To Clear or Not To Clear?

October 21, 2016 | 31 Comments »

Clear Limiting BeliefsIf you’ve been reading guest posts or comments here for any length of time, you’ve run across the wisdom of Namaste Faustino.

He’s shared many transformational ideas and processes with us here, and today he’s soliciting our thoughts on a topic near and dear to every conscious creator’s heart …

Here’s Namaste:

Have you found an absolutely reliable method for allowing your desires to manifest without ever having to deal with your limiting beliefs?

If so, can you explain how it works, why it always allows you to bypass your limiting beliefs, and possibly share a real life example of you using this method in your own life?


I was doing some research online looking for an airtight manifesting method that doesn’t require I deal with my limiting beliefs when I found this posting on the by SheerLuckHolmes:

SheerLuckHolmes said, “I no longer try to uncover limiting beliefs. If I were to uncover a limiting belief I would be giving attention to it. Anything I give attention to grows.

“What I do give attention to is how I feel when considering any given topic. If I feel good, I milk those feelings and thoughts looking for even better feelings and thoughts.

“If I feel bad, I look for the desire behind the bad feeling that feels better, then give that my undivided attention looking for better feelings and thoughts that take me to inspirations that lead me to the newly created more clearly defined desire.”

This sounds like a possible solution to what I’m looking for. The only challenge is I don’t really understand the looking for the desire, behind the bad feeling, to find a new desire explanation.



So the question to fellow creators is whether you’re able to reliably manifest what you want without addressing limiting beliefs that might stand in the way.

What say you, wise ones?

We’d love to hear what you’ve practiced and the results you get. Thanks in advance for contributing to this discussion!

Namaste Faustino specializes in helping people to identify and release the resistance that is stopping their longest held desires from manifesting. Connect with Namaste at or on Facebook. 

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31 Responses to “ To Clear or Not To Clear? ”

  1. Janette says:

    I LOVE this question!!

    At the end of the day, my short answer is – whatever feels better.

    And as a brain science nerd, I have some pretty clear (and possibly non-mainstream LOA) opinions about why.

    Our reality is delivered to us, based on what our BRAINS believe to be true. We are the boss of our brains, when we choose to be. And science now says we can rewire our brains’ beliefs, by deliberately using our thoughts and behaviours.

    In fact, we kinda have to, in order to manifest something different from what’s gone before. If our brain is still relying on an old belief to decide which bits of reality to let us see, we’re not going to see the result we want.

    So for the me, the question is not so much “do we have to change our beliefs?” – but rather “can we change our beliefs and manifest what we want, without having to PUT ATTENTION ON our limiting beliefs?”

    For me, the answer is a resounding ABSOLUTELY YES!

    We can change an old belief by clearing it with techniques such as EFT or The Work. Those do tend to put the attention on the belief, but for some it feels more powerful to put the focus there first.

    Or we can change an old belief by replacing it with a preferred belief (which is what we do when we use affirmations, scripting, etc).

    I’ve used both approaches, in different situations, and I find it works best to know what the limiting belief is, so I can decide what new belief I want to replace it with. And then my focus goes there.

    Label it, then decide on the preferred belief, then rewire my brain to match.

    Not because it’s empirically better – but because I like how it feels better.


    • Jeannette says:

      I love this answer, Janette – it is as we think.

      “… the question is not so much ‘do we have to change our beliefs?’ – but rather “can we change our beliefs and manifest what we want, without having to PUT ATTENTION ON our limiting beliefs? For me, the answer is a resounding ABSOLUTELY YES!”

      That sums it up nicely! Thanks for launching this conversation. 🙂

    • namaste says:


      Thanks for your thoughtful response =)

      My experience up to this point coincides with what you wrote here. I’ve always found that identifying the limiting belief first is important too because then it’s easy to decide what technique can be best used to shift it.


  2. Henrietta Atkin says:

    It depends on the desire, don’t you think?

    If something manifests quickly — or at least, in a way that we’re happy with — then we don’t have to deal with limiting beliefs.

    When we’re putting something together that’s “big”, we often have to baby-step there, through looking at contrast, and at that point looking at limiting beliefs can be helpful.

