The Anti-Launch

the anti-launchthe anti-launchIt’s not flashy. It’s not loud. It’s not cool.

It’s just something I made that some of you might like.


Don’t Tell Anyone

You might be tempted to tell your friends about this thing.

Please don’t.

They won’t get it.

More than likely, they’ll think it’s crazy and that you are, too.

So maybe best keep it to yourself.


It’s a Boring Offer

It’s the same deal for everyone, all the time. No deadlines, discounts, or coupons that go away if you don’t act now.

No flashy graphics or tricky countdown timers. There aren’t dozens of value-added bonuses to make it worth a bazillion dollars.

It’s just this. Nothing else. The price is what it is and it’s most likely gonna stay that way. There isn’t a time when the offer goes away and there isn’t a limited number available.

So take your time. It’ll be the same if you come back tomorrow or next month.


It Might Not Work

This thing is not for everyone.

In fact, it’s not for most.

Even those it’s made for might not like it.

But it might be for you if these are true:

You are open minded, can comfortably afford it, and are interested in this work.

If that’s not the case, I hope you find somewhere else whatever you were looking for when you stopped to read this page.


What Else It Isn’t …

It’s not going to change the world or make everyone an overnight success.

There’s no campaign to make it a best seller, and you won’t see a hundred affiliates promoting the sh*t out of it. There’s no rave review videos and no list of big wig testimonials.

It’s just me saying I made this thing I think is pretty cool and that some of you might like, too.

Here it is if you want to check it out …

If not, it’s all gonna be fine.


Jeannette Maw, the Good Vibe CoachJeannette Maw is the Good Vibe Coach and unflashy creator of a new course for biz owners, freelancers, and the self-employed.

She’s not crossing her fingers, holding her breath or tracking stats to see what happens with this gig. Right now, in fact, she’s working on her next party not to overly promote to you. You probably won’t hear much about that one, either.

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