Physician Heal Thyself (Kim Falconer Guest Post)

March 24, 2010 | 52 Comments »

One of my favorite people on the planet offers us her latest insights. Enjoy today’s guest post by renowned author and astrologer, Kim Falconer:

Becoming ‘resistant’ to illness is a top priority for most individuals.

This stance is reflected in the media and TV commercials, community programs and government policies, but as the saying goes, what we resist persists. It makes you wonder, does fighting dis-ease really serve our wellbeing?

Consider these commonly held beliefs about health:

  1. Illness is difficult, bad and isolating
  2. Doctors know more about the body than we do
  3. Symptoms are the enemy and must be suppressed

In this paradigm, illness is a threat. We do what we can to prevent disease and if that doesn’t work, we fight it, right? That’s what I used to think before I studied under a wonderful astrologer named Howard Sasportas.

He said, illness can be understood as a message that something in life is not right and needs adjusting.

Illness is a message? It seemed like a strange notion but as soon as I started looking at dis-ease in a new way, it made sense. In this paradigm the beliefs are different:

  1. Illness is instructional (and the instructions come from you!)
  2. You know more about your body than anyone else
  3. Symptoms are a message to be read

So how do we read these messages? My two favourite tools are active imagination and astrology.

Active imagination is a technique Jeannette taught me a few years ago. It is a way of engaging with the body that brings amazing results. The idea is to relax in a quiet space and ask your ‘symptoms’ what is wrong.

For example, if I have an upset stomach I lie down, close my eyes and observe. I allow my imagination to begin a dialog with my stomach, asking without judgment what it needs, wants and has to offer. The key phrase here is without judgment. I have to get light and easy with whatever my stomach has to say.

The other tool I use is medical astrology. Each sign of the zodiac rules, or links, to a particular part of the body, starting with Aries ruling the head and ending with Pisces ruling the feet. Knowing these connections can bring huge ‘ah ha’ moments.

For example, I know the sign Cancer rules the stomach. This water sign has to do with making connections, feeling nurtured and ‘needed’ by others. If my stomach is upset, my nurturing life may be out of balance. With that knowledge I can start to ask the right questions such as, ‘Am I feeling loved. Am I looking after myself?’ The alternative is to take an antacid and hope for the best.

Another common example is a headache. The head is ruled by Aries, the sign of independence and action. Aries likes to initiate projects, start the ball rolling and above all, be the boss. If I get a headache I ask, where am I not being independent and assertive in my life? Where have I taken a subordinate role when really I want to be top dog? Again, I can take an aspirin, or I can listen to the message.

If we treat aches and pains and even life threatening diseases like spam and ‘bulk delete’ without reading the message, a great opportunity for true wellbeing is missed.

Here is a condensed list of the astrological signs and their traditional rulerships:

  • Aries – assertiveness – head
  • Taurus – sensation – throat
  • Gemini – communication – shoulders, arms, hands, lungs
  • Cancer – nurturing – stomach
  • Leo – creativity – heart
  • Virgo –discernment – upper digestive tract
  • Libra – relationship – kidneys and lower back
  • Scorpio – transformation – sexual organs and lower intestines
  • Sagittarius – exploration – hips and thighs
  • Capricorn – enterprise – skin, skeletal system and knees
  • Aquarius – originality – nervous system, circulation and ankles
  • Pisces – spirituality – the psyche and feet

Are there any recurring symptoms in your life? Have you taken a moment to ask your body What’s up, Doc? I’d like to know what you think.

Kim Falconer is a professional daydreamer, astrologer, and author of The Spell of Rosette, Arrows of Time, and Strange Attractors.  Follow Kim’s Astro Mojo at

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52 Responses to “ Physician Heal Thyself (Kim Falconer Guest Post) ”

  1. Kim, I love how you invite us to view illness differently and even put “symptoms” in quotes!

    Thank you for a resistance-relieving post on our relationship with our amazing physical bodies! And for making this approach so practical.

    I’m practically looking forward to my next “message”!

  2. Iyabo Asani says:

    Kim, this is so amazing. Allopathic medicine and traditional ways of thinking just begin to scratch the surface. There is so much more to us.

