Gauging Alignment to Your Desire

July 10, 2015 | 54 Comments »

Alignment Quiz for Conscious CreatorsLOA teachers always say our results tell us whether we’re aligned or not. So we never have to wonder what we’re tuned into, since reality reveals our vibration.

I agree our reality is an indication of what we’re really vibrating.

But don’t you sometimes wonder about that buffer of time thing that Abe talks about? And Bashar’s manifesting echo?

Since our 3D manifesting results aren’t (often) instant, it can leave one wondering whether we’re really tuned in the way we think we are.

(And I’ve met a lot of people who would have sworn they were aligned to what they wanted, but time proved out that they were instead aligned to something else. Been there, done that myself, as a matter of fact.)

Here’s a fun way to get a handle on how aligned you are to your desire …

Jana Moreno created a short alignment test that will automatically score where you’re at.

It’s pretty cool!

Take the quiz right here by scrolling to the start button:

The Alignment Quiz

Or just click here for it. Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

And thanks to Namaste Faustino for showing me this quiz on his facebook page. 🙂


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54 Responses to “ Gauging Alignment to Your Desire ”

  1. Great article again! I think sometimes, we forget that the universe sometimes delivers unexpected challenges, just to show us how far along or how far behind we are in our personal growth and development.

    Its sort of like a pop quiz from the Source, “Here, deal with this and let’s see how well you do.”

    So even when we fail a quiz, even the one above on 1 or more of the questions, its not really a failure but a learning experience.

  2. Namaste says:


    Thanks for the mention in your article =)

    Your point at the top about Abraham’s time buffer and Bashar’s manifesting echo hits on one of the questions I still don’t feel like I’ve found a satisfactory answer to.

    We know that NOW is all there is. Period. There is no past or future, there is only NOW (when we think of the past or future, we’re thinking about it right now and when we reach the future we’re still thinking about it NOW).

    There is only the eternal NOW but it seems like “momentum” still exists. When I say “momentum” I’m pointing to the fact that we can be in alignment with a desire but our previous thoughts still play out in our experience, for a period of time because we’ve thought them repeatedly.

    I just don’t get it. How can the present moment be the only thing that exists but previous thoughts affect the present experience?

    This has proved particularly challenging to answer because I’ve experienced the echo/time buffer in some cases and in other cases, the intensity of my desire has cut through everything to cause desires I’ve had to manifest within a few hours, even as fast as five minutes.


    • Jeannette says:

      Good question, Namaste. I’ll be turning this one around in my mind myself tonight, but I also asked Joshua to weigh in with a response.

      Thanks again for showing this quiz to me, Namaste! 🙂

    • “How can the present moment be the only thing that exists but previous thoughts affect the present experience?

      Let’s see where this takes us. When we take on being physically focused, we not only take on the illusion of separation from who we are, but we also adopt the constructs of time, permanence and continuity. We do this to make sense of our experience. In other words, we create the illusion of causality.

      Within this structure, we give birth to thoughts, which like us are consciousness, and these thoughts grow and evolve. They stay in our vibrational field if they are in alignment with who we are: either because they resonate with what we want, or because they resonate with what we don’t want. If neither of these are true, the thoughts evolve away from us.

      Whether of not they are in our vibrational field has nothing to do with time, it has to do with how we align with them. And it has nothing to do with if the thoughts were good or bad. The thoughts we hold on to are the thoughts that give/gave us relief.

      But when we decide we want something new, that decision expands us, and the thoughts we are holding in our vibrational field that are not in alignment with our new expansion become discordant, and we experience emotions that don’t feel good.

      We say that these thoughts or clusters of thoughts are from the past or are memories, but they are current in our vibrational field and are evolving with us. We see them as from the past only because that is how we frame them within the context of time, permanence and continuity.

      Yet, while all this interesting and it is kind of fun to think about, it’s not really important to the having of what we want. It all depends on how you approach it. If you are trying to understand it so you can get what you want, you are getting into the vibration of problem solving, creating an endless stream of riddles that delay the having of what you want. If you are just curious and it feels good think about such things, you will get more of these conundrums that will feel good to you.

      If you just want to have what you want, all you really need to know is if the thought feels better or worse that where you are right here right now. If it feels worse, you just be okay that you feel that way and let it evolve away from you.

      That’s where it gets tricky. If you are not okay with it there is the tendency to try to figure out why you feel bad. But there is only ever one reason why you feel bad, and that is that you are holding a thought that no longer serves you. The bad feeling is showing you the vibrational distance between that thought and who you have evolved into. The worse it feels, the farther it is from who you are. If you get that the bad feeling is just information, then it becomes obvious that what you are feeling is perfect, you can be okay with how you feel, and the thought is then free to evolve away from you.

      I know you know all this, but sometimes it feels good to just have someone else lay it out on the table for you.

      Life Surfer

      • Namaste says:


        Thanks for taking the time to write that out =)

        I’ve never really latched onto the concept of us being vibrational beings. For whatever reason the term didn’t resonate with me. However your point about us being consciousness itself, that clicks for me.

        When I think of consciousness, I naturally think of thoughts. So your point about our current experience being based simply on the thoughts we are in alignment with really works for me. And that answers my question perfectly. We’re getting what we are in alignment with. Period.

        The reason for me wanting to understand this point is wanting clarity on how some teachers I respect can be saying one thing but my personal experience seemingly is another. Now that I understand the point about alignment that clears everything up.


        Thank you =)

        • It gets pretty tricky when you have channeled beings and teachers talking about metaphysics, because its very nature lies outside the scope of language. It gets even harder because these beings realize that we are locked into belief of time, permanence and continuity. They therefore rely on metaphor to describe what cannot be described.

