Going Beyond Reason

April 1, 2007 | Comments Off on Going Beyond Reason

What are your reasons for not already creating your dream come true? Most of us have at least a few, and believing in those reasons creates a drag on our miracle-making abilities.

So why aren’t you waking up with your perfect partner? Because she doesn’t exist? The good ones are already taken? You need to drop 15 pounds before you’re loveable? Mm hmm.

Why aren’t you experiencing wild success in your work or financial life? Because the competition’s tough? The economy isn’t cooperating? You don’t have the degree or training or connections? I see.

Or why haven’t you regained your health? Because the doctor only gave you a 10% chance? Your family isn’t supportive? You need a better pair of shoes? Sweeties, can you see we’re making all this up?

Whatever reasons you’re giving life to are true. They’re true because you believe in them. You can choose to stop believing in these reasons, letting them go once and for all, thus making room for a miracle. Let that be your new truth.

This is my invitation to discover your reasons and go beyond them. You’re the powerful one, not your “reasons.” You created them, and you can uncreate them just as easily.

I know your natural reaction is to argue for your reasons, defend them as truth, but I’m telling you – that doesn’t serve you. Let them go, friend. In fact, let’s all go beyond reason! What a wonderful world that would be: powerful people getting what they want! Sign me up!

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