Emotional Guidance Scale – Frankie B Style

August 20, 2011 | 28 Comments »

emotional guidance scaleIf you read comments from the prior post, you’ve already seen Frank Butterfield‘s version of the Emotional Guidance Scale.

It’s “salty,” as he says.  And not for everyone.

But if you can appreciate a few swear words, and are familiar with Abraham’s Vibrational Scale, you’re going to love Frank’s version.

First (and just to give sensitive readers a chance to stop reading now before they continue to potentially offensive material), here is the original version of Abraham’s Emotional Guidance Scale:

Positive Expectation/Belief

And here’s Frank Butterfield’s version, destined to become a classic in deliberate creator circles.

(You read it here first!)

Hell yeah!
Oh, ok, sure.
Hmmmm… interesting
Grrrl Please!
Jeez Louise!
Damn It!
F*ck you
F*ck me

Frank ButterfieldFrank Butterfield is a master channel who joyfully translates the energy of a collection of non-physical beings in what they refer to as a Communion of Light. Using a single, gentle voice by the name of Paul, these non-physical friends remind us constantly of the profound truth of who are: beings of light in physical form who are already master manifestors.

Frank first taught himself to channel in 1990. Taking 10 years to work in the “real world,” Frank soon discovered that he was just trying to be a square peg in a round hole. Now Frank spends *some* of his time doing the delicious work of translating for his non-physical friends. And he spends *all* of his time enjoying the sweetness of his life and thinks you should too (but it’s ok if you don’t quite want to).

(Frank, way to bring a sense of humor to the principles of vibration management.  You rock!)

* * * * * * * *
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28 Responses to “ Emotional Guidance Scale – Frankie B Style ”

  1. Barbara says:

    hahahaha! Loving it!

  2. Isn’t he a hoot, Barbara?! I’m still laughing!

  3. Janette says:

    ROFLMAO – now that’s MY kind of scale!!!

  4. BRILL!!! Frankie, you outdid yourself!

  5. Mitch says:

    This is fecking brilliant. I especially enjoy Grrrl Please! LOL!

    However, it’s a little concerning to me that F*ck Me is at the very bottom, when that’s one of my favorite exclamations of frustration. I wonder what that says about my vibe that my verbal condemnation is directed inward. 😉

  6. Cyndi says:

    Meh. That’s hilarious.

  7. ChipEFT says:


  8. MissyB says:

    Meh ! I’ve a replacement one for that – tra-fucking-la. Also known as TFL.

    Brill Frank – truly brill. “)

  9. Mitch — What about putting “We’re all f*cked” at the very bottom of the scale? Then “F*ck me” is relief from that…

    MissyB — TFL! Awesome!!

  10. Mitch, you are cracking me UP!!! rofl

  11. Parul Bhargava says:

    Frank, this is fan-fucking-tastic! Sooo relatable!! 😀

  12. Colleen says:

    Fucking great! Thanks Frank!

  13. Lisa says:

    What a coinwinkydink? I was just looking at Abraham’s emotional scale for the first time a couple of days ago but I like your version Frank even more, it carries more punch and emotion and it makes me 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  14. Leslie Richter says:

    Sheesh! Pretty funny – I rather like fuck me at the bottom…never said that before but you are right Frank… it is at the bottom of the barrel…and I have thought it.

  15. Elisabeth says:

    Like it! Love it! Thanks Frank! It gives me a real life feeling for the emotional scale! WOOT WOOT!!!!! I wonder if I can work in a “You go Girl!” 🙂

  16. Jordan says:

    I love your version, Frank. Quite relatable!! I really love the transition of “fuck me” to “fuck you”–I’ve had that transition a few times. A nonverbal vibration that I’d personally squeeze in are my squinty eyes (-.-). I think they convey a message all their own! ha

  17. Julie Masters says:

    Just reading this–along with laughing out loud (at the library no less)–keeps me in the “fan-fucking-tastic” range!! LOL

    Julie Masters

  18. Matthew O'Grady says:

    Really, really, really great! Super f’in funny! The only question I had was also about ‘f me’ because I have heard(of course not through my own experience lol) that ‘f me’ can also be…..

  19. Frank
    This is truly the scale that fits me
    I can relate to each one
    In fact I have had each one today… Several a couple of times!

    Here is my version of when one door closes another window opens
    a picture:

  20. Amanda42 says:

    Frank, this is fantastic! I think if I’m feeling a little low on the scale, I’ll think of this and giggle. It’s hard to stay at Fuck Me (or even Meh) when I can’t help but smile! 🙂 (Actually, I’m trying to picture myself being sad and wallowing and thinking “We’re all fucked!” It’s so indulgently melodramatic (is “indulgently” a word?) that I’d feel to silly to not cheer up a little!)

  21. Amanda42 says:

    *too silly

  22. Julie B says:

    This is hysterical! I really like this version! The “F” word is so perfect in particular instances. A while ago I was riding a bicycle and hit a bump and went flying over the handlebars. The first thing out of my mouth, mid air, was “OH F*CK!”. Somehow “oh darn it” wouldn’t have cut it. 🙂

    Tee hee… this is great!! Thank you Frank and Jeannette for posting it!


  23. Julie B says:

    OMG…this is so hysterical! Love it! It’s true, sometimes swearing and dropping the “F” bomb just feels better! Years ago I was riding a bike when I found myself flying over the handlebars. And the first words out of my mouth, mid air, were “OH F*CK!!!” Somehow, screaming “Oh darn it!” just wasn’t enough!

    I’m sure most scholars, and certainly my Mother, would not approve of the abuse of the King’s English, but again, the F word just works better in certain instances!

    I tried posting this before in response to the post, and F-Word, it’ didn’t post… WTF? 😉

    Thanks for this scale Frank and thanks for posting it Jeannette!

  24. Julie B says:

    That is funny!

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