Bad Business with Power Places Tours

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don't use Power Places Tours to visit Machu Piccu with Gregg BradenWhen my aunt invited me to join her on a trip of a lifetime to Machu Picchu in Peru with Gregg Braden this summer via Power Places Tours, I knew it would be an amazing experience.

What I didn’t know was that the amazement would come from very unwanted sources once we discovered how Power Places Tours does business.

There is an LOA lesson here worth sharing so you can learn from my experience.

The travel contract they mailed said the trip would cost $6,599 per person, with payments to be made in three installments, and a 50% cancellation fee if done with enough prior notice.

That was an expensive trip for both of us (and the two other family members who decided to join as well), but it seemed SO worth it to see Machu Picchu than with Gregg Braden!  I’ve been a huge fan of his work for years and was looking forward to this experience.

Until … we each sent in our first payment of $1,450 to the tour company.

That’s when they immediately mailed new paperwork with higher figures informing us of an additional $725 “surcharge” on top of the $6,599 stated in the contract.

That seemed like a pretty big unexpected “surcharge.”  (Over 10% of the total trip fee.)

So my aunt asked about it.  They claimed it was primarily a fuel fee, and said their contract allowed fees like this to be added on top of our original contract price.

My aunt observed how interesting it was that they didn’t know about this fee before we paid our first installment, but the minute they got our money, they immediately knew what the extra fees would be.

That didn’t feel like a fabulous vibration to me.

That’s when I started having bad dreams about being abandoned  in a foreign country, with them pointing to contract language that said they were within their rights to cancel our hotel reservations and return flights home.

Okay, no good vibes here, and conversations with them weren’t making it any better, so what felt best was to unplug.  I was totally willing to take a hit on 50% of the down payment I’d already paid, just to prevent any future unwanted surprises.

So I politely asked for a refund, explaining that I thought it would be nice if they’d reimburse the entire deposit rather than keep the 50% their contract allowed them to (since I was well within the time frame for a half refund).

Which is when they told us that not only would they not refund the entire amount, but they weren’t even refunding the 50% – because the contract says you only get 50% back if you paid for the entire trip in full.

Gregg Braden, I love you dearly, but I cannot believe you use a company who does business like this!

So I wondered …

… how in the world did I manifest this?!

Between the four of us, we’re out nearly six thousand dollars.

That’s a lot of money for us.

In my coaching sessions when someone asks how they created something very unwanted, I ask them to check how it feels, and then see if that vibration has been recently activated.

When I check in on that, I realize I feel some outrage, and recall that yes indeed, I know that vibe from other recent events.   (In the way one of my family members treated my parents.)  So it’s easy to see how I’m a match to this.

Where to go from here?

Like any good deliberate creator would, I reached for relief. For thoughts and actions that felt better.  (I emailed and phoned Gregg as well, but didn’t hear from him.)

So today, that relief is in the form of telling others about how Gregg’s company, Power Places Tours, does business.

If you use Power Places Tours, be prepared for big surprises in additional fees, a management team that stands behind misleading contracts (a Colorado judge said it was dangerously on the verge of deceptive business trade practices), and owners Theresa and Fred Weiss who offer no regrets or apologies in doing business like this.

I am, of course, in full recognition that we attract what we focus on, and I know that how we feel is an indication of what’s coming next.

For that reason, I am intending that sharing about the unsavory practices of Power Places Tours offers some relief.  And that this experience of mine offers some manifesting insight about how to handle any challenges that may come your way.

PS – another helpful fyi as a U.K. speaker and blogger shared about his less than fabulous experience with Power Places here.

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Jeannette Maw is the LOA party host at GVU and publisher of the rave reviewed Good Vibe newsletter, which you can subscribe to here.

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70 Responses to “ Bad Business with Power Places Tours ”

  1. Julie Masters on March 20, 2012 at 12:43 am


    I thought of a lot of things when I read this post. How I’ve felt angry, and frustrated with injustice, and disappointed with something or someone. How intensely I’ve wanted the situation to just CHANGE already!! And how I didn’t need anyone to tell me to feel better about it, thank you very much!

    And I thought about one of Nancy’s recent posts where she quotes Abraham, as saying that when a person is having a hard time with something, it’s not a good time to tell them they create their own reality! :) But YOU know that, and you know it so well, I have no doubt that it will be a quick trip up that vibrational scale!

    I also remembered having watched this recent video of Esther/Abraham speaking of her car getting hit in the parking lot. Good “it happens to the best of us” example, and a real vibe shifter for me!

    Ease and flow…

    Julie Masters

  2. Anita on March 20, 2012 at 9:52 am

    Visiting Macchu Picchu on our own (without the company of Greg or Mike)is a good option too!

    Jeannette – I remember in one of your blog articles you mentioned that you dislike traveling – so it could be thats how or why you manifested this!!!! Its not just about the money you lost – its about the end result you manifested- which was the original “intention”.

  3. Anita on March 20, 2012 at 10:15 am

    The Universe is responding to whatever intentions YOU have in your consciousness. Its rearranging the outer circumstances according to your “real” intentions.

    I’m finding for myself that if I don’t pay attention to the “not good feeling” stuff when its small, when I get the small twinges of discomfort, it just keeps getting bigger and bigger and feels horrible and blows up eventually :-))

  4. Good Vibe Coach on March 20, 2012 at 9:30 am

    THANK YOU for that reminder here, Julie. (When someone is riled up is not the best time to warn them about what they’re attracting with that.)

    I think some of us deliberate creators shortchange our range of feelings because we think we shouldn’t feel that way, and that’s especially easy for a coach to fall for. Especially someone who goes by “good vibe coach.” lol

    And that is a sign of an excellent coach who doesn’t try to curtail another’s feelings, if you ask me.
    ;) (You rock, Julie Masters!)

    Because we’re going to feel a wide range of emotions in this journey of life, and the point isn’t to try to avoid some of them, but allow and enjoy that ride. In fact, I was telling Martha Beck coaches this last weekend that that’s why happiness can seem so fleeting yet why pain can seem so lingering – because we don’t have any resistance to feeling happy – so it comes and goes quickly. But with pain, when we resist, well, that’s what draws it out.

    Anyway, it’s no surprise that after letting myself be upset, and posting this piece and getting a good night’s sleep – I now feel a lot lighter and much more free.

    THIS is where I can now pivot to something that feels better. NOW I can direct attention on what I want much more effectively.

    (Thank you, Tom Stone, for teaching me so well to feel it out, whatever it is.)

    So just for good measure, since I did the “feel the feelings” publicly, I’ll do this refocus publicly, too:

    You know what I love? Companies who treat their customers well. I saw that the other day when Russ called TurboTax about something he was upset with. (He was fuming away in the house, and I suggested he call to let them know, that maybe they’d make it right, or at the very least he’d feel better by telling them.) Which he did, and that’s when they offered him unlimited free access to their software this year. He walked away a happy customer, and both of us have a huge respect for TurboTax. (As do the people we’ve told the story to!)

