Empowered Affirmations

March 24, 2013 | 26 Comments »

Just because these fabulous thoughts are free doesn’t mean they’re not the most valuable thing you’ll ever bring home.

Good Thoughts are crazy powerful because they turn into things.  Which is why it’s so magical to find the right thought for whatever you’re creating.

To get extra mojo for making your next dream come true, pick out an empowered affirmation from the Good Thought collection here.  Then read below for further instructions …


Empowered Affirmations: I got this!

Empowered Affirmations: It's All Coming Together

Empowered Affirmations: The Universe is good to me


Empowered Affirmations: I'm the best there is.

Empowered Affirmations: Life is Good!

Empowered Affirmations: It's Happening!

Empowered Affirmations: How does it get any better than this?


Good Thoughts for Money:

Empowered Affirmations: I Make Money Like Magic!

for a softer version, replace “make” with “would love to make,” “look forward to making”

money affirmation: There's plenty more where that came from!


Empowered Affirmations: It's Good Being Rich

and if you don’t think you are rich, here’s a reality check: http://www.globalrichlist.com/

Empowered Affirmations: The more money I spend, the more money I have

Good Thoughts for Relieving Pressure:

Empowered Affirmations

Empowered Affirmations: Things Always Work Out


Empowered Affirmations: Universe has my back


Good Thoughts for Health:

Empowered Affirmations: My Body Knows How to Heal

Empowered Affirmations: there's plenty going right!

Empowered Affirmations: My Healing is Natural and Automatic



We’re still adding to our Good Thought collection, but you might find the best one is the one you make up yourself.  Create your own Good Thought and let it work wonders in your world.

Once you’ve got your empowered thought, work it!

That means think it!  Read it!  Speak it!  Feel it!

Bring it to life daily, regularly, especially when you find yourself with a contrary thought.  (You can use that as a trigger to re-engage your Good Thought.)

Universe has to make true any thought you dare repeat regularly.  Don’t be surprised when you find yourself inspired to new actions after activating your Good Thought.

One way or another, magic will unfold and life will change when you put your Good Thought to work!

(And feel free to share your own good thoughts in the comments below …)

* * * * * * * *
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26 Responses to “ Empowered Affirmations ”

  1. Love these Jeannette!

    My favorite of all time:

    “As good as things are right now, and they are amazing, they will be getting better and better from here!”


  2. That’s a great thought, Frank! I bet it serves you really well!

    Some of my favorites over time have been:

    “I’m a brilliant coach in high demand” and also “holy sh*t, I make a lot of money!” 🙂

    “Doctors don’t know jack” has been good to me, too, although I’ve also used it’s opposite: “Modern medicine is a freakin’ miracle.” lol

  3. I’m taking one of those Jeannette!

  4. Jesann says:

    These are awesome! I love this page. 😀

  5. Jesann says:

    Oh, I forgot to say thank you!

  6. Janette says:

    You had me at ‘shop for free’…. but OMG talk about the BEST STOCKED SHELVES of all time!!!

    Love the thoughts, love the graphics, love the collection, love that you brought it to us…. now I just need a little help picking where to start. Kinda like a smorgasbord where EVERYTHING is my favourite foods. Mmm…..

    I LOVE having that problem LOL


  7. jennifer tilley says:

    love it… putting one into song 🙂

  8. Sue says:

    Thanks Jeanette …LOVE THEM ALL!

  9. I love them all and the ones in the replies, too! I’m, also, a fan of “the more I spend the more I have” and “it’s good now and it just keeps getting better.”

  10. Michelle, I’m adding that first one now – love it!! 🙂

  11. Robinvk says:

    These are great! I wanted to thank you also for prompting me to read Ask and it is given. I sense a huge wonderful shift coming my way! :)!

  12. Kate Corbin says:


  13. Glad you’re enjoy Ask & It Is Given, Robinvk! I agree with you – with that material in your consciousness, a fabulous shift is underway!

    Kate, that totally sounds like a thought you live with! Thanks for sharing.

  14. Lynn Hess says:

    Every time I see anything from you, Jeanette, I smile…and my first thought after reading this post was “I love how her joy is always so contagious!”

    So, I’m turning that into another one for the collection: “I love how joy is always so contagious in my life!”

  15. Stacey | Soul Intelligence says:

    Thank you, Jeannette.

  16. Sheryl says:

    This is PERFECT for me and came at a perfect time! Love so many of these! Thank you!!! 😀

  17. What a lovely vibration to activate, Lynn! Here’s to contagious joy!

    Sheryl and Stacey – you’re very welcome. Thanks for reading!

  18. Tamra says:

    I am divinely motivated, protected, inspired, directed and loved. All good things are constantly unfolding for me benefit!

  19. Generic affirmations are a good place to start, although we all need something more powerful for the long haul…

    I heard a good one today:

    “Good Enough to be True!” (instead of saying, “too good to be true”)

    Many blessings,

  20. Tamra, that “divine” one gave me goosebumps. I’ll be using it!

    Nancy, that’s a curious thought to engage. (That we need something more powerful than a generic affirmation.)

    I rather enjoy easy and effective – but that’s just me! We each get to make this up however we like.

  21. Susanne says:

    My favorite at the moment — and it seems to work — is “let it be easy”. Admittedly, sometimes it comes out: “oh, for %$&@ sake, just let it be easy!”, complete with an eye roll at my own self-obstructionism (is that a word?), but it pretty much always gets me out of worry–worry-try-to-force-it-to-work mode and back into relax-and-let-it-happen mode.

  22. Susanne, you’re cracking me UP! I totally get those moments, and agree how helpful that sentence would be for getting out of worry and into relaxing mode.

    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  23. Jackie says:

    Love these. I may print one or two and put them where I can look at them most of the day.

  24. Stacy | Online Reputation Marketing says:

    OMS! I just realized something. So I really love your “Holy sh*t I make a lot of money” mantra and was using it when I did EFT/tapped. Well, it just hit me that since I was using that mantra (and I forgot to consistently use it after awhile) my income has increased a LOT. I got TWO promotions – one at each of my jobs. Got a raise of $5/hour at one job (plus access to free candy and such – that’s the sort of perk I like) and the other I went from maybe 5 hours every two WEEKS to probably 10 times that.

    Neither job has a set schedule so I know exactly how much I’ll make per paycheck but I’d say when it averages out – I’ve at least doubled my income.

  25. Jeannette, being AffirmingSpirit, you know that I am pro-affirmations (like you)…and it took me a while to figure out why I was having such great results and others believed they didn’t work!

    I now understand that most people need a more powerful, personalized affirmations because the simple ones get them started, excited, and then they quickly fizzle out or get bored with them…often blaming affirmations as *not working*. It’s not the affirmations, it’s how we create and use them – like I discussed on some GVU calls about affirmations.

    However, when folks create a positive personalized affirmation, it feels (and is) more powerful for them! In the meantime, short/sweet thoughts like these are great starters and a great way to “go general” until you can raise your vibration.

    Many blessings,

  26. Helen says:

    Love them all! Thank you!!!!

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