    Perhaps it’s best to rephrase “limiting beliefs” to “beliefs I once had that I’m changing.” I mean, the belief was there for a reason, usually to protect us or help us deal with a fear. Even if the fear was imaginary, it felt real at the time, so we believed falsely, simply to explain our reality to ourselves, and it worked for us at the time.

    • Jeannette says:

      I was thinking the same thing, Henrietta … that it depends on the desire and the beliefs involved. Some are easier to surpass than others.

      I love how you’re setting yourself up for success with that language rephrase. 🙂

    • namaste says:


      Great point about the fact that it depends on the desire. And I really like that rephrasing of limiting beliefs. It might seem like a little thing but my experience has shown me that it can make a really big difference. I heard Tony Robbins suggest to a person to stop saying “problems” and start saying “challenges.” I’ve been using that advice ever since. I always feel like I can better deal with a situation when I stop thinking of it as a problem and start thinking of it as a challenge (it turns it into a game of figuring it out).

      Thank you,


  3. Stephen says:

    Clearing a negative belief? What does that even mean? Are there rituals and chanting and such? Forgive me, but that kinda puts the woo in woowoo.

    It’s not that complicated. If you’re thinking something that doesn’t feel good, think something else that does feel good.

    An example: When my wife was very sick, I had the thought that she might die from it. That did not feel good at all, so instead I thought about being with her in a beautiful tropical place where she was healed and happy. That felt much better. So much better that I thought that often as she recovered.

    Guess where I am writing this from.

    • Jeannette says:

      I know Namaste is particularly interested in the results from the practice, so thanks for sharing details of your real life experience, Stephen. 🙂

    • Stephen says:

      I thought I’d elaborate some on this. After reading my comment it occurs to me that it came out perhaps a little snarky. While I don’t apologize for the snark, some additional details might be helpful.

      In January 2015 my wife was diagnosed with colon cancer. All our docs said they could cure it, which they did, but they didn’t add that the treatment might kill her. 2015 was a hellish year for us with multiple hospital stays, severe weight loss, infections, surgery, toxic drugs. The works. It did cross my mind more than once that my beloved might croak.

      I found the thoughts about a joyous healthy life together in a tropical paradise in my search for relief. I would think those thoughts while I was nursing her, administering medicine, cooking, cleaning, running the household, commuting to the hospital when necessary, and encouraging her to allow her health to return. They did indeed provide relief and distraction from the all too normal beliefs that she might die from any number of causes.

      I shared these thoughts with her, although I don’t know how much she actually thought about them. No matter. It was my vision and I held it tight for the relief and joy that was in it. As her health returned I found that this vision was still a joyful feeling, so I kept visiting it.

      Fast forward to here and now. We are spending the winter in a beach front condo in Costa Rica. It was effortless to arrange and fell into place as naturally as gravity makes rivers flow downhill. It did not require anything but my attention.

      • namaste says:


        Thanks for sharing your personal experience =)

        I smiled when I read, “It’s not that complicated. If you’re thinking something that doesn’t feel good, think something else that does feel good.”

        Next time, I have a client that is feeling overwhelmed about shifting their focus off of what they don’t want, to what they do want, I’m going to quote you. I agree it really is that simple and sometimes we just need to be reminded of that fact.



  4. Jeannette says:

    I find myself hesitating to chime in because of the “always 100% reliable” requirement. If something works for me most of the time, that’s good enough for me. On those occasions where it’s not, I’ll switch things up. But when I try to nail something down in a black and white (no grey area) way, things get slippery for me fast.

    • Janette says:

      Such a good point, Jeannette.

      That’s why I’m skittish around anything (and not just in LOA world!) which promises a 100% success rate.

      Like those labels on clothing which say ‘one size fits all’.