          You are right to trust your intuition over the “teachings” of others.

          life Surfer

    • Jen says:

      Oh! There is no “was.” So there are no previous thoughts, only what you are focusing on NOW. So, wow, momentum is an illusion. The echo/time buffer or even Ophiel’s Sphere of Availability are limitations you are creating NOW depending on the way you are focusing NOW on what you think of as the past. Thanks for this, I never thought of it this way before. Heh. As if there is a “before.” 🙂

      • Namaste says:


        Appreciate you pointing out that “momentum is an illusion.” That phrase really works for me =)

  3. anonymous says:

    Hello Jeannette,

    Thank you for sharing this quiz, it is a really helpful tool. 🙂 My results were in the middle, 31-38 points, Oscillating In and Out of Alignment. I took it for a certain career I really want to manifest, something I’ve wanted nearly all my life. The results stated what I know I need to continue working on – letting go and having faith! Sometimes I like to pretend that there’s a universal guarantee that my desire will manifest by a certain date. It gives me some relief, like I can just trust that it’s going to happen no matter what, but there are times I still feel that I have to make it happen.

    Sometimes I get confused about confusing the what and how. To explain, here’s an example I came up with: let’s say you want to become a dancer. You have a really strong desire to dance and to do it professionally, but often you have resistance to dancing, to just being inspired to do it. You have some resistance around this, because you believe that it will take 10.000 hours of physical practice to become a dancer, tons of intense training that may not feel so great, and that feels overwhelming to you. You feel like you’re too old, or you’ll never reach your goal for many years. You daydream all the time about being a dancer though, and you love the feelings your daydreams generate. To you, being a dancer and dancing is representative of joy, expressing creativity, fun, passion, excitement, expressing your highest potential and inner genius.

    Many LOA teachers say to focus on the feelings instead of a specific outcome, so you focus on these warm and joyous feelings that your desire represents. Nevertheless, whenever you focus upon them, your imagination shifts to visions of you as a dancer, dancing on stage for thousands of people. No matter what you try, you can’t quell this desire to become a dancer, even though you’re not taking all the actions in alignment with it. Keeping the desire general and focused on feeling is very difficult because this specific desire is very, very strong. How would you either shift this desire, and stop wanting to be a dancer for good, or line up with it so you are moving towards it physically and confident that you will allow it?

    Looking forward to your response! 😉

    • Brian says:

      ”Many LOA teachers say to focus on the feelings instead of a specific outcome…”

      Because the only reason you want a specific outcome is for the feelings.
 And, there can be multiple specific outcomes that all have the same vibrational essence and are a vibrational match to what you want and how you want to feel. But, if you get so focused that one specific outcome needs to happen, and offer resistance to receiving any other, equal if not better, outcomes, then you limit yourself and offer resistance to realizing the path of least resistance to your desire.

      ”Keeping the desire general and focused on feeling is very difficult because this specific desire is very, very strong.”

      You can be specific, if it feels good to be specific.

      If it does not feel good to be specific, then you know you are focused on the lack, or absence, of your desire. If you get so specific that you don’t feel good (i.e. introduce resistance), then that’s when you want to go general with your thoughts and focus. General thoughts are easier to believe and feel good when thinking about. When you think thoughts that help you feel good, or feel better, you release resistance and are allowing.

      If it feels good to be specific, you want to be specific, while at the same time have no expectation that the specifics you imagine need to happen for you to continue to feel and allow your joy and happiness.

      ”How would you either shift this desire, and stop wanting to be a dancer for good…”

      Once you create a desire, your Higher Self, or Inner Being, has already become it. So, your Higher Self is a dancer. The reason you would feel pain is because you’re not allowing yourself to keep up to speed with what your Higher Self has already become.

      • Jas says:

        I’m curious about your last comment Brian:

        “…you’re not allowing yourself to keep up to speed with what your Higher Self has already become”.

        I have had that pain – I felt I was ‘there’ already on the Higher level, and proceeded to take actions (the hows) that I thought would lead me where I wanted. They didn’t after several tries. Recently, I find myself letting go considerably of figuring out how.

        Now I am enjoying the moment and the pain has subsided considerably. But I don’t feel motivated to take action now. I think of what I could do, but don’t feel like carrying through. The ‘game’ is getting boring and feels fruitless!

        No or limited action seems not in line though, because I know my Higher Self IS already that which I desire. On some level, I think I’ve given up…which feels ok even though there have been consequences 😉

        • anonymous says:

          Jas, I feel very similar! Would love to hear responses to this.

        • Brian says:

          ”Recently, I find myself letting go considerably of figuring out how.”

          The physical mind was not designed to know how something is going to happen. It only knows how something has happened. Your work is to focus on the what and why, because you have answers to those. Source’s work is to figure out the how, who, when and where. You want to do your job, and allow and trust that Source is doing their job.

          “I don’t feel motivated to take action now.”

          Action does not create. Thoughts and your vibration create what you want, and you allow yourself to receive what you have created by being in alignment.

          Actions are for the purpose of having fun and enjoying what you have created vibrationally. So, take action if it feels good and feels inspired. You do not take action to make something happen, because it’s already happened. You simply take action because it feels good, and feels in alignment with who-you-really-are.

          ”I think of what I could do, but don’t feel like carrying through.

          Then that is your Higher Self letting you know that is not inspired action. When you feel inspired to do something, you will want to do it, not to make what you want come about, you’ll want to do it for the fun of it and it feels good.

          “The ‘game’ is getting boring and feels fruitless!”

          The only reason anyone wants anything is because they believe they will feel better in the having of it. So, the only reason you want what you want, is because you want the better feeling emotions you believe are associated with having that condition in your life. But, you can feel better, now. You can have the better feeling emotions now, regardless of the conditions. And, when you focus on feeling how you want to feel, now, then there is no feeling of boredom, because you’re having so much fun now.

          Fun is not based on conditions, it flows from your thoughts and alignment. You can have fun, and feel the flow and life giving energy of Source, regardless of your conditions. And that’s what it means to be unconditional—To feel good, and feel how you want to feel, regardless of the conditions.

          No or limited action seems not in line though, because I know my Higher Self IS already that which I desire.”

