How To Get 100% Results With 0% Effort

Amina Makhdoom is a fellow manifester and law of attraction blogger who shares her 3 point recipe to get 100% results with 0% effort. Enjoy Amina:

What if you could get everything you wanted with no effort?

In fact, what if the secret to achieving your biggest dreams is following your joy and living life in a state of ease?

Sound too good to be true?

Well, it is possible and here’s why: big dreams do not come with effort, they come with ease.

I know this from personal experience in transforming myself from a burned out type-A overachiever into living my dream of working from home, taking yoga class in the middle of the day, helping my community, as well as other things – all while working half as many hours and making double what I used to.

Within two years of deciding that’s what I wanted, I was doing all of that. Working half the hours with double the salary.

Everyone asks me how I did it, and I came up with the three key ingredients that when combined got me out of burnout and into a life that I love!

Here are those three ingredients:

1) Identify the things that bring you joy, and then do them!

For me, it was dance class, yoga, going for walks, and spending time with my nieces and nephews. I went to soccer games, grandparents breakfasts (even though I was an aunt), read in their classrooms. All these activities made me happy and brought me great joy!

What I see more and more today are people who are not following their joy. Their reason – they simply do not have the time. And, the less they follow their joy, the harder it is to achieve their goal.

I found the fastest way to achieve a goal does not involve effort, but rather, belief the goal will be achieved and living a life of joy.

2) Focus on feelings rather than actions.

As an overachiever, this one was a shocker for me! What I was doing was much less important then how I was feeling! The actions are unimportant. Read that again. The actions are unimportant. What is important is the feeling, the belief, the being. The doing is negligible.

After I wrote my dream life (kind of a vision board, but with words and process flows), I never really looked at it again. I hung it on my wall, so subconsciously I probably saw it all the time, but I never really read it again. Until I was taking it down two years later and shockingly realized I had achieved every single thing I had written down.

The actions were unimportant, but the time I took to create that board and the feeling of freedom and joy I had when I imagined that life, miraculously transformed into it occurring.

3) Take care of yourself, and only you know exactly what that means for you.

I did not learn this in a positive context of achieving my dreams through ease; I learned this through sheer mental and emotional exhaustion.

I remember being exhausted and deciding that I just did not give a [blank] anymore. In that state, all I had energy to do was anything that would get me to stop feeling the pain I was in. I was an overachiever leaving work early to go for walks (sure I was having some sort of nervous breakdown). I was scared, but too tired in that moment to do anything other than the little things that brought me joy.

Once I came up with these three keys, I decided to test them out and ensure they worked.

I took a year to see if I followed my joy, did not worry about the specific actions or exert effort, and took great care of myself, could I make the same amount as the previous year?

I did! I made more than the previous year, working even less and taking even better care of myself.

Since then, I have consistently made more each year for the past five years, each year working significantly less hours than the year before.

I only say yes to work I really want to do, so it does not feel like “work.” I do a lot of “work” for free because I love what I do, and somehow, the money keeps showing up.

But, I know now, if I chased the money or “tried” to do something, it would not work nearly as well as just doing what I love and trusting that it will all work out financially.

In yoga, there is a philosophy about balancing between ease and effort. I have found this philosophy to not only apply to yoga, but to all areas of life. There is a time for action. And, when that time comes it feels really, really, really good to take the action. It does not feel like effort.

Do you have moments where you are working harder than ever before (which appears to the outside world as putting in tons of effort), but it doesn’t feel like you are working at all?

In fact, rather than feeling stressed and exhausted it feels joyful and exhilarated? That is what 0% effort, 100% return means. It does not mean you will never “work hard” again. It just means that when you are working hard, it won’t feel hard. There is no strain, exertion, exhaustion – instead it’s joyful.

The key ingredient for this to work is JOY! Allow the magical force of the world to easily, effortlessly, bring your biggest dreams to you!
Amina Makhdoom

Amina Makhdoom is the sunshine manifester blogging at This post was adapted with the author’s permission from her contribution to the book Success University for Women.

  • February 5, 2016
  • Amina says:

    Hi all –
    Just wanted to say thank you for reading and for all of your comments. I am honored that my journey is helpful to you too! Lots of love from me to you and also a shared commitment that you get everything you want and need in way that feels absolutely effortless!

  • Karen says:

    I’m on it! At least # 1 and #2. Working on #3.I’m following my joy to see where it leads. My goal is the same as yours, twice the money in half the time, with plenty of time and money left over for me and the world.

