10 Ways We Sabotage Alignment & How to Remedy It.

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Life Wants to Get Even Better
In the category of things worth remembering: Life wants to get even better for you. It wants to improve and[...]
Joy Is Necessary
I texted a friend that I intended to have a very productive hour so he wouldn't wonder what happened if[...]
No Such Thing as Wasted Time
There are few things more frustrating than feeling like we wasted a bunch of time. Especially for folks who are[...]
Something Really Right Is Happening
You know those times when it looks like things are taking a terrible turn for the worse? Yeah, I know[...]
I’m Not Manifesting an Enemy
Here's why I'm paying good attention this week to not make anyone out to be my enemy ... Because I[...]
Do This for Instant Results
Want an easy way to boost your vibe? Drop three tolerations today. Just find an energy drainer you can get[...]
What Should I Be Doing?
When you don't know what you should be doing, the answer is get your vibrational act together first. If you're[...]
When to Lie about Money
When it comes to conscious creation, the truth is overrated. Creating new things requires we make room by relaxing focus[...]
When You Can’t Stop Thinking the Bad Thought
We know that whatever we focus on is where our life is headed. If we're tuned into problems and complaints,[...]


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