Katie, Tolle & the Secret

desert-island.jpgWith Oprah’s coverage of Eckhart Tolle’s material, the popularity of the Secret and the natural success of Byron Katie’s Work (also soon on Oprah), some folks are scratching their heads wondering how and whether it all fits together.

The questions I typically get go something like:

“Eckhart teaches us to be present; that this moment is all we ever have.  We should stop needing things to be different, because that’s where suffering lies.  Katie advises it’s our thoughts that create our suffering, and once we question those thoughts we can be free from the torture chamber of the mind.  Abraham says our thoughts create reality (not suffering), and that we should manage our thoughts in order to create the future we want.

What’s the deal?

My response is always that we each find our own truth within.  Pay attention to whatever resonates with you, and go with that.

But what to do when it all resonates, and it’s hard to see how it joins up?

Byron Katie shared a few words at weekend workshop I thought helped clear up potential confusion about material from various popular gurus.

In Katie’s (perhaps not-so-humble) opinion, she said Eckhart Tolle is the “what” and the Work is the “how.”  Meaning, Eckhart embodies what’s possible for us when we step into pure allowing, and that her Work delivers the process for achieving that state.  She went on to say that once you’re free from judgment, the mind is free to create.

Katie elaborated that since we create our own reality, and we create what we believe, having a method for questioning beliefs that don’t serve us is incredibly liberating.

I’m inclined to agree.

In my opinion, Katie’s Work and Eckhart’s material offer us excellent springboards for effortless deliberate creation.  Which is where Abraham and the Secret and many other LOA resources come in.

I’ve personally found incorporating Katie and Eckhart with Abraham (and P’taah and Gregg Braden and Martha Beck and Mike Dooley and other favorites) helps me re-work and re-lease some of the thoughts that had my vibe stuck, allowing a natural alignment with desires and intentions.

For that reason I incorporate Katie’s Inquiry Process with my work with clients, and recommend Eckhart’s books to those who can get through them.  That’s certainly not where it all ends, though.  At least not for me.

If I were answering the age old hypothetical question: “you’re on a desert island and you can only pick ONE thing to take with you”  – I’m taking Abraham.  (In fact, click the link to check out Abe’s latest work of art on Money.)

What are you taking?  I’d love to hear what your favorite resources are and how they’ve helped you.

(In fact, it was exactly that kind of sharing that led me to my recent read that I’m loving and definitely writing a future post on: Florence Scovel Shinn’s writings!)

  • May 18, 2008
  • Sherry, I just browsed Alan’s book list, and I don’t think I’ve read any of them! Maybe I read someone who quoted him so much I just THINK I read an Alan Cohen book.
    Regardless, thanks for posting your thoughts and experience here! How cool that your mother was a bookseller!

  • Sherry says:

    I also read Alan Cohen’s The Dragon doesn’t live here; that was his other popular title back in the day.
    And yes I’m fortunate to have been exposed to this journey early in my life, and my mother was a bookseller so double exposure!

  • Well, Anna, I like how you “colored outside the lines” to bring the whole library! And I LOVE how you recognize that you wouldn’t need any of it after all.
    I’m much in line with your perspective that life as we know it is an illusion and that all the wisdom lies within.
    In fact, if I didn’t already post this, I was thinking about how I wouldn’t bring Abraham as my resource, because that’s already there – a given – within me. Within all of us.
    Oh yeah, I did post this! Because then I decided to bring along a hottie instead. lol
    I’m sure that too would serve a higher purpose. hee hee
    Thanks for pitching in, Anna! You’re a pleasure to hear from!

  • Anna says:

    Ok…that was cheating. I won’t take anything with me to the island. In this life, I’ve been blessed with the exposure to an abundance of literature. The work left to be done for the remainder of my life is inner work. No books required. The teacher is inside of all of us.

  • Anna says:

    Hi Jeannette,
    I always tell my kids, as long as you have a good book you will never be lonely or bored! I’d have to bring my whole book collection to the island. I can’t find one single book to feed my whole soul all at once. I can’t live without your teachings, Martha Beck, Cheryl Richardson, various books on awakening (including Eckhart Tolle), as well as the fun reads – Rosemund Pilcher and Frank McCort.
    On another note. After watching the movie “The Diving Bell and the Butterfly” I’ve been toying with living in the world in my mind. It’s seems that I’ve gained clarity on the notion that Albert Einstein and others have determined – that life is a grand illusion. We are all connected, indestructible, eternal beings on a journey that never ends. Love it all now as it is (as you say, make friends with it, whatever it is). You cannot argue with what is. Everything, even pain and suffering, serves a higher purpose.