      Have you noticed lately, some manufacturers are now saying ‘one size fits MOST’ – I like that much better (even though I’m generally not one of the ‘most’ LOL)

    • namaste says:


      Thanks again for posting this question for me =)

      I worded the question the way I did so that the point you just made would come out. If I ever have someone tell me that they don’t think you should ever look at your limiting beliefs, I’m going to send them directly to this post =)


  5. Nikky says:

    I have had success in replacing old beliefs with new ones without getting really clear on the old limiting ones.
    I just use affirmations and verbal scripting to implant the new belief in , look for evidence of that in my reality , appreciate the desirable changes in my reality , cement the new belief deeper and so on .
    When I moved to Sydney from India, I felt uncomfortable and out of place ….. This lasted for a few months and Ofcourse I experienced a reality where I was feeling even more uncomfortable and foreign.
    I vaguely knew that it’s because I might have doubts about my value ( I am not good enough) , ( they are better ) that might be causing these negative feelings to come up. So I affirmed, I am loved , people are the same all over the world and I am freaking awesome …. And within days I could find evidence of the new belief , friendly people , sense of belonging budding in me , being surrounded by beauty that I had always wanted and never experienced etc

    Another example , is I started off with a not so good relationship with my mother in law , but instead of identifying what my beliefs were around what upsets me about her. I just replaced it with consistent honoponopono with her , and affirming that she loves me.
    And that drastically improved and infact changed our relationship, to the point that she has said that she has learnt a lot from me. So I think for me being light and easy but consistent and stubborn about my new belief works …. Thanks for the question .

    • Janette says:

      Oooh Nikky – ‘being … stubborn about my new belief’ – I LOVE that!


    • Lau says:

      Welcome to Sydney Nikki. I’m in Burwood if you would like to meet some people who love all.

    • JIya says:

      Hi Nikky,

      Thanks for sharing your experience.

      May I know how to use Honoponopono on someone? I have read about using it on self in past.

      Thank you.
      Love and Light

      • Nikky says:

        Hi Jiya,

        Sorry for taking so long to respond.
        I just use the four phrases over and over again while taking the person’s name like a mantra.
        It’s hard to feel any negative vibrations towards another person while using those four powerful statements right after the two most powerful words – “I am”

    • namaste says:


      Thanks for sharing your personal experience and explaining in detail what you’re doing. I really like that once you start doing the affirmations/verbal scripting, you look for evidence of that in your reality, appreciate the desirable changes you’re seeing and continue to do that to cement the new belief. That’s really smart.

      I also appreciate you sharing your honoponopono success =)


  6. Heather says:

    For me, it all comes down to awareness. And clearing the limiting beliefs is actually awareness too.

    When SheerLuckHolmes said,

    “If I feel bad, I look for the desire behind the bad feeling that feels better, then give that my undivided attention looking for better feelings and thoughts that take me to inspirations that lead me to the newly created more clearly defined desire.”

    Doesn’t it sound like finding the pay-off we get from the negativity we might be experiencing at that time?

    And I just love everyone’s answer.

    And Nikky,

    being light and easy but consistent and stubborn

    I love the way you explained it. 😀

    Thank you Namaste for letting us look into this subject. 🙂

    • namaste says:


      Thanks for sharing what you think SheerLuckHolmes might be doing. That certainly could be it. I’ll have to think about it some more…


  7. What an interesting question. For me, I found that a positive enough vibe can temporarily deactivate limiting beliefs. I am able to ramp up energies for long enough to manifest what I want, but I still try to work on my beliefs just the same (even when it seems that there is no need to…).
    I do this so these beliefs won’t affect future manifesting endeavors (and my overall life experience).

    • JIya says:

      Hi Ms. Manifesting,

      How do you do that? Please share.

      I am really good at manifesting people and my experiences with them. I want to be good at manifesting objects and situations.

      Love and Light

    • namaste says:

      Ms. Manifesting,

      I’ve had intense desire override limiting beliefs so that desires of mine have manifested a number of times. However, I’ve only had this work when it happened naturally. When I tried to manually create the intense desire, I was never able to sustain the feeling long enough to allow the desire to manifest. However, I’ve never tried to get into a super happy space with the intention of overriding any limiting beliefs that might be holding a desire back from manifesting. Of course, I do my daily vortex work but this seems different. I like your idea. I’ll try it out. Thanks =)


  8. “Looking for the desire behind the bad feeling” sounds like Abraham’s advice: when I’m feeling negative emotion, that means something is very important to me. What is it? The bad feeling shows me what I don’t want; what is it I DO want? That’s the “desire behind the bad feeling,” as I apply it, and it does feel better.

    • namaste says:

      Good Luck Duck,

      I love your handle =)

      Thanks so much for explaining what SheerLuckHolmes is doing. What you said makes a lot of sense =)


  9. Maia says:

    I’ve had many years of manifesting success—-houses, jobs, relationships. I’ve come to feel pretty confident that if I really focus, I can manifest it.

