Taking It Off Autopilot

February 10, 2018 | 18 Comments »

important life questionsWhat would you do if you didn’t know what you were supposed to be doing?

Left to your own devices, where would you land?

If you didn’t know that you needed to shop for dinner, or that your sister wanted you to call, or that you should catch up on emails … what would you do if you didn’t know those things?

If you were working from a completely clean slate, what would you choose?

What’s calling you, that you aren’t hearing because you’re doing what you always do? (Or doing what’s expected, required, or planned.)

And how would you do it if you didn’t know how it was done?

If you didn’t know that this is how you make the money, or that this is how you vacation, how would you do it?

If you didn’t know how you exercise, or how you date, or how you love, what would it look like instead?

What if you forgot what you wanted?

If all of your old desires fell away, what new dreams would reveal themselves?

Sometimes they’re the same; sometimes not. Sometimes we hold on to desires that have expired, without noticing we grew out of them.

What music or people or things would you listen to if you didn’t know what you listened to? What would you read and what would you watch if you didn’t already know what you read and what you watch?

And what would you think if you didn’t know what to think?

If your mind were free to go wherever it could, where would you take it?

What are you not knowing because of what you already know?

If you didn’t know your ex was a jerk, or that school is boring, or that politics is pointless, what might you know instead?

What would you love if you were free to love all of it?

What does your spirit love that you haven’t said yes to?

Sometimes we get tripped up by old expectations, limiting beliefs, and the thoughts of others that we mistook for our own. We forget what’s true for us, what the possibilities are, and how to hear our own guidance about getting there.

These questions can liberate from life on autopilot.

The answers we explore can move us toward authentic desire and expanded possibility.

It can reconnect us to true inspiration and unparalled joy.

Sure, autopilot has its advantages and is perfectly appropriate at times. But sometimes what we know holds us back from what can be.

Taking life off autopilot gives us even more room to play.

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18 Responses to “ Taking It Off Autopilot ”

  1. Ming says:


    This may be my most favorite post ever. Can I have a favorite?! Okay other than when you talk about money. LOL.

    I was just at the car wash (thought about your dog haha) but I got distracted cause of that. My car kind of jerked to the side and the guy was like pointing at the sign! To put the car in neutral, hands OFF the steering wheel… OH!!!!! Right? Let go…Then I read your post … The car did fine. Perfect- shiny…

    I have been playing with the “unknown” lately realizing this is where the juicy stuff is. If we dare to go there. It’s not a scary place I have found. Its a place where miracles unfold. Its a place where you are right, unparalleled joy exists.

    I love all the questions you asked. Because as I was reading them, I could see I was tapping into that place again..

    Here’s to autopilot !

    • Jeannette says:

      Ming, you helped inspire this post with what you’ve shared about reveling in the Unknown (via Dispenza’s Becoming Supernatural). Here’s to letting go and letting it get even better! 🙂

      • Ming says:

        I think we may just touch on it again in the next GVU Resource Call. I of the Storm also reminded me of the unknown as well 🙂 All those limitless possibilities !

  2. Steve says:

    What inspired this post?

    • Jeannette says:

      Fellow coach Ming got lit up by a concept in a book review we did last year, which is I think where the question came from that I’ve been playing with: “How would I do it if I didn’t know how it was done?” which colleague Brigitte nudged me to write about. 🙂

      it takes a village! lol

  3. Juli says:

    All your posts are awesome. But this one is just pure poetry, the way it’s written and the deepness of it. It deserves to be printed and hung in a wall!

    greetings for all! I just love this community, because not only is it about the posts but the comments after it (Ming’s for example) that make it a whole pack that lifts up my vibes every time!

  4. Juli says:

    Ps.: Jeannette, have you written a post about how to know what I want? If so, could you copy the links? Sometimes I find it incredible hard to know what I want. I think I know it one minute, and the other minute I just feel doubtful about it or want something else. Sometimes I fear to do affirmation or a pray rain journal about what I want because I’m never really sure about it. Thanks in advance.

    • Jiya says:

      Hey Juli,

      Hope you re having fun as I write this post!

      I thought the same a couple of weeks back, that, I tend to forget what I want. It reminded me of the question to ask myself “What do I want?” [I am planning to add “right now” with it] But mind does what it does the best. It tends to get lost and forget the things that we want to be reminded multiple times a day.
      So, I added an alarm -> Named it “What do I want?” -> Set it as “daily” alarm and notify me at “multiple times” a day.

      It is working really well! In the middle of the chaos when this alarm pops-up on my phone (a door bell sound) it takes me to a different zone and I set an intention right away. I

      And it just brings a smile and this question reminds me of the fact that I am being supported and I have an option to choose.

      Love and Light

  5. Jennifer says:

    Wow, Jeannette, that was awesome! I’m going to have to take some time to absorb this at a deeper level. Thanks 🙂

  6. Frances says:

    Hey, Jeannette, I’m look forward to the “how to know what I want” post! Wanna know something funny? I’m hitting 82 years, believe it or
    else 8-))

  7. Christina in SW FL says:

    And what if we didn’t follow someone else’s “method” … finding out we are already supernatural. Photons of EVERYTHING already communicate with every other photon. We ARE, naturally, supernatural. What if we accept we are awesome, supernatural, inventive, beautiful, affluent, creative, loving and SOOOOO much more?

  8. Pamela Joy says:

    Whoa!My mind is blown by these questions. That is a lot to think about.
    I always enjoy your e-mails, blogs, podcasts,etc…
    Thanks for all the thought provoking, joyful ways of looking at things.

  9. Lisa Reid says:

    Love this picture! I enjoyed this reminder – it’s interesting how often we fall back into our limiting beliefs. Your post helps me make the new groove in my brain – the releasing-limiting-beliefs groove. (Next question: do I really need a groove at all?)

  10. Donna says:

    I too found this post to be very powerful.

    The reference in the email to this blog…regarding the coach colleague…”she didn’t know she wasn’t supposed to” on making six-figure income… literally those words jumped out when I read them.

  11. Michael says:

    Wow…I sort of feel like I’m reading ‘between the lines’ on really being freed up. Because it’s amazing, even with the work I’ve done in life, how much I still align with beliefs that aren’t even necessarily mine or even really thought through!! Thanks, friend!


  12. Mishelle says:

    Amazing post, Jeannette. Brilliant idea, this is our creative power creating something new not what is believed or supposed to. I love your mind, you are the best 🙂

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