  • Ha! Stephen – you de-lurker you! lol

    You know, what a coincidence (not) … just this weekend on our regular hike my dad RAVED about Seth. I’ve had a friend’s copy on my shelf for four years (sorry, Joey) and it’s never called me. Now maybe the time has come!

    (Eckhart’s first book sat on my shelf for a couple years, too, before I could get through it.)

    Thanks for de-lurking to share your good stuff, Stephen. Do it again sometime! 🙂

  • stephen t says:

    Hi Jeanette!
    De-lurking for a moment to recommend an oldie but goodie. The Seth Material (specifically “The Nature of Personal Reality”) has been a touch-stone for me since the late ’70s. It was really the first place I encountered LOA, long before there was a name for it.

  • Mary, be sure to check out Steering By Starlight, too. If you like Finding Your North Star, you’ll love the follow up as well!

    Thanks for the spotlight on Neale’s work, too. My dad is lending me a copy of the first book to read for myself.

    It’s nice to hear from you, Mary! Come again soon!

  • Mary says:

    The first book(s) that gave me repeated Ah-Ha, goosebumps moments: Conversations with God. They seemed so goofy in their presentation, yet resonated as such powerful truth that my beliefs about reality changed immediately, my vibe changed immediately, and they opened my mind to all the great books I’ve read since.
    Not sure what I would bring on a desert island right now, though, since I’m at a new place. This week I’m loving Finding Your North Star.

  • Ha! Amy, I love that I made your list! lol
    And I wish that money resource was due out soon from the Hicks’ – but it’s scheduled for an August release.
    I love, though, how you’ve found your way to the sweet spot in life. And in just a year and a half! Very cool place to be. 🙂
    Thanks for joining the conversation, Amy! You’ve got a ‘feel good’ energy goin’ on!

  • Sherry, I’m slightly envious that you had the insight to include Louise in your experience 20 years ago. Of course, I’ll be able to same the same thing one of these days. lol
    There was something else I read of Alan’s that I really liked, too – having trouble remembering it – but the name lit me up when I read it in your post. Thanks for the reminder!
    Plus, I started thinking that maybe I don’t need Abe material with me since Abe IS me – ha – so I’m thinking about a new resource to bring to the island.
    Maybe … Jeff Probst. lol Or Will Smith. Or my DOG! Of course, I would bring my DOG! They’re the wisest guides I’ve ever met.

  • Amy says:

    I totally agree that the material that resonates most with you is the one for you. Since finding the Abraham material I haven’t had anything else hold my attention since I feel completely satisfied with that. I am continuously amazed by the small and large miracles that have been happening in my life ever since embracing those teachings. I don’t have any need, though, for anyone else to feel the same way. My mom loves the Tolle books, my sister Gary Zukav.
    Also agreed that I’m so much more inclined, 1 1/2 years later to be feeling good exactly where I’m at. I have changed so much that it amazes and thrills me. I feel so lucky to have found this material, especially since there’s so much of it! Just finished the third Sara book, and really enjoyed it. Now it’s time to check out the money book, didn’t know it was out, thanks for that info!
    Ok, there is one thing that has held my attention other than the Abe material, the Good Vibe Blog and Jeannette’s Ezine! I read every one!

  • Sherry says:

    I loved going about my day wondering which book I would want to have with me. The first book that came without hesitation is You Can Heal Your Life by Louise L. Hay. This was my first read nearly 20 years ago and it is my go to book when I need to regroup and reground. I followed up with “Dare to Be Yourself” by Alan Cohen. I hadn’t thought of that one for a while so I may just grab it off of my shelf and skim it.

  • Okay – software interface designer and songwriter – ha ha – I love it! Nice balance of left brain/right brain work, John.

    I think you’ve got LOTS of good things going on in that brain if yours, as a matter of fact. Course, to give credit to the brain probably isn’t quite accurate.

    Thanks for the insights and perspectives you bring to the forum, John. Much appreciated!

  • Peregrine John says:

    Get in front of it! LOL I love it. What a beautiful reversal: Sometimes to get something to come to you, make motions the opposite direction! Run and you will surely be run after.
    Ok, this reminds me of a song I wrote, about a Renaissance-period washing well, the maids who work it and the plowboys who come by to flirt. The relevant verse:
    Sweet, fine Chastity, she’s a chaste one –
    Chased by the plowboys every day;
    Squeals, and all around the well then she runs –
    Not too fast, or the boys’ll get away!

