5 Muggle Values Worth Dropping

Cultural values are commonly held standards of what is acceptable or important in society. We have lots of them.

It just so happens that our venerated standards of conduct often directly contradict our successful creation process.

If you haven’t already released these muggle values, you’re invited to recognize how it would serve your manifesting practice to do so:

1. Patience

Yes, there are times in which patience serves, but the common wisdom that it takes time to get what we want and that we must be willing to wait it out isn’t for conscious creators.

There are two ways this value sabotages our LOA practice …

First, whatever we truly want is always within reach, since that is always a feeling. I don’t have to wait until my perfect job manifests before I revel in the delight of doing my best work. I don’t have to wait on my sweetheart to ask me out before I flow feelings of love and connection. How I feel is always up to me, so I don’t need patience to get there. (Although practice – yes, sometimes that.)

Second, it doesn’t have to take long to manifest what we want. When we align to our desires and follow inspiration, results come very quickly. As in hours or days (even minutes sometimes!); not months, and certainly not years.

Which means we don’t have to wait until our desires manifest before we give ourselves the gift of what we really want.

Having said that, I often find it helpful to be patient with myself as I adopt LOA-friendly habits like self-love and appreciation. But that’s probably the only time I preach patience!

2. Hard Work

This one is pervasive. Pinterest boards are filled with “no pain, no gain” reminders and we’ve all heard the Edison quote that genius is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration.

We’re told to never give up and we treat as heroes those who struggle the most to create their happy ending.

And yet, we know from Abraham that:

“Effort is not your friend. Effort is what you do when you don’t believe. Trying is your indication that you’re not going with the flow.”

Conscious creators realize that resistance disconnects us from our true power and that the only effort worth making is that of alignment and inspired action. The downstream journey is the quickest path to what we prefer, and, as Communion of Light says, we’d be smart to “give up early and often.”

3. Compromise

“You can’t always get what you want,” remind our parents and the Rolling Stones. Many relationship therapists teach that compromise is a cornerstone to a good marriage.

Yet Abraham teaches that (because of the tension inherent in it) to compromise is to give up your power. They say the only agreement you should seek is the agreement between you and your Inner Being.

Anything less than that blocks our highest desires from manifesting. Anytime it seems like we can’t all get what we want, that’s a limiting belief worth dropping as well.

I love the real life story of the wife who wanted to live secluded in the country, surrounded by nature, while her husband wanted to be in the heart of the city enjoying an active social life along with all the cultural benefits.

Instead of compromising, they each focused on the essence of their desire. Long story short, he got a promotion in another city that had a brand new housing development just 15 minutes out of downtown that was designed to make people feel like they were living in the country. Streams, wildlife, and neighbors well-hidden – all within driving distance of bustling city life.

Conscious creators know that compromise is overrated!

4. Honesty

As soon as we’re old enough to string sentences together, we’re taught the importance of telling the truth. Parents, teachers, bosses, spouses – no one seems to appreciate our imaginative story telling skills.

But it’s common knowledge in LOA circles that attention to “what is” only gets us more of the same. So finding a way to tell it how you want it and to see what you prefer is a better value for conscious creators.

Many of us have learned what an art it is to walk that line in a muggle world!

5. Humility

Playing ourselves down in order to fit in with others (or keep them from feeling uncomfortable) is a routine that can prevent our highest alignment.

Modesty, meekness and humility are highly overrated values that limit our fabulousness when we’re busy playing small. Being willing to stand in the spotlight and own your amazingness isn’t the easiest thing to do in a culture that teaches staying in your place, but it is a skill that allows even more fabulousness.

These aren’t the only culturally revered values that can handicap a conscious creator’s process. (Think empathy, tolerance, knowledge, etc.) But being aware that it isn’t always wise to adopt muggle values helps liberate us from vibrational habits that slow our LOA roll.

  • September 14, 2015
  • Steffy says:

    The good old Puritan work ethic dies hard. In a world where “I’m so busy” is supposed to be a merit badge… I’m with Marc Allen on the Magical Path to the life I want. He is openly lazy and proud. I’m doing my ideal life scenario and for once in my life i’m considering… I have a life where “work” is totally optional. Could take me a few days to get my head around that one, but I’m choosing to believe it’s possible, and what a new world that opens up.

  • Kelly says:

    Ps- on the effort front, I once set the intention to get a job. Within a day or two I heard a specific name of a position for a financial firm in my head. When I checked the job website with those search terms, someone just had posted a financial job with that title. I applied and got it of course, and he said I was the first to even apply! That sure beat the other times I’ve pounded the pavement to will myself into a job!
    I think I’ll write an appreciation list of easy manifestations that defied muggle logic:)

  • Kelly says:

    Omg, amazing article! I love the part about patience as I hear that from one muggle a lot. Ever since I’ve been working with you I see the manifestations in hours and minutes! My new motto will be practice, not patience!

