Immersing for Alignment

July 11, 2014 | 24 Comments »

Goddess Jacqui gave such an inspiring explanation of “immersion” in the GVU forum that I asked permission to share. Here’s Jacqui on how we can immerse for more manifesting success:

Immersing for Manifesting SuccessMost of us, when we first discover the Law of Attraction, deep-dive into the study of it. We read books, blogs and newsletters. We watch videos and attend conferences. (If we’re smart, we join communities like GVU.)

We script + visualize + recite our affirmations. We are immersed in the information. We believe + we practice.

But, as the MagicMaker who started the thread so wisely said, “Believing in something still has a vibrational gap, because it’s just a concept you believe in. It is not 100% integrated with your day to day life.”

BOOM! There it is. The stumbling block so many neophyte Deliberate Creators trip over when they take their new-found wisdom out into the ‘real’ world.

Steph said,

It is easy to learn LOA ideas and even believe fully in them but going back into the “real world,” it’s super easy to forget how easy things can be when we allow them to be.

It’s like the tools that work for me, change from time to time (affirmations, writing, speaking the beliefs I want to incorporate) but being Immersed in it (LOA concepts, being around conscious creators, etc.) – that always works.

I wanted to take this even further.

Immersion, for me, goes far beyond listening, studying and using the tools … although those are a vital part of it.

It’s about LIVING as if. In other words, a day-to-day deep-dive into BEing who I want to become, i.e. my deliberately-created Expanded Self.

So yes, that includes practices like meditation (to feel the expansion) + scripting (to imprint my requirements on the field).

But once those are done, if we just go off and live the same old life in the same old way, we handcuff our own experiences.

I believe we can use our homes, cars, cubicles and computers to enhance and solidify-in-reality who we want to become, thereby up-leveling the immersion to saturate every moment of our day.

In her new book, Lisa Hayes calls this ‘collapsing + conforming’: collapsing all other options besides the one you want + conforming only to the vision you want to make real.

Here’s an example of how this could look – Imagine you’re scripting living on the beach in a serene + minimal space with a fantabulous view + the sounds of waves ever present in the background. You’re immersed in this picture + stoked about its unfolding.

Version 1 – You look up and see a cold, city view; the tv showing something unpleasant; and a pile of unfolded laundry that’s been there for a week.

Version 2 – You look up and see that poster of a beach-view that makes your heart skip. You notice your shell collection and run your fingers through that little bowl of sand. You appreciate the ocean-sounds from that white-noise-gizmo you leave on all the time. Your home feels serene and nurturing and you think you might wear your sarong + flipflops today, just for fun, because … beachwear.

Which version do you think will amplify the energy of what you’ve just scripted?

You are a product of your environment. So choose the environment that will best develop you toward your objective. Analyze your life in terms of its environment. Are the things around you helping you toward success – or are they holding you back? ~ W. Clement Stone

In short, I believe immersion is about living as if … and it’s much more active than it sounds.

Find Goddess Jacqui online here.

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24 Responses to “ Immersing for Alignment ”

  1. Your GVU post was beautifully stated, Jacqui, and it’s great to see it expanded here.

    When we first learn about LOA, we are *OPEN* to possibilities and usually have a lightness around it (let’s TRY this…). Once we have success, we might start raising the stakes…and the lightness disappears. The possibilities start to narrow as our brain tries to figure out what worked and why.

    Look at how many of us have had great experiences with “Easy World”, yet routinely forget to align with it!

    I second your invitation to GVB friends…if you LOVE the Good Vibe Blog, you will ADORE Good Vibe University!!! Come join the LOA party over at GVU ~and prepare to be immersed in great vibes!

    Many blessings,

  2. I’ve sure had that experience, Nancy – easy early successes because I wasn’t attached to an outcome!

    Thanks for being such a good LOA party hostess, my friend. 🙂

  3. Carolyn says:

    Question: How to immerse for a better repaired relationship with a lover I am having issues with?

  4. Namaste says:

    I agree with this technique because I used it.

    I moved from California to Seattle years ago based on an intensely strong intuitive feeling. I was determined to get back to So. Cal. so I continued to wear board shorts on a regular bases (with a heavy coat and hat during winter). People thought I was nuts but it became a part of my signature look.

    My intuition took me to Denver next, still wore board shorts even during the winter (not every day but enough for people to notice).

    Intuition landed me in Vegas next and again kept wearing board shorts. It was more acceptable due to hot summers there but still got looks in winter.

    Guess what? In March of this year, I got an intuitive green light to head back to Cali! Today guess what I’m wearing? Shorts, flip flops and a tee-shirt and nobody looks at me like I’m nuts 😉

    It’s a good thing that I’m insanely persistent because that took 12 years to make happen. It was worth it though, I’m so at peace being back in Los Angeles =)

  5. Ok, Namaste, I never would have thought of board shorts as a manifesting tool. lol

    What a fun success! Thanks for sharing that tidbit of immersion evidence with us. So much easier to grasp these concepts when we see what it looks like in real life, if you ask me.