    I was introduced to the mind body connection with regards to my health over 10 years ago when I was diagnosed with endometriosis and I was asked to read Christaine Northrups book, Women’s bodies, Women’s wisdom.

    The forward to that book changed my life. She explained how patriarchy had taken over the medical profession and that for emergency medicine, it was wonderful. She was the first person that I ever heard talk about the emotional messages of illness. Since then, I have renewed respect for my body. It is an amazing technology.

    It gets off kilter and tells me it is off kilter. I love that.

    Endometriosis was about my creativity being at odds with my being “a power woman.”

    It took me over 10 years to really listen to that message and walk away from my high powered and extremely demanding legal profession.

    The body does not lie.

    I love this information you have given. I like thinking of the messages from my body as a conversation that I have with my body.

    So Kim, does this mean that for me, Aquarius, that I should watch out for my nervous system and ankles. I do have weak ankles. They sprain easily and I do not know about my nervous system. I get anxious very easily but I have learned to manage that better.

    Big hugs to you Kim and Jeanette!

  3. Kim Falconer says:

    Thank you Jeannette for inviting me to guest post! I love being part of this community!

    Iyabo, your post makes a lot of sense. Endometriosis is ruled by Scorpio, a sign that has much to do with transforming personal power into collective energy. Scorpio ‘symptoms’ can arise when we feel we do not have power over our lives–when it seems like someone else, or something else, is in control.

    Aquarius, especially Aquarius rising, has a lot of nervous energy and benefits from activities that ‘burn’ it off–otherwise they can get frazzled. And ankle problems would put a focus on your sun, your individuality. The question would be, are you expressing your Aquarius nature to its fullest? (It seems to me you are!)

    Aquarius thrives on change, surprise and upheaval that can lead to greater awareness and understanding. They like to break out of tradition, if that tradition is no longer authentic. They need to push away from comfortable security, if that security is keeping them from reaching a greater potential. They need to link with others and form groups, daring to create change in the established social paradigm, large or small. Putting energy in these areas is the best ‘cure’ for excess nervous energy and weak ankles.

    Thanks for posting your story, my friend. I love hearing about Christaine Northrups book, Women’s bodies, Women’s wisdom!


  4. This really hit home, Iyabo: “The body does not lie.”


    Thanks for that reminder of truth. 🙂

  5. gemstone says:


    I feel like a broken record, but once again, genius post! Your assessment is spot on. I use to get terrible migraines. As I read “If I get a headache I ask, where am I not being independent and assertive in my life? Where have I taken a subordinate role when really I want to be top dog?” I immediately thought of instances where frustration was prevalent.

    I also tend to have a nervous stomach. Nurturing. Yeah…. didn’t do a whole lot of self-nurturing, so that makes complete sense too.

    Your post also reminds me of Louise Hay’s “You can heal your life”.

    Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge with the rest of us.

  6. Gemstone, right after reading your post, I quoted that to my assistant who was reporting a massive headache! lol

    Which taught me to mind my own business. 😉

    It’ll be a good reminder for my next one, though.

    Thanks for reading and for posting, Gemstone!

  7. Kim Falconer says:

    Thank you, Gemstone, for confirming those headache and tummy upset connections. Astrology can be used in even more specific ways by looking at the birth chart and seeing where Aries (for headaches) falls. If it is in the 4th house of domestic environment, we need to be boss of our home. If it is in the 7th house of relationship, well, you get the idea. Where Aries is in our chart is where we need to call the shots. In the 10th house of career, for example, if you have to take direction from others it’s going to wear you down and give you migraines. You might be fine to step aside when it comes to shared experiences with money or kids or recreation, but on the job, a 10th house Aries needs to be #1!

    Do you have Jeannette’s Art of Self Love? It is the perfect book for tummy trouble, among other things 🙂

  8. Annika Bomark says:

    Kim, can you explain to me more about the meaning of Taurus- sensation? (I am a Taurus, though born the 23 of april I’m almost not, if you get my meaning:-) I have bouts of asthma now and then. Throat, huh? Interesting.

    Also, I would like to know more about Capricorn – enterprise. I have had excema ever since I was a child. And I am on the brink of a great enterprise, I know exactly what it is and what to do, but I am feeling hesitant to start it, when I want to feel excited and passionate about this.