          No not good feeling action is required.
 The only action that is “required” is action that feels good.

          So, if you don’t feel inspired to do an action, make sure you are in alignment. All inspired action comes from alignment. And, you may be inspired to do something seemingly unrelated. But, if it feels good, it’s your Higher Self and Source letting you know, through that good feeling, that that action (regardless of how it seems on the surface) is related to allowing what you want into your life.

          ”On some level, I think I’ve given up… which feels ok even though there have been consequences…”

          You’ve given up your resistance to thinking what you should be doing, and begun to give yourself permission to go more with the flow of life, which is what you work really is. Give up resistance, that’s the work. You want to focus on feeling better. Relax. Chill. Do what feels good. Have more fun. Play more. Follow what you’re passionate about. Follow your highest excitement. Actions in alignment with those good feelings are the actions you want to take.

        • anonymous says:

          Thanks for clarifying more on this Brian. I get really stuck with action. There are certain fun mindless activities I enjoy that have no relation to what my bigger dreams are. I’m afraid I waste too much time doing these types of things, but I’m inspired to do them a lot.

          Sometimes I have trouble knowing if an action is inspired, or just me trying to make things happen. How can you discern between the two?

          I have a hard time believing that action doesn’t create, that it really is all vibration and thoughts. Then again, many people have had things come to them that other people really wanted…and they didn’t necessarily do anything to have this happen.

          What if following your passion leads to lots of daydreaming and fantasizing, but few concrete action steps? What if your highest excitement is often just spending lots of time in this fantasy reality, not doing much anything? I could pass hours in my daydream reality!

        • Brian says:

          ”I’m afraid I waste too much time doing these types of things, but I’m inspired to do them a lot.”

          You always want to find balance. And, if you feel inspired to do them, then Source is letting you know it is not a waste of time. It is only beliefs based on what you think is an efficient use of time, that makes you do actions you don’t want to do that won’t produce the results you want, instead of doing what you feel inspired to do, which will get you to where you want to be.

          ”Sometimes I have trouble knowing if an action is inspired, or just me trying to make things happen. How can you discern between the two?”

          Inspired Action: Feels good. Feels light. Feels downstream. Feels fun. Feel easy.
 You feel interested. You feel eager. You feel excited.

          Efforting Action: Feels hard. Feels heavy. Feels upstream.
 Feels boring. Feels stressful. Feels frustrating.

          Also, an action may be inspired, but you have resistance so it feels like you’re trying to make things happen. If an action doesn’t feel good, you want to soothe yourself, get into alignment first, and then see if you still feel inspired to take the action. Get into alignment, and then decide what you want to do.

          ”What if your highest excitement is often just spending lots of time in this fantasy reality, not doing much anything?”

          If that feels good, then that’s what you want to do. You still want to get done what needs to get done in the day, but allow yourself to fantasize and think about what feels good to think about. When you feel good, you are in the receptive mode to receive inspired thoughts and inspired action.

      • anonymous says:

        Brian, thank you for your answer. I still am confused about what to do. Giving up and taking any (logical) action towards my dream career puts me in a panic. When I take action towards it, I have to motivate myself a bit to begin, and then I’m in the flow once momentum is going. I’m not sure if there is resistance getting in the way, or if I’m being directed to something else. It feels really difficult to accept that what I want may never happen. Taking a bit of action, even if I have to get past some resistance at first, feels better than not doing anything.

        • Jas says:

          Thanks so much for your responses Brian. I feel good right now 🙂 And spent a fun night out with a friend because that’s what felt good. Keeping connection in the vibration will sure enough bring about new moments and inspired action.

    • Jeannette says:

      I haven’t read Brian’s response yet, and he always posts really helpful stuff, so what I share here may not be relevant or helpful. (Thanks to Brian for chiming in on this one!)

      What I was thinking, anonymous, is that I’d be looking to the heart or essence of my desire to dance onstage. Because if I’m not inspired to dance, I’m suspecting there’s something about that vision that’s calling me that isn’t about dancing at all. When I can get clear on what the heart of my desire is, that will probably answer the questions that are floating around me now.

      • anonymous says:

        Thanks for your reply Jeannette. In reference to the example, I don’t actually want to be a dancer, but I thought it was a clear example to explain. I’m still a bit confused. What if while getting very clear on the heart of my desire (the emotional essence), I still can’t let go of wanting to dance, even if that is just a representation? What if imagining not being a dancer, but doing something else with the same emotional essence feels painful? What if I do enjoy dancing once I’m in the flow, but getting into that flow triggers resistance? How do you stop desiring or let go of a specific representation if it’s not your highest path?

        Sorry for so many questions! If anyone else has had a similar experience, your answers are also welcome.

    • anonymous says:

      Where is the line crossed between receiving a specific desired manifestation and emotional essence? Another hypothetical scenario: let’s say I want a romantic relationship. I want to meet my dream partner, get married and start a family. The essence of this desire is joy, love, passion, and comfort. I line up with these feelings, and receive many great manifestations (a yacht, traveling the world, great friendships, winning money). However, I didn’t get my dream partner nor having the family that I always dreamed of…what I really want (even if it’s just the essence.) I’m still single. And though I’m gracious for all of these great things in my life, why didn’t I get the relationship and family situation I wanted? Shouldn’t I be able to get that too if we can get whatever we want? Why do we only get things that match the essence and not specific manifestations? Can the universe not deliver if we are just too attached? It’s situations like this that really anger me off and have me doubting the law of attraction.

      • Namaste says:


        The reason that you got all the other stuff but didn’t get the dream partner and family is because you still have resistance towards both of those desires.

        I know this for a fact because I was in your exact same situation. When I turned 30, I decided it was time to manifest the woman of my dreams. I used the same process I’d used to manifest girlfriends in the past and released my desire to the Universe. I assumed she’d show up within a month or two, that’s what had always happened in the past. At the three month mark nothing had happened. I went back and rechecked my process. I’d done every thing right. I thought, “Maybe it takes a bit longer for the Universe to find the woman of my dreams instead of just a girlfriend.” Six months passed and then a year passed and I hadn’t even gone on a single date. I was angry and frustrated.

