Becoming a Skilled Receiver

June 3, 2017 | 5 Comments »

How to let life be good to youWhat happens when you’re a better giver than you are receiver?

That’s actually true for many of us raised in cultures that extol the virtues of giving while virtually ignoring the importance of receiving.

And when that’s the case …

We make it hard for Universe to deliver the goods.

Because we’re not up to vibrational speed with what we want.

When we don’t know how to receive it, it can’t arrive – no matter how many manifesting exercises or processes we do.

Whatever it is we want, when we aren’t good at letting life be good to us, we end up blocking the very things we’ve been calling in.

And we often don’t even realize we’re doing it.

It can be a frustrating experience for conscious creators.

I’ve seen it happen many times, and have done it myself.

Like when it looks like our big break is coming – and then it poofs into nothing before coming to fruition. Or when we manifest money coming in one door only to watch it leave through another. Or when we meet that absolutely amazing person – who goes awol right when things were looking good.

Some folks might conclude that this is a failing on Universe’s part – that it didn’t get it all the way to our finish line.

But often it’s a factor of our inability to receive the goods – a reflection of our limits of allowing.

That’s why learning to be a good receiver is such an important skill in successful manifesting.

When we see lottery winners burn through their money in the blink of an eye, or a friend sabotage good relationships (or choose bad ones) over and over, or a family member who can’t catch a break at work – that’s a sign that their receiving skills might not be up to par.

Not getting what we want isn’t always a result of poor receiving skills, sometimes it’s a blessing because the thing or experience wasn’t up to speed with us. It wasn’t good enough to make the grade.

But often, it’s the opposite.

We haven’t learned how to let life be that good to us.

I mean, who ever taught us that was important? Most of us were trained that we have to work hard and should be generous to others. Not how to let life be easy and let others be good to us.

That mentality can be a significant handicap for a conscious creator.

Skilled ReceivingThat’s why we’re diving into this subject in all its glory at Good Vibe University this month.

You’ll learn:

  • how to assess your level of receiving
  • what it means to be a skilled receiver
  • why it matters to your manifesting success
  • how to become an excellent receiver
  • the two practices that make all the difference

… all of which leads to learning how to let life be really good to you.

There will be homework, and that’s where everything changes. It’s not in studying the principles or tuning in for calls, but in doing the practice.

If you’d like in on this party, join GVU now (as a monthly or annual member) and get oriented before the course starts on Monday, June 12th.

Or you can attend the course by enrolling here for $197.

(The main difference between those two attendance options besides price are that GVU offers online group support and additional resources, versus the course enrollment that is a one-time fee without access to forums and the GVU library and complimentary coaches.)

So if you’ve ever wondered:

  • why your manifesting results come up short, or
  • why your manifestation disappeared after arrival, or
  • if you’re having trouble getting any success with law of attraction at all …

this course could change everything for your conscious creation results.

It delivers four audio modules (with pdf transcriptions) every other week, in addition to four live calls for participants to discuss, ask questions, get coaching and share tips.

Choose how you prefer to plug in and mark your calendars for Monday, June 12th as we learn to become skilled receivers – and let life be really good to us – once and for all.

(If you’re already a GVU member you’ll find dial in details on the calendar and will receive an email this Monday with more info, including your Receiving Assessment.)

And if you want to join the course but don’t want to do it through GVU, purchase your seat here and I’ll welcome you to the course with emailed details.

If you’d rather do this work solo, I’d invite you to begin by considering the question how you might let life be better to you. That line of thought itself can launch you a whole new vibrational trajectory. 🙂

For everyone else – I’ll see you in about a week to get this party started with my personal support!

* * * * * * * *
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5 Responses to “ Becoming a Skilled Receiver ”

  1. Sandra says:

    This sounds like an awesome course! But then, so is everything over at Good Vibe U! Looking forward to it! 🙂

  2. Lise says:

    YAY! I’m in. Super timely. Thanks, Jeannette 😀

  3. Mindy J says:

    Looking forward to joining you!


  4. Ami says:

    I’m in..looking forward to getting good at this! Thank you!

  5. Kara says:

    Totally looking forward to diving into this course and the other resources at GVU! 🙂

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