an inspiration/affirmation to start each day.
    thanks bunches…

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