        After thinking about this endlessly, I realized there are only three parts of the manifestation process. They are the Law of Attraction itself, my manifesting process and me. I knew the problem couldn’t be the Law of Attraction (it always works). I knew it couldn’t be the manifesting process (my manifesting process had always worked in the past, it didn’t make sense that it would suddenly some how break) so the problem had to be me. This made no sense but it was the only logical answer. I couldn’t figure out how I could be the problem. Finally I realized the only way I could be the problem is if I didn’t want the woman of my dreams to show up. Again this made no sense but it was the only logical answer. So I asked myself, “Why wouldn’t I want the woman of my dreams to show up?” To my surprise, I wrote down reason after reason (all the reasons were previously unidentified resistance). Suddenly I could see exactly why my desire hadn’t manifested. On one hand I was telling the Universe, “I want the woman of my dreams.” On the other hand, without being conscious of it, I had all these reasons why I didn’t want her to show up. Since I wanted her, but didn’t want her too, the Universe had no idea what to do so it did nothing.

        Long story short, I figured out solutions to all the reasons I wrote down. Now I was sending out a clear desire and the Universe responded immediately. Within four weeks, four women showed up in my life. I went from not being able to get a date to having too many options. Thankfully the choice quickly became clear. I was married less than two years later.

        You can manifest anything you want but you gotta release that resistance. Some people mistakenly think that my resistance identifying question causes you to focus on resistance. The reality is it identifies the resistance THAT YOU ARE ALREADY FOCUSED ON RIGHT NOW (whether you are conscious of it or not). Once you’ve identified the resistance, you’re now able to deal with it. Once you release the resistance, your desire has to manifest, it is law. So ask yourself, “Why wouldn’t I want my dream partner to show up right now?” Don’t judge, just write down whatever comes to mind. Keep writing until you feel empty. Once you’re done, you’ll see exactly why this person isn’t in your life.


        • Jeannette says:

          love you, Namaste. thanks for this! 🙂

        • anonymous says:

          Hi Namaste,
          Thank you for sharing this exercise, I’m going to try it. I’ve done exercises like this in the past, but either never got to the bottom of resistance, or I felt stuck over figuring out solutions. I will try what you wrote though because I have been so frustrated about not getting what I really want. The situation I wrote about above isn’t actually something I’ve had happen to me, but I’m in a vibrationally similar place over other desires. I just want things to happen already and to live my dreams.

          I’m happy to hear this exercise worked well for you, and that you were able to allow your desires.

        • ash says:

          Hi Namaste,

          What should we do after we identify the resistance.

          For eg. i want more money, but i am scared what if the money comes through some wrong source. I know this is my resistance. How do i work on it or release it?

        • Aloha says:

          Hi Namaste,

          Thank you for sharing your experience, I have just done it this afternoon on something I have been in the process for 18 months. What an eye opener! I thought I had found all of my Bullshit Beliefs, HA! 🙂
          My current belief is
          “I 1% believe I deserve to live my dream lifestyle”
          BS Belief you are getting evicted today!

          What is your preferred way to TRULY remove resistance from the CORE?
          I use TFT and reiki.
          Does anyone else have their optimum resistance tool to share?

          Thank you everyone for such an inspiring thread!

        • Namaste says:


          Sorry it took so long for me to respond =)

          You asked, “What should we do after we identify the resistance?”

          For eg. i want more money, but i am scared what if the money comes through some wrong source. I know this is my resistance. How do i work on it or release it?

          What you identified is a common fear when people seek to manifest more money. A lot of people have heard stories about people manifesting money but it comes to them through some undesirable source (insurance claim after an auto accident or inheritance after the death of a loved one).

          I’ve thought A LOT about this issue over the years (it was fear of mine as well). What I finally realized is that for money to come to me through some undesirable source, I’d have to be in alignment with that source. The Universe doesn’t have a sick sense of humor, randomly giving some people money through desirable sources like the lottery and others through undesirable sources like an insurance claim stemming from a dangerous accident.

          First I asked myself, “What undesirable sources am I afraid this money might manifest through?” Keep writing until you feel empty. Then start with the first thing you wrote down. In my case it was car accident insurance claim money.

          So I asked myself, “Am I ok with the money I want to manifest coming to me through a car accident insurance claim?” As soon as I asked the question, I could feel resistance (feeling of I do not want that) in the center of my chest. The feeling of resistance tells me that I am NOT open to money coming to me in this way. Since I’m not in alignment with that source, the Universe is blocked from delivering it through that method. I did this with the other means I was scared of (death of a loved one, and I forgot the other major one). I had resistance to all of them (evidenced by feeling of not wanting in center of my chest) so I knew I didn’t have to worry about those either.

          Unless you’re in alignment with the money coming to you from an undesirable source, it won’t because you have resistance to it.

          Hope that helps,


        • Namaste says:


          Apologize for taking time to get back to you.

          Thanks for letting me know that the question proved of value to you. I can really relate to thinking I had all the limiting beliefs gone, only to ask that question, and find a bunch that were hidden from me.=)

          You asked, “What is my preferred way to TRULY remove resistance from the CORE?”

          I’ve heard good things about reiki and EFT =)

          In my case I’ve always been drawn to simple logic hacking. I’m naturally analytical so it’s easy for me to see when I’m focused on a “don’t want” and to look for logical ways to shift it to a “do want.”

          The way I do this specifically is…

          I ask myself, “Why wouldn’t I want this desire to show up in my life?”

          Write down reasons.

          Pick the first reason and ask myself, “Why is this not true?” Or, “What other possible options are there?” Or, “What evidence do I have that this is false?” What I’m trying to say is I look for why the reason I wrote down isn’t true. Sometimes this is obvious, other times not, but eventually I get all of them. I know I’m done when I think about my desire and I feel consistently good about it. Then I know it is going to manifest.


