3 LOA Truths I Resisted

loa-key.jpgAlthough I like to think of myself as a quick study, there have been some Law of Attraction-related truths that I was slow on the take with.  In hopes of shortening your learning curve, I offering three here and also inviting you to post YOUR favorite LOA lessons for the benefit of others: 

1. It’s easy to mistake the vibe. 
Even when I was making a full time living as an LOA Coach I occasionally managed to fool myself about what my vibration really was. 
Example from years ago: One day a client slot opened up, so I vibed “new client.”  Said the words I always said, felt the feeling I always felt.  That’s how I filled every opening.  And they always manifested within 24-48 hours. 
Two days later there was still no new client.  I was like, “What?!”  They’re always here by now!
But I knew enough not to get hung up on “they’re not here” since I’d just reinforce that reality, and I went about my business not giving it any more attention. 
Five days later I finished the second of two big projects I’d been working on for a while.  As the last email was sent off, I took a deep breath of relief, put my hands behind my head, leaned back in my chair, and spontaneously said, “NOW I’m ready for my new client.”
And in that moment I felt the TRUTH of my “new client” vibe.  It wasn’t until then I realized although I said the words the week prior, I didn’t really FEEL the new client feeling.  What I felt was more like “got an open slot, should probably fill it, I’m super busy, but gotta fill the slot.”  It was a mixture of “should” and “brakes.”  Know what I mean?  I was oblivious to it.  And I do this stuff for a LIVING.
Not until I felt the pure clean easy desire for it that day did I realize I’d been fooling myself the week prior.  And with that true new client vibe, within two days I had three wonderful folks show up, one of which was my first celebrity!  (woo hoo!)
I remember Jeanna saying she was in the hot seat telling Abraham that she was vibing “milk” for her step-daughter but getting “pop.”  (Step daughter was intaking much more sugar than Jeanna thought healthy.)  Abe said Jeanna was confused about her real vibe – that was she stuck on pop, nowhere near milk.  Made me feel better that I have good company in this misidentifying-the-vibe thing.
2. Acceptance is the first step to change.
This one took a while to sink in, too, even though I was well versed on “Resist = Persist” and the importance of releasing resistance in order to allow what we want.  I knew it intellectually, but what it looked like and how to manage it was a long learning curve.
Needing something to change is in and of itself resistance
There was plenty of practice for me when it came to dropping ten pounds.  I thought I could just manifest a couple pounds right off, but when that didn’t happen immediately, I eventually understood it was my opposition to them – my lack of acceptance and love of them – that kept them firmly in place.
I’ve also noticed this when I need foster kitties to be healthy, or my foster dog to get adopted, or my boyfriend to be amenable.  All that need for change has to go before any of it can happen.  When I make peace with sick kitties, bad dogs, and irritable boyfriends, guess what?  They get better, get adopted, and get friendly.
Pretty cool how that works – although it took me a while to remember this in (what I considered) high stakes situations. 
3. We’re doing this ALL the time. 
Every moment creates the next.  All thoughts count, not just the ones we pick on purpose when we sit down to do our formal manifesting work.
In virtually every moment we’re anticipating the future; visioning what we see happening.  And usually we’re very realistic and practical about it.  (If not downright negative.)
That habit of anticipating what’s coming next doesn’t leverage our creative power – unless we tend to envision dream come true outcomes.  Which, some people do.  I don’t happen to be one of them.
And I’m not saying we should always reach for the highest thought possible – but at least recognize those mundane thoughts (let alone the negative ones) take up valuable real estate.
So when I anticipate a busy day, or imagine someone reacting badly to what I’m about to say, or wonder whether the restaurant will be closed …  hello!  Use your power, girlfriend!  (That’s me talking to myself.)
Let’s hear it from you folks.  What were the eye-opening realizations that led you to harness your creative powers?

