How Soon To Expect Results?

January 13, 2016 | 52 Comments »

How Soon Will I Get Results with Law of Attraction?Time to tap the manifesting wisdom of the community here to answer a question that came via email last week.

A self-professed LOA newbie asks something many of us have wondered about along the way:

I’ve been studying law of attraction for almost a year now (so fairly new at this) and I have a question that I haven’t seen anyone really talk about …

How soon after I start consciously creating what I want should I expect to see results?

I’m just wondering how long this should take. I know you can’t say exactly when, but should it be pretty fast or do I need to be patient? (I don’t want to keep doing something for too long if it’s not working.)

Thanks in advance for your input, fellow creators, and I’m looking forward to hearing what everyone has to say on this one! 🙂

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52 Responses to “ How Soon To Expect Results? ”

  1. Danielle says:

    Ooo, what a fun discussion to have! In my experience everything is different. Each thing I play with manifesting comes in it’s own time. From everything I’ve read and observed you don’t want to limit how Universe delivers the goods-and putting a time constraint would add a limiting factor.

    I have experienced lightning fast-I sent a vibe to universe Monday that I was manifesting everyone on earth caring about the environment-and not 15 minutes later read something on fb about how great everyone had responded to protecting manatees in Florida.

    I have experienced super slow, as in something i’ve been wanting to manifest hasn’t happened yet even though i’ve been playing with it for months.

    That is all a long way of saying don’t limit universe by trying to tie a timeline to what you want, be open.

    Laughter and happiness, Danielle

    • Jeannette says:

      Thanks for launching our conversation on this topic, Danielle! I’ve had the same experience as you in that some things unfold very quickly and others … not so much. lol

    • Leslie says:

      You have this stuff down Stephen! LOVE this reply — your words just raised my vibration a couple of notches.


  2. Stephen says:

    Don’t wait for anything.

    What is wanted is never a thing (event, etc), it’s a feeling.

    Capture the feeling, refine it and LIVE it in every way you have available. Everything that matches that feeling will make its way to you.

  3. Steffy says:

    All I can think about when I read this question is the Smiths’ song: How Soon Is Now?

    When you truly accept it as done and you are in total allowance without resistance. When you’re not watching and checking all the time to see if the flower bloomed or the pot boiled.

    • Jeannette says:

      I definitely know how “watching the pot” or as Abe would say it – “taking score too soon” can be the thing that holds a manifestation at bay. (Since looking for it just sends the signal that it isn’t here yet.) Been there, done that.

      And I agree (I know from personal experience) that trying to manifest something with a deadline is the best way for me to slow things up! lol

      I also get how a person might want to make sure their manifesting practice is actually effective, too. I often tell folks that it doesn’t take long for Universe to respond to our vibration, so if we’ve truly shifted it, we should see evidence of that shift fairly quickly. If I’m not seeing something move, I get a little suspicious that I haven’t lined up like I need to.

      Thanks for expanding this discussion, Steffy! 🙂

    • Eleanor says:

      Steffy! I was thinking about the Smiths How Soon Is Now as well 🙂

      Weird stuff.

  4. Jen C. says:

    You are doing well if your feelings are shifting, for they are actually manifestations. That is the most important part.

    Certain feelings actually take longer t manifest, so don’t worry, just keep having the routine of calling on the Higher Emotions and know that you will get there.

    Faster manifestations happen with less resistance, so you may want to see if there is something that you want but don’t believe you can get it quickly. Expectation, Belief, and Desire help you along quite a bit.

    Good luck!

    • Jeannette says:

      So glad you posted about this, Jen! That is such an important thing to know … the first manifestation is feeling better! That in itself is a sign that your manifesting process is already working.

      In fact, Abe says that’s the point of our manifesting process – to feel better. if it doesn’t make us feel better, we’ll want to find something else that does.

      In that sense, it makes me feel like the answer to the question about how long it takes is not long at all! However long it takes to feel better.

      Such a good point to make in this discussion. Thanks for posting, Jen!