      • Brian says:

        I complied all your questions in this one response:

        ”Giving up and taking any (logical) action towards my dream career puts me in a panic.”

        You don’t need to give up taking action. You just want to take whatever action feels good. If you want to take an action, you want to soothe yourself and get into alignment first, before taking the action.

        Your #1 job first and foremost is to care about how you feel, and care about your alignment. Everything else flows from there.

        ”It feels really difficult to accept that what I want may never happen.”

        It feels that way because Source knows its not true. 

        You haven’t lined up your energy on this subject. You want to be a dancer, but don’t know how that could support you. Or, you’re not sure if you want to be a dancer. So, you’re splitting your energy on this subject, and that split energy is what creates the not good feeling emotion. When you line up your energy, you will feel better.

        ”Taking a bit of action, even if I have to get past some resistance at first, feels better than not doing anything.”

        If that feels better, then that’s what you want to do.

        ”What if while getting very clear on the heart of my desire (the emotional essence), I still can’t let go of wanting to dance, even if that is just a representation?”

        You only hold on to something because it feels better than letting go. So, if you focus on how you want to feel, and feel good, you will naturally let go that which does not feel as good as what you have just let in.

        In this example, it’s not that you want to let go of wanting to dance, you want to let go of your resistance around the idea of wanting to dance. Because, you have associated “wanting” with “the pain of not having,” so the logical thing to do is to stop wanting, so the pain goes away. But, the pain is your indicator from Source calling you to be yourself. And, for whatever reason, you’re refusing to be yourself, and that’s why it hurts.

        Source will never stop loving you and never stop calling you to who-you-really-are and what you want. So the only way you can be happy and feel better is if you stop resisting you, and you start allowing yourself to be yourself.

        ”What if imagining not being a dancer, but doing something else with the same emotional essence feels painful?”

        You would only feel painful because you’re still focused on the lack of what you want. You’re more focused on not feeling good about not being a dancer, than you are about feeling good being something else.

        Every subject is really two subjects: What is wanted and the lack of it. And you know which you are focused on by how you feel. If you feel good, you are focusing on what you want. If you do not feel good, you are focused on the lack or absence of what you want.

        ”How do you stop desiring or let go of a specific representation if it’s not your highest path?”

        Your highest path is whatever feels good. So, instead of trying to stop what doesn’t feel good, just allow yourself to enjoy what does feel good.

        If you don’t feel good, you are introducing resistance. When you feel resistance, you want to soothe it. When you don’t introduce resistance due to thoughts focused on the lack of what you want, you feel good.

        ”The essence of this desire is joy, love, passion, and comfort. I line up with these feelings… However, I didn’t get my dream partner nor having the family that I always dreamed of…”

        That’s not possible.

        The only way you could feel as if you did not receive your desire, is if you observe what is, believe by some arbitrary time frame of when you should receive what you want, and take negative score saying, “It never happened,” when it’s in the process of happening, but when you take negative score of what is, you don’t allow yourself to receive what you want.

        ”I’m still single. And though I’m gracious for all of these great things in my life, why didn’t I get the relationship and family situation I wanted?”

        Because you’re giving your attention to thoughts that you don’t have it.

        When you feel you have it, you don’t give attention to it’s physical absence, because you feel so good and are very aware of it’s vibrational presence.

        ”Why do we only get things that match the essence and not specific manifestations?”

        Essence and specific. It’s not, you get the boat but not the man. That’s not how it works. You get a man, you get what you want, but you might not get a specific man you were focused on. Because there are many men who match the vibrational essence of what you want. That’s the difference of essence and specific.

        But, you can only attract a man who is a match to the vibration you are offering. If you are not in alignment, then you will not allow yourself to receive what you are wanting. The Universe is always giving you what you want, but you have to be in the receptive mode. And you’re in the receptive mode, by focusing on feeling good regardless if you have received the physical manifestation of what you want. Because, you always have access to the emotional, vibrational manifestation of what you want, and you want those good feelings of your thoughts about your relationship to be enough.

        When it feels good just to think about your relationship, those good feelings let you know that your relationship is coming. And you want to trust that your relationship will come in perfect timing: not a second sooner, and not a second later. It will come in perfect timing.

        • anonymous says:

          This is so helpful, thank you for being the channel of the answers to my asking. 🙂

        • Jeannette says:

          This morning when I started the day one of my intentions was “awe.” I’ve only been up an hour and it’s already delivered as I feel exactly that in witnessing the generosity and wisdom of posters to this thread. Thank you, Brian.

          And thank you anonymous, for being the catalyst of such helpful tips from the community. 🙂

        • Namaste says:


          I’m glad you’re going to try out the exercise =) One of the reasons I like it is it helps you root out ALL the resistance you have towards a desire. That way you end up manifesting what you REALLY want and not “the essence” of it.

          I can tell by what you wrote that you’ve obviously been studying the Law of Attraction for a while. And I was really glad to read that you’ve already done resistance releasing work like this in the past. The fact that this isn’t your first rodeo should really pay off now. However if you do find yourself getting frustrated, or can’t get to the bottom of the resistance, please don’t give up on this exercise without first contacting me on Facebook. This isn’t just another manifesting exercise. Case in point, after I used this exercise to manifest the woman of my dreams, two years later I used it to manifest a big phat diamond for her engagement ring. And not that long ago, an ex-girlfriend of mine had been trying to manifest a new guy into her life. I’d told her about this exercise countless times but she’d always declined to try it. Finally after a year of getting nowhere, she contacted me. We quickly used this exercise to identify the hidden resistance that was holding her back and we figured out a solution. A short time later, a great guy showed up in her life and soon they were happily exclusive. She called to thank me and also thanked me for being so adamant about this exercise. Sometimes another person can see, what we can’t see ourselves (I have multiple people who give me feedback during my manifestation process), so if you do run into any exercise stopping challenges, you know where find me. I promise that this isn’t just another manifesting exercise, this is a game changer =)


