10 Types of Action: Time to Upgrade?

Not all action is created equal.Over here we focus a lot on energy, vibration, thoughts and beliefs.

Action gets very little ‘action’ here, since it’s not the key part of conscious creation.

But action does play a role inย our manifesting process. It can:

  • influence our frequency
  • affect our enjoyment of life (or lack of it)
  • and enhance or hinder our manifestations.

So I thought it would be fun to look at the different types of action we engage, and how we set ourselves up for success or struggle depending on which we use.

Which actions have you engaged today?

Consider these 10 types of action and see where you have a chance to upgrade:

1. Fearful Action
This is when you do something out of fear or desperation. Like scheduling a doctor’s appointment because you can’t stop worrying about recurring headaches.

2. Make It Happen Action
This sort of disempowered action is full of struggle and effort. It’s where you work hard to try to get results. It’s how many people operate 24/7.

3. Habitual Action
This is mindless action you take without any conscious awareness. Like checking your phone without even thinking about it. Some people actually get through an entire day without ever doing anything “on purpose.”

4. Expected Action
This is when you do what you’re supposed to or what someone else tells you to. You don’t check in with yourself before engaging it. (Like you go to church on Sunday because it’s what everyone does, rather than because it’s where you like to be on Sunday.)

5. Distracted Action
Procrastinators know this routine – it’s what we do when we put off doing something else. Filling our day with things that don’t matter because we’re reluctant to engage what does.

6. Slacker Action
This is when you do nothing, which is often harder than doing something, but also more powerful. There can be tremendous alignment in letting go of trying to make it happen yourself, asย Abigailย attests. And sometimes it’s what we “do” just because we need a break.

7. Abundant Action
This is when you do something from a place of abundance and fulfillment, rather than from striving and efforting. You feel complete already when you take this action. Savvy creators know this type of action leads to more good things.

8. Feel Good Action
This is action taken out of inspiration. You do it because it’s what you want to do more than anything else. It’s a joy to do and doesn’t deplete your energy reserves. (In fact, it’s often restorative and leads directly to dreams come true!)

9. Intuitive Action
This type of action is also mindless, but instead of being driven by habit, it’s driven by a wise inner knowing. Like when you schedule a doctor’s appointment because of an inner nudge to do so.

10. Aligned Action
This is when you become what you want now; when you “act as if” you already are what you desire. Like strolling through your dream neighborhood as if you lived there or renewing your passport for an upcoming dream trip.

You might notice that not all action is created equal.

That first handful on the list often lead us away from what we want, whereas the last types contribute to our dreams come true.

The first five actions are half-hearted at best, lacking any spirit or passion as fuel. They’re driven by the mind rather than the heart-centered soul.

The latter five types are fueled by inner guidance or higher power. Those spirit-based actions lead to the sorts of success that make others wonder how we got so lucky.

It’s important to know we can’t always tell what type of action it is just by looking. It’s the feeling underneath that makes the difference.

(Which is why it’s possible to make a doctor’s appointment out of fear, out of habit, out of expectation, or intuition or aligned inspiration.)

This is your invitation to become more conscious about the types of action you engage day in and day out.

Big thanks to Janette Dagliesh, Cassie Parks, Goddess Jacqui, Nikki Davis, Llynne Switzer, Charis Melissa, and Jackie Gaston for their contributions to this post!

  • August 29, 2014
  • Moonsparkle says:

    Thanks a lot, Jeanette, I’ll check them out. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I haven’t heard about that study, that’s interesting.
    I think the problem when you have health anxiety is that it gets all messed up and you don’t know what to think anymore. Thanks again for the links. I’ve been looking up Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) techniques and it would be good to read about health anxiety from an LOA perspective as well.

