Guest Post: Andy Dooley's 3 Holes in the Wall

This guy is a favorite of mine for so many reasons!Β  Check out this hilarious yet instructional post by Andy Dooley:

“I drilled three, one-inch holes in my wall and they are all in the wrong places!”
“Holy hell!”
Here’s a story of how my simple formula, THINK, FOCUS, FEEL, ATTRACT saved the day!
I was installing new shelves in my home office. A destroy-it yourself project. I mean, do-it yourself project!
Look out! I’m a man on a mission with power tools!!! Arrrrrrrrr!
DeWALT cordless drill 8.9 turbo, power saw, power vacuum, my nail gun and cement mixer!
I have 3 holes in my wall that need to be spackled and painted before I can finish installing my new shelves. Holy hell!
I was standing in my garage looking around… I find the spackling.
Now, where is the touch up paint????
I am looking everywhere, high and low, left and right! I even looked in my underwear drawer! Whoa, can’t tell you what I found there!
I am thinking to myself, “I know I have touch up paint”.Β  “I know I have touch up paint.”
“WHERE is it????”
Shaking the cordless drill to the paint Gods in the sky!!!! “I can’t find it! I can’t find it! I can’t find it! I can’t find it!”
Ugh, frustration!!
This means I have to go to the paint store? I don’t have time! But I have to fix these holes before I can install the shelves!
Wait a MINUTE!!!!! My vibration of attraction is way off. I am not in the receiving mode of my beloved paint!
Okay, let’s look at my situation. What am I doing wrong? Duh!!!!
Standing in my garage saying, “I can’t find it! Where is it? I can’t find it? I have looked everywhere!”
I am more focused on the lack of it, rather than the presence of it!
I am focused on what I don’t want, instead of what I do want.
I want the paint but I keep saying to myself over and over. I can’t find it, where is it? I know it’s around here somewhere, I can’t find it!
With my thoughts and focus on, “I can’t find it”, I now begin to FEEL the impossibility of finding it!!!
How I feel is how I attract!
Even though I want the paint, even though I visualize myself painting my closet. I am still so focused on how I can NOT find the paint, that I am NOW vibrating at a frequency that will not allow me to find the paint. No matter how hard I try!
I looked everywhere and could not find it! It’s gone!
KABOOM – FLASH OF LIGHTING! Suddenly I heard a voice inside my head! (Celestial music in the background)
“If you want to find the paint you have to start feeling like you have already found it!!!!!!!”
Whoa, dude! I slowly put down the cordless drill!
At first I could not find that feeling anywhere, because I was frustrated and starting to get angry!
The “feeling” of finding the paint was no where to be found!
This is where I used my THINK, FOCUS, FEEL, ATTRACT formula!
First I had to find a thought, one simple thought that would bring me the feeling I was after! I wasn’t even sure what the feeling thought would be???
I put my hands over my head and said, “YES! I found the paint! Woohoo! I did it! There it is! I knew it was around here somewhere! I found the paint. It was right there!! Ha ha ha! Silly me. I found it!!! Woohoo!”
Now I just radically changed my whole body and the way I feel, by simply thinking new thoughts and using my body! (hands waving over my head.)
I was now FEELING AS IF I had found the paint!!! I was living it. I was now vibrating on the same frequency as the paint.
Then I said something spontaneously brilliant, “I found the paint, it was in the……”
I paused for a half a second because I was now going to say where I found the paint, but the truth was I did not KNOW because I had not found the paint yet!!!
I was lying to myself!!!!
But hey, I am just playing pretend, make believe, no big deal, just make up a location where I found the paint! Gulp!
I said out loud, “I found the paint in the… washing machine!!!!!”
Laughing, I danced around singing, I found the paint! It worked!
Then I thought, “Okay forget about it, go do something else.”
I walked out of the garage and just for kicks went into the laundry room, I looked inside the washing machine. I laughed at my silliness.
Then I stopped and looked up above the washing machine. I have cabinets. Inside those cabinets is laundry detergent, rags, shoe polish, etc.
I had the impulse to open up the cabinets……………
I opened up the cabinet door and……….. there was the paint!!!
I found the paint!
WHY? Because I found the feeling first!!
Feeling first, manifestation second!

