The Surprisingly Effective Healing Protocol: Abandon It

June 25, 2014 | 24 Comments »

how to manifest a healingMy business partner Lisa Hayes had a complicated knee surgery after a car accident earlier this year.

She was diligent in following doctor’s orders to physically condition prior to surgery and also for physical therapy after the event.

Throughout the process she intended swift recovery and full healing.

You might know that one of the measurements doctors and therapists use to gauge successful recovery is to see the knee bending to 120 degrees. That’s what everyone was shooting for.

A couple months into the process, with some progress but still feeling the injury, Lisa realized “you can’t solve a problem by focusing on it, no matter how well intended.”

Which is why she quit her recovery process altogether.

No more physical therapy.

No more special exercises.

No more doctor appointments.

In her words:

Too much of my attention and focus has been flowing towards getting better and not nearly enough has been flowing towards being better.

Instead she decided to go for walks, to get on her yoga mat, and to go out and play again.

After making this decision she and her hubby went to a show and then dinner.

It involved about 25 blocks of walking, but neither made any fuss about whether she needed to be driven or whether she was limping. Just a blissful evening with her sweetie. (Who also happens to be a physical therapist.)

I already love this story, but this is the part that gives me goosebumps … in Lisa’s words:

For weeks I’ve been trying like mad to forcefully bend my knee to my goal of 120 degrees. Sunday night during a wonderful candlelight massage from my beloved, I was turning over on the table when he gasped. Not too surprisingly when he was watching me move, my knee “magically” bent further than he’d seen it bend since before the accident. He dove across the room to get his handy measuring tool, and I’ll be damned if it wasn’t bending to 121 degrees.

Go figure.

How cool is that?!

I’m not saying everyone should give up their healing protocol on a dime. But I am suggesting that when we focus on healing we can’t help but activate something to heal from.

Maybe the best way to recover health is to find a way to engage the vibration of wholeness and wellness as best we can right here and now.

Worth considering.

I used Lisa’s trick this morning for a different kind of manifestation …

My favorite black cat was nowhere to be found when the day began. Cher was last seen slipping out an open window last night, but she doesn’t like to be out for more than an hour at a time. So it was very unusual (and I admit concerning) when she was still awol this morning.

Over the course of three hours I wandered the house and yard calling her name, as if she were a missing cat, before I realized my vibration of looking for her, while meant to call her home, was reinforcing her gone-ness. I followed Lisa’s lead instead. I stopped looking and went to work as if all was well and she was easily accounted for.

She showed up meowing on the front porch within minutes.

PS – Lisa is leading a new gathering to share these concepts and more with fellow manifestors in a private 12 week program called Lifescaping. She hasn’t advertised it yet, but you can email her at for more info.

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24 Responses to “ The Surprisingly Effective Healing Protocol: Abandon It ”

  1. Namaste says:

    Thanks for sharing, I have a friend that really needs to hear this =)

  2. Glad it hit the spot, Namaste. It sure inspired me!

  3. Sophie says:

    For me, relaxing about our goal, is an ESSENTIAL STEP for manifestation.
    Several people have told me that for them, the law of attraction works other way round because when they really want something, that something does not show up, and the moment they forget about it, their goal arrives!
    That has happened to me too. In my experience, wanting something really hard and obssesing about it, makes it harder to achieve.
    For me, the best we can do is:
    1- Have a clear desire
    2- Get rid of possible limiting beliefs trough EFT, Sedona Method, or whatever modality we prefer
    3 – Take inspired action (not always necessary)
    4 – And finally: Relax about it!
    Sophie Da Costa

  4. There does seem to be something really powerful in the relaxing and letting go, doesn’t there, Sophie?

    Thanks for chiming in, my friend!

  5. Elizabeth says:

    Yay, Lisa! And you + Cher!

    This reminded me of my current thing .. I had a wart on one finger and another one on my heel. I was totally fine with them, until I noticed three baby warts this weekend and I decided to go to war. They exploded in size, and I was freaking out. But then, while meditating, I realized that I was treating something that was part of me without kindness or compassion so I decided to stop the war and let them be. Instead, I put a little coconut oil on my feet + hands to soften them. A day later, the wart on my foot looked smaller than it did before I went to war. (The original one on my hand is bigger, but I decided it’s good practice in finding beauty in everything. πŸ™‚

  6. That sounds about right (you go to war, they explode). Funny how easy that is to forget, huh, Elizabeth? lol

    Yay for compassion and letting them be. Sounds like you were already well aware about how this whole routine works best.

    Thanks for sharing your example with us, Elizabeth!

  7. No coincidence that Lisa’s knee bent 121 degrees after *a relaxing massage from her beloved*. Love + relaxation = MAGIC!

    Jeannette, you’ve had practice with imagining all is well with your pets. You are a certified pro now!

    Many blessings,

  8. Lisa says:

    Here’s another fun update. After making that decision last week as of today the very complicated law suit associated with that accident, involving three separate insurers, settled today, after months of unsettling uncertainty. I doubt that was a coincidence either.

  9. You’re right I’ve had plenty of that practice, Nancy. (God bless them for helping me remember it every time!)

    And Lisa – the benefits just keep rolling in! How fun!!

    Thanks again for letting me tell your story here. It’s such a powerful one!