  • Yes, Moonsparkle, you might like these:
    The way I sort it out is that whatever makes it easier for me to expect good things – that’s the action I’ll take.
    Have you heard of that study about how the patients that healed best were the ones who had doctors who expected them to? As in, it was the doctor’s expectation that made the biggest difference in the outcome.
    So choosing our health care providers wisely, and giving them what they need to expect a healing, I can see how that would be a smart approach.
    More than anything I think we can do well to trust ourselves to know within what will serve us best (we have a fabulous inner wisdom that will guide us), and to get better at listening for those instructions/nudges from our body.

  • Moonsparkle says:

    I have health anxiety, so I do sometimes make doctors’ appointments when I can’t stop worrying about something. I get stuck in a pattern of doing that. I find it hard to know what to do because people (doctors especially) tell you that you shouldn’t ignore health problems or changes. But then you can take it too far and go overboard! Do you have any posts on here about using LOA to help with health anxiety?

  • You know, Shell, on the call we talked about how each action isn’t necessarily so “black and white.” That I can do something that’s part distracted and part expected … and also how sometimes an action can start out fully inspired but then evolves (or devolves) into a “should.”
    My biz partner Lisa Hayes is fond of reminding how empowering it can be to just START something. As in, taking the action is what creates the alignment.
    I guess what it calls us to do is just become very aware of how we’re feeling as we’re engaging any action. That’s our clue as to whether it’s serving us or not.
    What do you guys think?

  • shell says:

    Great post Jeanette.
    I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on how some of those may work together. I certainly engage in a bit of make it happen action. Because I get bored, and/or I just want it to happen. This does seem to combine with feel good or intuitive action. I do something cause it feels good at the time, and then after a while of waiting for a result my Tigger elements (Gemini/Leo Mars) start bouncing on their toes, going, ‘come on, happen will ya’
    So what started as more light hearted approach can become something else. Even if I don’t actually engage in something ‘make it happeny’ the pondering of doing it still feels much the same as doing it.

  • My biz partner is a fan of that, too, Sabeen. (Taking action to get aligned.)
    I’ve had that experience on occasion as well, so I know how effective it can be. Thanks for adding that point to our discussion here.

  • Sabeen says:

    Something I’ve realized lately is how I can use action to line up my energy. I used to think that I shouldn’t take any action unless I was completely aligned with it energetically, but sometimes the action itself is the next step on the path of least resistance. Like if you take the action out of fear to make that doctor’s appointment, that action may actually bring you the relief you need. Recently I took a “make it happen” action, even though I wasn’t sure about it or lined up with it, and I know that you’re not supposed to do that… But the result of the action was perfect and easy and did indeed make it happen. Taking the action shifted my vibration enough that I could receive what I was wanting.

  • We find ourselves on a lot of same pages it seems, Nneka! I love that!
    And yes, I had labeled inspired action as “feel good” action on the list – but perhaps I’ll relabel if it’s easy to miss.
    Thanks for chiming in. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Oh yeah! You’ve done it again:-)
    I’m shooting a video for my program this week on, you guessed it, action. I’m amazed at the synchronicity.
    Where would you land inspired action? When you’ve basked in the energy of the desire and out of that is birth an action that you are just compelled to take.

  • You know, Meg, we were just talking about that on a GVU call on this subject – about how it gets easier to practice taking the feel good actions the more we do it. Trust is gained through the experience.
    Kudos to you for being in that process already! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Meg Amor says:

    Aloha Everyone,
    You all inspire me greatly. And of course, this blog came JUST when I needed it most.
    I’ve been working on going with what feels good and not goading myself into the shoulds and oughts. Also, trying to trust that all would be okay. I was always looked after etc. Ad nauseum. LOL.
    What’s been interesting for me is doing these actions on the list. When I can poke around in my feelings and feel out which one feels good and which one feels sloggy. Then only do the feel good one, everything else flows, with stuff all effort. If I get into the ‘shoulds.’ What a lot of work! Or pushing myself when I REALLY do not feel like doing something. Having that trust that by staying in my own feel good energy, it’s right for me and things will flow because of it. No… not always easy to do.
    But, the more I do it, the more I SEE how the flow works for me.
    It always reminds me of that piece in the Indiana Jones movie, where he’s being chased by the bad guys and comes to the chasm. He’s got to TRUST or be killed. He takes the step into mid air, but as the camera angle pans around, you see a very narrow rock ledge that he can walk across. He escapes the bad guys.
    Sometimes on this path, it seems like that. We have to trust the path is there and then we can escape the bad guys, our fears.
    I know this will get easier, because I used to live like this all the time and my life flowed. Just right now. I feel like the Guides have got me on the Outward Bound Boot Camp of the Trust and Faith camp. LOL. Little buggers.
    So, thanks for this blog. It’s helping me stay upright. And know I’m doing the right thing with what feels like ‘inaction’ at times. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Aloha Meg Amor ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Isn’t that the BEST, Evan?! When we’re in that magic flow of action?
    It’s that sort of experience that makes me believe Abraham when they say we wouldn’t really want to be able to twinkle our nose to manifest all our dreams come true instantly. It’s much more enjoyable to have our hands in the clay – at least it is when we do it the way you’re describing here.
    Here’s to more blissful movements through the days!
    Thanks for adding to this conversation, Evan. Always a pleasure to see you here!

  • This is why you’re the High Priestess of the Law of Attraction for me Jeannette. (And all you other High Priestesses who contributed!)
    It’s the clarity AND the fun.
    You rocked it with this emphasis: “. . . spirit-based actions lead to the sorts of success that make others wonder how we got so lucky.”
    In recent months I’ve been flowing so magically while in action mode it’s beginning to feel like I’m living out a dream. Where one good fantastic startling and amazing thing leads to another. Inspired action is LoveJoy in motion.
    I’m beginning to think it’s what we’re here for — to find what moves us blissfully through the day.
    Thanks you!

  • Lisa, your mom’s story about taking intuitive action (when she chased you down the street to yank you out of that car that later wrecked) is one of my favorites about how reliable it can be when we trust it.
    And I absolutely agree that the more we practice it the better we get at it and the easier it is. Thanks for chiming in, my friend.

  • Lisa says:

    Intuitive action is by far my fav, and often seems to make the least sense in the moment. I think it gets easier and easier to practice if you commit to it. I think you could make an argument that any action that pulls you in the direction you want to go is intuitive.
    This is a really great list!

  • I think you’ve got good company, Christina, in that a lot of us engage in a variety of these types of actions. I know I’m not limited to the bottom half, anyway, although I’m certainly intending to get better at it.
    Our topic at GVU this month is all about action, so keep an eye on the calendar in case you’d like to join in any of the talks:
    PS – I’ve been wondering what those “comment” comments were (I’ve seen a couple others recently). Maybe the iphone is a good clue. Thanks for that.

  • Christina says:

    Tried to comment on my phone and it didn’t work.
    I engaged in fearful action. I looked for a “real job”. Can’t apply to one because I don’t have a car right now, but felt overwhelmed and wanted to feel out what was easy. Get another job – which doesn’t feel good but would get a regular income – or continue building our businesses, which feels good but isn’t financially viable right now.
    I also tend to do habitual and distracted action during most of my week as well.

  • Thanks for reading, Julie. I thought the list could be helpful to develop stronger levels of awareness as to what we conscious creators are actually “doing.”
    And Auretha, I love the idea of printing it out. I may do that myself and keep it in the office as a good reminder!

  • Auretha says:

    This was so clear and so helpful. Today was a beyond-usual challenging day and I noticed myself making choices to take inspired , aligned and feels good actions and purposefully steering clear of fearful action. I just may print this out as a chart to guide my daily choices!
    What an excellent list! Thank you!
    Love and Beauty,
    Auretha Callison

  • Nice breakdown of the nuances of action! It’s helpful to see the many shades of action that are possible, beyond “black” and “white”. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thank you Jeannette, and all the other fabulous contributors!
    Ease and flow,
    Julie Masters

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