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Rave Reviews

polygonal-speech-bubble-2“I stumbled across your “7 Big Fat Clues” ebook a few weeks ago and I was blown away by your no-fluff writing style combined with some of the most profound life-altering information that I’ve ever read. I’ve been devouring and applying your material constantly including all of the great information in your newsletter. I love all of the cross references to other articles on your topics. You absolutely walk your talk with your commitment to every facet of LOA and you keep it in the most positive and uplifting theme.” – D.S.

polygonal-speech-bubble-3“Even though I have been an LOA enthusiast/practitioner for some time your basics material coupled with your authenticity, enthusiasm and passionate commitment is sooooooo completely awesome and deliciously helpful!!! Just wanted to extend my heartfelt, bursting appreciation to you…… THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!” – J.C.

“This is two back-to-back power messages from you. I don’t know how you do it — flow so many pithy insights our way — but I’m sure glad you do!” – E.G. 

polygonal-speech-bubble-1“Great, impressive research and collection! Thank you so much and for the last few emails too.. Just want you to know I eagerly read your emails as soon as they come in. Sometimes it feels like you are cheerleading and sometimes throwing a life line!” – C.C. 

polygonal-speech-bubble-6“We haven’t met personally, but I think you’re cool and would be fun to know personally. My cat agrees with me and he knows all.” – S.G.

polygonal-speech-bubble-5“Dear, Dear Jeannette, The Universe really does have our backs, and today you were its beautiful instrument. I woke up feeling a suck fest coming on, then I got your email. I felt like to were talking directly to me. Thank You!” – N.B.

“Awesome, AWESOME article on “joying your way to Joy!” Love this gal Jeannette Maw and everything she teaches! Well worth it to sign up for her newsletter, etc!” – E.G.

“Everything I receive in my email box comes from you exactly when I need it. You are such a blessing to me and I’m sure to millions of others.” – C.D.


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