        • Namaste says:


          Spent some time just now reading through your posts. Really enjoyed your perspective =) It’s always fun to run across someone who has obviously invested serious time into nailing down the subtleties of this work. I commented anonymously on Jeannette’s blog for years because I didn’t realize how easy it is to create a gravatar. If you’re remaining anonymous for a reason, no pressure, but if not you might want to get a Gravatar. I’ve had some really great connections happen because of getting one. It’s a couple of clicks, link a pic and you’re done. And you don’t have to add your last name if you don’t want your blog comments to show up when people google you. Here’s the instructions if you’re curious…

        • anonymous says:

          Hi Namaste,

          Thank you for offering to help with the exercise. I’ve been busy the past few days and haven’t finished coming up with solutions, my list is long. But it’s enlightening to see where my resistance lies. There are some aspects of my desire that I can see that I don’t want in my life right now. So maybe even if I haven’t manifested what I really want, I’m on the path to it, and incrementally aligning with it.
          Perhaps I will make a gravatar, I’m not sure yet!

        • Namaste says:


          That’s the way I felt about seeing the resistance for the first time too, it was enlightening. Finally I could see why my desire wasn’t manifesting after being totally clueless for so long.

          Just to give you an idea, it took me between a couple of weeks and two months to figure out the solutions that allowed me to manifest the woman of my dreams (it was a long time ago so I don’t remember exact amount of time). I had a pretty long list too.

          Finally, I really like your point about how even though you haven’t manifested exactly what you want yet, you’re on the path.


        • anonymous says:

          Hi Namaste,

          It’s good to know that it’s not just me who is taking time with solutions. 😉 I need some more time to allow them to come. This exercise takes a lot of focus and clarity, so I am taking my time to do it thoroughly.

          Today I just found another exercise very similar to yours (from Melody Fletcher’s blog, It’s about asking yourself “What if…?” questions to incrementally release resistance and allow yourself to feel that you can have your desire, even if your mind cannot figure out how. It also goes into questioning yourself why you think you can’t have it. I see I have strong resistance to releasing my work publicly due to feeling it’s not good enough…beliefs I really have to shift. Also about feeling like I have to really push to make things happen, feeling unworthy of having opportunities and other good things come to me.

          The shifts will probably be incremental, as shattering them all at once would definitely be a quantum leap for me. I just keep telling myself, everything in perfect time! I will get what I want. 🙂

        • Namaste says:


          You’re definitely not the only one who has found it takes time to figure out solutions. Based on my research, it seems that it takes most people a couple of months, to a couple of years, to release all the resistance before they can allow a truly life changing result (soul mate, wealth, major career shifts). Obviously some do it faster but those time frames are the average.

          From what you wrote, it sounds like you have the perfect attitude about this kind of work. I feel the same way. I love quantum leaps when they happen but I’m fine with incremental growth. As long as my desire finally manifests in the end, that’s all I care about =)

          Jeannette’s and Melody’s blogs are two of my favorites. I got curious about Melody’s What If exercise and googled for it. I wasn’t able to find it. Could you share a link please?

          Thank you,


  4. Susann says:

    Oooph. OK, so I took the quizz as a lark, but it’s actually quite a bit more insightful than I was expecting. To the point where I sat here, very uncomfortable, thinking: oh, crap, I suspected that, but having it pointed out to me this clearly is an eye-opener. I hit mid-line [Oscillating In and Out of Alignment] and recognized immediately how very true that is. And I also see quite clearly the why and how of that. Time to make some serious changes to how I’m working this particular desire.

    • Jeannette says:

      I experienced the same thing, Susann! In taking it as a lark, and finding helpful insights in the process!

      Thanks for sharing with us. 🙂

  5. Mia says:

    Namaste, could you share a little bit more about your resistance exercise?

    I find it very interesting. I’ve never had any success whatsoever with the LOA so far and I suspect it might be because of resistance. I’m never sure that I really want what I want – it’s even worse, I’m afraid I might get what I want and end up not liking it. There’s quite a bit of resistance involved here, I think. 🙂

    You wrote that you figured out solutions to all the reasons you wrote down – how did you do that? I’d love to know more about your approach if you’d like to share.

    Thanks for this interesting contribution to the discussion, it was very eye-opening to me.


    • Jeannette says:

      Namaste, if you want to do a recorded call instead of writing a response, count me in for that gig. 🙂

      • Namaste says:


        A recorded call would be fun =) What all does it entail? I’m busy finishing up a website now but I could do one a little later on this month. Thanks for the opportunity =)


        • Jeannette says:

          I am VERY excited to see your new website … we’ll follow up on live call opportunities when your plate is clear again. 🙂

    • Namaste says:


      I think your assessment is dead on about why you haven’t consciously manifested anything yet. My experience has shown me that the only reason a desire doesn’t manifest is because of the resistance I have towards it.

      Figuring out what you want sounds like it should be easy but sometimes it’s really not. The good thing about manifesting something you don’t want is that it helps you figure out what you do want. So if you end up manifesting something you don’t like, you can always turn around and manifest something you do.

      Here’s the specific steps I take to release resistance…

      #1 I ask myself, “What do I want?”

      #2 Once I’m clear on what I want, I ask myself, “Why wouldn’t I want this desire to show up?”

      #3 I write down whatever comes to mind. I don’t judge, I just write. I don’t stop writing until I feel empty or complete.

      #4 I sort through the things I wrote down and start with the one that I’m most inspired to figure out first. This can be a really fun exercise. It FEELS SO GOOD to release resistance that has been bogging you down. Sometimes I feel like the weight of the world has been lifted off my shoulders when I find a solution.

      #5 The way I find solutions to my reasons are by figuring out why they aren’t true. I look for faulty thinking. I also look for evidence of why something else could be true that serves me better.

      #6 I know I’ve released all the resistance once I think about my desire and I feel consistently good about it. That’s how I know I’m done and that my desire will manifest.

