3 Ways to Immediate Relief

Got this from Ruby Gangadharan today on how to give yourself instant relief when stress hits.
What’s even better than reading, though, is practicing it next time the pressure’s on!
Here’s Ruby: 
3 Ways To Immediate ReliefEach of us is living out our unique life journey. Stressful situations come from experiences we feel unprepared for, unhappy about or lacking tools to cope with.
Building self-coping methods to create new experiences can take time – time needed to engage practices that manifest a different reality.
But this post is about immediate relief.
Before you start to introspect and build different habits, you need to reduce the energy impact of the current situation on your mental and emotional balance.
Here is a reminder of 3 simple things to do for immediate relief:
1. Disconnect and move to a different space.
Disconnect from phones, the internet, emails, meetings, appointments. Move your physical location, outside the office, a different room, away from people.
2. Breath deep.
Close your eyes and take several deep breaths.
3. Listen to music.
Play your ‘go to’ song. The right music has immense power to change our brain waves completely.
Here are a few things to absolutely avoid while in a stressed state of mind:

  • Make any decisions, especially high impact ones
  • Further any conversations in hopes of finding a resolution
  • Gossip or talk about the situation that’s creating the stress
  • Retrospect with ‘Why is this happening to me?’ type questions
  • Jump to action to “make it right.”

As you can tell, there is a theme here …
The key is to first bring your energy down and away from anything that causes you to feel anger, frustration, panic, helplessness or scared.
How quickly you are able to calm down and bring yourself to a neutral place will determine your success in dealing with stressful situations.
Ruby Gangadharan, law of attraction coachYay for easy vibration management!
Ruby is a student to the Yoga Sutras, Quantum & Spirituality geek, Life Coach, Deliberate Creator, blogger, Ashtanga Yoga Practitioner. Find more about who she is and what she does at Everyday LOA Magic.
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  • August 25, 2016
  • Jiya says:

    Hi Nina/Ruby, Uni reacts to my thoughts Like a bullet leaves a gun after trigger is pulled. I knew there would be something to deal with my current situation and feeling place.
    “My baby girl was squinting for last couple of weeks. Doc has prescribed specs. I want to turn it around. I want her eyes to be healthy and absolutely normal.”
    I consider myself to know all about LOA and I have been lucky enough that Uni kinda guides me and gives me clues of what is about to manifest in my life. Specially something that might make me unsettled . I start getting signs…
    I know I have to make peace with what is and then move to what I desire…. what I don’t know is how to make peace with when my baby is there and what to desire and affirm for her eyes. .. I dont know if I am talking sense here… but you get the idea right?
    Many thanks for your replies in advance.
    Love n light

    • Shan says:

      Hi Jiya Here’s my input. Of course you are concerned about your daughter’s eyes. My suggestion is to embrace what is – that she has an eye problem, be that the case; and at the same time,work towards what you would like for her. Or ask her what she would like. If she is very young – not quite sure how old, as you say’baby’, it may be you have to do a lot of the work for her – visualising her with perfect sight and in perfect health etc. And also you may be able to find a way of using an eye improvement method with her. Bates Method is the one I have used, to some effect. And I know others have found it so helpful that they have been able to shed their glasses. Hope this helpsx

    • Ruby says:

      Jiya, first let us remind ourselves that we are love.
      My brother is currently depressed and not willing to get help.
      Right now, everyday I remind myself of a few things…
      His soul has a journey beyond my understanding.
      Whatever this is, the situation has to play out.
      Right now I have to do my best and offer my highest energy to the situation, that’s what I am meant to do right now.
      Hope some of it helps you.

  • ada says:

    This has nothing to do with the post above (or may be it has) but I wanted to share this .
    I had this great urge to share it here.
    So I have been thinking of buying a house (i have always wanted one). I saved few homes on zillow.I found one that I absolutely love and was looking to remodel few areas of the house virtually (i have taken few interior design classes).My current real financial situation doesn’t allow me to buy a house but everywhere I go I hear someone buying a house or on youtube I get recommended videos of “New House Tour” or “We bought a House” .I see this as a sign and absolutely love it. I enjoy watching those videos and feel their happiness.I feel the feel of owning THE HOUSE. I have decorated it. So Blissful .
    Love ,

    • Ruby says:

      Ada, that is such a cool thing to do… there have been so many situations where I have been blissful thinking of the what ifs… and you know what, blissfull is where the energy creates magic!

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