  • November 7, 2008
  • Shunsuke says:

    Wow. What a great post!! Very inspiring. And I can certainly relate it to myself.
    I got to know Abraham like a year ago, and so I think I’ve just started to learn about deliberate creation. But the 2nd truth “acceptance is the first step to change” so reminded of me something i used to do when i felt trapped or being stressed with what i didn’t want. Having studying psychology and spirituality myself, i think I’ve been knowing “intellectually” for a quite a while that acceptance is one of the core things in order to achieve healing(I’ve started to understand it’s the same for deliberate creation). but practically doing it always was and is challenging to me. And usually when i got scared what i really wanted clouded over what i didn’t want that i was not able to shift my attention. And in this kind of situation, i ended up persuading myself saying” hey if I really have a choice about everything, then a bad thing is not really a bad thing, is it?” and then radically i started to give positive value to what i got scared of, I started to say yes! to the failure and potential failure. and believe it or not, it always worked to me. I started to feel like whatever happen it would always be a good thing, because even the failure was good now:) After getting to know LOA, i was afraid of using this technique because i thought it’d manifest what i don’t want…hmm.. but wait if i decide that bad things are good things. then bad things really doesn’t exist in my reality.. so it wont matter to me, I guess. well I think I’m still confused about this. Probably it’s something to do with what Anna said that we can simply make a decision to feel something else. But oddly when i decide like this, I feel like what i really want is also much reachable.
    Thank you for the great post, Jeannette. And all the people who commented here. Very very helpful.

  • Anna says:

    Beautifully written. Perfectly stated. Absolute truth.
    Thank you, Prophet Within!
    Jeannette – I second PW’s sentiment.
    With lots of your beloved exclamation marks!!!! lol

  • Thank you so much Jeannette. Whenever I need inspiration, there is a post from you that picks me right up and makes me understand difficulties I have been having. My own blog post yesterday talked about the negative emotions that welled up in me during a disagreement with my wife and how that affected me. You are right, I let the negative take over too much valuable landscape.
    And your amazing truth has buoyed me, as usual. Thank you for your wonderful blog and thank you for your help, even if you didnt’ know I needed it at the time.

  • Floyd, thank you so much for posting to say so! Very encouraging for the time invested here. Thanks for being part of it all with us! 🙂

  • Floyd Bogart says:

    The human consciousness is such a simply complex entity. Your articles are a big help for me on my own road of discovery.
    Thanks to you…

  • Anna, what a HUGE one!! Thanks for putting a spotlight on it!!!!

    Man, you guys are BRILLIANT!!

    “We can simply make a decision to feel something else, well that’s an amazing truth.” GOOSE BUMPS!

  • Anna says:

    The fact that we can simply make a decision to feel something else, well that’s an amazing truth I’m still coming to realize. It’s so easy, so simple, can it be true?
    I’m testing what I know must happen – proving it to me and friends…
    Friday: Told my truck is “worse case scenario” as far as brakes go, $1,600+ to “make it safe.” Unable to think, I giggled hysterically. Made a few calls (pleas for help a friend thought necessary, aka her way of dealing with this). No results she anticipated. I decided to get the heck out of the Universe’s way and STOP TRYING TO FIX IT. As quickly as I said it out loud, I felt better, lighter – pretty darn good!
    Monday: Someone offered to “fix” it for me. Didn’t feel good. I told them I would be back on the road in a safe vehicle in 10 days – as long as I let the Universe tend to the “how” of it. Yay!
    I feel giddy thinking about their response when I tell them what happened!
    I can hardly wait to find out the details of this miracle myself!! Oooo – it’s so exciting!
    Giving up the hard stuff! lol

  • Kristy M says:

    Tia- “When Im in flow its all great but when I/m out of sync I go arghhh Im tired of waiting I want it now now now till I remember whhooops, this isnt how it works and start re-syncing my manifestation vibe”
    You’ve pretty much summed up what I’ve been feeling lol. I need to get back “in sync” (can’t say that without thinking of the band n’sync haha). I guess thats just my “pre loa” thoughts creeping in and I need to tell them to get out… like I said things usually turn out great and then I’m like ‘why in the world was I so upset????’….. I need to learn from that haha
    but go Sagittarius!! 🙂 🙂

  • Brilliant insights and lessons, Iyabo! I can relate to both of those!

