For Those Feelin’ the Love …

big loveMany of you ask about offering thanks for the manifesting support here at the blog.

Some of you are looking to send money; others want an address for mailing a gift.

To that I have three things to say:

1) Thank you!

Big high fives!! Thanks for reading and letting me know you appreciate what’s shared here.

It means the world to me!

2) Also, thanks for gifts!

My office is filled with fabulous things from appreciative readers all over the world! Thank you for the love!

For those of you in the mood to mail a card or present, this is that address:

PO Box 95371
South Jordan UT 84095

paypal-logoAnd for those asking for a paypal address, if you’re really feelin’ it, the button to the right is for you.

I make a good living as a coach, so it’s not like the cats are going hungry. But I do understand wanting to participate in an energy exchange, and I appreciate that, too!

Last but certainly not least …

3) I am very grateful for clicks, comments, and shares!

Thank you for spreading the word and/or posting comments to add to the conversation. You rock!

I wouldn’t be publishing this blog if it weren’t for you, so thanks for letting me know it’s landing as intended. 🙂

Big love to you – and thanks again for all the cool stuff you send my way, whether it’s cash, referrals, comments, shares, presents, or your fabulous love & appreciation!

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