* * * * * * * *

First, I thought new thoughts. Then I focused on those new thoughts! Then I focused those new thoughts into the FEELING. Then I attracted my desire!
I would have NEVER found the paint if my focus and feeling was on the lack of paint, even though my desire was for the paint!!
I wanted the paint, I wanted it so bad!!! BUT IT wasn’t until I focused on the FEELING of finding the paint and feeling AS IF I had already found the paint that I changed my vibration of attraction and was now in the receiving mode of finding the paint!!
What are you looking for in your life?
What is driving you crazy because it has not manifested yet????
Right now how would you feel if you found it, discovered it, attracted it? How would you feel??? Feel it now by using the simple formula Think, Focus, Feel, Attract!
FIRST you have to deliberately think new thoughts. SECOND you have to focus on those thoughts for at least 2 minutes, 3 times a day. Throw in some guided visualization for fun. THIRD you have to feel those new thoughts!!! Get that feeling going inside your mind, body and soul. Feel the excitement, passion, joy, gratitude and appreciation. FOURTH know you are attracting it to you.
Then celebrate AS IF it’s already done and be happy! Now you are in the receiving mode of all your desires!
Remember, the feeling has to come first, the manifestation comes second!
If you can feel it, you can have it!
Think, Focus, Feel, Attract!

If you get the chance to see Andy live, don’t miss it!Β  And if you’re in Utah, his brother Mike (of Notes from the Universe fame) is coming to Salt Lake on February 20th!Β  Love you guys!

  • January 5, 2010
  • Anna W says:

    I love this post. Such a humorous story. I think the point of doing something else is right on. I can’t count the times when I have forgotten to unilize the law of attraction when looking for something and I did not find it untill I was no longer looking for it.
    Anna W

  • Hi Jeannette,
    What an excellent reminder. (-:
    I’d like to share an “aha” moment with you and the group, if I may. I recently was coached by an energy worker, and she was helping me shift to a more empowered energy. She taught me the importance of advanced gratitude prayers, (i.e. giving thanks for the desired manifestation as if it already is). “I now have the perfect experience, house, income mate, etc… I do receive. Thank You, God.”
    I told her my gratitude prayers were much longer, detailing everything. She said too much description is an attempt to control. My “aha” came when I realized that when I am in the midst of my desired experience, I already feel good about it, and I’m already thinking about the next thing I’d like to manifest.
    The ego is in a perpetual state of desire, and sometimes it becomes “stuck” on a certain idea because it’s an easy way to tap into limiting beliefs and “what if” and all the other things holding us back instead of supporting us in moving forward. Andy and everyone here make an excellent point about shifting to celebration and releasing the thought.
    Thanks for posting this, Jeannette, and most especially for reminding me to constantly live in a state of imagination, possibility, and celebration where our dreams grow and become real.

  • Angie Lay says:

    What an awesome post! Thanks for the reminder. It’s been a while since I’ve checked out Andy’s stuff… Now I’m off to check it out again! πŸ™‚

  • Mia says:

    Very cool post, thanks for the reminder!

  • “”And I guess it stands to reason that when I have what I want, I probably won’t be thinking about it every second of the day, right?””
    Mitch, that was SO well put it made me go ding!!
    This year I finally got it and am LOVING how I’m manifesting my new mate – by feeling how I’d feel when we’re together, then going out and doing fun stuff with my friends instead of wondering when he’s gonna show up.
    Cos when he’s here, I’m not gonna be asking where he is, right πŸ™‚ Good one!

  • Alora says:

    His writing makes me laugh out loud!
    And Pernille’s comment on finding the cheese reminds how I was trying to use this with my daughter. We were playing a puzzle game were getting stuck. I said, “Let’s High-5 each other right now and get all excited about it like we’ve just figured out how to solve the puzzle.”
    And you’ve gotta love kids – she was like “OK!” – and we did it – and it worked. We kept solving those puzzles and had a great time doing it.
    But now you are reminding me that this is for more than just puzzles and paint – it can be about anything and everything.
    Thanks for the blog, Jeannette, it rocks.

  • Mitch says:

    Thanks for your comments, TIA and Erik! You bring up really good points.
    And I guess it stands to reason that when I have what I want, I probably won’t be thinking about it every second of the day, right? And if feeling now how we would feel then is the key, then I could probably do with some healthy distraction in between manifesting efforts.
    I can remember a big string of manifestations showing up after I went rock climbing a while ago. I think it was because I spent a whole day actively engaged in SOMETHING ELSE. lol

  • Berta Bauer, Lighthouse Coaching and Retreats says:

    Just spent the day shopping (one of my most disliked tasks) and did the same thing. Got frustrated not finding the black jeans that I needed, stopped myself and said,”Of course I will find them for exactly the price I want to spend.”
    Browsed around, looking at other stuff and there they were!
    Didn’t hit the deer that jumped in front of my car either because I set the intention to have a safe drive to and from Duluth.
    Love this post. I’m loving applying it to the big stuff that I’m intending, too. 2010 is going to be the best year yet.

  • Gillian says:

    Great post and a great reminder!