    Another great way to treat your people … last night we had two new students (who knew each other) enroll at Good Vibe Coach Academy. (Yay!) Even though they didn’t even HINT to ask whether there was a discount for multiple enrollments (they are going through the program together), Lisa and I both agreed they should get a significant discount. Which we were happy to give. I think that’s a cool way to do business. (So fun to be the boss who gets to decide these things!)

    When I call my vet’s office and they don’t have room to get me in right away, but I tell them it’s important I get in soon, they make room. I’d love them even if they didn’t treat me like gold, but that is just icing on the cake.

    I was checking out at the salon a couple months ago (imagine that – I still remember this – that’s how impactful it was to me!) and they handed me a little free tube of Aveda lotion. And as soon as I saw it I exclaimed “Ah! So that’s where this came from! I’ve been LOVING the last one you gave me and I couldn’t remember where I got it!” and they promptly handed me three more. Seriously, it is so easy to make a good impression!

    Omgosh, let me tell you about my credit union! They treat me like GOLD!! I am in LOVE with my credit union! I’ve been with them for longer than I can remember – we’re talking decades – and in all that time they have ONLY been good to me. Can you imagine?! All those opportunities for an interaction to go south and it has NEVER happened!! I LOVE that place! Love love LOVE them!

    Okay, I am well on my way with that redirection …

    And I honestly don’t think that would have been possible had I not been willing to be upset before.

    Here’s to working the (vibrational) scale! :)

  5. Good Vibe Coach on March 20, 2012 at 10:30 am

    Very true, Anita. In fact, that may be a great blog post in itself …

  6. Jesann on March 20, 2012 at 10:40 am

    Manifestation aside, here’s another way to work through the revenge level of feeling: Contact the Federal Trade Commission and the state attorney general of the state in which Power Places Tours is located.

    Mua ha ha.

  7. Good Vibe Coach on March 20, 2012 at 10:44 am

    I don’t know if it was your “Mua ha ha” signoff or the suggestion itself or the vibration in it, Jesann, but I am in giggle fits over here reading your post!!

    THANK YOU!! :)

  8. Good Vibe Coach on March 20, 2012 at 9:56 am

    Anita, you are SO right – on both counts. I did realize that was a potential payoff from this unraveling of our plans. (I am somewhat challenged to enjoy air travel.)

    I was thinking, too, my aunt was originally looking at Mike Dooley’s trip to Peru in April, and maybe this is Universe’s way of saying we were on the right track the first time.

  9. Shannon on March 20, 2012 at 1:46 pm

    “ Revenge and anger aren’t pretty, but sometimes it’s the step you have to take to get relief!”

    I guess I find it interesting that your post was sent with the anger and revenge “intention” – because what I read or got out of it was your “intention” to inform and educate above all else. I was grateful for the information and knowledge of what to look for in the “small print” of these types of trips. I look to these posts to learn and I always do!!!

  10. Good Vibe Coach on March 20, 2012 at 2:16 pm

    I’m glad you felt that, Shannon. That was my intention that you readers aren’t stuck with that brand of energy, but that I still accomplish the purpose of getting some search engine attention for anyone else who might be researching Power Places Tours.

    I had done a quick google search before I sent money, and didn’t see anything concerning. So this is my public service message to those who might appreciate it.

    But I obviously know that I am not a victim of someone else’s policies – that I was in alignment with all of this, and thought perhaps my experience might help another do it differently.
    Thanks for posting, Shannon. I am glad to hear that “grateful” came up for you in reading this. Mission accomplished!

  11. AffirmingSpirit on March 20, 2012 at 3:31 pm

    Jeannette, the moment that I started reading this post I remembered Gregg Braden talking about a series of people who individually took advantage of him financially and a bad business deal. He immediately realized how it was a reflection of him, and began doing his own work, as you have done here.

    I am also thinking that by choosing this travel company, Gregg is also co-creating this experience with you and others who signed up. How wonderful that you all have a chance to peel back the onion!

    Many blessings,

  12. Jackie on March 20, 2012 at 4:16 pm

    Wow! Big juice in this post. With all the anger and revenge, you have also provided a service to other travelers who will now avoid this company and will look closely at the fine print.

  13. Janette on March 20, 2012 at 8:32 pm

    Great post!!! I’m hugely appreciating so many things, as a result of your (short-lived) visit into anger and revenge.

    First of all, yay for being able to express the anger in such a clear and educative way. You didn’t simply bag Gregg or the travel company or the experience – you laid bare your experience and you took responsibility at every opportunity. Kudos for showing how to express anger in a positive way (this is the same kind of anger that fuels good social change, IMHO!).

    I love that you now get to rant about all the positive experiences you’ve had with companies!!! And I’m having my own mini-rampage of appreciation about the many companies that I deal with who are nothing but brilliant!

    Even Apple iTunes recently agreed to refund me for a purchase which went haywire, despite a strict “no refund” policy. Woohoo!!!!!

    And also – I agree with Jackie. When we do attract dodgy businesses into our lives, we’ve been granted an opportunity to help others avoid the same experience. Yes, it was a lot of money for you – and for someone else it might have represented their entire life savings. And maybe now you’ve saved them from losing it all. How good does that feel??


  14. Power Places Tours on March 20, 2012 at 8:52 pm

    Jeannette, This is Power Places Tours here to set the record straight. Re the fuel surcharges and supposed “fine print” of languaging: The size of the print about the fuel surcharges is the same as in the rest of the description. It is a 12 font size, and therefore does not fit the definition of fine print in any way! Re: fuel surcharges—It is no surprise that gas and fuel prices are skyrocketing. As explained by the person you spoke to in the office, Power Places Tours passes on the fuel surcharge charged to us by the airlines, and nothing is added to that fuel surcharge. Also explained to you is that at the time the group tickets are purchased the fuel surcharge could go down, in which case everyone on the trip would be refunded the difference. The tour conditions clearly state in regular size print that fuel surcharges are NOT included in the price of the trip. You received the itinerary and tour conditions, and sent a document signed by you saying that you understand and agree to the tour conditions.
    Also, you were offered a “land only” option and declined it, even though that option would take care of the fuel surcharges with the Power Places Tours’ airline ticket. (This option is normally for international participants or those wishing to use their Frequent Flyer Miles. Everything else in the travel package is included except air and airport transfers.)
    Cancellation policy: the tour conditions and cancellation and deposit policy are clear. They are also in the same regular 12 point font size, and some of it in bold face! The parameters for cancellation and deposits policies are clear, fair, and are within the common and acceptable norms in the travel industry.

  15. Michael on March 20, 2012 at 11:49 pm

    Thanks for sharing this, and for showing how to throw proper punches, LOA style. This helps you, helps us, and hopefully helps Gregg team up with better biz partners.

  16. Good Vibe Coach on March 21, 2012 at 12:35 am

    Thanks for acknowledging this issue, Power Places. I appreciate your recognition that there’s a problem.