    All sorts of marvelous new thoughts and connections happening over here. Thank you! Seems odd to me that I should spark any new ideas in your head, actually. Maybe it’s like when I was designing software interfaces: We’d work it through and it would all make perfect sense to us… and then we’d hand it to a totally new, clueless user who would do something totally unexpected and make our hair stand on end.
    In any case, I do appreciate your patience with me and my endless questions. Any lesser person would be throwing things at me by now! 😀

  • Thanks for sharing (to me) a new resource, Michaela! I hadn’t heard of Mary, but it sounds like something I would resonate with.
    Those are powerful affirmations, too. If we were to get those strongly ingrained, wow – the relief, huh?!
    Thanks for pitching in, Michaela!

  • Michaela says:

    Jeannette, I have to agree with Kim: From all LOA teachers, I like your approach best. You make the LOA simple to understand, easy to apply, fun to use and what’s most important: You walk your talk. I really like that! 🙂 Hey, you should write a book that we all could take with us to our desert islands – I bet I would like it far better than all the Abraham material in the world!
    This is not strictly LOA (not in the modern sense of the word at least) but a resource I wouldn’t want to miss are the books by Unity teacher Mary Kupferle. They present LOA “the Unity way”, so to speak. Not everyone is comfortable with that kind of religious/christian approach but I like her teachings a lot. Affirmations like “I choose to believe the best about everything” or “Only good can come” have helped me a lot when going through challenging situations recently.
    P.S.: Belated congratulations on becoming a Master Coach, Jeannette! 🙂

  • Michael says:

    I do a combination of things. I just took Jeannette’s telecourse which focused on self-love, primarily. Even though I feel like I still fumble with it, I’ve seen amazing openings and coincidences open up!
    Abe-Hicks focuses on similar material, so I naturally go there as well.
    And sometimes I go back to Louise Hay for a refresher on the basics.

  • Alice said that?! Ha! “That’s classic,” as my girlfriend Anne would say.
    Indeed – when my great pyrenese foster dog got loose last month and ran through the neighborhood, I knew what I had to do to get her back: run faster than her. As soon as I was ahead of her, then she was chasing me instead of running away from me and all I had to do was stop and let her come to me.
    My lungs were on fire for a good hour after that. (She runs fast.) Worked like a charm, though. Always does.
    I’m having a good time thinking of the vibrational equivalent of this situation, John. Thanks again for the new thought train you inspired today.

  • Thanks, Michael, for the reminder of Louise Hay’s work!! She’s an original pioneer and has undoubtedly helped more than we could count – even if it was indirectly.

    And I’m glad to hear you working with self-love! You know I believe that’s the quickest route to happiness for all of us. 🙂

    Thanks for dropping a note, Michael! Nice to hear from you again!

  • Peregrine John says:

    Aaaah. I see! Or think I do, which is a start. It’s the lack of needing that brings us to what we thought we needed, and letting go of the desire that allows the desired to fall into our hands.
    I knew this, had seen it and done it in a variety of areas. It’s proven to work, over and over. I recommend a situation-specific variation to friends who pine and obsess about someone they want to be with; though that may be one of the hardest areas in which to attempt it. (Nor am I good at it, though right now I should be doing that very thing. As Alice said, lost in Wonderland, “I give myself very good advice, but I very seldom follow it.”)
    Anyway. The best way to make someone/something run away is to give chase. It should perhaps be less of a surprise than it is to discover that the same principle holds in less literal ways.

  • John, just when it seems we’ve heard it every way possible, you pitch it and show it from a completely different angle.
    Thank you for that!
    And I would say we DON’T need to have tools at all, that there ISN’T any “need” to make things different.
    In fact, you’ve probably heard me quote Gregg Braden several times in this blog already saying that once you realize you can create anything, the weird thing is that you no longer have a need or desire to.
    It just becomes a matter of enjoyment.
    And then I think about how natural and automatic it is for we humans to “desire.” About how that desire never shuts off.
    Even if the desire is just to continue enjoying.
    I don’t know – good food for thought.
    Thanks for the inspiration to see it from your eyes, John. Much appreciated!

  • You know, Rick, it is exactly because of what you’ve said here that I am REALLY looking forward to someone taking Eckhart’s work and putting it in words we can understand.
    Kind of like Lynn did with early Abe, maybe.
    I think he’s got a powerful message to share, but it’s a challenge to get it! lol
    Glad I’m not the only one.
    And good for you for being that committed to what feels like Joy for you. Nicely done!!
    Having said that, Das Energi by Paul Williams doesn’t exactly sound easy. lol Is it English? I’ll give it a look-see, because anything that turns you on is bound to be something I appreciate.
    Thanks for pitching in, That Rick Guy. Love you!