    So this year, I took on a big one—-moving from a lifetime of marginal finances to blazing prosperity. I visualized, scripted, affirmed, basked, appreciated. I also relaxed, played, was grateful, asked my angels, and had faith.

    I haven’t seen a lot of movement except for a few small, unexpected checks, which I appreciated and took to be excellent signs that I was on the path.

    Then a few weeks ago, I got hit with a major financial setback that has me struggling to recover.

    I’m now experiencing major doubt about my manifesting activities. What’s going on here?

    The only way I can understand it is that limiting beliefs are somehow exerting their influence. Maybe I’ll understand it in a better way down the road.

    Right now, I’m thinking that I can create the small things with my usual manifesting skills, but to shift a paradigm, it takes some belief clearing.


    • namaste says:


      I can really relate to what you wrote. After learning about how to allow my desires to manifest when I was eight years old, I experienced success after success after success. Sometimes a rare desire wouldn’t manifest but it wasn’t ever anything that I cared that much about anyway. Then, when I was 23 or 24 years old, I realized I had all these manifesting successes but I’d never really attempted to manifest something that would totally and completely change my life like a lottery win. I decided to stop playing small and go for it! When I didn’t win the first couple of lottery games, I wasn’t that concerned. However, after three months of getting excited before every game, only to lose again and again and again, I gave up. It was the first time something I really wanted hadn’t manifested and it really shook me up. I was crushed. Suddenly, I felt like I couldn’t rely on my manifesting skills like I once thought I could. I began to wonder if I’d just been getting lucky all those years. I actually stepped away from attempting to manifest my desires for a number of years. It took me years to figure out what I’d done wrong. Finally, years later, I realized I accidentally broke the one manifesting rule that I’d been taught never to break. I hadn’t realized it but I’d been trying to control how the money came to me. If I’d just put my intention out there and let things play out, instead of trying to force a lottery win, I suspect I’d have had very different results.

      I mostly agree with your conclusion about limiting beliefs are the thing that are most likely holding you back. The reason I say “mostly” is because while you almost certainly have some of those, it could also have to do with your life path. There have been times in my life when I wanted more money but that would have disrupted the growth I was going through that turned me into the person I am today (and wanted to become more than anything else, including wanting more money). If I were going through that now, first I’d check for limiting beliefs. The first question I’d ask is, “Why would I NOT want blazing prosperity to manifest in my experience?” If nothing came from that, then I’d use my resistance identifier checklist (you can get a free copy on my website). Finally, if I still didn’t have the answers I wanted, I’d ask my higher self for information.

      Do you listen to your intuition? If you do, learning how to talk to your higher self is fairly simple (it really is the same thing Esther is doing when she’s talking with her inner being Abraham). All you have to do is get out a laptop (or a sheet of paper). Next, say silently, “I want to talk to my higher self.” Or whatever it is that you call the non-physical part of you. Finally, type out, “Hello” and wait for a response. Once you hear a response, then you can begin asking questions. In the beginning, it will likely feel like you’re talking to yourself. However, pay attention to the advice. If you try this a few times, you’ll find that advice and info that comes across is the best you’ve ever heard. That is when you know you’ve connected with your higher self. Sometimes people connect the very first time. Other times, it takes a try or two. But if you stick with it, you will connect and you’ll soon know the difference between when you are talking to yourself and the feeling that lets you know that you’re connected. An ex-girlfriend of mine tried this a few times and felt like she was talking to herself. Then, she asked her higher self for proof that she wasn’t. The next time she wrote, “Hello” her higher self replied, “Hi sweetness.” She realized she was indeed connecting because she would NEVER say something like that to herself =)


  10. Maia says:

    Namaste, thank you for this thoughtful and incredibly helpful reply.

    I took your advice and asked why I wouldn’t want blazing prosperity. I discovered a limiting belief that I had only been slightly aware of. Now I can do some tapping on that.

    Then I talked to my Higher Self. We connected right away. I got the message: “You’re doing fine. Stick with it.” And more. All very helpful and encouraging.

    And this is a process I can use again and again when I’m feeling lost in the maze.

    So, thanks, again!!

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