    I’m thinking you might have me mixed up with someone else, since I’ve never spoken with anyone at Power Places about this. (We’ve only emailed.) Regardless, I am wondering why if it’s “no surprise” that fuel charges are going up – why we didn’t get a heads up about that, or better yet – why wasn’t it included in the original amount? Even if as an estimate?

    I wish I HAD known about a land only option, as that might have saved a lot of headache and later resentment.

    At the minimum (and I’m still holding out hope for a better resolution than this), but at the minimum, I hope you take this experience to heart and change your future communications with prospective clients.

    I firmly believe that what’s happening as consciousness rises on the planet that systems, structures (including companies, governments, relationships, etc.) that are not in alignment with truth and love will not survive. That might sound dramatic when we’re just talking about a simple deceptive practices policy here, but sweeping changes are in the works. You can go with them, or you can go down. We’re seeing it all around us already!


  17. Power Places Tours on March 21, 2012 at 3:05 pm

    Jeannette- Power Places Tours here. We all know how communications can get confused when there are multiple people involved each interpreting the communication their own way. It sounds like the office was speaking with another person in your party, not you, though I am surprised that you are making the complaint without first speaking with anyone directly. When we created this program it was last year. The fuel surcharges go up and down all the time with costs of oil. Tour Conditions clearly indicate that the fuel surcharges are not included. We hope it goes down by the time we actually ticket! We thought the Land Only package was a good solution and it seems you feel that way as well. Perhaps if we can get over the current ill-will based on the misunderstanding, which we would love to do, maybe something can be workable.

  18. Chris on March 21, 2012 at 8:03 pm

    I am the aunt, the other person in the party, and I would like to respond to Power Places Tours attempt to “set the record straight”. It’s true, “The tour conditions clearly state in regular size print that fuel surcharges are NOT included in the price of the trip.” It’s also true that section IV. CANCELLATION & REFUNDS: states “Deposits are refundable, except for a $450 processing fee per person, if cancellation is received by January 17, 2011.” But wait – this is 2012! I wouldn’t consider having absolutely no opportunity to cancel (especially due to a significant, unanticipated price increase) to be a fair cancellation policy, “within the common and acceptable norms in the travel industry.”
    The TOUR CONDITIONS also state “WHAT’S INCLUDED: $6,599 per person includes airfare from Miami.” This was reiterated in the email I recieved from them after my initial inquiry. To quote:
    “Please note that the package price listed in the itinerary includes round trip airfare from Miami.”
    Well here’s the kicker: U.S. regulations require that taxes and fees (including fuel surcharges) be included when quoting airline fares. Airlines, travel agents,, etc. must include all of these fees in the quoted airfare price so people will know what they are actually going to have to pay. Apparently, Power Places Tours does not have to comply with this regulation. What they mean by “round trip airfare from Miami” does not include these fees, leaving them free to add them on to the advertised price of the trip. I was totally blindsided by this. They leave their unsuspecting customers with no recourse but to suck it up or lose their deposit. We’re talking an additional 11% tacked on to the already significant advertised price. Who wants to do business with a company that uses deceptive practices like that? Not me.
    Oh, and one more thing. They were also very clear about the fact that we could save $300 by not using our credit cards to pay for the trip. Initially, I thought that they were just passing on the savings to benefit their customers. In retrospect, I realize that it also eliminates the option of using your credit card company to help you get your money back.

  19. Sue on March 22, 2012 at 3:46 am

    Quite a post! Just want to thank you for sharing your weeding through this experience. I recently went through something similar ( which pretty much feels like a slap in the face ) and came through just fine.

    I’m beginning to appreciate the sitting back and watching it unfold part of these “unfair” experiences, mine and those other deliberate creators around me.

    My dealings with a well advertised anxiety solution program for my daughter went from sweet “keep the program longer” to pay up or we’ll ruin your credit, very quickly
    Interestingly, at the same time this was ordered,
    my bank card was being utilized by some unknown (thank you Webster Bank for being so quick on seeing it!) which made it impossible for them to get their money ……ahhh the Universe at work.
    I went from being hurt and horrified, dealing with a suddenly heartless company to watching it shift in my favor
    The company had turned it all over to a collection agency, which closed the case once they received a letter from the bank stating the issue. (oddly enough I still have the product, because they wouldn’t let me send it back)

    Who would have thought that having someone mess with your bank card could be a blessing?

    Also, I run 2 businesses and this just reminds me how important it is to keep your heart in your business, and not just make it about the so called fine print.

    Thanks Jeanette for wearing your heart on your sleeve ~. Sue

  20. Sue on March 22, 2012 at 3:47 am


    Quite a post! Just want to thank you for sharing your weeding through this experience. I recently went through something similar ( which pretty much feels like a slap in the face ) and came through just fine.

    I’m beginning to appreciate the sitting back and watching it unfold part of these “unfair” experiences, mine and those other deliberate creators around me.

    My dealings with a well advertised anxiety solution program for my daughter went from sweet “keep the program longer” to pay up or we’ll ruin your credit, very quickly
    Interestingly, at the same time this was ordered,
    my bank card was being utilized by some unknown (thank you Webster Bank for being so quick on seeing it!) which made it impossible for them to get their money ……ahhh the Universe at work.
    I went from being hurt and horrified, dealing with a suddenly heartless company to watching it shift in my favor
    The company had turned it all over to a collection agency, which closed the case once they received a letter from the bank stating the issue. (oddly enough I still have the product, because they wouldn’t let me send it back)

    Who would have thought that having someone mess with your bank card could be a blessing?

    Also, I run 2 businesses and this just reminds me how important it is to keep your heart in your business, and not just make it about the so called fine print.

    Thanks Jeanette for wearing your heart on your sleeve ~. Sue

  21. Sue on March 22, 2012 at 3:52 am

    Sorry! Hey 3:47 in the morning causes one to double post…….oops. Must need more sleep ~

  22. Stella on March 22, 2012 at 6:37 am

    As someone who has travelled a lot over the years and done a heap of tours and the like, I have never heard of a surprise fuel charge! No matter what rationale you (Power Place Tours) give, this sort of practice does not feel or sound right at all.

