Ventures Out of the Vortex

August 4, 2009 | 38 Comments »

soldier-smilingTwo weeks ago I participated in a Cherokee-style sweat, my intention for which was to release whatever wasn’t serving me

I didn’t have anything in particular in mind – just thought it was a good overall intention.  Sweat out whatever’s not needed any more.

Sounded like a good plan.  (I still think it was.)

Regular readers who know what a chocolate afficianado I am may be surprised to hear that ever since that sweat I haven’t had a fraction of the desire for chocolate. 

(Instead I bought every kind of fruit possible at the store the next day.  It was slightly ridiculous.)

So I thought perhaps chocolate wasn’t serving, and thus it got released. 


Except that I feel like crap.

Not sleeping well, not excited about much (that could be post Money Mojo completion, though), and a low grade irritation running in the background (that could just be because my boyfriend lives with me, though).  he he

(At least my sense of humor is intact.)

Maybe, I thought, chocolate really DOES serve me and I feel like crap because I’m not having any.  But the magnesium supplements should handle that.  And honestly, chocolate just doesn’t sound good any more.  It’s not a conscious denial thing.

Maybe, I thought, I’m detoxing because my body finally got a break from all that sugar.  (I liked this from Christine’s Bad Day post: “When you plant a new seed in the soil, the first thing that comes up is not the new shoot. The first thing that comes up is a little dirt.”)

Or maybe I’m still discouraged about my foster kitty that died last week (even though I keep reminding myself about the four that are thriving).

I don’t know.

I know one thing, though.  Spending this kind of time out of the vortex is serving me. 

It’s like going on a recon mission.

I don’t exactly know what a recon mission is, but this feels like one to me.  Because this venture out of the vortex is what fuels new desires and inspires more growth and leads to even better experiences ahead.

Those kinds of “wins” aren’t fueled on nothing, you know.  New “dreams come true” originate from days like these … these out of the vortex days. 

Because Step 3 doesn’t happen without Step 1 action.

Just a quick summary for those not familiar with Abraham lingo: the vortex is where all your successful manifestations await you.  It’s all ready and assembled, just waiting on you to get on board.  Step 1 is when you ask (i.e. have a new desire), Step 2 is when source energy (aka Universe, God, All That Is, etc.) follows our asking instruction and creates it, and Step 3 is when you let the goods in by lining up vibrationally (i.e. “allowing” it).

It’s during Step 3 that you’re in the vortex to enjoy the fruits of your creations. Step 1 is out of the vortex, where we get ideas for new creations.  In the vortex feels fabulous; out of the vortex no so much.  Got it?  Cool.

This kind of contrast inspires new desires.  As long as I make this venture temporary and don’t get too hung up on it, when I’m done with this Step 1 gig I can move right back into the vortex where life gets even better.

In fact, I just got a glimpse of that “even better” vortex from a client’s note today: 

Yesterday she and I chatted about a nervous anxiety that was creeping into her thoughts about a particular outcome she wanted next month.  We talked about making peace and telling new stories and refocusing on our power to create what we want.  And this morning she sent an enthusiastic update about a powerful turnaround she’s already experiencing that ended with these words: “I’m back, only BETTER!”

Hee hee.

That’s where I’m headed.  And just as fast as she did. 

After I gather up a little more material about what I don’t want and don’t like and don’t what to experience again, I’ll take my new information and brand new desires and head back into the vortex to a party that got even better while I was gone.

Sheesh, I’m feeling better already.  🙂

My point is, we may as well make peace with our “out of the vortex days” because they are what make for really fun parties once we’re done with this recon mission and head back to the vortex party. 

You with me?

* * * * * * * *
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38 Responses to “ Ventures Out of the Vortex ”

  1. Oh Jeannette, enough of the boyfriend jibes now ok? You’ve got it REAL good!

    Loved Christine’s post – I went to bed happy and relaxed, everything was just dandy! And I woke up a little jumpy and panicky, low and completely unmotivated .. technology isn’t working for me today and I’ve got so much to do after being away 2 weeks that my brain is on strike! Great timing, or maybe THAT’s why?

    I’m SO out of the vortex. Blows my mind how we seem to go thru similar stuff at the same time. Really, soul sisters!!

    Ok so I’m still not feeling relaxed even after reading this post and C’s and have a little tension headache and my favorite big band music that’s been sending my vibe SKY high the last few days is grating … but that’s ok. Nothing has to be “fixed” right away.

    Paradoxically, lots of good stuff has happened in the last 2 weeks and even the last day and I’m super proud of a perspective I held during my 2 week family vac (and proud of myself and love me for being so conscious and aware 85% of the time – GO ME!)