  • Mitch says:

    This makes me think of a conversation I had a few days ago with some of my New York friends who were poking fun at Californians who complain about being tired. (That age-old debate between east and west coasters. :eyeroll: lol) They were saying things like, “Californians don’t do enough to be tired. You should try my work schedule on for size. *I’m* tired!” And I said something to the effect of, “Well, if you’re saying I don’t work myself to the bone, you’re right. It’s very likely you do a lot more than I do in a day, but just because I can work harder doesn’t mean I should. I’m happy with the amount of work that I do.” And then they called me lazy. LOL!
    It’s fascinating to watch people vigorously defending these cultural values without even realizing why they’re doing it. As if it’s somehow noble to struggle and work hard, and that being tired is a badge of honor. For one of these friends, nobility seems like his only reason for doing it, as lasting happiness continues to elude him (his personal and professional life is one crisis after another), and he never has any money or any fun. (Or so he says.) So what’s the point?! If I’m going to be dog tired at the end of the day, I better have been paid handsomely AND thoroughly enjoyed myself getting there. Otherwise, hard work can kiss my lazy ass! 🙂
    Also, if I’ve never said so before, I LOVE that we’re calling non-deliberate creators Muggles. ‘Cause that makes us wizards!

    • Jeannette says:

      This is exactly why it’s so important for us to think for ourselves, right, Mitch? Rather than just automatically propagating old schools of thought that may or may not serve us.
      Here’s to hearing “lazy” as a compliment and confirmation that you’re doing it right! 🙂

  • Ena says:

    Great reminder Jeannette, thank you!
    I love talking about this topic…maybe it’s because I live in a country where these, as Vishen Lakhiani would call them ‘BRULES'(Bullshit Rules), are extremely powerful…
    I’ve decided to say NO to compromises and to those stupid rules no matter what, but it takes really strong, stable core vibration to resist and not let those around influence you..

    • Jeannette says:

      Ena, you’re describing one of the main inspirations behind this blog and Good Vibe University – because it’s easier to maintain that stable vibration around like-minded co-creators who are practicing the same things and engaging the same work and reminding each other of what works.
      I’m so delighted that you’re here helping us do exactly that. 🙂

  • Elle says:

    Oh man, a dream is truly of the ether, it is not for anyone else to understand or make sense of, so do not let muggles ruin your vibe.
    The movie Rudy was on last night and really brought these points home. Do not shed tears over what they tell you. Keep aligning with what you want and focus on that, as I remind myself, not the outside interference, which is plentiful, but live in your dreamworld and it will manifest as the next logical step.

  • anonymous says:

    Hi Jeannette,
    All of these points resonate as truth for me!! So many muggle values are complete BS when weighed against intuition and knowing who we really are. 😉 I’m so happy to consciously be aware of the law of attraction, because knowing my true power means that I can create reality however I wish.
    I love daydreaming and really feeling my desires in the present moment…it feels so, so wonderful and enlivening. Many muggles would say that too much pretend is bad, that you have to work hard and that life is hard, etc. I love to remind myself how all of us came into the world innately knowing our power. I often think back to my early childhood years and how I manifested so many great things very easily. Now I enjoy the unfolding of manifestations, all the ‘little things’, synchronicities, discoveries and refinement along the path.
    I’m still releasing limiting beliefs that I’ve picked up, such as you must ‘put yourself out there’ and ‘suck it up and do it anyway’. Mentally, I keep going back to instances where I didn’t have to do these things to get what I want. It really is all about energy!

    • Jeannette says:

      Yay for staying so well connected to your daydreaming skills, Anonymous. Those come in so handy for practicing vibrational management.
      Thanks for reading and for commenting. 🙂

  • Mary says:

    I love this post. It’s like a cheat sheet of a lot of what I want to remember about law of attraction.

