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Jeannette's favorite LOA resourcesHere’s a list of what I rely on personally to stay plugged into my creative powers.

Some of these you’ll know and some might be new, but all are my favorite resources for amping up manifesting skills:

1. Notes from the Universe

Mike Dooley’s daily reminders delivered to your inbox about how to flex your manifesting muscles. You can sign up for free.

2. Good Vibe University

This is where I hang out with like-minded creators to keep me sharp! You can get a $1 trial for three weeks if you’d like to check the party out. Check out My Alignment Practice thread in the forums for specific details on how I practice conscious creation daily.

3. Periodic Table of Manifesting

A compilation of manifesting tools, resources and players! If ever I proved myself a manifesting geek, it was in making this. 🙂

4. Favorite LOA Books

I listed my favorites in this post, but read the comments to get additional tips from fellow creators.

5. Best LOA Pinterest Boards

If we’re going to be on social media, let’s set it up in our favor, right? Here are some of the best pinterest boards to follow if you’re into conscious creation.

6. Abraham recordings

Abe and Esther are still my hands down favorite teachers in this field. Whether you’re catching youtube clips posted by fans, or attending workshops or getting the recordings, I personally think Abe is the best in the business for inspiring fellow creators.

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Those are my go-to resources for staying in my right LOA mind, but you might also enjoy:

7. Good Vibe Newsletter archives

This is a collection of my newsletters over the years. There’s some good tips in here! If you’re not already receiving new issues, you can sign up here.

8. Good Vibe Blog

This isn’t just my pride and joy, but it’s also my practically favorite thing to do in the whole world. The community of readers who share their expertise is amazing. If you’re one of them – thank you!

9. GVU facebook page

There are lots of groups on facebook offering high-vibing laughs and leading edge content. You’ll find that and more on the facebook page for Good Vibe U, so get us in your stream and enjoy the good vibes!

10. Best LOA Blogs

I update this list regularly to keep us all apprised of excellent resources for manifesting inspiration. If you know of one that’s not listed, please let me know!

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