    Thank you, it was a very interesting post. I’ve never really thought much about astrology like this. And the way you explained the meaning of dis-ease speaks to me in a new way, even though I knew before from Abraham that we create it for a reason, and if we don’t listen to our body, the symptoms will only get bigger until we take notice.


  9. Kim Falconer says:

    Hello Annika,

    More about Taurus? Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of sensuality, attraction and beauty, and like this deity, the Bull is oriented towards pleasure, and lots of it. Where we find this sign in the horoscope is where we need to discover our true values and tangible resources in life. We need to gather through attraction, not force, things that hold gratification and fulfillment. Taurus says I have, and it is up to us to fill in the blanks: I have what? Taurus is concerned with what it takes to feel good and what it takes to survive, preferably in comfort.

    Taurus is also about sex. Taurus ‘symptoms’ can point to our sexual expression–are we experiencing it the way we like? Questions along those lines can be very helpful 🙂

    I’ll answer the Capricorn question with Pure Potential’s as you’re both interested in ‘enterprise’!

  10. Pure Potential says:

    Kudos Kim for a fabulous post. Of course, your writing and information accurately mirrors my own symptoms. As a Capricorn [12/28] my major symptom is knee pain and now I have another context to example how I am not being authentic around enterprise. That is after I figure out what enterprise means! LOL

    Many Thanks

  11. Kim Falconer says:

    Annika & Pure Potential! Thank you for your Cappy query 🙂

    Enterprise = resourcefulness, adventure, energy, undertaking. Capricorn enterprise is pragmatic, focused and very very capable!

    Capricorn represents qualities of strength, endurance and structure—the cycle of preparation and acquisition, building, retaining and succeeding (or failing and staring all over again).

    The natural seat of Capricorn is the tenth house, the domain of social standing, career, mission and profession. Like the symbol of the sea-goat, there is a contradictory pull down into the watery depths of spirit simultaneous with the drive to ascend to the heights of material accomplishment. Representing the pragmatist and the mystic, Capricorn often chooses one over the other, although it is the merging of the two that brings this sign to its ultimate glory. By accommodating both disparate needs—striving for material security and success and seeking spiritual enlightenment and mystical understanding—a merging of the warm and cold blooded, mountain and sea dwelling creatures may occur. It is this merging that can lead to fulfillment in the house were Capricorn resides.

    Capricorn represents where we want to establish ourselves in the world, taking responsibility, acknowledging ambitions, and making visions tangible through focus and attention. This is where we roll up our sleeves, pay the coin, and do the ‘hard yakka’. Capricorn is where we need to feel respect, public approval and appreciation. By taking on responsibilities and facing inner ‘shadow material’, we become stronger, more secure and have a genuine sense of self-sufficiency that is not compromised by dependency or neediness.

    That’s Capricorn! When we have Capricorn ‘symptoms’ we can look to this area of life and ask, ‘what can I do next?’

  12. Kim, I’ve never been so proud to say “I’m a rising Cap.”

    You have a such an empowering and beautiful way of pulling out the very best in us!

  13. gemstone says:


    I do have that fabulous e-book by Jeannette, and highly recommend it to others. Chock full of incredible info!

    I should have been more clear. Tummy troubles and migraines really are a thing of the past. I’m listening to my body, and have done so for the past year.

    My moon is in Aries (12th house), and Cancer/Capricorn on my IC/MC. I’ve been told my most powerful planets are Sun, Moon & Saturn, and I would not disagree! As soon as I read your post, I thought “Kim’s nailed it again.”

    This post gives such wonderful information on being more conscious of our mind, body and spirit, and I love that!

  14. Kim Falconer says:

    Thanks Gemstone! Wonderful words–>

    . . . Being more conscious of our mind, body and spirit, and I love that!

  15. Laura says:

    What a fascinating post! This makes perfect sense to me on a number of levels. I think so much of it is in how we approach illness.I was brought up in a home that was very health oriented, but it was totally fear based. It was about eating healthy and taking lots of supplements so that you would not get sick, not so much so that you could ENJOY health now. So it almost becomes like a betrayal of your body if you do get sick. What? I am taking all of this stuff so that I won’t sick. OMG…now what? Instead of course, what is my body telling me?