    Thanks for bringing your energy here, my friend. I love you!

  • Iyabo Asani says:

    Hi guys,
    For me my big LOA lessons was really distinguishing between want and need. Understanding pure desire versus yearning and craving (lack). It took me a while to realize that I was focused on the negative end of the stick, of what was lacking instead of what I just plain wanted. I got stuck because many times I just knew what I did not want and I was to scared to actually want.
    So when I started playing with my wants and believing I deserved what I want and I can create what I want, I gained more clarity.
    My biggest LOA lessons are about taking responsibility for my life and not letting life just happen to me but really tapping into that creative component of who I am and living from that creative space.

  • Tia says:

    Ok I just came back and read everyone’s comments and woww JM I totally know what you mean by going in and out of sync and I bet every single person here goes thru that too its the natural order of growth and progress. Thanks for the great feedback on my site – how did you know I was in CA!? I did have a mention of ‘comp sesh anywhere in the world’ and thought it was too long so took it out but will put something back in to show Im open to clients the whole world over. Ive got some awesome feedback and lots of cool changes to consider, yay! THANKS again for taking the time to check it out 🙂
    Kristy, copy on the I want it now Sag impatience – being a fellow Sag I can attest that it gets me too! When Im in flow its all great but when I/m out of sync I go arghhh Im tired of waiting I want it now now now till I remember whhooops, this isnt how it works and start re-syncing my manifestation vibe 😉
    And OMG Mitch nailed it on the head – thats part of what Ive been feeling thus far too that I “need more training and work” before I can do what I want to do and I realise whats MOST important is KNOWING and feeling that I can do it with all I have right now and training will just hone my skills but I already AM who I need to be!! Success is GUARANTEED my friends.
    Thanks guys for some amazing perspectives here.

  • Yeah, and what we THINK is a bad situation often turns out to be PERFECT with just a little bit of hindsight.

    Sometimes maybe a LOT of hindsight. lol

  • Gillian says:

    Jeannette, I read your article again and the 2nd point struck a cord in me and I really that its this 2nd point “Acceptance is the first step to change”. Accepting bad situations, and as you said, it really takes a big reminder to adpot and accepting attitude during high stake situations. – I am working on it!

  • JM, I love your daily written intentions idea. I’m sure that will serve you well!

    In fact, that’s probably why I’m liking http://www.intent.com – an easy way to go “public” with an intention. I may pop over and do that myself today!

    Thanks for posting, JM. You give us great food for thought and lots of delicious exploration opportunities!

  • JM says:

    Wow…yes! What great conversation! Thank you Gillian…your posts are SO helpful! I am beginning to be more conscious in every moment and recognizing how strong my faith really can be. I feel like I only recently really connected the dots about what my faith now is since I haven’t ever been really religious. I think I even responded to someone else’s quandry about it either here or on our good news board. Faith really shines through in moments like these when things aren’t how you are hoping them. It’s faith in the “unknown” that everything is always perfect as it is and that everything is always going to be alright. I have that often, but every now and again I think my problem is that I will stand back and look at the big picture….and instead of realizing what Jeanette does, what I end up seeing is how much is at stake, and what life will be like for me should none of these important things come to me. Doesn’t usually set my mind at ease! I guess I am totally wrong on it…but when I allow myself to imagine life without the things I feel I was put here to do not happening…I don’t know how I could live with that. I feel like so many things have brought me to this point that a recognition that maybe this isn’t meant to be reveals a depressing world I can’t understand. If all I that I have gotten signs about, prepared for and worked towards just “wasn’t meant to be”. I don’t know what I would do with myself! Funny I can say that when a date doesn’t work out “oh, I guess that just wasn’t mean to be.” but not about this. So with each passing year…when reality may force me to reassess my situation…when others are long gone from pursuing this dream…yet here I remain, with no financial security beyond this month (or week, sometimes) and no health insurance wondering if I am being a fool. I obviously snap out of it and keep on keepin’ on…and often end up doing something I love, but man, it isn’t getting any easier!
    oye. sorry to expell all of that but I hope it is totally relevant. (Now you can see why I would want to go by JM on message boards online!)
    So yes..gratitude journals and pray rain journals really do make me feel better. I haven’t exactly seen direct reality results from the pray rain…but I still believe! For me, they mostly just make me feel better. Which is always a step in the right direction. I am starting them both up again! I have also just decided to type down my intentions daily. Not necessarily just for that day…but just some “I am” statements…stream of consciousness….about whatever “I AM”…also making me feel good (and not all that different from Praying Rain).
    I also feel like I go in and out of my manifesting powers. I go through phases when everything is totally in sync and everyone I meet is like a beautiful magical character in my lovely story…and then I can go through phases where it just isn’t. I am obviously in one of those right now. Thank the Universe I have a place to come and talk/learn about it!
    Thank you!
    P.S. Tia…your website is so gorgeous! I LOVE it! I had no idea you were in Canada. Just a thought…are you only open to clients in Canada? If not…maybe a mention of that is helpful? It made me wonder and others may as well. Best of luck to you! I love your site’s name!

  • Gillian says:

    Thanks Jeannette, I find that consciousness is key to power and is the light that dispells darkness. So whenever a negative feeling creeps up in me such as anxiety, I am conscious about this feeling and then I ask myself: Does feeling anxious and desperate serve me? NO! I don’t try to fight negative feelings, because fighting it doesn’t work. I am just simply conscious about what I feel and each time I am conscious of a negative feeling, I weaken it and it comes around less frequent, soon those bad feelings disappear forever!
    Cheers, Gillian
    Cheers, Gillian

  • Gillian, what a great way to shift the energy without engaging the “battle” – by asking one simple question:

    “Does feeling anxious and desperate serve me?”

    Nicely done! Thanks for sharing your experience here and allowing us to benefit from it as well.

  • Oooh, Tia – how exciting! I’m feeling your “Ready NOW” vibe loud and clear, which means Universe is too!! woo hoo!!

    Kudos to you for being self aware enough to make the energetic distinctions.

    Thanks for posting!

    PS – fabulous job on your site – it’s high time you let yourself move forward on this! 🙂

  • Tia says:

    Oh and if ANY of you want to check it out and give me some feedback (using the comment/contact me functions so I can see how they actually work) that would be awesome and I would be much obliged!!
    I’ve done a spell check and am still playing with the content so its not very polished yet but if I didnt let it go live today I wld sit on it for a few more weeks, lol.
    I’m aiming to take inspired action and fail fast and fail often so I can be hugely successful ~ woohoo and
    THANK YOU for checking out my site 🙂

  • Tia says:

    Ok I thought I had posted here but maybe it was a dream? Lmao ~ I’m dreaming of the GoodVibeBlog!!
    The last 2 months I’ve been saying yeah, I’m starting my coaching practice and each time I have the opportunity to get a client, I er.. let it go. And I keep saying wooohooo I’m earning $$5000 every month and in the same breath tell my friends Gosh I havent had a job in 3 months and Im just spending $ and not earning anything!
    And I kept wanting this to change of course, I said I should start my practice now, I should create my website, I should network, I should offer sample sessions, I should get a p/t job and earn some $, I really should .. And I sure didnt feel like doing any of those things. Oopss .. 🙂
    Accepted it and said ok Tia, just do nothing (including staying indoors for 4 days straight cos of the rain and cos I just didnt feel like leaving the house to get wet) ~ and voila I’ve JUSt finished my website (I love it even if I know I will change it a 100 times over!), am offering sample sessions, and am NOW ready to start my practice!! Bring it ON Universe!
    No matter what we say and try to convince ourselves of, the truth is our inner being knows better. And we can keep asking for this n that but untill we really feel it with no doubts, it’s not gonna happen! When the time is right it all falls into place.
    Check, I am complete.