    • Jeannette says:

      It’ll be fun to hear how things unfold for you, Karen! 🙂

    • Amina says:

      I too would be excited to hear about your progress, Karen! As for #3, remember none of this should feel like “work” or it won’t work! So, take care of yourself, really just means, in that moment, given your current circumstances, do the thing that is best for you. Sometimes it means going to the event and staying for an hour instead of the whole evening. And, sometimes it means, skipping it all together, even though, you committed to being there (that was the hardest thing for me to do – change my yes to a no after the fact when I realized, I really just want to lay in bed and watch TV tonight).

  • Mia says:

    Thank you, I love that story, too! It’s very inspiring.
    I hear that so often: “Just follow your joy” or “Just follow your greatest excitement” … but sometimes it isn’t all that easy.
    I wonder what you can do if you feel so burned out that it’s difficult to even find a little bit of joy in your life … what to do when nothing feels joyful any more?

    • Jeannette says:

      Relief, Mia! Give yourself relief, little by little, however you can, until you’re back in the neighborhood of joy again. 🙂

      • Mia says:

        Thanks, Jeannette!
        I’m glad you say that because it confirms my own findings: Relief seems to be my “favorite” feeling at the moment.
        Eliminating “must” and “should”, letting go (as much as I’m able to) and even giving up feels SO “right” for me at the moment. I hope I’ll find my way back to joy eventually … thanks for the encouragement and for posting this inspiring story!
        P.S.: I’d love to learn more about the self-care strategy mentioned here, this seems to be a big part of the puzzle for me, too.

    • Amina says:

      Hi Mia – I totally relate. That is exactly where I was when I did this for the first time. And, in that moment, if someone had told me to “follow my joy”, I probably would have thrown up on them (which may have temporarily brought me some joy).
      I was emotionally beyond burned out (honestly, probably clinically depressed). Some times following my joy in those moments was eating a cupcake, or watching hours of re-runs of Gilmore Girls. Following your joy does not mean (necessarily) starting your new work passion, but literally, just whatever brings you relief for a minute – and that may be a long bath or taking a nap when you have a to do list a mile long. But, often times, we don’t give ourselves permission to take the nap or eat the cupcake because we should… xyz, and that is what this is about. Do what you can in the moment, given the circumstances, to have just a moment of joy – even if it is just blasting the radio on the car ride home. I hope that helps clarify and I share in your intention that burn out turns to blissful ease with no effort on your part.

  • Aniket says:

    wow… awesome story..thanks for sharing..
    This is what Bashar teaches as well
    Act on your highest excitement in every moment.” If you always act on the thing that contains the most excitement with zero expectation of the outcome, you will be walking the optimal path no matter how it looks.

    • Jeannette says:

      Bashar’s teaching on this subject is actually one of my biggest inspirations to practice it, Aniket! Thanks for quoting him here. 🙂

    • Amina says:

      Love it – truth is truth. People ask me all the time, “what should I do” and the truth is if you are present in the moment and do whatever will bring you the greatest joy in that moment, given the circumstances you are in, you have mastered life!

  • Nikky says:

    Love that story …. So inspiring…. There is a better way of living in this world and you are a great example of that.

  • Elle says:

    This is so timely, as yesterday the top youtubers were kids raking in millions playing video games! They do what they love and the money flows. One needs to be in that flow, however, so I understand what you mean.
    The reason why people are not following their joy is because they need money to pay the rent. Believe me, the problem with this world is that people are doing what they do not want to do. The thought is, how will I pay the bills? The money comes first and the self-respect and preservation last and this is the problem.
    How do you pay your rent? What exactly do you do from home and are paid for it so well?

    • Mrs V says:

      “Quote” How do you pay your rent? What exactly do you do from home and are paid for it so well?
      Keep in mind that it is not about the activity as Abe mentions. One can so the same thing work wise without the feelings of Joy, flow etc. and earn F.all. I have known people who sell things that they have no interest in whatsoever but they continue because it brings in the money.
      I understand what you say about most people not liking there jobs because they are not doing what they want to do, respect etc. but I think al least for me it is a question of knowing with full confidence of stepping outside zone and following though with lets say a project that I love to do. It does not mean that because I love it that the money will come. You only have to look at the job of some Artist’s for that. You may find this Abe link of use.