    I have always approached taking care of my body as as means to health, not as a means of avoiding disease (there is a fine line here, I understand) but it is the feeling and benefit of health today not the fighting against illness.

    I had a really interesting experience about 6 months ago. I was in a relationship that was really not serving me anymore. I had a persistent pain in the lower back (left hip area) for a while. My boyfriend (who also happened to be a massage therapist and very knowledgeable of the body was suggesting I get an MRI). It persisted for a while and one day I noticed the pain was gone. It was also just within weeks of us breaking up and him no longer being in my life. I looked on-line at what Louise Hay had to say about the hip/lower back area and it was about 1) Fear of moving forward and 2) resentment. Bingo! That is exactly what was going on! I was feeling resentment towards him and was fearful of moving forward due to circumstances in his life. Amazing! And the mysterious pain was gone!

    I love the idea of asking the body what is going on and listening to what it needs. Just another way we can be more in touch with our inner guidance. Thank you Kim for this thought-inspiring post! xo Laura

  16. Kim Falconer says:

    Laura, thank you so much for your wise words. They really shed light on this topic.

    I was going to use the lower back as an example–it is ruled by Libra, the sign that has to do with our personal one-to-one relationships. And Sagittarius of course is all about forward motion, or lack there of! It is the hip that allows the legs to move!


  17. Louise Hay (through her book) has provided me much insight as well, Laura!

    I loved this from you: “I have always approached taking care of my body as as means to health, not as a means of avoiding disease.”

    Important and powerful distinction! (Reminds me of Self Help Goddess’ guest post on being single.)

    Thanks for popping in on this one, Laura. 🙂

  18. Adrienne says:


    What an awesome post! Thank you!

    I understand everything you wrote about looking at any dis-ease we may have vis-a-vis the zodiac signs. I have another (and probably basic) question. Aside from treating a dis-ease, in general, is there any significance between your zodiac sign (e.g., I’m a Leo) and the associated organ (ex: because I’m a Leo, my heart is more or less x,y or z)? … just curious 🙂


  19. Kim Falconer says:

    Hi Adrienne,

    Medical astrology links sun signs with the associated organs and with the way we express energy:

    Leo represents the vitality of the fiery Sun—bold, commanding, animated. It conducts energy at a higher rate than any other sign, accounting for its enthusiasm, spirit and zest for life. The natural seat of this sign is the fifth house, ruling anything that makes us feel special, unique and creative—children, artistic endeavors, literary works, dance, music, drama, love affairs and speculation. Like the symbol of the lion, Leo can roar, and tends to express in dramatic and eye-catching ways. There is a desire to be the center of attention and this quality gives Leo the impetus and confidence to express. Loyalty is strong as this sign experiences life through the heart, finding fulfillment in the development of an unrivaled and distinguished sense of self. To feel special, to create and to love from the heart is the territory of the Lion.

    Where we find this sign in the horoscope is where we need to feel distinct, special and artistic. We want to be in the limelight in some way, affirming our value, worth and merit. Where Leo is by house is where we desire an audience, the applause reflecting our own sense of importance in the scheme of things. This sign says I will, and it must fill in all the blanks: I will what? Leo is concerned with developing self-authority, leadership and command through distinction and creative expression.

  20. Iyabo Asani says:

    OK, Kim, the things you said in your answer to me on this post were really amazing and resonated. It is time for me to be more collaborative with others and do more group stuff.

    I have one more question: I have been trying to figure out the message from my body about being overweight. Where does this fit in with what you said here?

    I have always felt that when I get the “message” about the excess weight, I would get an “aha” and it would be easier for me to shed it.

    It has been a very stubborn kind of weight!



  21. Pernille Madsen says:

    Thank you for a very, very interesting post, Kim. And very, very important!!

    I particularly noticed these remarks:

    – Symptoms are a message to be read

    – If we treat aches and pains and even life threatening diseases like spam and ‘bulk delete’ without reading the message, a great opportunity for true wellbeing is missed.

    It’s just about the opposite of how most people react, isn’t it?

  22. Kim Falconer says:


    Good question.