  5. Anonymous says:

    I think it’s more important to enjoy the process of feeling good than it is to expect an outcome from what you’re doing. You’re in control of feeling good. You’re not in control of what comes to you because you are feeling good. Feeling good is the point. 🙂

    • Jeannette says:

      Yes, Anonymous! That’s an important way to look at it. Knowing we have the ability to feel better, and that’s what makes all the difference. 🙂

    • Elle says:

      Yup, I agree with you, Anonymous! When I do not think about it, keep track of it, when I feel good and not obsess over it, it manifests, whatever it is. When I do all of the opposite, no go.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I wonder this too! There are things I’ve desires for years that still haven’t manifested. I used to spend a lot of time doing deliberate work to shift beliefs around them (especially ones that say it will take a long time for something to happen). I burned out eventually and got so sick of doing the work, that I decided that I would rather it take a long time for these things to manifest (if they ever do) than force myself to shift beliefs, script, affirm, etc. It was feeling like too much work. Now I just trust that they will come in perfect timing, but that it’s not in my control. And with giving up that responsibility I feel a huge relief!

    • Jeannette says:

      In the beginning of my manifesting studies I didn’t understand that if the alignment process didn’t make me feel better, it wasn’t serving its purpose. Learning that made a big difference in how I approached conscious creation. And your finding your way to relief is exactly that work! Whatever feels better puts us in better alignment with what we want. Which is why sometimes the best thing we could do is to give up. lol

      Thanks for reading and for posting your thoughts here, Anonymous. Much appreciated!

  7. Jeannette says:

    I want to say there’s something to be said for acknowledging driftwood – or signs that things are moving. So we might not have the full manifestation in place yet, but are we seeing things headed in that direction?

    First manifestations are an improvement in how we feel, next ones might be inspired ideas or impulses, and then little signs follow that it’s unfolding. Sometimes those little signs get dismissed because it’s not the full on thing we wanted, but those can be helpful to show us we’re on our way.

    • Anonymous says:

      Thanks for mentioning driftwood! I agree, often manifestations occur incrementally and there are many signs on the path to a major physical manifestation. Driftwood shows we’re headed in the right direction. 🙂

  8. Heather says:

    Here is my answer. 😀

    First, it is better not to be ‘doing’ something to get something. I mean it works best if we do something if it feels good. So with LOA, there is no such thing as ‘keep doing something for too long if it is not working’. Do you know what I mean? We do it because it feels good and as long as it feels good.

    And second, it is better if we are not attached to that thing we want to manifest, and if we are asking ‘is it here yet, or where is it, or how soon, when, etc’ it might be because of our attachment. In my experience the number one thing that delays things is/was my attachment.

    I like Stephen’s answer. It is never a thing we want, it is actually a feeling. Let’s feel that feeling NOW. 😀 And everything takes care of itself. It really does.

    Hope this helps. 😀

    • Jeannette says:

      Yep – doing it with an agenda is not the cleanest energy to flow. And that is how I approached much of my manifesting work in the early days! Still got lots of results, but there is a better way.

      And yes, Heather, I love that you’re spotlighting how attachment can spoil the manifesting party.

      Very helpful contribution – thanks for it! 🙂

      • Heather says:

        Now I think of it, yes, Jeannette, I too approached that way a lot in the early days and I still got results. But at those times I could not sustain things and I realized that ‘doing it with an agenda’ was there. 😀

        Since I get rid of it, OMG, I am happy, and it feels like things are going my way and so smoothly.

        So surrender is my best practice. 😀

        Let me give my favorite post on surrender and allowing:

        Oh, it feels like yesterday but, I cannot believe you wrote that in September, 4 months ago. lol

  9. Mitch says:

    I love this conversation because the answer is always different. I once manifested a relationship in two weeks. Or maybe a week and a half. It was fast! I also manifested a dramatic turn in my finances in about a month. A good turn, btw. 😉 But it’s important to note that while I didn’t actually touch the cash for about 30 days, I could clearly see that things were turning within about a week or so of changing my vibe, ie, more work coming in.

    So if you’re maintaining your daily manifesting practice for two weeks or more and not seeing anything change at all, you might want to try a different process or maybe manifest something that is easier for you to believe in to build up your confidence.

    Two weeks isn’t a magical number or anything. It’s just my experience. Hope that helps!