      I wrote down, “The reason I don’t want the woman of my dreams to show up is because I don’t want another experience of being nagged and bugged about my work schedule.”

      I’m a naturally happy workaholic. Prior to manifesting the woman of my dreams, every relationship I’d ever had, started out with the woman complimenting me on my ambition. A few weeks or months later, this turned into, “Why aren’t we spending more time together? Why do you work all the time?”

      It took a few weeks of thinking about it. Finally I realized the solution was to find a female workaholic! If she was a workaholic like me, all her previous boyfriends probably bugged her about working all the time. She’d love meeting me because I’d never do that.

      There isn’t a specific formula for finding solutions to the resistance you have. You just have to look for reasons why what you wrote down isn’t true. If you keep looking, the answers will come.

      In closing, if you’d never consciously manifested anything before, I’d really encourage you to get the book Illusions by Richard Bach (used copies on Amazon are super cheap). The blue feather manifesting exercise is simple, easy and works. After you manifest a blue feather, switch things up and manifest a red one, or a green one. I read about a guy who kept doing the exercise, changing feather colors, until he saw that he was totally capable of manifesting stuff. It gave him the confidence he needed to move on to manifesting other things that he really wanted.

      Hope that helps,


  6. Mia says:

    Thank you for sharing, Namaste, this is so helpful!

    I love that your resistance exercise is so simple yet makes so much sense. I’m definitely going to try it and let you know how it works for me. I think it might be especially helpful for using it with relationship issues, as in your example.

    I’m probably going to try it in combination with Jeannette’s exercise here which I find very interesting as well:


    My problem seems to be that I believe that I just can’t have my cake and eat it, too. (Jeannette, if you have more advice on that particular topic, I’d love to hear it!)

    I still have the problem that sometimes I can’t even answer question no. 1: “What do I want?” For example, I’ve been feeling a lack of (emotional) security for a long time. I tend to attribute this feeling to having not enough close and happy relationships in my life. However, I don’t really know if this is the true reason. In fact, I have no idea.

    I wonder if it is possible to manifest something as abstract as emotional security or a feeling of connection or just simply love and comfort and joy, etc.?

    Anyway, your contribution was super helpful for me, Namaste – many thanks for that idea! 🙂


    • Namaste says:


      Finally had the time to read through your answer and check out the posts you mentioned.

      I enjoyed the points made in both of Jeannette’s articles. Thanks for posting them.

      About your comment about not being able to have your cake and eat it too, have you tried asking yourself, “Why don’t I believe I can have my cake and eat it too?” I bet something happened that made you believe this at some point. By figuring out what caused you to believe this you can look at the evidence again with a fresh perspective and decide something different, that serves you better.

      My manifesting experiences have shown me that it’s possible to manifest anything (I once manifested a machine stopping so I could leave my day job at the time to run an errand). I’m not sure how to manifest a feeling like emotional security. However I do know that if you figure out that’s what you really want, simply ask the Universe, “How do I manifest this?” The way to do that will show up.

      Thanks for letting me know what I had to say was helpful =)


      • Mia says:

        Thank you Namaste, this is so helpful – I really appreciate your insights!

        You ask what happened that made me believe that I can’t have my cake and eat it, too. I guess it might be because I never had the experience of any of my dreams or desires coming true.

        Unlike you I unfortunately don’t really believe that it’s possible for me to manifest anything (based on experience), so it might be simply too much of a stretch for me to believe that I could even have my cake and eat it, too – do you know what I mean?

        Also, the problem of not knowing what I really want is a very conflicting and not very helpful vibration, I think.

        I like your idea of asking the Universe: “How do I manifest this!” I’m going to try that.

        There is such a lot of information about the LOA online and about manifesting “stuff” or relationships etc. Yet I wish someone would write an article like “How do I manifest the truly important things in life?” (like love, security, inner peace, freedom from anxiety, emotional comfort etc.)

        (Jeannette, I know you wrote quite a bit about manifesting the true essence of our dreams versus manifesting what we think our dream should look like. Could you maybe point to some of your articles/blog postings concerning this? I don’t know how to find them again.)

        Do you have your own website, Namaste? I’d love to learn more about your approach of manifesting! You are such an inspiring example! Oh, and I’d love Jeannette’s suggestion of a recorded call, too. 🙂

        Thank you so much, Namaste! 🙂

        • Brian says:

          ”There is such a lot of information about the LOA online and about manifesting ‘stuff’ or relationships etc. Yet I wish someone would write an article like ‘How do I manifest the truly important things in life?’”

          All physical and emotional manifestations are all manifested in the exact same way: Releasing resistance so you allow what you want to come to you.

          There aren’t any processes to manifest something, because manifesting is automatic. The point of a process is simply to help you release resistance, feel better and feel good.
 And when you feel good, you are in alignment with who-you-really-are and you allow what you want, and how you want to feel, to flow naturally.

          ”… like love, security, inner peace, freedom from anxiety, emotional comfort, etc.”

          You can start with general thoughts,

          “I want to feel ease. I want to feel flow. I want to feel loved. I like feeling loved. I want to feel accepted. I want to feel appreciated. It feels good to feel appreciated. It feels good to appreciate, and it feels good it be appreciated.

          I want to feel freedom. I want to feel peace. I want to feel ease. I want to feel relaxed. I want to feel comfortable. I like feel comfortable. It feels comfortable to feel comfortable.”

        • Namaste says:


          You responded to my question by saying, “I guess it might be because I never had the experience of any of my dreams or desires coming true.”

          I believe that based on your current perspective this is the truth. The thing I’ve learned about perspectives though is they are nothing more than a point of view.