    I would have to look at your chart as a whole but generally any ‘excess’ is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of extreme. Jupiter expands and makes us ‘big’–and that can be personality, body, energy, influence . . . if Jupiter is expanding the body, it may be because it’s the path of least resistance.

    Where in your life do you REALLY want to get big? Where do you want to expand your boundaries?

    After April 1, I’ll get out your chart and see where Jupiter wants to be ‘seen’. If you aren’t letting him out in that area of life, he may simply be finding another way to get noticed!

    More on this soon!

    x Kim

  23. Iyabo Asani says:

    Ooooh, yummy! I want to be big with being a mommy and being an awesome super effective and super efficient coach with lots of products and clients!

    I am working on writing a book. I want to be “big” in that.

    As I write, I realize that I have always shyed away from “being big” with my work because I felt that was immodest. I show up fully and I show up big but I feel it is not my place to want it.

    As someone recently said, “Success is how others see you and Greatness is how Source sees you.” I have felt that “big” is Source’s business, not mine.

  24. Kim Falconer says:

    Iaybo, I have a feeling that when you allow yourself to be as big as you are in heart, spirit and personality, it will take the onus of your body to express it.

    When I think of you, I think of a great queen, mistress of all she beholds. 🙂

  25. Kim Falconer says:

    Pernille, that is so true. It is the opposite of how most people react! They want to cure the thing and quick!

    But where do we think these symptoms are originating?

    They come from us!

    Fancy not reading letters from our higher self?

    Thank you for dropping by and highlighting those points! It’s good to see you 🙂

  26. Ben Weston says:

    Hi Kim,

    I really liked your perspective on health. As a circus acrobat, my first reaction to whenever something feels off or is injured, is to try to suppress it or just to try not to think about it too much. It’s taken me a while to love my body more and, in the process of listening to it and respecting the healing process, I’ve healed myself of numerous injuries! When I decided to just let myself sit with certain pains and not judge them, they have gone away! A great resource that helped me was “Healing and Recovery” by David Hawkins.

    Really interesting points you made!

    Take care,

  27. Kim Falconer says:

    Ben, that is the key, isn’t it? Being with ‘what is’ without judgment. It changes everything when we stop thinking of something as ‘difficult, bad or painful.’

    Thank you for dropping in and sharing your experiences!

    I haven’t read “Healing and Recovery” by David Hawkins. Sounds like it could go on the book club list at GVU!


  28. Jessica says:

    This is great! Thanks Kim!
    I had had a persistent problem with my knees. After on-off again, it was suddenly gone for awhile! I was so relieved because I love my dance classes! So just this week, my other knee started acting up. This is perfect timing to take a look at it. 🙂

    Also, last month after a trip to the ER (hubby talked me into it!) I found out about a life-long problem with my heart. Honestly, I felt relieved because I was anxious over my heart symptoms and my regular doctor always had brushed it off, making me feel crazy. It turns out there is a secondary electrical pathway that signals my heart to beat. It can cause irregular or rapid heartbeats. So I’ve been anticipating a surgery of sorts in the near future, but was thinking about what messages it might be giving me. I didn’t quite know how to uncover them.

    So when I read your post, it started to make more sense. I have more to discover, surely, but I think my messages are pounding down my door. The universe is giving me no options other than to follow my heart, because everything else makes me sick! I lost my unfulfilling job about a year ago and now the thought of ever working for someone else (or in the same stifling career) makes me so sick. My family, (life in general too) is pushing me for an income… but my whole body just shuts down at the mere thought of “looking for a job”. No one seems to understand. I just can NOT do it. I have so many ideas and visions; I know I have to follow my heart. I’ve been scared to up to this point. It has gotten to the point where I have to do it- my very body demands that I express myself, my enterprising self, my creative self, my loving self. Recently, I just took one small step toward my vision… and the flood gates opened. All of a sudden I could see where that one step would take me. The path became clearer. It overwhelms me a little; yet, it is the only thing that seems to bring me healthy feelings! 🙂

    On another note, I’m concerned for my mother. She is over-extended and won’t slow down enough to care for herself. This fall, she found out she had uterine cancer. She had surgery, radiation, and is living life just the same. She didn’t listen to the messages. She even says it- that she feels like she never even had cancer. She says she is afraid she’s not listening close enough to what her body is telling her. I concur. I’ll share your post with her!! 🙂 It is so much easier to see other people’s messages than our own sometimes!