  10. Snehil says:

    The fastest manifestations happen when you are not waiting for them to happen. That is; if you can detach yourself from the ‘manifestation part’ , I am not saying that let go of the dream , or even let go of your idea about the outcome, just let go of the attachment that you may have to the idea, that “that i am putting in emotion,so it should manifest”. This kind of attachment takes away the joy from your visualizations, now you are not dreaming freely, now you are just dreaming to make something else happen. Now the visualization becomes a chore, rather than the fun activity it should really be. That said, to actually accomplish this detachment, you will have to start accepting Life like it really is, The new perspective, that ‘Everything is connected’. You have a connection to everything in the universe and everything has a connection back to you. The ‘normal’ perspective that people usually have, is that life is hard, and it’s hard coz everything is random and separate, it’a all chaos , and nothing makes sense, this gives rise to Fear, and doubt, anxiety, and this perspective will always rattle you whenever you try to start a new pursuit. The sooner you accept that ‘all is one’ , life makes sense, It’s like a buffet and you can just walk up and get what you want on your plate, coz everything is connected via the universe and you can use your emotions to activate that connection and attract the thing or person or opportunity to you, all your resistance will wash away, then you will stop asking this question, because, you will know that “EnJOYING THE FANTASY” is your job and “Molding circumstances according to your FANTASY” is the universes job, and it’s good at it’s job, so you don’t need to go and check , you don’t need to wait, or look, coz by law that it is what is, you feel , it manifests…

    • Snehil says:

      PS : In my experience, you start seeing small stuff within a week, if you can do this.

    • Anonymous says:

      Snehil, I love that you wrote about how it’s our job to enjoy the fantasy, and the Universe’s to take care of changing circumstances to fit our fantasy. We don’t have to worry about the how’s, we enjoy and are led to our desires. 🙂

    • Jeannette says:

      Snehil, I LOVE this: “EnJOYING THE FANTASY” is your job and “Molding circumstances according to your FANTASY” is the universes job”! Love love love that!

      Thanks for chiming in. I also agree that we can count the days on our hands before those results start to appear when we’ve done our part properly.

  11. Patrice says:

    I echo what’s been stated here over and over regarding feelings. With feeling good being the default for manifesting anything good. Would like to add that sometimes we get what we’ve asked for and don’t even realize it. Like Abraham says, “You forget what you ask for, so when it comes you don’t see it.”. Of course if you are trying to win the lottery and you don’t you recognize that right away. But smaller things sometimes come to us unnoticed. Or things we’ve completely forgotten we’ve asked for. We don’t always receive things exactly as we ask. For instance you might need a quick $100 but you get $25 from one source and $10 from another, $65 from another and $15 from another as opposed to finding a $100 bill on the ground. Weust be paying attention after we set our intention.

    • Patrice says:

      *We must. typo correction.

      Not sure if anyone has read the book Cosmic Ordering by Barbel Mohr. She has since passed away but I love this book. One thing she did before leaving the planet was set up a free website, where you can post, privately, your own “orders” set a date by which you want them and you will receive and email when the order is due. This way you can see what you’ve asked for, if you got it, if it still applies, if some more aligning needs to be done!


    • Jeannette says:

      You know what, Patrice? I heard the other day there’s a million dollar unclaimed lottery win – I forget which state. But it speaks to how even with something as “obvious” as that we often don’t realize we got what we (said we) wanted!! lol

      • Patrice says:

        So true!!! Good thing there are people like you to help us stay on track Jeannette!! Thanks for the light you bring to the world!

  12. Alice says:

    I am also relatively new at practicing LOA (about 1 year now). Speaking from personal experience, I actively practiced/played with manifesting something (regarding a particular relationship) that I truly desired for the first 6 months last year.

    It didn’t happen.

    I gave up mid-June.

    Then it suddenly happened mid-September on the heels of some very deep contrast – but I found myself suddenly spit out on the other side of what I had actively manifested in the beginning of the year.

    So, I say stick with it as a new way of life.

    • Jeannette says:

      Thanks for the encouragement to continue the path, Alice! Although it sounds like doing the opposite – giving up on it – was magical for you. lol 🙂

  13. Eleanor says:

    I hope this isn’t too long and I’m sending an intention that it is helpful to whoever asked and whoever else reads this:

    I agree with everyone on here who says: What you want is the feeling that that thing will give you not the actual event or material item. An example of this in my life:

    *I’ve been dealing with self esteem issues for a while. I would (and still do just not as much) look in the mirror and rip myself apart: my hair is frizzy, i have bad skin, a food baby on the way, cellulite the works. So I decided that the cure for this was the “perfect regime.” I made a list of lotions and potions that were going to get me the perfect body….Took list to the fancy “high end” beauty shop got the products, got my haircut, start using them and guess what? I still felt like sh**. Nothing changed except my attitude which went from desperate to angry that I had done all this research and wasted money on all these new products to still look and feel blah.

    So I tried something different:

    I thought about a moment when I felt my most beautiful. I thought about how I would smile and walk a little taller, how i’d talk to people I would normally avoid as I wasn’t “pretty enough” to speak to them, I got better service at shops because I was friendlier and relaxed, and I thought about how good I felt.