  23. Power Places Tours on March 22, 2012 at 6:12 pm

    Power Places Tours here in response to aunt: We understand that you were purchasing three of the trips, gifting two family members of your family, and that you had been planning on something special like this for awhile. Nowadays with rising fuel prices, covering three fuel surcharges is hefty on international tickets. For clarification U.S. regulations require that taxes and fees such as fuel surcharges be included when booking and purchasing airline tickets. Purchasing a travel package that includes hotel, siteseeing, transfers, porterage and air is not buying an airline ticket. The fuel surcharges decided upon by the airlines are constantly changing, and could go higher and lower at any given time. As a tour company we have contracts with the airlines for specific dates and numbers of passengers, however the tickets are not purchased until around 60 days before the trip departure. At the time of purchasing the ticket, same as when one is on-line for example to buy the ticket, is the fuel surcharge exact. Due to the fluctuation of these fuel surcharges we can only know the approximate amount of the fuel surcharge in advance which is why we give an approximate on the invoice. (This is not a “surprise” fuel surcharge. The exact wording of the Tour Conditions under “What is Included” and “What is not Included” eg fuel surcharges, were posted here in its exact wording ) Re: the deposit/refund policy—it is stated very clearly. A company puts down respective deposit and refunds policies for travel programs. This is why we have our Traveler’s Information document that clients sign that they have read, understand, and agree to the tour conditions, and we received that document back from you. Jeannette pointed out in her blog that she could not find any negative publicity re Power Places Tours and deceptive business practices, as there are none. Re the cash discount price vs credit card price, that is a person’s choice to use the convenience of a credit card if they prefer. It is just a choice that we offer, it is up to the client, and many clients do decide to use their card for this convenience. Also, in looking for an alternative you were offered the Land Only option so that you could take care of your own air and thus the fuel surcharge when ticketing through us would not apply. However, I understand you declined.

  24. Chris on March 22, 2012 at 7:54 pm

    The real issue is this: Your tour has hidden costs. There is no way for a customer to know what the “fuel surcharge” is going to be. That is not publicly available information. When you purchase an airline ticket, there is nothing telling you how much of that is a “fuel surcharge”. So the only way to find out how much the trip is “really” going to cost is to put down a non-refundable deposit. How consumer friendly is that?

  25. Power Places Tours on March 25, 2012 at 4:33 pm

    Chris, Power Places Tours here. Hidden costs would mean that the item of extra cost is not pointed out. People see the “What is not included” and will frequently check to get specifics. There is nothing “hidden,” it is clear some items are NOT included in the price. Generally the cost of items in the “What is not included” varies, which is why they are not included. Also, taxes and surcharges can be imposed or changed by a government or the airline after the trip has been planned. While it is true that the fuel surcharge is high on this trip, which is usually not the case, you are misinformed when you state that fuel surcharge is not publicly available information. When booking only an airline ticket on-line, it states the price of that airline ticket is such and such, taxes and fees. You click on the taxes and fees and it states there is a 7.5% U.S. government excise tax and a carrier imposed surcharge. In calling the airline directly to follow up on specifics one is told there is a fuel surcharge for long domestic flight, and international flights, easily obtainable information by anyone wishing details when purchasing an airline ticket. You and Jeannette accuse Power Places Tours of deceptive business practices including “sticking” you with hidden costs. You could easily checked for this information, however to say you had to put down a deposit to get this information is simply slander.

  26. Good Vibe Coach on March 26, 2012 at 9:03 am

    To Power Places: you have certainly helped to fulfill one of my intentions that other potential travelers know what it’s like to do business with you.

    It’s not just that I’m an average, reasonable person who was completely taken by surprise by the high extra fees, or that we weren’t informed of those fees until (literally) immediately after you got our first deposit (that’s suspicious timing in itself), or that on top of that your language is highly misleading about a supposed “refund” which doesn’t exist for us, but the big one is that this is how you treat your customers.

    Enough said.

    (Big thanks to Google for putting this post on the first page of search results for Power Places Tours.)

  27. Stella on March 26, 2012 at 1:11 pm

    Jeannette. As someone reading about this, I also can’t help but think that Greg Bradden’s integrity is also in question here. What’s he thinking/doing having these people treat his customers like this?!! And by most people’s standards I think it’s a substantial amount of money. I’m from Australia and we’re a travelling people, I certainly wouldn’t touch either Power Places of anything that Greg has to offer in light of the above. My feelings are not based on second hand information . . .it’s quite clear that the set-up is not customer focused by reading Power Place’s responses on this post.

    To Power Places, the few lazy thousand dollars you have made off these people for cancelling and refusing to refund, will end up costing you a lot more – guaranteed!

  28. Power Places Tours on March 26, 2012 at 4:58 pm

    Jeannette: It is noted that thousands have traveled with Power Places Tours for decades, with many repeat customers. When facts are presented to answer concerns and accusations from you in this blog it does not seem possible for you to move forward…there is just re-hashing of the same old misinformation, inaccuracies and falsehoods. (Don’t you read the news about high oil prices, increasing prices of fuel to very high levels.) As a trained life coach “goodVibes” your opening theme, when you first sent the blog, you stated was revenge. You stated that you “felt better” because the blog was your revenge. As a life coach isn’t this hypocrisy? Let’s keep revenge for the “terrorists” in the world. Life coaching is meant to teach others how to deal with life’s traumas and issues that come our way, with a process that will provide an uplifted, enlightened and healing result.
    Deal with your family issues that you stated in your blog are causing you pain. That appears to be the trigger for your unsubstantiated attack and “revenge” on Power Places Tours. That takes courage, and you seem to have that. The projections can then cease, and you will truly be free.

  29. Alison Myer on March 26, 2012 at 6:23 pm

    Power Place Tours. Your last post has the hallmarks of a typical perpetrator. Revenge is a form of justice that victims of foul play have the constitutional right to seek in any manner they choose (legal of course). Your attempts to minimize your behaviour and instead blame the victims as it were, are text book perp reactions. I second others who have posted regarding your lack of customer focus and I would add that your defensiveness and attempt to put this down to others’ projection is down right unprofessional. This is Jeanneatte’s blog and she can choose her blog topics as she sees fit. If you were a professional organization you would have taken this up with your unsatisfied customers with the contact details you would have been provided with rather than jump on here with your poor attitude and still no explanation as to why you will not refund their $.

  30. Good Vibe Coach on March 27, 2012 at 8:37 am

    This response isn’t for Power Places Tours, but for deliberate creators who might be wondering what exactly is happening here.

    I’ve been going over it myself several times myself to make sure I’m not stuck in resistance, but rather well on my way to the benefit that this contrast created.

    In understanding that, it’s been helpful for me to remember that the move up the emotional scale sometimes goes through some dark stuff. From powerlessness and unworthiness (I felt like such an idiot for a minute there!) through revenge, anger, blame, etc. until we make way to frustration (irritation, impatience) and then pessimism to boredom, contentment, hopefulness, optimism, etc.

    Doing what I could to let others know about my experience sure helped with the powerlessness, and Stella, Sue, Michael, Janette, Shannon, Jackie, Jesann, and everyone else’s posts helped me manage the unworthiness. I’m lately bouncing around between boredom to satisfaction and getting good glimpses of delight now and again.

    It’s all part of the process – and denying ourselves the relief in the beginning that might seem inappropriate or not very nice (especially for a deliberate creator going by “Good Vibe Coach”) is NOT effective vibration management. That’s how we get stuck in the negative stuff – by denying or resisting it.

    So here’s to doing business with companies that respect their customers and treat them fairly and with transparent business practices, here’s to customers who know they deserve better and insist on it, and here’s to learning from luminaries who care enough to at least respond with an email when something like this comes up in their business.

    lol I can tell my irritation has shifted from Power Places (who seem rather hopeless to me) to Gregg Braden, who I sure expected more from.