  • Wow, I’m liking your formula, Joyce! Thanks for sharing it here … I can see how practicing it would be effective!

  • The choice, Candy! The conscious choice! That’s how you stop investing in those old stories you’re tired of.
    You recognize when you’re going there, and you steer yourself somewhere new!
    You’ve done that before, and you can do it again – on this same topic. You can!! You will!! 🙂

  • Try my GRABS formula — new spin on Law of attraction ask,believe receive .
    G= Gratitude start with Gratitude, R– release and receive– be ready to receive immediately after the release of old patterns – the incentive enables you to release faster. A– acknowledge what you’re doing right now –ask for help B– be yourself (authentic) believe , S = share your abundance — starts cycle of creativity and prosperity IMMEDIATELY — http://www.tinyurl.com/seeinsidebook Joyce Schwarz, author The Vision Board #1 spiritual Best-seller amazon..com

  • Candy says:

    Hi Everyone
    This post really struck a chord with me and I’ve loved reading all your comments as well.
    I have started to realize that one thing I’ve been doing is staying stuck in my past and present stories.
    Instead of accepting where I am, knowing it’s perfect, appreciating the opportunity to create something new, and looking forward to where I will be, I find myself getting very distracted by how things were, and are.
    And that’s the funny thing: I’m tired of what I’ve been getting, so very tired and so very discouraged by it, that I’m getting me some more! HA!
    I think the key for me is going to be to really start looking forwards, not backwards. Forwards, not sideways.
    It’s like the difference between standing on a beach, about to swim, and admiring the view versus standing on a beach, wanting to swim, and sticking your head in the sand instead!
    In both scenarios you get to enjoy a beautiful beach. But one way is a lot easier for getting you out into the surf where all the fun is. Personally, I’m ready to take my head out of the sand!
    So that was my light bulb moment with this. Any tips on how I can stop investing in my past and present stories? I’d appreciate them!

  • How to truly release the need (and thus resistance) on the “huge” stuff – beautiful question, JM!

    That deserves its own post, but I’ll start here with a quick response and invite others to do the same.

    Okay, wait a minute. I just read Gillian’s post and I’m not sure I could improve on it! Wise words there, Gillian!

    Make peace, be easy on yourself, be present, know there’s no difference between the “big” and the “small” stuff …

    Gillian!! I’m going on vacation! You’ve got this handled!! ha

    I will say that when I’m pressed and feeling the “need” of something, what helps me is being able to refocus on the big picture. Remembering that there’s nothing at stake, nothing can be lost, nothing can go wrong. Everything is perfect.

    I’ve attained enough goals to know that getting there isn’t the be all end all I sometimes fool myself into thinking. What matters most? Enjoying my time here. And there is ALWAYS something to enjoy. Right here. Right now.


    What great conversation, huh?!

    Thanks, everyone for being part of it! Can’t wait to hear what others say, too …

  • Gillian says:

    Hi KristyM, Hi JM!
    I can so relate to it. I wish I would have the magic formula to manifesting everything we want, but I don’t and thank goodness we have our expert Jeannette to show us the way. I think the only way we can shake anxiety and desperation is to be conscious of it. Don’t fight because that is resistence. Just be conscious of the feeling when it creeps up and remind yourself that nothing other can come out of anxiety than more anxiety. I myself am still learning about manifesting and though I often manage to manifest things like CD’s or parking spaces, I am still learning how to manifest the BIG STUFF like financial abundance, soul-mate, my own home etc. I am also still taking baby steps, but I am confident I am getting there and I know you are also getting there. Everything is a learning process and this process doesn’t happen overnight, so we need to be gentle with ourselves. Every person also has different levels of emotional baggages that may stand in the way of manifesting our desires, so learning to manifest is a different case for each person, depending on what they vibrate.
    I think to live in the present moment and not in the future helps. If we are grounded in the present moment, we don’t think of the “If’s” and “How’s” of the future. In my opinion, the problem most of us have with manifesting is our own opinion about what is big or small. We get attached to desires with bigger stakes than smaller ones and where there is attachment, there is resistence, along with our emotional luggage from the past, our doubts and fears. If we could mentally treat each of our desires the same and not categorize them as big or small, I believe manifesting would be much easier, because, frankly whether you ask for a Bike or for a Bentley is totally the same to the universe. Its our mind that discriminates, what is big or small, cheap or exclusive, important or unimportant and that is where we often have trouble manifesting, because we put more weight on certain issues and hence attachment arises. Sometimes, people who were brought up religiously have a stronger faith than others and they can surrender and release their problems to a higher power and as they release their resistence, things come to them. They believe in phrases such as: “Do your best and God will do the rest”. I think its really important to nurture and cultivate faith. Set out your intention, do what you feel you can do about your intention and then let go! Surrender and trust! Have you tried Jeannets Pray Rain Journaling method? That will help you raise your level of consciousness. Finding something joyful to focus on also helps, a hobby or anything you have passion for will do, because that puts your focus off whatever is absent in your life and on something you love and enjoy. I am very conscious about my thoughts, I train myself to live in the moment and I train myself to treat all my desires the same, without putting more weight on some issues than others, in order to release attachment and then I let go. If I can manifest a CD, why can’t I manifest my own house? Hey, here is a mantra for all of us: “We are playing the game of life and its meant to be fun!” We should treat life as a game and learn the rules and use them to your advantage to create a flawless life. That’s the trick we have to learn and we are getting there! Don’t take life too seriously and just enjoy the ride, afterall our life is meant to be:
    Much love, Gillian

  • JM says:

    Such a fun and incredible story Gillian!! I love it! I think I have definitely been able to create those types of moments about things like that. But when it comes to huge things like career type stuff…I find that my best manifesting moments are mostly less conscious for me. Like…they happen when my focus is on something else. Obviously I have put out that desire into the universe and then life happens and I am so involved with other things. The pressure is off and suddenly I find the perfect opportunity in my lap. But the other 99% of the time I can’t seem to truly release the need. I can’t shake the strong desire that ultimately turns into desperation and ultimately a form of resistance. It only seems to get more difficult with time.
    So…if I understand how this works how is it that I get stuck in this trap? Are there any secret ways out? Because just telling myself I am out isn’t working!
    Anyone else ever feel like this?

  • What beautiful inspiration, Gillian!

    And if that’s not a sign of the Universe’s abundance (you get not just one, but TWO rare albums delivered right to you), I don’t know what is!

    woo hoo!!

  • Gillian says:

    Oh what a great article and how I can relate to it. The points you mentioned are so important, Jeannette! Just like Leslie I get “locked in the need for change”. There are all these things and goals I want to have/achieve and change in my life and I want to do all of it before the year of the Tiger (2010) begins. Oh goodness, I thank you Jeanette and Leslie for this great reminder. Nothing comes out of anxiety and desperation. Cultivating the power of NOW is so important to let go of our need for change, so this article is extremely helpful for us.
    I have a story to tell, what happens when we release the need for something to happen or change and just relax and enjoy the ride. A few weeks a go I saw the Dolce and Gabbana Spring Summer 2009 collection and I got a real vibe boost not just by seeing the beautiful collection, but also by the background music they played, which was Grace Jones’ song “LA VIE EN ROSE” from 1977. Something stroke a cord in me when I listened to that beautiful song. The song was like an eye-opener to me. Why take life so seriously? Why make our life so unnecessary heavy and difficult? Our life is meant to be “LA VIE EN ROSE”, a beautiful rosy life! With that in mind and my vibes boosted up a few notches or so I thought, I set out to look for Grace Jones’ 1977 album, desperately wanting to get the song “LA VIE EN ROSE”. I couldn’t find it. I looked in all major music shops and no one had such an old album from Grace Jones. I was semi complaining to my friend how difficult it is to get old music here in Jakarta and then I just decided to let go, thinking I’ll get it somewhen, sometime, no big deal! Yesterday the miracle happened: I accompanied a friend shopping yesterday and my friend wanted to look for some CD in a Music shop, so I just tagged along, without any intention to go into a music shop and purchase anything, subconsciously knowing that these shops don’t sell old music anyway. But while waiting for my friend to choose her CD, I thought why not just ask again if they had Grace Jone’s old album, and there it was, the sales girl handed Grace Jones’ complete collection to me. I was so stunned! I got the song I wanted, when I was at total ease, with no pressure or need to get it. The topping of the ice cream was, that when I left the shop, overjoyed having found the song I so much wanted to have for some time, my other friend to whom I was complaining earlier about how difficult it is to buy old music here called me saying she was in Singapore and found Grace Jones’s complete collection there and she purchased it for me while she was in Singapore, knowing how “desperate” I was looking for the song. So I know have 2 Grace Jones CD with ” LA VIE EN ROSE”. This is what happens when we release resistence. We find, that the things we so much wanted suddenly come chasing after us, once we stopped “needing” it. So folks, remember our life is meant to be “LA VIE EN ROSE”, not meant to be a struggle! And for anyone having a bad day or being in low vibes should listen to Grace Jones’
    “LA VIE EN ROSE”, that song is such a vibe booster!
    Love you all, Gillian

  • Kristy M says:

    Thats awesome Gillian 🙂 I like that story.. your words ring true for me definitley.. I guess I’ve been “needy” lately.

  • LeslieB says:

    Such a great reminder to look back at the times when I was the most creative! Twice when I wanted to change jobs – wanted the angst to stop so much that the desire for something better was clear and pure – and it came to me quickly and easily.
    Hmmmm! What if I used the same approach for my current challenges? Thanks for the nudge, Jeannette.

  • You know, Kristy, I think that impatience is actually not a bad thing. It can serve you when it gets channeled to your benefit.

    You said: “I guess I need to trust more and know that everything will turn out perfect.” I’ve also found that key to my own manifesting success, and have discovered a good way for me to get there (to that place of trusting and knowing it turns out perfect) is to recognize the perfection of the current moment.

    To know that it already IS perfect.

    That gets a nice vibrational alignment flowing, know what I mean?!

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experience here – many will benefit from it! 🙂

  • Mmmm! Can’t wait to see what unfolds when you bring that same “clean and pure” desire to your current situation, LeslieB! Keep us posted!

    Thanks for reading, but especially for joining the conversation, LeslieB! This is my favorite part of writing – the discussions, insights and laughs it brings forth from all of us!

    Namaste –

  • Kristy M says:

    I’ve always been a really impacient person and it is something that I still struggle with (the whole “I want it NOW” thing) and I always want to be ‘on the go’ (thats the Sag. in me lol)…
    I guess I need to trust more and know that everything will turn out perfect and there are times I feel like it will and times when it is a bit fustrating lol.
    but one thing that usually works for me is to let myself feel bad so I don’t supress it. I cry or whatever.. and then I get OVER it lol
    and then good things happen and I wonder why I was ever upset about it in the first place (usually I can chalk it up to PMS haha)… I’m trying to make that happen less and less 🙂

  • Ms. Tee, I think it’s cool that you turned that experience into a positive by reinforcing with your boys how powerful our words are!

    Nicely done!

  • Ms. Tee says:

    I’ve applied and interviewed for jobs that I didn’t want recently and…I DIDN’T GET THEM! Yay!
    On the down side, I spoke about car accidents and mentally visualized myself getting in one before shifting my thoughts once I realized what I was doing. Still didn’t save me, 20 minutes later, I hit a curb and got a flat. It was a firm lesson to my sons as we sat on the curb and I reminded them, “Be careful what you speak boys. See what happened.”