  • Mags, you said it beautifully! I knew someone else was going to capture my thoughts much better than I did – and you have! Thanks for sharing them here.
    My favorite part is how you said when we line up with Source, which we do when we practice conscious presence, we’re vibrating joy and good things automatically flow in – which we didn’t even require, because we were already good. It’s an effortless “deliberate creation,” isn’t it?

  • Wow, I was reading through the rest of these brilliant posts, and it just struck me what great company we have on this journey called “life”! I learn so MUCH from you guys! Honestly, I am in awe and humbled by the presence of you fabulous people!
    Thank you, AGAIN, for sharing yourselves, your thoughts, your experiences – all for the benefit of our furthered growth and inspiration. And enjoyment. Let’s face it, it IS fun, even if it didn’t take us anywhere, huh? hee hee
    I sure love you guys!

  • Anonymous says:

    Jeanette, I never comment about your writing because it is so good and makes sense. I love this one in particular because I think a lot of people have this question but do not even know they have the questions. You laid it out beautifully and coherently.
    Bravo. You are so smart. Brilliant Analysis!

  • Peregrine John says:

    Hrm. Ok, this brings together a bunch of conundrums into one place. Consider:
    If everything is exactly as it should be, why bother manifesting anything different? If we couldn’t screw up if we tried, how can there be an improvement in technique? If there is no need for things to be different, why do we have tools at all? If what is is what we have made and it will be as we wish regardless, what benefit is a “transformative” truth?
    At this point on my path, I am inclined to believe as Shunsuke does.

  • Rick says:

    Oh, sorry, about how Das Energi helped me: it is simple. And to me the deepest most transformative Truths are simple. LOL … maybe it’s just that I am simple.
    But the book rocks!

  • Rick says:

    Well, since Kim grabbed you first, Jeanette, I’ll have to settle for Das Energi by Paul Williams.
    The other thing about books and words and ideas, that I try to remember, is that if it feels like noise to me, then it isn’t FOR me. Actually, if it doesn’t feel like Joy for me, I discard it.
    For example, I have still not been able to read any of Tolle’s books past a chapter or two. He just doesn’t amp MY vibe. I am grateful that he has impacted and elevated many, including most of my family, but feel ‘trapped’ reading him. It’s just not for me.
    So I SO agree with YOUR wisdom: “we each find our own truth within. Pay attention to whatever resonates with you, and go with that.”
    Thanks for the reminder.
    Know Joy.
    That Rick Guy.

  • Whoa nellie! Another astute observation!

    Shunsuke, you gave me goose bumps: “so change become unnecessary.. it won’t be like we have to change something desperately right now. … It’s definitely useful to wake up constantly, and it doesn’t weaken the enjoyment of deliberate creation but rather empower it.”

    Amen to that! And thanks for the Conversations With God reference – can you believe I haven’t read it? I can’t. It’s high time, too, since someone with your perspective recommends it as their #1 resource.

    Thanks for giving me the impetus to get it on my reading list once and for all! And thanks for posting here – brilliant words you’ve shared, Shunsuke!

  • Shunsuke says:

    Wow, yes i had exactly the same question. I was wondering how LOA fits Tolle’s teaching, being fully in the present. Because both actually make sense to me. So that was confusing me for a while, and i was struggling to find a solution which resonates with me.
    And here is my interpretations.
    I think it’s all about focusing. LOA is how universe works and the tools of making your “dream” come true.
    But since nobody taught us how to control our thoughts, most of the people’s minds are stuffed with negative thoughts, pains and judgement. So i think what eckhart tells us is how to wake up from our nightmares. Have you experienced you found yourself running away from somebody in your dream, then you woke up, you felt totally relieved? I think “being fully present” works just like this. because you are no longer in your dreams and you are not identifying yourself with your role in the dream. and you are what you are unconditionally.
    and as for LOA, I believe mastering how to use LOA is like mastering how to have lucid dreams. have you experienced that you find yourself in your dream, and you are aware of it. so you wanna do whatever you want? you are no longer controlled by your dreams(your thoughts) but you redecorate it by yourself to fit your desire. I suppose life is like one big dream. But most of us cannot control our dreams. so if the dreams are negative, we suffer. And some people try to wake up from it (Tolle’s teaching), and some people try to control it and change it by themselves. (LOA)
    I don’t think all the thoughts cause suffering like Tolle’s says. because vibration varies by the thoughts. but it’s true that we cannot really be intuitive if we are keep thinking with words. so like Mags said both tools are needed. First we must get connected with ourselves, with the source, to know ourselves. coz that’s where we get the true power and where we can satisfied with how everything is and how we are(what katie calls pure allowing). so change become unnecessary.. it won’t be like we have to change something desperately right now. and i believe this mental state is exactly what we need to attracts positive outcome and choose the direction. so it’s definitely useful to wake up constantly, and it doesn’t weaken the enjoyment of deliberate creation but rather empower it.
    As for taking one book to the desert, my personal favorite has been conversations with god series by Neale D Walsch, especially, communion with god. it’s not new but i think it’s well written about how to fits the 2 core ideas, connecting with the source energy and deliberate creation. It talks about 10 illusions the mankind typically have. and how we are suffered by this. tells us how to live with or without the illusions, using them as a tool. it helped me many times when i got stuck in the difficult situations. because whenever i read it, it reminds me that everything is not necessary. I haven’t checked Katie’s work. she sounds fitting “my truth”. so i might look up for it:P