    This could be my body’s (and mind’s) way of sayin, take a break kiddo 🙂 Ok I think NOW I’m feeling better. Oh look, I even smiled!!

  2. I know, Tia! lol

    Get this … just as I make really nice peace with my recon mission (in typing that last post), I accidentally plug in Bee Gee’s greatest hits, and You Should Be Dancing has me TOTALLY back in the vortex.

    Whoops!! ha ha

    Oh well, I’ll be back to step one some day soon again, I’m sure.

    Really nice to be back in the party, though – even if it’s just a temporary check in before I go out again. lol

    This analogy is crackin’ me up!

    Thanks for posting, soul sister. 🙂

  3. Are you kidding me sweetness!!?

    After I typed this, I went back to finishing my blog post (which I SWEAR I was already writing about 10 minutes before I read your post – it’s very on similar lines) and just randomly youtubed and came up with

    I’m smiling 🙂 and still a little dazed at the synchronicity of it all. Figures my angel signs said “we want you to know you’re very loved right now and we’re with you”

    He. he. He. He. He. I want to laugh hysterically!! 😀

    Now, I’m DEELIGHTED!!

  4. On very similar lines I mean – gosh I’m excited, aren’t I!? I LOVE how my vibe has changed without even trying to 😀 Love youuuu

  5. You’re cracking me up, Tia.

    I’m thinking the lesson I learned from this – or, how not to spoil a bad mood – don’t listen to Bee Gees while on recon missions. he he

    Where’s your blog post link, sister?

  6. Homage to the woman who created comfortable couches!!

    Seriously, Janette, thanks for being in my vortex. You are one of my favorite parts of this trip!

  7. Janette says:

    I love being an existentialist!

    It lets me know that I created electricity, computers, the Internet and the pair of YOU amazing women – just so I can benefit from the generous sharing and fabulous insights into your vortex experiences, all from the comfort of my own couch.

    And I created couches too. Bliss!!!

  8. Leslie Richter says:

    What we are talking about is a growth period. When we feel yowly and not quite right in our skin. Usually you feel annoyed with the husband/partner during this time.
    Things didn’t go according to my plan and after 2 months I got let go from what was going to be the job.
    Now I am looking around and noticing the summer is a scorcher and I am right in the middle of it. And after two months of trying so hard and swimming upstream I have
    let go and announced in a pout that’s it I am not trying anymore!!!! I am on an inner tube floating downstream letting life come to me.
    Have to admit I am feeling much better.
    Go figure.
    Cousin and aunts are coming out to visit. Others seem to be pleased I am home.
    I have felt fragile and down but…. strong. And oh let’s face it, it’s just a time of redefinition.
    How friggin awesome can you get!

    Love Leslie

  9. Not much more awesome than THAT, Leslie!!

    I’m glad you see it, too!

    Here’s to the downstream journey …

  10. Here’s the link to the blog post, thanks for asking!

    Oh and you’ve GOT to check out the link Janette posted in the comments section (the coooolest hand puppet shadow version of Louis Armstrong’s what a wonderful world).

    Far out!! had a great coaching sesh with my client and now I’m off to a free outdoor concert now (one of my fav things to do). This day keeps gettin better n better 🙂

  11. Agreed, Tia. Maybe tomorrow can be a Step 1 day, but this one was all (okay mostly, after the beginning part) enjoyment. he he

    Off to go check your blog post now …

  12. Cheri says:

    Wow – a bad day is just a place of growth. I love it!

    A week or two ago I felt a big victory (I guess I was in step 1 but didn’t know the step lingo at the time!)

    The victory was I recognized I was just ‘off’. I didn’t have a lot of emotional drama in my head about it. I didn’t feel the need to reevaluate my entire life!

    I had stopped doing somethings that supported me (when things are going great I sometimes forget about those things!) Maybe because I’ve been doing things that support my soul on a regular basis for a while now it was easier to see my way back.

    When I was back (in the vortex, if I’m remembering right) I bought three pairs of shoes that made my soul(s) sing! hee hee

    I don’t purchase many things for myself (usually just business or health related things.) I was feeling great when I made the purchases – so I definitely bought them in the right vibration! It’s important (to me) to have great shoes on my journey!

  13. Cheri, you’re inspiring me to go shopping for “soul-singing” shoes! lol

    Nicely done – I love how you recognized the “offness” without judgment and so easily found your way back.

    Thanks for sharing with us!