    • Jeannette says:

      Yeah, for you and me both, Mary. 🙂
      This post was inspired by a thought I had this morning about how I shouldn’t expect to find the perfect new home immediately – it takes time. And I realized if I wait for the house to feel the house, it WILL take time!
      Instead, enjoy your new home now, which I did right on the spot. And I know that’s the difference-maker.
      Thanks for reading and for posting, Mary! 🙂

      • Angel says:

        This article makes me think of really difficult times in my life when being “realistic” went from being acutely lucid of the hard facts, to utter pessimism. I think it’s important we do see what’s in front of us, especially as part of accepting vs. resisting it. But like anything in life, it’s cyclical – there’s a time for that, and that time isn’t ALL the time.
        With no exception, I’ve been able to rise out of those occasions not by simply slogging on, but by embracing the empowerment of knowing that whatever work I’m doing at the time or hardship I’m experiencing, is something I can do for that moment – but it’s not the only thing. What ultimately lifts me up is knowing that this is not IT, there’s always something better than I imagined for myself beyond this.
        Conversely I accept that difficulties are opportunities to learn, finally accept and even forgive whatever’s unresolved inside us – thus clearing the way for what’s ultimately the best! And lastly here’s an interesting experience I had when I finally decided to move.
        In January 2014, after being really fed up with dating, I decided it was time to move from the beach city apartment I’d rented for the last 9 years. I’d been aching to move since this place was also the backdrop for a prior horrendous relationship that left me in serious debt and emotional abuse but with that, reduced pay due to the recession and the really good rental price, I felt I’d be kicking myself by leaving.
        So I appreciated that it was 2 bedrooms though smallish, in an area that was quiet, still near the ocean and the rent was really affordable. I also felt that if push came to shove I could rent the second room out. That was the compromise. Now it was January and the start of a new year, and I truly honestly believed I deserved better. The quietness of it made me feel much too lonely, I rarely had time for the beach as I was always working and accepting that I wasn’t going to have a committed relationship, I wanted to be IN the hustle and bustle of the city, and nearer hiking spots.
        I started my search on January 6th, first looking at other rentals – then realizing the pricing wasn’t that far too own, expanding that search to places for sale. Boy, were there some doozies. But at no point did I compromise by thinking I’d get a roommate or be in an area I hate. I’d found a realtor and was honest about my budget, but he couldn’t seem to find anything suitable and out of frustration, just sent me his MLS listings so I could pore through it on my own. As I looked, I kept on getting farther and farther from work…but nearer and nearer to Los Feliz which I actually liked but couldn’t allow myself to because it wasn’t “practical”. Still in my head, I was like hmm, how can I find something to make this work?
        It didn’t matter, I was resolute I was going to. On the way to a super bowl party in the same area my best friend and I stopped quickly at a listing in the village, and voila, it was perfect! It was higher than what I wanted to pay but not much more so, and after doing the math and despite having my Dad refuse me a temporary loan, I knew I could still manage it. By February 7th I made an offer.
        Which got refused! I got beaten out by another buyer who could pay cash. I had the least downpayment and I definitely wasn’t paying cash, so I received the news with a sad heart. That coupled with not even having family support made me think, ok maybe it’s not meant to be. I tried to let it go, but every night I still dreamed of the little condo I missed out on. I decided it was ok, it just meant something better was in the works.
        The next week I got a call from my realtor saying the cash buyer “might” pull out and if I wanted to rebid, I “might” get it. I agreed but could only bid $1K higher, I was also told I was up against another buyer who would pay half in cash and that it would finally come down to who the seller just preferred. By this time I was no longer attached to the outcome, no sense in forcing things or too much “efforting” I figured.
        To my surprise, my offer was accepted and it’s now been home for over a year. During that year I also met my partner and have changed employment to be able to work remotely. While there are still challenges, I still look back on that day in January last year when just being fed up enough literally made me decide that I’d no choice but to know I deserved better.
        When things are tough as they are now (our business is suffering from delays and there’ve been financial set backs which while temporary are still frustrating), I like looking back on that as proof that what my mind couldn’t accept at that time, didn’t necessarily limit my heart on what it feels, wants and knows will in some way shape or form, finally follow.
        I really enjoyed my old apartment and often thanked it for the sanctuary it gave me, I didn’t hate it when I decided to move, I just decided our time together was done and as I evolved, there was a new place ready for me to evolve to.
        I’m still feeling my way through the current situation (read opportunities disguised as difficulties), it’s triggering a lot of old anxiety about money etc but I also realized today it’s really allowed me to ask for what I need from my partner, declare where I am and allow him to step up even more. I “efforted” a lot in prior relationships and that’s not who I am now.. but it does still take practice to leave that behind.
        Happy manifesting everyone and thanks again for sharing.

        • Jeannette says:

          What an inspiring manifesting story, Angel! I love your vibrational attitude toward your old place, and I’m sure that played a strong part in how things continued to evolve for you.
          Thanks for sharing this with us, Angel. Very delightful to hear your process. 🙂

        • Angel says:

          Thanks, Jeanette love this happy space. Good luck in your search as well!

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