  • Leslie Richter says:

    Holy Toot Mitch I never thought of that and you are so bang on. Not really vibing the vibe because you don’t really think you deserve it. What a great awareness, and what crap hey. And I have to admit you make me giggle, I am good because I said so. I love it and you are right, just claim it.
    My day is so much happier, thanks guys.
    And Jeannette – ditto.
    Love Leslie

  • You’ve only been studying LOA for a year and a half, Thauna?! Wow – I would have guessed much longer!! Seems like you’ve got an excellent grasp on it.
    And yes, I can relate to the whole Acceptance gig as well. Nice to know we’ve got good company, huh? lol
    Thanks for posting, Thauna!

  • Thauna says:

    Hi Jeannette! I love this article…I’ve been learning about LOA for about a year and a half and my life has changed dramatically, well actually how I FEEL about my life has changed. I’m feeling the power and it is cool.
    I can related to Mitch and Leslie’s comments too, I often feel that I’m not deserving of what I want, but I’m quick to chase that away now and remember that YES, I do deserve to be happy, rich,…________, fill in the blank. Knowing that I can change my thinking and realizing that can make all the difference is so empowering.
    Acceptance of where I am is what I’m working on now and loving me and my life is huge. That whole resist = persist thing that you mentioned. The more I fight against it (whatever it may be at the moment) the more of IT I get. When I love the possibility I feel light and ready. Your last point about doing this all the time, is right on. Part of my awareness process is catching those negative thoughts that stop by without invitation or deliberate creation and replacing them with thoughts of what I want to create and how I want to feel. It’s all sooooo good!

  • This is why I love you, Mitch!!: “But in fact, I can.”

    YAY!! (Total goose bump moment for me when I read that, and again when copied and pasted it!)

    Yeah, it CAN be easy, we ARE deserving, and worthy, already, all the way, right now.

    WOO HOO!!!

    Thanks for posting, my friend. Nice to hear from you again – and I hope you know, I’m already imagining MORE of your amazing success stories in my inbox!! 🙂

  • Mitch says:

    Hey, Jeannette! Sometimes when I realize I’m not really vibing what I think I’m vibing, it’s because of fear that I’m not deserving of what I want. For me, that is usually rooted in one of those old ways of thinking like “You need more training and hard work. You can’t just be good at something because you say so!” But in fact, I can. And the more I tell myself that, the closer I get.

  • Wow, Leslie, “locked in the need for change” was a phrase that I felt all too well! Wait – is that me doing it again?! lol

    Acceptance – not with the agenda of getting rid of something – but pure clean acceptance, that one has been a while coming, but boy was it worth the wait!

    Here’s to you seeing your powerful, successful self right now. She’s always been here!

    Thanks for posting, Leslie. If you knew how good it felt to just even see your name at the beginning of a comment, I think you’d write something for me every day! lol

    You are loved. 🙂

  • Leslie Richter says:

    I certainly have been locked in the need for change for the past few years and been in a rut for quite some time as a result of it.
    Recently I would say I have put the dots together and have started to shift that need for change and just been more present with myself and where I stand.
    I can see I have been afraid of success, I am quite a powerful person and just hiding behind ditz and victim has been a way out.
    That makes me sigh but that’s okay we will walk through that. I suppose I had a fear that my power would be taken away from me and it took me a few years to recover from creating a teacher who did just that, or rather it felt like that at the time. I got to hibernate for awhile.
    I can feel myself claiming myself more these days, more in tune with myself and slowly acknowledging my creative powers.
    It doesn’t seem like there was one eye-opening event, it just seems that hanging out with Jeannette has been incredible healing and empowering for me. Not to mention all of you.
    “Use your power girlfriend” – oh Jeannette you are the best.
    Love Leslie

  • I don’t think you’re giving yourself nearly enough credit, JM! lol

  • JM says:

    ha! I am still waiting to harness my creative powers! I have yet to hold onto them for all that long! But I’m ready to own them!

  • Sonora says:

    Great article!

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