          One day a friend of mine said, “I found out you can change the past.” I said, “Prove it.” She grew up in the Detroit ghetto and everything that came with that environment. She’d always said she had an ugly childhood. She said, “I now realize I had a really happy childhood.” She shared the exercise with me that had completely shifted her view of her childhood (which included violence, teenage pregnancy, abuse etc). I wanted to try it because I’d always felt like I had an unhappy childhood. I did the exercise and I was shocked to find I’d had a happy childhood too. To this day that fact blows me away. The exercise involved making a list of all the good things that had happened. It also had you look at the bad things and ask, “How did this benefit me?” These two things completely shifted my perspective and changed my life in the process. All that time, I’d thought I had a terrible childhood and it was just a perspective.

          Maybe you haven’t had a lot of life changing dreams or desires come true. However I bet you’ve had a lot of little ones come true. I’d encourage you to make a list of all the little desires and dreams you’ve had come true. Alone they don’t seem like much. When you have a whole list of them though, it begins to change your point of view about what’s possible for you. Once you realize that you’ve had dreams and desires come true, that opens the door for bigger and better dreams to come true too.

          You said, “Unlike you I unfortunately don’t really believe that it’s possible for me to manifest anything (based on experience).”

          The reason I believe I can manifest anything comes from two experiences…

          First, I wrote up a list of every successful manifestation I could remember experiencing. Once I had that list in front of me, it hit me that I could manifest anything. I had decades of experiences proving it. If I were in your shoes, I’d want to gather that evidence fast. So instead of looking back at life experiences, I’d spend the next few months manifesting tons of blue feathers, random numbers, pink ribbons etc. One guy I read about first manifested a blue feather, next a red one, then another red one, than an orange one ect. This increased his confidence in his manifesting abilities in a massive way. The blue feather exercise comes from the book Illusions by Richard Bach.

          Second, it was when I realized that I don’t actually manifest anything. I still say things like, “I manifested that” but it’s not technically correct. I don’t manifest anything. Neither do you. The Universe does that (or whatever term you want to use in place of “the Universe”). That’s why Abraham Hicks is always saying, “It’s as easy to manifest a castle as it is a button.” That’s true because all we do is decide what we want, the Universe actually does all the work to make it happen. If you focus on a thing, it can manifest for you.

          I’m building a website now (thanks for asking). If you have a Facebook profile, please send me a friend request, that way I’ll be able to let you know when the site is launched (

          It’s been fun chatting with you Mia =)


  7. Mia says:

    Thank you for the explanation, Brian!

    Do I understand you right that being happy and feeling good will automatically manifest my true and deepest desires – even if I don’t give the universe any specific instructions about what I want?

  8. Mia says:

    That’s really good advice, Namaste – again, thank you!

    You might be right, I’ve often wondered if I’m not appreciate enough about all the little good things that happened in my life – even if I didn’t have most of my dreams or desires come true. Smaller manifestations count, too, right?

    I like the childhood exercise you suggested – in fact, I’ve done something similar before. Maybe I should try it again with a little bit more conscious appreciation or gratitude thrown in …?

    I’ve also tried your releasing resistance exercise in the meantime – and there was such a lot of resistance coming up! In fact, I’m not sure if I want to have those desires coming true at all. It’s probably no wonder they haven’t manifested yet. It also re-confirmed that my biggest problem is not knowing what I actually want. Your exercise was truly eye-opening for me in that sense – so thank you again for bringing that up!

    I don’t have a Facebook profile, so I’m really looking forward to your new website. I’d love to learn more about your approach to successful manifesting, you seem to have such a lot of wisdowm to share. And it’s so easy to understand and apply, too – even fore me. 😉

    Thanks for taking the time to give me all that helpful feedback! 🙂

    • Namaste says:


      I’ve only recently begun telling people that by asking themselves the question, they’ll find out how much resistance they have to a desire, and then they can determine if they actually really want it or not. Thanks for letting me know about your experience. Now I have a story to tell to back up this point =)

      For years I enjoyed certain parts of Abraham Hick’s teachings. However when they would tell people, “Get happy and everything else will take care of itself” I’d roll my eyes. I’d never met a single follower of Abraham Hicks, that had followed that advice, and experienced the results they desired.

      Then I started dating a woman named Regina. She was all about Abraham. In the beginning, we were constantly at odds with each other on the topic of manifesting. Our approaches to things were almost totally different. She almost never focused on manifesting specific desires. She firmly believed that she was naturally launching rockets of desire all day long, and as long as she stayed happy, the desires would manifest at the perfect time. In my case, I only focused on manifesting specific desires. The idea of not figuring out exactly what I wanted seemed insane. As time went by, again and again I saw Regina have amazing manifesting experiences. And she in turn, saw me experience the same.

      After realizing that her way of manifesting actually worked, I wanted to know why her results were so much better than others. As I thought about it, the answer was immediately obvious. She woke up in the morning and often did a focus wheel. She practiced segment intending. She loved to play the “what if” game. She was a master at moving up the emotional scale. She ALWAYS did a list of positive aspects at night. Bottom line was she was actually practicing everything Abraham Hicks taught on a daily basis.

      The reason I shared that story is reading your realization that (begin happy and feeling good will cause all of your desires to manifest, even though you aren’t giving the Universe specific instructions), once again, reminded me that both ways work. I know from observing Regina, that if ALL YOU DO is consistently get happy, that you’ll never need to figure out what you want, because your life will be filled with one amazing manifesting experience after another =)

      Thanks for the compliments, and next time we run into each other on here, I’ll happily share my new site with you =)


  9. Mia says:

    That’s a great story about your friend, Namaste – thank you for sharing it!

    It encourages me to keep going with cultivating more happiness in my life – even if it isn’t the easiest thing to do.

    Your story about Regina also shows, I think, that your success in manifesting depends on whether you believe in a certain process or not. Whatever you believe in works for you – isn’t that what Jeannette always tells us here in her blog postings?

    Anyway, thanks again for providing so much inspiration, Namaste – I really enjoy how simply and clearly you explain things. Suddenly those concepts make so much more sense for me.

    I hope your new website will be finished soon! I’ll probably be one of your first visitors. 🙂


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