    The vibrational journey continues! ha

  31. Monica on March 27, 2012 at 9:06 am

    OMG, I apologize in advance, because I know this post will not help anyone but me. I am not at all surprised, and I don’t know why I seem to be the only person whose alarm bells go off every time Gregg Braden opens his mouth, but by God, they do! And I am pretty sure I told you so!

    LOL. I know it’s not a pretty side of me, but thank you for the chance to release a toleration that’s been irritating me for a long time!

  32. Robin on March 27, 2012 at 11:23 am

    Just thought I would throw this into the mix: I love dealing with companies who are crystal clear in their explanations of products, services, benefits and costs. I love when they are unfailingly gracious to customers, even ones who appear to be confused, mistaken, or just plain wrong. I also really appreciate when they consider goodwill more important than rigid adherence to “policy”.

  33. Susann on March 27, 2012 at 11:49 am

    I’m late to this party — just now read the post — and want to pop in to say that Jeannette runs HER business with the integrity of angels: when she talks about great customer service, she’s not just talking through her hat. A long time ago, Jeannette, I bought one of your products (so long ago I honestly can’t recall which one). I have only slow dial-up internet service where I live (yes, we do still exist!)& couldn’t download the files. I e’d you, not knowing if there was anything you could do. I got a reply within minutes, telling me you were going out & didn’t have time to “fix” it just then but would when you got back. You took the time to TELL me that! A few hours later, you sent another email telling me you’d broken the file into smaller chunks, and to try the download again. I did, and it worked and I was — and still am — utterly blown away by your incredible professionalism and the effort you made for one customer. Just awesome. With that kind of energy behind you, you’re sure to get a good resolution to this.

    Thanks, too, for reminder that stuffing our feelings down because we’re afraid to rock the LOA boat might NOT be the best option. I have a situation going on that I’ve decided might well benefit from a little cathartic venting on my part. Sure can’t do any harm anyway!

  34. Good Vibe Coach on March 27, 2012 at 1:26 pm

    Thank you, Robin!!

    Reveling in the thought of “unfailingly gracious” to customers, and putting goodwill first, and lots of crystal clarity as their leading intention.

    That does feel fab. Thank you again, my friend!

  35. Kimberly on March 28, 2012 at 10:27 am

    Thank you for sharing this link with me; whenever I get behind on my blog reading, I clear the Reader and start fresh which mean I potentially miss great reads like this one.

    What a great example of sharing an unfortunate situation, but not in a way that is completely negative.

    I love that you’re sharing what you experienced and learned so that we can apply it to our own experience.


  36. helen on March 28, 2012 at 8:45 pm

    Just been reading this and it seems that the issue is more around money than actual customer service.
    I have been to the web site in question and I did find that they explained things as they stated.
    However because of the huge outlay which you were obviously up to speed with, to then be hit with an extra charge which is quite substancial I can see how it could escalate to the point where you feel like you were a bit conned.
    Business policies aside there is obviously (well to me) that there are some money buttons being pushed here I have found myself in similar places before where i was arguing backwards and forewards with a company about their business practices and then it hit me that it was actually the money I felt I’d wasted doing business with them ………once I dealt with that issue …i got a partial refund which I took gratefully and they just quietly slipped out of my life. It did get ugly for a minute but I have since realised that it was more about the money than their seemingly dodgey business policies.
    Good luck with it all though.

  37. Ramona on March 28, 2012 at 10:00 pm

    Jeanette, I used to work at PPT many years ago. The “surcharge” has always been a standard there. It has nothing to do with any fuel surcharge at all, it’s just bad management. The owners Toby & Teri Weiss are desperate for clients so they underquote in the hope of getting enough people on a tour. They need 10 people to sign up to give a free space to Gregg Braden or whomever the speaker is. If that number is not achieved then the cost passes on to you in the form of a surcharge. Another reason is that someone did not factor in all the costs correctly or the wife Terri decided to join the trip for free at your expense or they did not book the space when they should have and later when the costs went up they found that they did not make enough profit, there are myriad of reasons why they make up the surcharge. You would think that a couple who organized tours about mind, body and spirit would be a little evolved but they are very callous and there is nothing spiritual about them. It’s all about the money. They live and keep their money offshore in St Croix and just have someone in Denver act like an adminstrative asst. All their staff always hated them intensely and the speakers just tolerate them for the free trips.

    I suggest that you demand to see the letter from the airline they are using, that the fuel surcharge is this ridiculous amount of $795 in addition to the base fare and taxes. Then contact the Better Business Bureau & the office of the Attorney General in Colorado and file a consumer complaint about fraudulent surcharges. Also contact any travel ombudsmen who can act as a mediatior, the one at Costco comes to mind or Conde Nast Traveler. Find the name of the airline and call their head office and ask the sales manager what the fuel surcharge has been SINCE THE DATE YOU BOOKED. I guarantee you it cannot be more than $50-$100 per person if at all. There are only a limited number of airlines that fly to Lima out of Miami, so call all of them if you don’t know which airline. All airlines publish their fuel surcharge online in the form of press releases so it would not be difficult to find. No company can simply demand such a high fuel surcharge. In the business, we always receive a notification from the airline if the fuel surcharge goes up and we routinely send it out to our clients if asked and in all my years I have never seen it to be more than $50pp. You have every right to see this notification from the airline. Not only that, we are given fair warning of at least 5 days to issue all the outstanding tickets before the fuel surcharge is attached. They have already said that they don’t issue the tickets until 60 days before departure anyway so it is completely unacceptable that they get to keep your money. What they are doing is fraud plain and simple. If they cannot prove that the airline is charging this ridiculous amount then they need to give you a full refund. If not, your best option is to warn them that you will be writing your review on tripadvisor and yelp, two of the most read sites by serious travelers. Also they say: “The parameters for cancellation and deposits policies are clear, fair, and are within the common and acceptable norms in the travel industry.” Well what exactly are their cancellation policies because if it is so normal why is it not on their website for all the world to see? See if it compares with other well known tour companies, all of whom have their terms on their sites. I bet you will not find any companies that keep your entire deposit for a cancellation 5 months before departure. They should have simply charged you $450 cancellation fee,as has always been their policy but it seems greed got the better of them. It would be helpful if you posted your exact dates of deposit and cancellation. The trip departure date is 20 Aug and it seems you cancelled before 20 March, full 5 months prior. It simply is not the norm or fair or reasonable for them to keep your full deposit when you have cancelled so far in advance.
    Good luck and keep us posted!

  38. Jeannette on March 29, 2012 at 8:11 pm

    Um, WOW!!!

    I’m both shocked and not to hear those details, Ramona. Thank you for sharing this!

    I appreciate having very clear information to work with.

    And am still reeling at getting the look behind the curtains that you gave us. WOW!!