  10. Sabeen says:

    I know for sure that this principle of letting go works, so thank you for the reminder! About 6 months back, I got a strange rash on my face that just wouldn’t go away for weeks. It started small, then of course, the more attention I paid to it, the more I tried to figure out what caused it, the more I tried to soothe it and get rid of it, the worse it got. Eventually, it went away. A couple of months ago, I felt the rash start again. This time, I decided that I know how law of attraction works and I know that whatever I focus on grows, so I did my best to ignore, ignore, ignore. I didn’t try to heal it or keep it from getting worse. I told myself – it’ll come and go as it pleases and I won’t worry so much about it this time. Within a couple of days, it was completely gone.

  11. Cassie says:

    Lisa is a genius!

  12. L says:

    This resonates SOOO MUCH!!!! Thanks for sharing, Coach! πŸ™‚

  13. Wow, Sabeen, this is the epitome of powerful allowing, isn’t it?: “it’ll come and go as it pleases.” Kudos to you for that!! Very inspiring example for the rest of us.

    Cassie, I agree. And L, glad you appreciated it. πŸ™‚

  14. Jess says:

    I’m so happy to read this! Something similar is happening in my life, and I think this post is explaining what I didn’t have words for. It was probably only 50% conscious decision not to worry about my pain/ailments. I lost my medical insurance and surprisingly I felt relief!! I thought I’d be stressed. I canceled all my DR appts simply because of $, but it made me feel so better that my entire vibration changed. I’m free! Then I was able to secure new insurance starting in July (easily I might add) yet won’t be rescheduling any appts other than what feels good! πŸ™‚ I’m happy to feel a higher vibration, less pain and smoother life in general!! It is all connected!

  15. I have had a similar experience this year. Suffering and in terrible pain from a herniated disc my life was really flat health wise. I was on all kinds of pain medication, seeing doctors and being sized up for surgery. I believed I could heal this injury without interventions and so gave up all medications, stopped seeing the GP, started seeing an intense massage therapist with a background in energy work, visualized, worked with angels and had a few distance Reiki sessions. Any time anyone looked at me and said they thought I needed the surgery I would be even more determined to show them that I did not. Today, 9 months later I forget I was even injured. The pain was intense and really had a negative impact on my life. With love and belief I know we are capable of self healing.

  16. Oh, Jess, I got goosebumps reading that! Yay, you!!

    Vee, thanks for sharing your process with us. My favorite part: “I forget I was even injured.” woo hoo!!

  17. Katy Lowe says:

    Working within a Medical Dr.s setting I see evidence of this playing out daily. Over the time I’ve worked there I slowly have incorporated my own way of dealing with everyone that comes into my space. (alot for my OWN well-being!) Many complaining of their issues before I even greet them! To say I ‘ignore’ their complaints would be an exaggeration lol…but what I tend to do is simply ‘talk’ to them like they didn’t mention their ‘back’, knee, weight, arthritis, illness, etc. Instead I simply acknowledge that I ‘heard’ them in some way (so I don’t seem dismissive) and then as soon as possible change the subject to something positive. Whether it’s the nice weather, a meal I just had that was yummy, a movie I just saw or want to see, or complement them on something they are wearing. Pretty much works every time.

    I also have a photo of Cary Grant on my desk… (lol I’m an old movie buff), he’s a nice distraction when people ask about why his pic is on my desk! We then start talking about him or old movies or movies we love and it goes from there… so many ways to do this, I wish I’d see it happen in the medical office itself, but since I work on the holistic side of the practice, I do my part when I have the opportunity.

    I’m sure a majority of the time the folks leave and go right on complaining as they are just in that space and that’s ok…but I know sometimes giving someone distraction and a positive focus is where the healing can begin. Many stop in just to say hi…I like to think it’s because there’s that inner part of them (IB) that ‘knows’ this (even if they consciously don’t get that) is drawing them in. With LOA we know this…(thankfully) and I agree wholeheartedly with Lisa’s decision to take the spotlight off the issue as much as we can and focus on well-being so well-being can nestle back in where it is meant to be.

  18. Oh, you’re a sneaky vibration upgrader, Katy! haha

    You’d probably have to get good at that or that job would just wear you down, I imagine.

    Here’s to putting that spotlight where it does us the most good. Thanks for chiming in on this one! It’s inspiring to hear from you, as usual.

  19. Steve says:

    Don’t you know that cats can teleport? Cher was playing with you.

  20. Crystal says:

    This is awesome. We are all perfect RIGHT NOW! When we focus on trying to get something we’re suggesting we don’t already have it.
    Thanks for the great reminder! πŸ™‚

  21. Ha!! Steve!! I would not be surprised in the least!! In fact, that’s an explanation that makes the most likely sense. lol

    Crystal, glad you enjoyed the reminder. Thanks for commenting to say so!

  22. Isabel says:

    This just reminds me of my dear aunt who always says “IΒ΄m never sick because I never go to the doctor, once you go to the doctor they always find something wrong with you”.
    Also got me thinking about weight issues and why overweight people (like me) are always focusing on loosing the weight (with diet, exercise, miracle pills, anything…) and we rarely achieve it while naturally thn people just eat whatever they want and dont gain a pound!

  23. I like your aunt’s style, Isabel! πŸ˜‰

    And I had the same recent epiphany myself about how I think of myself and my weight. Here’s to choosing to be who we want right here right now and letting reality catch up with us in its own sweet time.

  24. Reading this is awesome. I’m a dating coach and every time I follow what the big business coaches say – all the intensity and hard work it takes to build my business, I get little for my efforts except stressed out. When I get sick of it all and focus on my other business – writing, the dating business picks up all on its own. Most people look at me when I say this like I’m totally crazy.

    How wonderful to discover kindred spirits and the understanding of why this happens. Thanks for sharing. Just this week I decided to start focusing on seeing the magic in life rather than judging myself for not achieving my business goals. What a relief.

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