    Thanks so much! It is great. You remind me that I was also going to look up my chart again and see what else I could discover about my path! 🙂 I feel so inspired and joyful now!

  29. Kim Falconer says:

    Jessica, what an amazing story. I can see the path opening up before you as I read it and I feel your inspiration!

    It makes me think of my favorite saying (and I know, I say it all the time!) ‘Follow your bliss and doors will open where once there were only walls.’ ~Joseph Campbell

    I know what it is like to be concerned about your mother. My mum too makes choices that are different from what I think I would make if I were in her shoes. The important thing to remember about the message ‘dis-ease’ sends is that the meaning we make of it is up to us.

    I might think that triple digit blood pressure (top and bottom) is a sign that one needs to de-stress and perhaps dust off the ‘at home blood pressure checker’ and see if one is going to explode any time soon, but that’s my interpretation and not hers. We each gain insights from our body in different ways and no matter what the astrology says or the doctor, or the family members, no matter what looks obvious to someone else, we each are the boss of our bodies and our lives. We choose. Nobody else. It’s a wonderful sense of freedom, no matter what we do with it!

    It sounds to me like your mom is starting to think about listening to what she really wants to do next, and that is always a creative step! 🙂

    Thank you for bringing this up! You’ve helped me and it’s perfect timing.

  30. Suzie Cheel says:

    What an amazing post Kim. Louise Hay you can heal you life i have had since it was first written- first one fell apart.

    Sometimes we forget to ask the body. Well after reading this and all the comments- BTW Capricorn 24/12 I decided the headache and sinus that have taken up residence in my body needed a little self doctoring.

    i went to the beach, sea air good for clearing the sinuses and then lay down to use imagination and ask the body- wow looks like I have a control issue to deal with- git a message to stop being so bossy with Des and myself- just when i thought and felt I was doing more work with listening to my guides etc! need to be more in the flow. Headache relieved, sinus still with me. Will do the what’s up doc tonight. yes think I have given up some independence.

    As I said on twitter I got a message to tell my NDE experience from 40+ plus years ago, I did on Wed pm, I gave an inspirational talk at toastmasters at Currumbin- I had got the message 10 days before to tell my story. this was when I i doing a Brandon Bays (The Journey) healing sand meditaion-at a Journey Grad Meeting. I then woke up yesterday with funny throat ……

    I will continue to work on healing thyself
    thanks for your wisdom and sharing


  31. Kim Falconer says:

    Wow, Suzie,

    I love how Louise Hay’s been with you for so long. And it sounds to me like you are tuned in and listening.

    Power, control and independence are subtly different things and I have a feeling it’s the independence factor that is speaking the loudest. Capricorn is very powerful and can control and take on great amounts of responsibility but that’s not the same as the feeling of being ‘free’.

    Maybe telling the NDE shone light on something that was given up at that time, something you’d like to have in your life but have been too Capricorn responsible to allow. Was there a feeling of profound independence or freedom in any part of the NDE? I would have loved to have been present for that talk!

    Thank you for posting! It’s been great chatting about this today!


  32. Thank you Kim for a brilliant post . . and Jeannette for (so many things) being such a beacon and creating the space for discussions like this to take place. I love this community!!

    I had never heard about Medical Astrology and am now fascinated by this aspect of the whole. I would like to offer a brief account of a personal experience:

    While taking a shower I found a lump in my breast. I was paralyzed with fear and began going through what I later came to understand as a spiritual crisis. After the initial shock wore off I started asking my body what it was trying to communicate. It took three weeks for me to calm down, to still myself enough to hear my inner voice. Meanwhile the lump was becoming more prominent.

    I asked specific questions. Why the breast. Why the left breast. Why specifically this position on the left breast. What did it feel like. How did it make me feel. I asked the questions before I fell asleep because I kept drawing a blank in the daytime; I was just too freaked out.

    I woke up one morning knowing EXACTLY what my body was trying to tell me. Up until that moment I had been completely unaware of the issue AND it all made perfect sense to me.