  39. Chris on March 30, 2012 at 3:18 pm

    Of course it’s about the money. We gave Power Places $5800 for our initial deposits. When we balked at additional fees of $725 per person, $2900 total, they cited their policy and refused to refund any portion of our deposit. I insisted on a breakdown of the $725. They replied: $111 taxes, $25 ticketing fees and $590 fuel surcharge. The airfare tax amount is readily available online, but fuel surcharges are NOT listed. Power Places suggests that I could have called the airline to determine that amount if I was concerned about it. Wow, that’s transparent! More like buyer beware. I wasn’t concerned about it because I never dreamed it would be almost $600. Even if I was concerned, I would not have known to call the airline to get this amount. But thanks to Power Places’ suggestion, I DID call LAN airlines today and they quoted me $25 PER PASSENGER AS THE FUEL SURCHARGE for flights on the same dates!

    As for their cancellation policy, I couldn’t find it on their web site, but they emailed the tour conditions and itinerary after my initial inquiry. It is cited below:
    IV. CANCELLATION & REFUNDS: Deposits are refundable, except for a $450 processing fee per person, if cancellation is received by January 17, 2011. Within seven months of trip departure, a cancellation fee of 25% of the total cost of the trip shall apply. Within four months of departure a 50% cancellation fee shall apply. No refunds within two months of departure. All cancellations must be in writing, and reach our office by the applicable cancellation date above. Since the cancellation terms must be strictly applied no matter the reason for cancellation, travel insurance/trip cancellation insurance is strongly recommended; this insurance includes coverage for cancellation in case of illness or death in the family.

    Note the date, January 17, 2011! Even if that’s a mistake and it was supposed to be 2012, it still expired before we even made our deposits. According to their policy our deposits were NEVER refundable.

    I don’t care how Power Places tries to spin it, it’s not right or ethical for them to keep our money under these circumstances. I have already filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. If that doesn’t get us a refund, I’ll file one with the Attorney General and start posting on all of the travel sites.

  40. Stella on March 31, 2012 at 4:05 am

    Ramona that’s a great insight from the trenches – thanks so much for sharing! I agree with Jeannette . . . it feels like Toto has just pulled back the Wizard of Oz’ curtain!

    All the best Chris in getting your money back.

  41. AffirmingSpirit on April 2, 2012 at 7:50 pm

    Jeannette, I was feeling more neutral on the subject until I started seeing Power Places Tours responses in this blog. Man, you weren’t kidding. Just their posts alone are enough to make us all question doing business with them.

    Don’t be surprised if this particular post becomes TEXT BOOK EXAMPLE OF WHAT NOT TO DO in leading Business Schools across the globe. Oh, yeah, PPT probably doesn’t realize you have a strong global following!

    I not only see you getting your money back, but I am seeing Gregg Braden finding a reputable company to do business with for future trips. It’s a total win-win, as I see it! ;-)

    Many blessings,

  42. Tom on April 12, 2012 at 5:55 pm

    Jeannette, I am a big fan of Gregg Braden as well. In know what happened sucks but send Gregg love anyway !! He most likely does not realize what they are doing.

  43. Julie on April 12, 2012 at 7:05 pm

    Wow… what stinkers Jeannette! I didn’t read all of the responses, but wanted to respond to your initial post. THANK YOU – YOU DID A SERVICE by informing others out “here” of potential rip off. A big alert! And man, that is a chunk of change that they kept (‘mo-fo’s!) ;). Thanks for sharing your experience and hopefully Gregg will become informed and make the right decision.


  44. Marquina on April 12, 2012 at 10:00 pm

    WOW!!! My has dropped and hit the floor SO many times while reading these comments… And the fact that someone representing the company decided to respond the way they did (which was badly) ON YOUR BLOG!!! I mean, who does that?! Seriously! And they kept trying to make you look bad. On YOUR turf! Ok, that was a bad strategy if they ever had one. LOL!!!

    I was going to say, originally (before I read the comments), that you feel how you feel and sometimes saying how you truly feel out loud helps you to feel better sooner, and I appreciate you saying how you felt – it made me feel good.

    But now…Wow…after what Ramona said…Goodness! This may not quite be over. I mean, $725 FUEL surcharge, PER PERSON??? I’m sending you much love and strength to deal with this if you’re not done yet. Sounds like wrongs need to be righted. But, then again, maybe you’ve already done what you needed to do by publishing this post…Hmmm?

    Big Hugs,

  45. Jeannette on April 13, 2012 at 12:31 am

    Nancy, I was thinking that same thing. Talk about a perfect example of what NOT to do!

    Tom, I emailed Gregg before I posted this piece and got a response from his business manager saying she would make him aware. I was quite surprised not to hear ANYTHING back.

    Thanks to everyone for posting their support. It means a lot to us!

  46. Gina on May 19, 2012 at 10:39 pm

    Well — reading this rather after the fact, all I can say is that if Jeannette’s story hadn’t already convinced me, the utterly lacking in grace responses from the tour company in question has convinced me I’ll never be doing business with them.

    For that matter I doubt I’ll ever buy a Gregg Braden book, although he was on my reading list.

  47. Kathryn on May 21, 2012 at 8:50 pm

    Jeannette, I read through all these posts and just wanted to say thank you, as I was considering this very trip with Gregg!! Now, of course, I won’t be going. The writing on the wall for me was PPT responses–personal attacks on you, publicly?? I really am shocked at the unprofessionalism, not to mention downright meanness. My guess is that you are a major part of helping an unsavoury company fall… Never can tell what will happen when we speak our truth with heartfelt intention! Way to go :)
    (And I DO hope you get your money back. All of it.)

  48. Good Vibe Coach on July 3, 2012 at 12:03 pm

    I know what you mean, Gina and Kathryn! Shocking to me, too.

    And I’ve actually received a few emails from others sharing their experiences/thoughts about Gregg, which … just makes me sigh. I’ll just leave it at that.

    I’m still working on having an open mind about that whole aspect of this situation.

    I do appreciate your comments and support, my friends. Thank you for that!

  49. Margaret on July 6, 2012 at 9:47 pm

    Hi Jeannette,
    I have just finished reading this miasma of posts and hope hope hope that what with all the intentions and examinations to see what you manifested, that you did in fact contact the BBB and the Office of the Attorney General as the post from Ramona advises. I feel strongly that as women and as consumers that this be taken to the appropriate level which is beyond a blog post.
    You’ve done a great service and acted in integrity, but when there is an injustice (hello? civil rights movement…women’s rights) voices need to be raised. If the response is to turn it around and internalize (i.e., excusing bad behavior with self blame like “i created this”) i feel this solopistic viewpoint is yet another way people allow illegal and simply bad behavior to continue. We as a society do need regulations – case in point; your experience here.
    And while this is NOT Rosa Parks refusing to sit at the back of the bus… can you imagine where we’d be if Rosa had said to herself, “i created this and i must simply endure…” what would we be as a society? I’m not even going to start on women’s issues because we’d be here all night!
    THe gist of this: take action.
    Its your right, and Power Places should be regulated and fined. Oh, and you should get ALL of your money returned.
    Good luck, m

  50. Good Vibe Coach on July 6, 2012 at 10:04 pm

    Thank you for your encouragement and support, Margaret! As a matter of fact, we received no relief after filing complaints with the Better Business Bureau and alerting the Attorney General (my aunt did the legwork on that), so next we’re off to small claims court. (Hearing is later this month.) I’ll definitely post an update – maybe even a separate post.

