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We all like freebies and I’ve got lots of ’em, so let’s make them easy to find:

LOA Recon: The Podcast for Conscious CreatorsLOA Recon podcast

Just launched in 2016, you’ll find short but sweet episodes on all sorts of manifesting topics, including:

  • manifesting tips and techniques
  • law of attraction success stories
  • insights and observations on conscious creation
  • resources and reviews of LOA products and services
  • and more.

Subscribe to make sure you get new episodes and let me know any special requests you have for the show!

Group calls at GVUGVU logo stacked

Every week at Good Vibe University we’re talking about something cool:

  • How to manifest money.
  • Using LOA to improve relationships.
  • Deliberately creating ideal health & bodies.
  • Ways to speed up your manifesting.
  • Q&A Round Tables with fellow co-creators

We cover all sorts of fun manifesting topics and you’re invited to join. Find the call schedule here.

LOA for the Real World ebook downloadFree ebooks

It’s on Amazon’s Top 10 List of Law of Attraction ebooks, but it’s best to download it here because you’ll get 7 follow up emails containing personal stories for each clue. (Readers consistently tell me those examples are even more valuable than the book itself.)

LOA for the Real World: 7 Big Fat Clues to Getting What You Want free ebook

3 LOA Keys to Unlock Your Financial FortuneFree Money ebook

Aspiring money manifestors will enjoy this free ebook containing three best practices for manifesting the moolah. It’s what I’ve noticed works best after a decade of coaching others to attract abundance. Enjoy!


Good Vibe newsletterMonthly newsletters

When you download the ebook, you’ll automatically get future newsletters, but you can find archived copies here at GVU.

Jeannette youtubeLOA videos

This isn’t my forte (yet), but I do have a small collection that I intend to add to soon.

Start here to begin the playlist: video Q&A with Jeannette

slomoVibe-lifting videos

This our collection of favorite vibe-lifting videos over at GVU from all over the web. Includes everything from great documentaries, smile-worthy dance moves, Abe clips, funny animal videos, and more.



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