    And Carolyn, I’m going to defer to our resident expert Jacqui … can’t wait to hear what she offers.

  6. Anonymous says:

    You are not a product of your environment! You are believing it in ,making it up, nothing is real, there is no real world you just loop the same story. Change can be and is instant if you believe.
    Everything is a now moment from a different perspective. What is in your imagination is as real as what you think you are experiencing.

  7. Carolyn, remember what your relationship was like in the beginning?
    You want to recreate that as much as you can.

    Spiffy-up your bedroom. Get rid of anything that’s tatty or cluttered
    or reminds you of arguements-past. No pictures of kids or parents either.
    This room is about sex + deep connection … make sure everything in it has that energy for you.

    Amp up the romance … candles, red velvet, etc … you know what makes you zing, right?
    Get a picture of you two at your happiest … frame it and put it in the far-right corner of the room, if you can. This is a Feng Shui energy spot but any place you can see it will do.

    Imagine this was your first date again, what would you be wearing + BEing? Bring that back because what feels like ‘comfortable’ in a relationship can over time, subtly slide into ‘taking for granted’ and ‘unappreciated’.

    Make a list of everything you appreciate about your lover. Add to it daily and keep it front-of-mind. Why? ‘Cos you get what you focus on, right?

    And if you need more help, check out Lisa Hayes’ blog.(

    Wishing you oodles of happy ‘repairing’, angel.

    the goddess known as Jacqui

  8. Jacqui, I suspect many of us can note the difference between who we were being at the beginning of a blossoming love affair and who we “be” after we’ve got some time in on the gig.

    Such a good tip to reconnect with that energy – and using our environment to do that is exactly why I asked you to let me share this post, because you’re so good at it! Thank you.

  9. Brian says:

    “Carolyn on July 12, 2014 at 1:07 am

    Question: How to immerse for a better repaired relationship with a lover I am having issues with?”

    Hey Carolyn,

    What is the relationship you want to have?

    Write down the relationship you want, and begin thinking, feeling and acting as if that is your new reality.

    And you don’t need your partner to act according to your new preferred relationship reality, all you need is for you to focus on it and feeling that it is true.

    So when your partner does not act in according to your preferred relationship, it is okay, you can still choose to respond as if you already have the relationship you want, regardless of how your partner responds.

    You want to make focusing on your happiness with the relationship and focusing on what you want to be independent of looking at what-is.

    Continuing to focus on and respond to what-is will simply keep brining you more of what it is you don’t want.

    So, begin focusing on feeling good, being in alignment with your Higher Self and focusing on what you want, regardless of what-is.

    When you respond differently to the same conditions, that’s when you show the Universe and yourself that you’ve truly changed, and your life will begin to reflect that.

  10. Carolyn says:

    Jacqui _ Wow. Thanks a lot for the response and great advice. Will definitely try out your ideas.

    Brian – That’s the pinch right there isn’t it. Not relying on him changing or acting differently. Hmm. Thanks a lot. Trying out your ideas too.

    I love the great advice and love shared here. Bliss-ings indeed!

  11. Mrs. C says:

    Carolyn I am glad you got the perfect advise from Jacqui and Brian. Over 13 years ago I was in a relationship that was in repair. It was making me so mentally ill I had to visit my Dr’s and I knew what he was going to tell me when I he asked me if I want to make it work or not.

    However after some time…a long time of accepting that I the changes needed to come within me to create a change in my then bf without me requesting anything from him, even if it wasn’t me that was the main issue. It worked like magic. I reached a point of no return, living the life I wanted as if I already had it. Funny enough I didn’t want my bf anymore. He is a very nice person but not relationship-wise for me. We are best friends to this day.

    There was another exbf but this one I wanted out of my life and I was living with him without a job, no money etc. So I started to pack up all my things in boxes and live up stairs. I still cooked for him and had dinner together but in my mind he was already history. There was no way of me ever getting a job because of the location and I needed money for the massive move back down to my own town needing a rent deposit and needed to find a new home. Before I started acting as if I wasted a whole year with stress and worry. When I started acting as if with in 3 weeks I had found a new home with enough money to sort myself out even if I still didn’t find employment. I was selling things on ebay thank god. These were items that I didn’t thing people would by like out dated software for $1000 etc.

    What my Dr. suggested was a gold mine because I applied that to every area of my life. I had to use this method again at the year regarding a gov official who was making my life hell. Anyways it worked and I never have to see this person again.

    Now I am doing the same thing as Namaste. I want to get a job in a town near by so from September I will to the train station every morning as if I am going take the direct train to he city I want to work in but not live. I have already ordered and received my new work uniform, which is hung up out side my wardrobe door so I can see it every day.

    I am doing this all in a fun way knowing that it has already happened. Otherwise I would of had another meltdown.

    I can really understand why N. Goddard kept repeating his self because it takes a little getting used to.