    I thought perhaps just being conscious of the issue would allow the lump to disappear (it had delivered the message after all!!) This did not happen so I began the process again, this time asking for a viable plan. I knew what I would not do. I decided not to be “diagnosed” because I was not willing to go the traditional medical route.

    Long story short . . I woke up with the name of the person I needed to see in my head. Research/ Conversation. I agreed to a series of appointments for intense verbal work that required me to listen to the taped session – twice!! – before I made my next appointment. I had a number of realizations during this time. Three weeks after I concluded this work the lump disappeared and has never returned. That was 16 years ago.

    Kim I love what you said: Fancy not reading letters from your Higher Self – how true!!

    Jeannette, Kim, and all who find their way here . . . it is magnificent, exciting and inspiring to be a part of this community.

    Make Magic.

  33. Laura says:

    Patricia..LOVE your story. Amazing how you had the insight to deal with it the way you did. A lesson for us all. Thank you so much for sharing that. A real inspiration! xo Laura

  34. Mia says:

    Wow, Patricia, that is an impressive and inspiring story indeed. Will do some body-talk myself, too.
    And thanks Kim, for your inspirational post!

  35. Kim Falconer says:

    Patricia, I love that you shared your experience!

    Talk about making magic! You are a guiding light for us all 🙂

    Note: Astrologically, the breasts are ruled by the star sign Cancer (called Cobra in Gaela!)

  36. Lindy says:

    Reading this post just cleared up a little mystery for me. A few months ago I was plagued with frequent severe headaches. I didn’t make the connection until now, but my boss at the time was exceptionally controlling and domineering. The headaches just seemed to stop and I now realized that this coincided with the arrival of my new fabulous boss (who I take full credit for having manifested by the way:)!)

    I wonder if you might be able to suggest what my body is trying to tell me by making me think I need the toilet all the time (when it’s clearly not physically necessary)? This has been the case for me since I was a little girl and I’d love to figure out what issue this might be representing.

  37. Kim Falconer says:

    Hi Lindy,

    The headache episode makes sense from an astrological perspective, that’s for sure! Good work manifesting the new and improved boss!

    As for the other message, it is in the realm of Scorpio. My first thought is to pretend you have a recurring dream where you are constantly going to the toilet but don’t really need to. Get a little distance from it by seeing it as a dreamscape and not ‘real’. What would you think if you had that dream?

    Questions that might help:

    How old were you when it began?
    Was there anything ‘big’ going on around you at that time?
    What is it you want to get rid of?
    What is it you don’t need anymore?
    What ‘mistakes’ are you afraid of making?
    Is there something in you that is being ‘wasted’? un-lived?

    If you know where Scorpio rules (which house) in your natal chat, that might pinpoint this more.

  38. Barbara says:

    Wow, Kim, this is really rocking material! Woo hoo! I have always loved astrology (Virgo here with Aries rising with each of my houses ruled by the natural sign for that house). Now here’s one of my little stories where I had an “aha” moment and cured what was ailing me.

    A couple of years ago I had severe pains in my gut. The doctors ordered a colonoscopy. I had been on a personal discovery (e.g. discernment? 🙂 ) about myself during this time and felt that I could heal myself of whatever was ailing me. I decided to have the procedure anyway and to the doctor’s surprise, they found nothing. Nada. Not even a polyp. Woo hoo! I really knew then and there that I had the ability to tune into my body’s messages and attract wellness (if I would only listen).

    I also many years ago was diagnosed with degenerative disk disease in my lower back (during a time when my one-on-one relationships were not going very well) and now really don’t have much trouble with it (even though several doctors have wondered out loud how I’m able to even walk like I do, when they look at my MRI’s). I quit going to the doctors about this as I know what I need to do when a little lower back pain comes into my experience now (and that means getting peaceful with myself, centering on harmony, etc. which definitely helps my relationships). Suffice it to say, I totally get that when my one-on-one relationships are not going well, my lower back tends to shout for help and I need to listen in.

    And like Iyabo, I have that one issue with weight that seems to be hanging on so I appreciate that advice you’ve given on that one, and anything else you might care to add for me, given that you now know a little bit about my chart.

    Kim, you are so inspiring! Thank you! And thank you to Jeannette for bringing such great material here that generates such inspiring discussions from which we all learn! I really appreciate you both!