    And I found that feeling and started just feeling that and it worked! I feel more beautiful and more confident and radiant than ever before and my skin has started to clear up, people are friendly to me, I just feel better and I still have my off days but they are far and getting fewer.

    So whatever it is you want as everyone says: get that feeling in your life now 🙂

    My second tip:

    Online shopping. I’m lazy and get most of my clothes online.
    I’ll buy something, order it and it more often than not comes earlier than it says, but sometimes I get antsy when its the day that its due and I’m excited about my item. I’ll start texting my partner if he’s seen the post come through every hour and he always tells me the same thing, “You ordered it, you know its coming so relax. If its a day or two late no big deal…….you’ll get your stuff so chill out.”
    Then that’s what I do and I just get on with it.

    If I ever get antsy about when something I really want to manifest and have placed an order for with the universe shows up (and its natural to get antsy don’t fight the feeling just acknowledge it) I just imagine my partner saying the exact same thing.

    You will get what you want and at the right time…….just relax and stay excited!

    Happy LOAing and I’m sending an intention you get what you want at the right time and it’s even better than you imagined 🙂 xx

  14. Melody says:

    You will be able to tell when you are in alignment, because you feel a definitive shift in your energy. Manifestation won’t happen until then.

    Let’s say you do have an energy shift. Then, you should see a manifestation in no longer than a week. It may not be the full eventual flowering of your intention, but it will be obvious. Sometimes even bigger and better than you hoped.

    From personal experience though, if you are concerned with how long it will take, there is still a lot of fine-tuning necessary in your vibe. As long as you stick to the path, you will still manifest wonderful things all along the way that will build your trust, but it may take awhile to get to the ultimate destination, depending on your current negative momentum and resistance.

    If you have a lot of negative momentum/ingrained limiting beliefs, it takes even more positive momentum to shift that. Think of it like strength training. Everyone has some strength, just to be alive, but it may take longer for one person to become a power lifter than another. Same thing with harnessing the law of attraction.

    Just keep soothing your resistance, shifting your beliefs, and building your capacity for joy in every moment and amazing things WILL happen for you.

    I do so much inner work that I feel like a different person every three months or so, and I expect that trend to continue as long as I live, because I am completely committed to cultivating my highest self. Periodically, I do a survey where I measure my satisfaction with the various aspects of my life. In the past four months my overall life satisfaction has gone up by 15%. And I don’t just feel better, I have the tangible physical manifestations to accompany those feelings. But I felt better FIRST.

    As you engage more and more with this paradigm of reality and gain experience, you will eventually just trust that every single moment you feel better your life gets better.

    • Jeannette says:

      I so agree, Melody … when we truly experience the shift, results are a matter of days behind. If that.

      And I love how you said that if we’re paying too much attention to how long it takes, that shows we’ve got more work to do in shifting the energy. Such a helpful post – thank you for it! 🙂

  15. Melody says:

    Oh, and something that is almost never mentioned, but I think is key, is to examine your beliefs about happiness. A lot of people have beliefs that money and happiness or money and love are incompatible for example.

    You can see this in all the movies about a rich person leaving the rich life behind to find love. Or in the Christmas Carol even. I used to have this belief, and every time I would visualize being a millionaire I would spontaneously start worrying about my husband and I getting a divorce or fighting about finances. And since my marriage is more important to me than any amount of money, I couldn’t manifest a higher income in a consistent life-altering way until I shifted that belief.

    I had another belief that money and happiness were not compatible, so whenever I was happier my income would dry up. And I would make more money whenever I was miserable. But I was able to change that, once I was aware.

    You see you can manifest anything, ANYTHING, with your thoughts, including things and circumstances that seem to defy the law of attraction. Just having a belief that you can’t always trust yourself will also make manifesting occasionally problematic.

    Whatever you most desire will be present in your life, because you manifest what you most desire first and everything else in your life is subordinate to those primary desires. Like a homeless person may most desire freedom, for example, but in the cosmology of their resistant belief the only way they believe they can acquire said freedom is to be homeless.

    I most desire love and happiness, especially love. So I met and manifested my soulmate young with love at first sight. Security, status, and money are less important to me. I still want them, just less.

    So anything I believed might interfere with my happiness and relationships in having a successful career, I had to clear away first before anything would change.

  16. I noticed right away the manifestation of feeling better. As time went by, and I have been studying and learning how to apply the loa to my life for 2 and a half years, things that I desired began to come to me. I would say that immediately is the answer because the minute you begin to include these teachings into your life the magic begin’s to happen.