    I’m intending the court will award reimbursement, and then it will just be a matter of collecting it from them.

    Through of all of this, my biggest disappointment was hearing absolutely nothing back from Gregg Braden or anyone in his office.

    But I do feel lots of relief for alerting others to the business practices of Power Places Tours, which feels even more important than getting our money refunded. Although that will be satisfying as well!

    Thanks again to everyone who has posted their support here. It means a lot!

  51. KC Xanadu on August 8, 2012 at 11:48 am

    I’m glad I found this website. Altho I couldn’t read all of it because I couldn’t deal with the passive aggressive drama of it all. It was too much. I just finished coming back from China on a two week group tour. They seemed to have a similar set up. A low initial price and then sell optional tours that are basically mandatory if you need someone to guide you and speaks the language. But they’re pretty clear on that. Plus all the tipping of guides and drivers. But I live in NYC so that was normal for me anyway.
    Now I do admit that the $700 fuel charge sends me a red flag. I expect additional fees and expect to have to purchase additional programs just because I’m well traveled and I know the game. I worked on cruise ships for 15 years and tours were part of my life.
    The other red flag for me was that Power Tours actually responded to this in a public way. This means the words here concerned them. If they were truly confident in their service then this page would have been ignored or handled privately.
    Responding to your complaint in this forum doesn’t make them a good business or make them look professional, simply because they have associated themselves with it. Now you may think that the pot is calling the kettle black because I myself am associating with it but I look for these pages when booking tours because I can see the reality of it all. Not from the facts listed but from the back and fourth banter of he said she said. When I see this type of back and fourth banter I don’t even care who’s right or wrong. I just know that I don’t want to attract these feelings on a possible trip of a lifetime.
    Even tho Jeanette’s opinions on the company appear to be not well researched. Her concern with the fuel charge is excessively valid. I booked my ‘land only’ tour with Gate 1 six months in advance and chose to fly Air Korea instead. This was also booked 6 months in advance. No one said we may charge you a fuel charge later. Because once it’s booked, it’s booked. Done deal. The feeling I get from my work in the travel industry is that power tours didn’t book the flight when Jeanette booked the tour. Most likely they waited to see if the tour was going to meet their minimum requirements. Then when it did they booked the flights and the flight exceeded their flight guestimation and they billed her under the disguise of a fuel surcharge. It’s a valid cop out because it is TRUE that oil prices fluctuate. But my gas station doesn’t call me and ask me for more money in May for gas I bought in January. That’s just not my problem.
    The other possibility is your group didn’t meet the minimum capacity and they split the unsold positions between the booked group. Which could be why you couldn’t get the refund you thought you deserved because they needed that to keep the rest of the group together.
    My opinions are based on speculation of course but it’s a very educated speculation. Altho my use of grammar and punctuation may suggest other wise. :)
    So Jeanette, lesson learned. You seem like a perfectly lovely young lady who has been given a learning experience. I always recommend that you go to 3 or 4 different websites like yelp or trip adviser and read all the good and bad complaints and compliments. You’ll always identify with the good and the bad. You can always tell good complaints from bad complaints or when some people are just unhappy in general.
    You were correct in wanting to “unplug.” God only knows what else would have been coming after a 725 fuel surcharge. However, I’m surprised a judge ruled in your favor. If their contract is worded in the manner they claim it was worded then I wouldn’t have given you a refund either. Not because you’re not a good person but I would need to think about the group as opposed to an individual. That’s most likely why it’s worded that way. So they don’t have to cancel the entire group because of one person backing out. It’s a business. Any businesses first priority is usually making quota and everything revolves around that or they can’t survive.
    But you’ve got to over research your next trip and assume there’s a catch because there is always a catch.
    look at gate 1. I bought travel insurance for 250 which is a little scammy in my head but it gave me medical coverage in the foreign country and I could cancel my trip at any moment.
    You can have a spiritual trip without a spiritual guide. Guide yourself. You know you can’t buy a spiritual experience anyway.
    If you want, feel free to email me. I assume you have it since I had to enter it. I could recommend a wonderful international destination that’s SUPER cheap. I would like to try and give you back some positive vibes about travel. I’m going for 2 and a half weeks in December myself. I have a personal friendship with her from my tour desk cruise ship days. I just don’t want to post her personal info on here. If this seems shady in anyway then use my email address to find me on facebook. My page is public. You can most likely just look at all my stuff without me knowing anyway. Then decide whether to contact me or not from there. My China photos are there. That trip was amazing.
    I look forward to possibly hearing from you. If not, GOOD VIBES ANYWAY! :)

    Thanks for this thread. I just spoke with them today and after only seeing the fuel surcharge comment I immediately went…. uh oh…I’ll pass.

  52. Good Vibe Coach on August 9, 2012 at 11:58 am

    KC, you are so right about this: “You can have a spiritual trip without a spiritual guide.”

    I am SO remembering that!!

  53. Dana Boyle on August 10, 2012 at 11:44 am

    Wow, Jeannette. I’m late to this game and saw this today – but I am really surprised that someone at this outfit would debate with you over and over on your comments, clearly without the advice of a lawyer.

    Good for you for taking them to court and winning.

    As for their threat that you take this down or be sued, I was taught in law school that you should come to court with clean hands when you’re the one suing and asking for relief. I won’t say more as I don’t want to come off as giving any legal advice here.

    But bravo!

  54. Good Vibe Coach on August 13, 2012 at 12:00 am

    That sounds like a good rule to follow, Dana!

    “Come to court with clean hands.” I’ll remember that one. :)

  55. ButterflyWoman on August 14, 2012 at 4:12 am

    So, I just read that they’re going to try to sue you for $1.5 million if you don’t remove this post? On what grounds? Unless you were deliberately lying (and the judge in the case seemed to think you were in the right), there seems to be no legal basis. Are they just trying to intimidate you? Or do they just want to dig themselves into a deeper hole with this kind of legal strongarm tactic?

  56. Good Vibe Coach on August 14, 2012 at 7:52 am

    I think it’s an intimidation attempt, ButterflyWoman. In fact, my attorney agrees that their claims are ludicrous. So … I’m off to write a new post. “Getting sued in the vortex”!!

  57. Lauren on August 16, 2012 at 11:35 pm

    Incredible how Power Places Tours responded to this. As a marketing and PR professional, this person needs a lesson in how to respond appropriately to these situations. In case they ever do read this again, starting an argument on a blog with a disgruntled customer is not the way to resolve the situation.