  • Janette says:

    LOL, fabulous post! I’ve used this technique for finding lost items a few times, and you wouldn’t BELIEVE where they turn up. Not – so far – in the washing machine, but some pretty unlikely spots. Most amazingly, they are usually in spots I’ve ALREADY LOOKED. So my old can’t-find-it thoughts were literally preventing me from seeing the lost item.
    I love love love the mix of LOA and humour. And it’s powerful stuff – laughter is one of the best ways to disconnect from negative feelings in a hurry. Especially if we can laugh at ourselves.
    G K Chesterton said it best – angels fly because they take themselves lightly.

  • Erik says:

    hehe, just like Pernille, this is the way, I go about if I want to find something I lost or misplaced. Just focus on “I have found it, I feel so glad that I finally found it, yay!!” and hold on to that for some moments. Almost never failed to be efficient :).
    @Mitch: I second TIA’s answer, letting go is absolutely necessary and as you say pretty hard sometimes at the same time. That is why Jeannette always instructs us to ‘feel good’ and to ‘goof off’ I guess. I figure that when we want something, most of our thoughts actually push the thing we want away!! No wonder we have to stop that for some moments πŸ˜‰ for the good things to start rolling in.

  • Nathaniel says:

    OMG, I just discovered Andy Dooley like two weeks ago. And thought it was amazing that he exists. He is a Bliss Coach, Law of Attraction Artist, and Spiritual Comedian–Very inspiring! And to top it all off, Jeannette is buddies with him. I want to start a blog and write funny LOA articles like him.

  • Iyabo Asani, The Inner Genius Coach says:

    Really great post.
    I love the details because it tells us exactly what happens.
    Frustration, anger, all those more not so good feeling emotions, put us in flight or fight mode and the blood rushes to that part of our brain that is saying danger, danger!
    So we cannot think outside the box that just shrunk even more.
    When we get light about things, we get our best ideas because of blood flow to the parts of our brain that are creative and open to new ideas.
    O yes, and the law of attraction stuff too!

  • MissyB says:

    Love it !

  • Yes Mitch! When I was focusing on getting a visa for New Zealand I realised I was SO caught up in it that my energy was starting to get frustrated so I quickly got up n went for a walk and smiled at people on the streets etc – taking my mind off it. Got back home to find my visa had been approved!
    That’s why letting go is so important cos after focusing so intensely we can cross from wanting into yearning..

  • Mitch says:

    He brings up an interesting point when he says “let it go and go do something else.” I’ve been wondering about this step.
    Would you say that it’s necessary to stop thinking about something before it will come? ‘Cause when I get my sights on manifesting something, I spend quite a bit of time thinking about it, sometimes I never stop thinking about it. I’ve wondered if things might speed up if I take a break now and then. πŸ™‚
    Thanks for the post, Jeannette!

  • I know, huh, Mary?! Let’s be willing to “act crazy” and check the washing machines for the paint cans! ha ha
    Yeah, we’ve got to be willing to tell it differently in order for it to turn out differently.
    Thanks for posting, my friend!

  • I love this post! Thanks for sharing it, Jeannette.
    Sometimes I think people in LOA circles tend to forget the importance of finding better-feeling thoughts, or thoughts that reflect that you *already* have what you want. We know we’re supposed to FEEL like we already have what we want, but sometimes (at least for me) it’s difficult to jump to that feeling without some change in my thoughts first. Not to mention, when you change your thoughts first you’re almost guaranteed to change your feelings in the direction you want!
    I always have my coaching clients come up with a list of thoughts they would be thinking if their desire had already manifested in their life. And they’re always surprised to see how radically different those thoughts are from what they’re currently thinking! Even if you don’t believe the new thoughts at first, you should still repeat them in your mind as often as you can. In a very short time your mind will start to believe them, plus it will help shift your vibration!
    Figure out what you want, figure out what thoughts and feelings you would have if you already had that thing, then get busy sticking with those thoughts and feelings as often as possible! πŸ™‚

  • It’s great to learn with such a lively sense of humor, isn’t it, Pernille?! Andy’s a pro at that!
    Thanks for reading, and especially for launching the conversation!

  • Love this story, it’s so funny πŸ™‚
    And the message is very important – be very carefull and deliberate with you thoughts!!!
    I’m using this very often in the small everyday life situations now – for instance, when I’m in a supermarket and I don’t see the particular cheese I want on the shelves, I start telling myself that “I know it’s there, somewhere, I just haven’t found it yet!”
    Then I take another look, and keep repeating the same sentence over and over again. Sometimes I have to look 3 times – but I always find what I’m looking for -and it makes me laugh every time πŸ™‚

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