  17. Shail says:

    Recently I participated in a 10km run. I was brisk walking instead of running. As I do not exercise much, after a few kms i started feeling nerve pull. I just applied LOA and meditated a white light healing my body specially that part. Within a min the pain was gone. We all know that kind of pain doesn’t vanish on its own specially while exercising…so a min is the fastest I have experienced….and am looking for a soulmate manifestation since 7 yrs so it is slowest….I like LOA majorly coz its fun to do irrespective of timelines….
    Following this blog for more than a year now and am kind of addicted…:)
    Thanks all

    • Shail says:

      And most imp , I completed the 10kms stretch without any pain, easily. ( just to remind u again I don’t exercise much) unbelievable manifestation in muggle’s eyes

    • Jeannette says:

      Way to use your power for good, Shail! Thanks for sharing that manifesting story with us! 🙂

  18. Jennifer Tilley says:

    Don’t know if this is what you’re looking for… but, it has been my experience; and I find it very helpful for me when I get off course with my meditating/manifesting…

    Back when I first started meditating, it was because I was facing some undesirable health issues… and nothing else that I’d done (the conventional stuff) was working.

    Having heard about the numerous positive effects of meditation, I thought “well, it’s free… takes nothing but my time, and I can look at it as ‘spa time for my brain/mind.”

    That’s the outlook I had going into it… no expectations… solely for the pleasure of taking time out from worrying about what was present in my life, and enjoying the adventure of what ideas/thoughts/scenarios my mind could conjure up next.

    Well, not only did I begin to feel better – and found that using a playlist of songs to go along with my visualizations – but, in about 2 – 2.5 months, synchronicities started to occur, much to my delight and surprise. But, here is the key: whenever I found that I was ‘willing’ something to happen… the walls of the dam went back up. When I would do the meditation/visualization simply for the enjoyment of the moment… that is when it worked. When I didn’t care or even think about a time line. ie: enjoy the imagined outcome in the place where you don’t have to maintain it… in your mind the dream car needs no servicing, the dream house needs no maintenance, and the dream lover always has flowers, s warm smile… and whatever else you could think of… ready and waiting for you 🙂

  19. Amina says:

    I choose to believe in “instant manifestation”. Whenever I manifest, my intention is that it be instantaneous. I have gotten to the point, that with most things I do not “formally” manifest, but just say, I would really like x right now. Having said that, one could form attachment to the “instant manifestation” concept, so to balance it out, I say, in God’s time. I manifest x instantaneously in God’s time. To answer the question, the moment you manifest it is a real possibility as long as you are not attached to it being that fast 🙂

  20. Master Manifester says:

    Great discussion. I too have come to understand over time that it is really the feeling that we are after and that you can tap into anytime. I think of the process as similar to when I plan and take a really awesome vacation. Thinking about where I am traveling to and every moment I look forward to the trip, I am living the feeling of actually being on the vacation. On the actual vacation I am also living the experience. Then each time after my return I think back to the trip, voila’ and I am back in the feeling. Often we think of what we are manifesting as only the item or event. So in this case the actual trip. Ironically, I often find that the thinking about the trip before it happens feels as wonderful and sometimes better than the actual vacation. So in a way, who cares WHEN the physical manifestation comes? And as Abraham points out. The physical manifestation comes when we live it first vibrationally and we live it vibrationally when we feel it without feeling the “oh, it is not here yet.” So things manifest when we no longer care about them manifesting (paradoxically). Personally, I think it is super fun. How boring would it be if everything came instantly, and we had no creating it, looking forward to it, anticipating it, and most importantly fine-tuning it?

    Also, I agree with what Amina said above. Things come as fast as we believe that they can. Therefore, I choose to believe and KNOW that I manifest at lightning speed. Like Amina I have countless examples in life of a fleeting thought of, “it would be nice if …” and boom it arrives.

    Lastly, of course the human side of me at times gets impatient for something that has yet to show up. Especially, if it is something wanted and I felt like it was really close (I was vibing it) and then I somehow lose alignment for a bit. Then I remind myself of how much delicious fun it is to have the universe surprise me. Seriously. Would life be as fun if the universe sent you a marked calendar? “On Tuesday you will meet a great new friend.” “Three Thursdays from now a scratch ticket will pay off.” “And in 8 1/2 weeks you will meet that new lover you asked for at 11:02 near the avocados at Wholefoods”? I love how the universe surprises me and I knowing that I am the co-creator of it all 🙂

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