  14. That’s exactly what I was wanting to communicate, Gillian – that those restless days do serve us.

    Thanks for putting it in simple yet eloquent words!

  15. When I go through a period of release, I get very irritable and feel pretty crappy. It’s a kind of emotional detox. No, it doesn’t feel good. It’s like when you vomit, who enjoys that? But you feel better after, when you’ve gotten it all out. It’s just not nice when you’re actually getting there.

    If the intention was to release things that didn’t serve you, I’d guess that this is precisely what’s happening. It’s a bunch of “stuff” that you’ve got tucked away somewhere in your psyche, shoved in mental boxes and drawers, that is now being purged.

    That’d be my guess, anyway, because that’s how it works for me.

  16. Gillian says:

    I guess being out of the vortex is a silent nudge from the universe not to get too comfortable and hence become complacent. When we feel somewhat restless, it’s a time to take some inventory about what no longer serves us and to reach out and take some risks to achieve a higher level of excellence.When we become too comfortable, we tend to invite a stagnant, unfulfilled life, because we simply do not employ our imagination to reach out for better things. So yes, those restless days do serve us, as long as we know what to do.

  17. CaterpillarWoman, I love your avatar to go along with your words … reminding that there is another side to the caterpillar journey.

    And I can definitely relate to what you described. Thanks for the validation that I’m not the only one who experiences it that way.

  18. MSNikki says:

    Thanx everyone for explaining the Vortex concept! So, if one is outside the vortex does that mean she is driving away her original requests by not vibing good energy? Or if one has a strong charge on something vortex or no then it will most likely not manifest? I am a little confused on this. No, scratch that! A lot confused! Abe is a little too esoteric for me and I would much rather read Jeanette’s blog and now Tia’s!
    I have been having a couple of off days lately. Prior and during those days, I had two specific goals that I needed to have happen. Of course they didn’t and I felt unhappy and not so shiny. What was worse was that I had a junk food item and didn’t even want that! I have been eating healthfully lately and just don’t do junk food as much if at all. Well, I dropped the charge on said goals while still feeling crappy and both of them manifested in unexpected ways. In fact,I manifested a $250 item for free! So I am happily confused! Felt crappy yet still manifested. Hmmmmm…

  19. Bonni says:

    “So, if one is outside the vortex does that mean she is driving away her original requests by not vibing good energy? Or if one has a strong charge on something vortex or no then it will most likely not manifest? I am a little confused on this. No, scratch that! A lot confused!”

    Yeah, me, too! The whole “vibrational match” thing has never made a great deal of sense to me. Sometimes it seems like people use it as a way of explaining why LOA (which is supposed to be universal) doesn’t work. “You’re not a good match for your desires!” Well, okay, but unfortunately, I tend to interpret that (internally) as “You’re not good enough, you have to try harder”, which just increases attachment to the desire.

    I know that can’t be right, but until I can find a different way of framing it, I’m not going to get it, either.

  20. Susan says:

    Hi MSNikki,
    I’m no expert on all this but I think the reason you didn’t manifest your two specific goals when you wanted to was because you ‘needed’ to have them happen.
    The way I understand Abe is, all your desires are being held for you in your vortex, your own personal storage facility, where everything you’ve ever had a desire for is just waiting for you. Abe says the only thing missing from your dreams is you ! As soon as you get into alignment with them they will come to you. Of course the alignment or allowing part is our job. (and we always make things more difficult than they need to be don’t we)
    Even though you were feeling crappy you had already done all the work on your goals so once you stopped thinking about them or dropped the charge as you said you were offering no resistant thought so they were free to come to you.
    For myself I’m working on identifying my desires, getting good feelings about them and then not thinking about them again (easier said than done) And every day I tell myself This is Easy !!!!
    Hope this helps.

  21. Susan says:

    I think that being in the vortex means being happy, simple as that. When you are happy you are drawing everything you want to you and I bet when you are happy you’re not thinking about your desires and wondering where they are ! Therefore no charge about them.

  22. Bonni says:

    Actually, I think about the thing I’ve been trying to manifest (for a couple of years now) when I’m happy, when I’m unhappy, when I’m tired, pretty much any time my brain isn’t immediately engaged in something else.

    I thought that was something you were actually supposed to do? Focus, attention, intention, visualisation, imagining yourself with it already, etc… ?

  23. MissyB says:

    For what its worth, here’s my view:
    You ask – and then you get on with your life being happy (the vortex?) Being happy is what life is about – we weren’t put on this planet for misery. Then, because you are happy, you attract more happy stuff and the things you desire. If visualising makes you happy – go for it, if it doesn’t – don’t do it. If looking at a wish board makes you happy – do it, and if it leaves you cheesed off – look at something else. These are only tools in the process I feel.
    All we have is right now. Do all you can to be happy right now and your wishes and more will be sure to follow.
    Thats my two pence !