  39. Kim Falconer says:

    Hi Barbara,

    I so appreciate you sharing your stories! They really add insight to this theme.

    Do you know where the planet Jupiter is in your chart? Which house/sign? That would be interesting and perhaps add some message deciphering to the weight question.

    With Saturn now in the sign of Libra, the next 2.5 years will be awesome for getting our relationships authentic and ‘up to date’ as expressions of Self. Because that means Saturn will enter your 7th house at this time, doubly so for you!

    🙂 Kim

  40. Suzie Cheel says:

    Hi Kim,

    Thanks for the question- Was there a feeling of profound independence or freedom in any part of the NDE?

    I was 16 at the time, final year at school- I know I felt limited at the time and today Freedom is a very important value for me. Independant- think it may have made me too independant- great Cap trait- letting go an allowing is a big issue for me NOW.

    I will continue to develop the story- and I will share it- I may even make a video when I stop coughing and voice sounds normal. there was a lot of resistance to release.

    Thank you for who you be :)♡

  41. Lindy says:

    Thanks Kim. I find all of this really interesting! I am a pisces and a I think Scorpio rules Uranus in my chart. I’d love to get a proper reading. Can you advise how I go about this? I went on to your website but it looks like you are all booked up for just now.

  42. Kim Falconer says:

    Suzie, my first thought is, can we ever be too independent?

    And then came, ‘Yeah, if it means we are unable to allow others to help out.’

    Fine line that one. I very much look forward to hearing your NDE story. Thanks for sharing so much here!

  43. Kim Falconer says:

    Lindy, I will do readings again when I have finished this next novel (Journey by Night). That will be Oct 1, though I might take a day off 🙂

    Subscribe to my New Moon News Letter and you’ll be up on the happenings.

    I plan to offer a whole new array of readings–short, sweet and straight to the point. Suggestions are of course welcome but I’m thinking The Architect Within, Eros in Love, Money Mojo, Witches Business, Spells for Easy Living, Vital Signs, Opportunity Watch, Conjuring the Muse, Familiars and Lovers, Let the Sun Shine In …lots more!

  44. Barbara says:

    I so appreciate you giving so freely of your time and talents here. My Jupiter is in the 5th house, in Leo. Thanks for the interesting note about Saturn and the next 2.5 years! Warmly, Barbara

  45. Carly Fortin says:

    This represents exactly what I’ve known all along! Any ‘chronic’ illness I’ve experienced is due to the fact that I was refusing to hear the ‘message’. Thank you!


  46. Kim Falconer says:

    Leo, it IS like the warning lights on a car! Great analogy. If the light was flashing saying LOW on GAS, we’d pull over at the next filling station. If we listen to a car, certainly we can learn to listen to our own bodies!

    If I had a friend who was getting headaches, I would ask them, where do they feel like they are being ‘bossed around’? I would talk to them about it because the headache is an expression of something else (why do you think headaches always come with hangovers? We were so out of control!!!! (I know, dehydration, but that’s just the Netonian excuse)

    You can lean a LOT of basic astrology at ASTRO.COM. I’m thinking of running an online course . . . in my spare time 🙂

    Thanks for dropping by my friend! xxx

  47. Leo Neil says:

    I know for sure this is one of those tips that will have me working on it, or playing with it for days on end. I’m excited about it. Thank you so much xxxKim xxxLeo

  48. Leo Neil says:

    I was thinking, what if a friend mentions they have a headache. Is there a way you could help them by letting them take the lead? Or is that better left up to them? I see that I am a little late to the party, but having fun reading and learning. Thank you for showing me the warning lights to my body. This is a little like the lights on your car, or more like the many warning lights on the control panel of an aircraft that show you have over revved an engine. This is so fun! Thanks!

  49. Leo Neil says:

    Kim, point me to where I can get better educated on reading the stars. What house am I in? I am a Leo that knows it is ok to ask even the silliest sounding questions. Why do I have a headache? lol So much better now that I can laugh about that.

  50. Leo Neil says:

    Oh hey you answered back 🙂 And my headache is gone. ASTRO.COM will be my next portal to visit for sure. Thanks so much!!


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