    Honestly, they would have done better to ignore this and not respond at all. I am appalled as a consumer and amazed as a marketer that they would respond to you this way.

    Quick lesson for the person from Power Places Tours: look at the situation from the customer’s perspective, not the company’s. It is not your job to argue with the customer(s). You can assert your position in a friendly, polite, and kind way without attempting to make the customer feel worse. They already feel that you manipulated them, and this type of response solidifies and intensifies that feeling in their mind.

    Next time, here’s what you should say, Power Places Tours, “I sincerely apologize that you are unhappy with X problem. Please contact X representative and we will do everything within our power to ensure that you are satisfied with your travel experience with Power Places Tours.”

    Do not engage publicly beyond that or you just do yourself more damage.

    Sorry Jeanette, I felt compelled to give them advice on this matter. I see why they would like you to remove this post. It probably has less to do with what you said and more to do with the way that their representative completely mishandled the situation in the comments section.

  58. Good Vibe Coach on August 16, 2012 at 11:42 pm

    Lord knows they could benefit from some instruction, Lauren! I agree, very improperly handled.

    But I think it’s the post from the former employee (not so much the current one) that makes them REALLY want this post deleted. THAT revealing comment was … just … WOW. !!

  59. Lauren on August 16, 2012 at 11:49 pm

    Jeannette, I apologize for misspelling your name in my last post! I love reading your blog. I find it so refreshing. I’ve been following your story with Power Places Tours, but hadn’t read the comments until you posted the article about the lawsuit. They are completely out of hand.

    On an aside, I went back to read some of the last posts written by Power Places Tours, and their response is more damaging than I had previously thought. Insinuating that the customer is willfully making false statements (lying) and making rude and snarky remarks to Jeannette and her aunt like “have you not been watching the news about high oil prices?” This is absolutely unheard of in the PR world. I am literally stunned that anyone would think it is appropriate to address a customer this way.

    If Power Places Tours wanted to convince people that they are an ethical company, they have done exactly the opposite. Perhaps they should hire a PR company so that this type of misstep doesn’t happen again.

  60. Good Vibe Coach on August 16, 2012 at 11:59 pm

    Lauren, it’s worse than that, even. Their employee, when attempting to justify the fuel surcharges, provided a document where she circled a fee that was something like $295 on two legs of the flight, and on the printed document it had a Q in front of the 295. She hand wrote on the paper that Q means fuel surcharges. My aunt found out that Q means economy class. Clearly they don’t give their customers much credit, and aren’t afraid to flat out lie – in writing even!

    It appears from the language in the cease and desist order the attorney sent that they’ve even misled their attorney about the events that unfolded.

    It’s seriously astonishing.

    But I go back to the very first red flag I ignored – when I first phoned to indicate my interest in booking the trip, and their employee answered the phone with a false name. I said who I was asking for, and he said, “Oh that’s me. I don’t know why I said that other name. That’s the name I use for creditors.”

    Can you believe I brushed it off? That would have been a good clue to pay attention to. My bad!

  61. Lauren on August 17, 2012 at 12:34 am

    Wow Jeannette. The problem goes well beyond their utter incomprehension of how to handle this situation. How do they expect to get away with lying to you in writing? Their business needs a makeover from the ground up. Good PR can’t even save them if they are so unethical that they have their representatives lying to prospective customers on the first phone call.

    All of us have missed a little sign here or there because we’re so focused on being happy about other things! Since you were probably so excited to be booking that trip, that guy lying about his name wouldn’t have made a big impression until all the pieces started coming together. We live and learn. :) From what you’ve said though, you’re having fun manifesting this too since you get to spend more time with your cute lawyer! You’ll win the case if it goes to trial, and all they’re manifesting is more bad press.

    I’d like to write about this situation on our marketing blog, something like a do’s and dont’s when handling customer complaints online. Is it okay if I mention your blog in my post?

  62. […] – it will always show you the way.   Extracted from Paths to the Shendo by Stephen KaneEvery moment, there is a perfect opportunity to be of service – to cultivate your 'happiness qi' – t… are many – were given the same mantra to be recited the same number of times. The reason Jan made […]

  63. Jeneth on September 8, 2012 at 8:31 pm

    I just have to say … WOW!!!!! What an amazing contribution you are to expand the awareness around this issue!!!!!!!

    Love ya!


  64. Heather C. on September 16, 2012 at 6:49 pm

    Dishonest business practices need to be exposed. On behalf of the cause for truth and justice, thank you for not letting them bully you into silence. I admire you for not backing down.

  65. Good Vibe Coach on September 16, 2012 at 6:58 pm

    Absolutely, Lauren! Please share your URL when your piece is done!

    Jeneth, nice to see you here – thank you for visiting. :)

    And Heather, thanks for your encouragement. I saw a story on the national news tonight about how some cops were being relieved of duty because citizens demanded action after catching their bad behavior on camera of speeding around town unnecessarily. The story said that with citizens armed with video cameras, the police can’t get away with it any more. I have to say that made me smile.

  66. Kc Xanadu on September 17, 2012 at 12:18 pm

    Hey Jeanette!

    On the lighter side, I wanted to say I am so excited when I open my gmail account and see that there’s an update on this blog. It’s like a non fiction shock blog. I’m sorry that you’re having to go thru this. It’s so ludicrous. But I LOVE reading about it. I’m on this end going…..she said whuuuuuu? and then they did wha????!?

    If I could recommend this blog on GoodReads I would because this is a Good Read!! very informative. I sent it to a few friends in the travel industry and they were mortified. They said, the name is Power Places? The name alone sounds tragic.

  67. Jeannette on September 17, 2012 at 3:47 pm

    Kc Xanadu, you wouldn’t even believe the latest development. It’s even more ludicrous than their cease and desist order and $1.5 million lawsuit threat.

    I’m going to sleep on it before I post it, just to make sure it still feels like the right thing to do in the morning. But you’re right – the way this drama is unfolding is really something else.

  68. julie masters on September 17, 2012 at 7:57 pm


    I, for one, am waiting with bated breath! I feel a little like Kc Xanadu when she says she looks forward to opening her gmail and seeing that something new has posted on this blog! If I watched soap operas this would be my favorite!!

    I also have to say, I see you playing a great role in a wonderfully entertaining play, that it holds NO THREAT for you whatsoever! So I get to just enjoy your powerful acting abilities!!!

    And WOW, the part “Power Places”??? is playing is from the “Dumb and Dumber” movie! LOL

    Love you amazing woman!

    Ease and flow,

    Julie Masters

  69. How to Resolve Customer Service Complaints on September 30, 2012 at 11:59 pm

    […] The name of the blogger mentioned in this story is not directly disclosed for privacy reasons. If readers of this article would like to examine the blog post and comments section in question and judge for themselves as to the course of events described there, they may visit: […]

  70. Good Vibe Coach on February 16, 2013 at 12:28 am

    Another blogger shares his unsavory experience with Power Places Tours:

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