  24. Money Mojo was an energy booster for me, that’s for sure. The not getting hung up in it is key, isn’t it? Whether it’s in or out of vortex or anything else.
    Makes me think of the ability to feel content (not comfy) where we are and the importance of resistance. What a tell resistance is! Kind of hard to allow or ask or do much of anything with a strong block or resistance. Very cool!

  25. Thanks MSNikki! And gosh no, being outside the vortex ie, having an off day is just part of the process, the ebb and flow of life.

    Think of it as the ocean of abundance, with the waves bringing you what you desire, and at the same time, the waves go back, gathering force and momentum so they can come forward with speed and clarity! I like that metaphor 🙂

    So for something to happen, there can be a period where it looks like nothing is happening when in fact it’s just gathering together! And this is when we can have those off days. Be with it (feeling crappy is the ebb) and make a conscious decision to ride the tide whichever way it’s flowing or get off and rest on the beach for a while (dropping the charge).

    So you didn’t drive away the request, you made it and then relaxed about it which in your case, was to honour your not-so-happy feeling instead of resisting it. Which shows that you’re ok with whatever happens, and so it did.

    I think we get too caught up in the whole manifestation thing and want it all right away … but we forget that it’s US that’s in control of our happiness, and that is the ultimate goal.

    When you wait for a goal to manifest and it doesn’t happen, your being sad = attachment to it. Make it a preference, not a need. You need NOTHING to be happy, just a commitment to being happy in the here and now.

    Yest after the day I wrote about, I went out to a concert, a dear old man drove his motorised wheelchair into my knee (it’s badly swollen and bruised now), I almost twisted my ankle running after a bus and I forgot my sunglasses. At that point I was ready to cry!

    But I caught myself, smiled and decided NOTHING was going to ruin my day and had an awesome time at the concert (even though I was hungry and had forgotten to carry cash).

    Needless to say, I hit the sack early. Ah, some days..

    Bonni, yes, visualisations and acting as if do work. If that’s all you think about when you have time though, then it could be you’re too attached to that thing happening.

    Also, when you’re unhappy or tired and thinking about it, then the energy is likely more of frustration as in “why isn’t it here yet” as opposed to pure, happy desire.

    A few minutes of pure focused thought is all that’s needed in a day, and then let go.

    That’s how I manifested $60,000 of savings within 2 years. 1) Desire 2) Visualisations 3) Belief 4) Letting Go / being unattached to how or when it happened (even though I had set a deadline and it happened before that)

    Rightly said Susan and MissyB – Happy is what it’s all about so start Happying! 😀

  26. MSNikki says:


    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I really appreciated your post! Sometimes I think that the LOA Fantastic Three (you, Jeanette, and Iyabo) are in 100% perfect alignment all the time! So I was a bit confused about the Vortex spin that Jeanette blogged about here.

    I really heart the analogies you used in your explanation. It does make sense now because I was able to unearth some long held desires that resonanted deep within my soul while in “crappy but don’t want junk food” mode. As for manifestations go, the desires that are closest to our hearts and destinies (Jeanette and I part like a hairline here) are the ones that have the potential to have the highest charges. However, I still feel that a Dooney is in my future!

    I am shocked and awed about how you amassed so much money in so little time!!

    We are all together glad that you were able to have a wonderful time at the concert in spite of the mishaps!!

    PS- If I didn’t know better, I could have sworn that you were a writer for DailyOM in a previous life!

    Muchas gracias to MissyB and Susan for answering the vortex question for Bonnie and me.

  27. Susan says:

    Wow, I’m so pleased to be able to have been some help in answering your question. I struggle with things myself very often but this makes me feel that I am getting a handle on things and has really really made me happy tonight. Thankyou for your kind words.
    Heres to getting in the vortex !!!!!

  28. Leslie Richter says:

    Being in the vortex is when you are feeling and owning your light. You are simply there and in the moment. We get out of the vortex when we look back, ahead or WHEN SHOULD ENTERS ARE THOUGHTS!

    I mean let’s face it we never think of should when we are happy. Grumpy, out-of-sorts days are red flags for growth. I think of these experiences exactly as Tia described them, riding the ebb. And Tia makes me hoot with laughter when she points out we always have so many choices even right down to just getting out of the tide and sitting on the beach for awhile.