  12. I love that manifesting success story of yours, Mrs. C!!

    My favorite part: “When I started acting as if with in 3 weeks I had found a new home with enough money to sort myself out even if I still didn’t find employment.” You rock!

  13. LovelyMe says:

    I’m so glad my topic on GVU inspired this conversation! I really hope this gives people a new perspective about immersion and LOA. Enjoying the gold in the comments!

  14. You inspire a wealth of delightful conversations, LovelyMe! So glad to have you at this party.

  15. Carolyn says:

    Mrs C – I am ready for some of that magic you experienced. Thanks a lot. I especially like that it works for all areas of life. I am so trying this out.

  16. Mrs. C says:

    Your welcome. Some times it’s easier depending on the situation but I was left reeling for a few days because my Attorney is trying to rip me off big time. I am detached from the out come now for many years but it was just the principle thing. So now I am just working it out doing sport…

    One thing that really helped my was journaling years ago relationship wise. Just write your day as if your dream has come true. You can read Jeannette’s “Pray Rain Journaling” or just go ahead and start right this moment. What ever you write about e.g your perfect relationship WILL come to pass. I can attest to that as I first done it back in 2007. I can say weather you will or won’t be with the current love in your life or not because it’s kinda weird how things happen BUT you will be happy and content for sure. This also helps you to get in to the acting as if.

    One thing I do advise is to work on ONE area or goal and stick to it. The reason why I know it has not worked for me recently is because I have too many things that I am dealing with all at the same time then I give up. You may want to read which is OKish if you read the out line of it there is no need to get this book as it is very repetitive.

    So for me it’s persistence that is the key. You will know when it happens because you will feel like you are not play acting anymore (In the fun sense of the word) because it will be a natural part of your day to day life.

  17. Poet Kori says:

    Reading this reminded me of something I saw recently on a LOA forum: people often confuse Law of Attraction with all the techniques we’ve heard about when really it’s about the thoughts and feelings. The techniques are designed to get us into a higher vibration but we often choose to implement them in attempts to DIRECTLY receive our desires, if that makes any sense. Which is why, after months or years of visualization, scripting, vision boards, and so forth, we ask why we haven’t received what we want yet. Busy DOing but not BEing.

  18. Mrs. C says:

    Be and Become

  19. Poet Kori, I did that for a while myself, so I know how easy it is to do. Love how you stated it here – thanks for that. It fits in perfectly with Jacqui’s point about finding more ways to BE it now.

  20. anjan says:

    I did it consistently for sometime and it changed my perspective.Thanks for sharing such valuable things.I never learned so much as I am learning in this blog.

  21. Good to hear, Anjan! Thanks for posting to say so.

  22. Sam Curtis says:

    I cannot begin to tell you how thankful and happy I am to have ‘stumbled’ across your blog. Just at a time when I felt as if I was the only person (and I have a huge bunch of friends in many circles) who was truly trying to live an LOA way of life in ‘the real world’, it is nothing short of amazing to find a whole community of people sharing likeminded posts and raising everybody’s vibrations with tips and tools. Just fabulous. I actually live on the beach – right on the beach 🙂 – in Spain and reading this post on immersion, I realise I must have been doing some pretty good immersing myself to land up here. I think in my case it was a stirring in the soul that has been going on for years whenever I hear Spanish music. I have always ‘felt’ Mediterranean if I am honest, although a root back through the family history over many, many generations and there is absolutely no link: I’m as English as can be. But clearly the immersion I have felt during my language degree (my wish that I had swapped from German and French to Spanish and French), and a whole host of other bizarre Spanish related stuff are what has got me here. I just never really saw it until I read this post. I have spent hours today reading the posts on here. I was given a copy of Rhonda Byrne’s ‘The Secret’ last Feb when my life was in dire financial straits and whilst Rhonda’s words are fabulous and set out in such an easy to understand way (and of course I have read books by every author from Frances Scovell-Shin to Neville Goddard in-between), this website and the blogs on it are quite extraordinary. I am looking forward to checking-in daily, although I promise not to leave such long posts (and not to post every day!!!) I am really quite excited 🙂

  23. Oh, Sam, you would be a delight to hear from every day!

    I love that you’ve answered the call to all things Spanish. (In fact, have you read the Secret in Spanish? I’ve got a copy that I intended would help me dive into the language, but it’s uncracked as of yet.)

    Delightful to meet you, my friend. So glad you’ve found your way here so we can enjoy another inspired creator!

  24. Namaste says:


    I know how you feel. A few years ago I decided to put some serious effort into finding other people who were consciously living the law of attraction too. When I ran into Jeannette’s blog I was thrilled. She’s created a space online that is extremely unique and has attracted a really knowledgeable group of conscious creators. I really enjoy the different perspectives everyone has which causes me to look at things in new ways.

    Speaking of which, I’m always looking to connect on Facebook with super positive people who are living the law of attraction. My facebook page is Feel free to look me up.

    Will be fun getting to know you better through your comments on here.


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