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5 Ways to Change Your Story

February 15, 2014
5 Ways to Change Your Story

Enjoy this guest post from Goddess Jacqui on how to change your story: Without deliberate attention we will continue to live out the patterns/beliefs/ways-of-thinking laid down in our childhood, good and bad. But the best part is, with deliberate attention, we can change this default setting. We can choose which patterns to model and which ones to dump. And we...
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Changing My (Travel) Story

July 19, 2009
Changing My (Travel) Story

This post is for everyone who’s heard me complain about traveling.  My disdain for travel is a story I’ve told for years, and true as it feels, I’m ready to give it up. Not so I can travel more, but so that when I do it’s more enjoyable. In preparation for a new story,...
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