    I usually feel the charge with being out of the vortex
    and moan and groan about being in growth. And in the next breath go wait a minute that’s a good thing, in fact that’s an awesome thing! And that’s the exsquisite moment when I see what I am learning and shift the energy.

    The moment when I celebrate and VALIDATE my growth is when I empower myself. And you know that is stepping back into the vortex just a notch taller.

    Love Leslie

  29. Susie Beifuss says:

    Hi Jeannette!!!

    Your BLOG entry prompted me to share two things with YOU!!!

    #1….I got so much from your posting of Gay Hendricks’ perspective on (gremlins, etc)…of our feeling good hitting a ceiling….our feeling less than good being a signal that new good stuff wants in and wants us to open THAT door(without going back and finding tht and rereading, don’t remember the wording, so this is my memory’s best for now)…

    anyway, every “down” or “off” or “gremlin” or less than fantastic feeling, thought, action etc….became (for me, after reading your post of gay h’s words) just a signal to me: GOOD STUFF COMING UP !!!!!

    #2….On death and dying (not a f av subject, but..)
    long story short: had three kids on drugs when they were teens: with help of support group, i learned and imbeded in my heart and soul:

    i’m not in charge of who gets to live 7 days and who gets to live 70 days
    everything happens for a reason
    everything happens for the best (even tho….a lot of times my perspective of that happening….hurts me)
    everyone dies
    there is ABSOLUTELY NO PROOF that being “alive” is superior or better than being “dead”….none.

    whenever i hear of someone who died or is dying, i mentally say goodbye and ask (god, universe, anybody!!) to BLESS THEM and tell myself im letting them go with love…..
    i do this when i pass an animal on the road who is gone (gone on? gone back? gone from their “body”….ok, dead)

    I ABSOLUTELY REFUSE TO stay sad about the death of anyone or any animal…..I deserve to be happy and healthy!!

    you are my hero, jeannette (even though young enuf to be my daughter!!!)

    —– Original M

  30. Pure Potential says:

    another way to change the rain or vortex!

  31. Tammy says:

    I have been feeling ornery yesterday and today as well. Very unlike me, any thoughts on the connection with the full moon.

  32. Hi Tammy,

    I had a HUGE spiritual awakening of sorts a couple of weeks ago when the solar eclipse was happening… I’m talking HUGE!! And I know a lunar eclipse is happening soon (I think tonight!), so I wouldn’t underestimate the power of the moon to create changes in you… and everyone else for that matter. Hang on tight!! 🙂


  33. Tammy says:

    Thank you Mary! I will hang on and see where this ends up. Maybe this is where the expression..”over the moon” came from.

  34. Berta Bauer, Lighthouse Coaching and Retreats says:

    Yesterday I listened to Dr. Wayne Dyer’s book, Excuses Be Gone. Excellent, so far. He talked about BELIEVING what ever you want is happening NOW as you wait. He applied it to all areas of life (i.e. health, career, money, relationships, etc.). He spoke about his change in beliefs about his own chronic sore throats to sinus issues, and how just changing his beliefs around what symptoms would result he avoided the whole sinus infection altogether. WOW!

    So last night I was doing a favorite yoga pose (Revolved side angle pose) that I have had to modified getting into the pose due to an old shoulder injury. Last night I said, “Hog wash. I believe I can get into this pose keeping my arm in line.” I took it slow and stretched it way out while gradually moving my arm over my head-IN LIINE! I accomplished something I have wanted to do for years and years because I believed for the first time I could. Oh, ya . . . my shoulder feels great this morning.

    Point is that when we beleive, we are in the process of getting what we are manifesting–we are in the vortex. It reminded me of the reply a friend gave my then ~seven year old when he asked if she believed in Santa Claus. She said, “Ya gotta believe to receive.”

  35. You`re welcome Nikki! So glad you resonated with it 🙂
    And Berta, LOVE your story, thanks for sharing it! I`ve decided to stop taking a certain med I was on for a hormonal condition, and am believing my way into healing myself naturally. YEAH baby!

  36. Mia says:

    Great post, thanks, Jeannette. A very relaxing thought that being out of the vortex for a while isn’t a big deal and certainly not something to beat yourself up for. I like the idea of taking a vacation from the vortex, just to dive into it again refreshed and new a bit later, to an even better party. Thanks for the reminder that all this is OK.

  37. hi Jeannette says:

    Thanks for the updates, the moment i am feeling low or depressed ..even after knowing the law of attraction, but i get charged up the moment i read your mail and it helps me to start new and fresh with positive thoughts and aligning myself thnks so much

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