      • Elle says:

        Thank you, Mrs. V! I would really like to understand this one so I appreciate your response. So, you do not look at the money, you do it for the sheer joy of it, right? I gather that you are in love with life and it loves you back so everything is in flow and it just flows in.
        Those who I had in mind when I commented are perhaps not in love with life. They complain a lot and say they are stuck at a bad job but at least they can pay the rent. So, I would think they would feel good about it and appreciate it, no? It is one of the Abe processes, after all.
        I myself left the job and it turns out those who I mentioned still owe me money, but I won’t get angry about it. I filled out the paperwork for a lost check that was mailed. The only job I have is to feel good, so I won’t be dragged down by this “predicament” as they called it, or the possibility that they are playing with or bs-ing me, as my friend mentioned. I’ll keep my happiness to myself.
        Abe tell us to focus only on what is wanted.

        • Elle says:

          Update: the check was not only sent to me, it was directly deposited via electronic payment! Thank you Universe! Good thing I did not get upset about it. After being told there were no direct deposits available for the type of money owed to me, it was done. Thank you Universe! I just received receipt of the direct deposit! Amen.

        • Mrs V says:

          I’m lovin it! You know the universe has your back. Keep in that flow.
          Yeah for sure I look at the money but it is not my main focus. What I do is do anything and everything from going from a jog, working out, going to a gallery, watch a film, listening to music, chanting, sitting in front of my fire place watching the flames, cracking jokes. Anything, just anything to keep in good vibes. I need this as fuel for the success of my projects. Normally only one or to goals at the same time but no more than that as I know I will lose focus. The main thing is that I no longer freak out about money, bills etc. because I know doing that I will only receive nothing out of lack.
          You see what Abe mentioned in the first bit of the audio about not focusing about the money not being there.

        • Elle says:

          ‘The main thing is that I no longer freak out about money, bills etc. because I know doing that I will only receive nothing out of lack”. Yes, Mrs V., this is it.
          Abe always say to focus on what you want and only that.
          Thank you so, so much for the clarification!
          Blessings and good vibes to all!

        • Jeannette says:

          I’m appreciating this exchange – big thanks to both of you for elaborating on some of these ideas! 🙂

    • Amina says:

      I love the exchange too – and Mrs. V hit on all the main points and I see that you are already creating magic, Elle! That’s the way to sit back, relax, and let the money roll in.
      As to your comment about paying rent – remember, you can be joyful in any situation – it is a choice. By choosing to be joyful in a dead end job and finding tiny, miniscule moments of joy, you activate the same power to be working every day and every minute in joy. But, all of us, myself included, had to start where we were. This article is published in a book called Success University for Women. And, in that book, I talk about how this came about – I was definitely in the darkest place I had ever been when I discovered this principle. So, you don’t have to be financially stable or abundant to start, you don’t have to be in the field of your dream job to start. You can be in the “worst possible place” and start finding mini moments of joy and see this principle kick in! I remember I used to drive to work so heart broken, balling the entire 45-1 hour drive there, and the only joy I would have is getting a cup of coffee in the little shop in the building and saying good morning to the receptionist (who I loved)… and those were the moments of joy at work when I started this!

  • Mrs. V says:

    I am living proof of this because I can make my monthly 35 hrs a week salary within 10 minutes. I can only do this in a heavy high state of fun & joy (a kind of excited rush) When I an not in this state of mind nothing happens.
    When I decided to work for myself over 16 yrs ago I decided that I was never going to work hard ever again. If I put in the so called hard work it feels like you have mentioned and I see if as fun.

    • Jeannette says:

      Thanks for chiming in with more evidence that this works, Mrs. V! 🙂

    • Amina says:

      I love stories like this. Just helps all of us expand what is possible for us… I am going to borrow yours and make my weekly income in 10 minutes, joyously! What a great new thought to put out into the world!

  • Anonymous says:

    Thanks for sharing your story. It’s a great reminder that there are so many different ways to alignment =)

  • So much to love about this story. Joy, self-care, self-love are the keys to having what we want. No need to put pressure on ourselves, beat up on ourselves, prove ourselves, feel guilty for working less… Thank you so much for sharing your story Amina. And thank you Jeannette for spreading this kind of joy 🙂

    • Jeannette says:

      Yes, I love it when someone puts it to the test in the real world to help encourage others that it’s safe to practice! 🙂

    • Amina says:

      Thanks for the liking the post, Nat! It is all about who we are being and so little about what we do… who knew it could be this straightforward!

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