  • Jeannette, thanks for sharing that quote from Byron Katie – it definitely makes sense!
    In my own integrating of all the different perspectives and teachings, I’ve always understood that the key to creating is first to get into a state of conscious presence (a la Tolle). In this state we are absolutely aligned with Source energy – good things that match our vibrational alignment of joy automatically start to flow to us, and we experience the “magic” of the universe (those cool things like synchronicities!). In this state, we don’t necessarily have to specify what we want to create, as it’s all good (as it were!). However, from this state of alignment, we can direct the energy if we choose to in order to create specific things and experiences.
    I think many people often get the process backwards – they try to create specific things without first being present and aligned with source energy. They may ultimately manifest what they want, but it will feel like awfully hard work, whereas creating when one is already in alignment is effortless.

  • Oooh, Missy B, that’s another good one! Actually, Lynn is how I LEARNED about Abraham! That’s probably why it resonates so well for both of us.

    In fact, one of my group participants quoted Lynn last week which I LOVED and have repeated many times: “You no feel, you no get.” Ha ha! Simple and powerful reminder, huh?!

    Missy B, I appreciate your style of being able to incorporate many perspectives into your own. That’s the epitome of allowing, I think!

    And I’m with you on Flossie’s affirmations – I like to think if she were here now, knowing what we know, she’d offer them a little differently. There have been a few times when a negatively worded affirmation worked most powerfully for me, but those times are rare.

    Thanks for pitching in, Missy B!

  • Missy B says:

    My bestest book is Lynn Grabhorn’s Excuse Me Your Life Is Waiting. A bit like your stuff Jeannette, a down to earth version of Abraham…jack up your vibe and off you go. This is where I link Tolle in…all that is important is here and now, and so feeling good here and now is the only way to go. And that’s where Katie’s work fits in for me because her questioning routine allows us to release negativity and feel good now.
    I’m new to Florence Shinn too…after reading another of your posts. The only thing I find with her stuff is that I feel some of her affirmations are worded negatively…and then that worries me that I’m not going to get anywhere with them.
    But Lynn’s is my fave…so much so, I’m picking it up again later. Thanks for giving me a nudge and reminding me of my feel good book.

  • Okay, Kim’s just made my day. I think I’ll take the rest of the day “off” as it just couldn’t get any better than that. lol

    Thank you, my friend. 🙂

  • Kim Falconer says:

    That’s a total no brainer for me, Jeannette.
    I’m taking you!
    Master coach Jeannette Maw and her plethora of insights, anecdotes, resources, knowledge, wisdom, humor and fantastic energy is where I go first for what works best, every time!
    You are the High Priestess of all coaches, didn’t you know?
    Everything I understand, I’ve learned from you. You made everything go ‘click’! It used to float around in my fringes until that day I stumbled on your site re LOA and Astrology…I emailed you, remember? and you answered back! And then wow, your e-zine, your courses, your blog….you’re it Jeannette! Nothing tops you!

  • Thanks for posting, Shama.
    I’ve suspected there was something powerful about ho’oponopono, but I don’t think I’ve experienced it to the extent it’s available.
    Many of my clients love it, and I considered studying with Dr. Len in person sometime this year.
    To me it seems valuable as a key to take responsibility for our creations and release resistance to them.
    For those who aren’t familiar with it, here’s a link:

  • Shama Hyder says:

    Hi Jeannette,
    I think you are absolutely right-we all have to find our own truth. For me, Abraham was not the key. I think it may have been because I saw so many people turning creation into arrogance. Just not my thing.
    However, I do LOVE the practice of Ho’Oponopono. That has been KEY for me. Also I really enjoy the work of Florence Scovel Shinn. I like Byron Katie’s message as a way to just see the other side of a coin-and realize, there is actually one there! I am still working on grasping Eckhart Tolle’s message.
    So, there you have it! = )

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