99 Ways 2016 Rocked It

We know appreciation is one of the best manifesting “processes” out there.

It moves dreams out of future tense and into present reality.

So when I read this post on 99 Reasons Why 2016 Was a Good Year, I was inspired to revel in those good vibes even more by making my own list.

Recalling the ways this year has delighted and satisfied us is also a great setup for launching a new year.

Just reading this post will likely give you a vibration boost, too, but I’d recommend creating your own list of things you’re celebrating about your 2016. 🙂

So with that, here’s my list of 99 ways 2016 showed me the love. I’d love to read yours, too!

I Said Yes to My Dream Home

  1. The dogs and cats and I moved closer to nature! That was one of my “someday” dreams that conspired to show up sooner rather than later. We love it here!
  2. I have my own place again! While live-in lovers are nice and splitting the rent is an added bonus, I thrive in my own space.
  3. This place is triple the square footage and nearly 20 times the yard space the dogs grew up in. It’s a lot of what I imagined heaven would be for dogs.
  4. We share space with wildlife, including foxes, deer and moose!
  5. The neighbors have horses! Beautiful, playful horses!
  6. Night actually feels like night – it gets dark here and super quiet. No sirens, no city noise, no light pollution.
  7. The stars are amazing! It’s so stunningly gorgeous that even a trip to the garbage can at night takes a few minute because of the awesome stargazing!
  8. It sort of feels like the moon is my new best friend. We have such a different relationship out here in the boonies! I understand better how ancient cultures came to revere the stars and sun and moon. I’m doing it, too!
  9. We can go on off leash walks right from our back door. The neighboring properties aren’t developed, so we have even more free space to wander at our leisure.
  10. There is an array of diverse hiking trails nearby. We’re still exploring!
  11. Every window in the house offers jaw-dropping mountain views. Even washing hands at the sink offers a chance to revel in the beautiful landscape.
  12. My office feels like the office of a very wealthy person. Imagine what that’s doing for my vibration!
  13. There’s a stream of water here the dogs love taking an afternoon dip in. Fortunately, I like the smell of wet dogs. 🙂
  14. The new master bedroom has tons of room for three dog beds, two cat scratch towers, and two big chairs for kitties to lounge on. This room alone feels like paradise!
  15. I manifested the nicest and the coolest neighbors on the planet. They’re amazing!
  16. Hello, I harvested vegetables from the garden. I learned how to cook squash! And LOVED it!!
  17. I pulled up t-posts out of the ground with my bare hands using nothing but brute strength. I feel like I can do anything after doing that!
  18. I am shoveling so much snow out here that I stopped using exercise equipment in the house. I am getting super fit without really trying.
  19. I got a farmer’s tan. From working on the property. I cannot tell you how much I love my life!!

I Loved Up On the Animals

  1. We fostered many kittens and several adult cats this year. I say “we” because it takes a village, where the dogs and other cats help teach newcomers the ropes, and friends and family are called in to help socialize the new crew. It’s still one of my greatest joys in life to volunteer as an animal foster mom.
  2. Two of our foster kittens from the year prior were returned when their adoptive mom got engaged, and are with us again now. (Her loss, our gain!) Xena Princess Warrior and Fairy Kitty Lexie have grown into such beautiful and entertaining cats!
  3. I helped transport a handful of dogs to their new homes across the country. It’s a fun way to make new friends – human and canine!
  4. The neighbors at my last place got brand new baby goats in the spring! Such a treat to watch them play and grow up!
  5. In fact, on two different occasions I got to climb the fence for a goat rescue when someone’s head got stuck in the fence. I’d been dreaming about climbing over for a closer hello for quite some time when Universe delivered compelling reasons to do so!
  6. We’re reveling in bonus time with Joe, after the vet said to expect just 6 more months. (18 and counting!) Luckily, we know how to defy expectations. Here’s to more quality time together!
  7. Many of the dogs in our new hood roam freely, so we get spontaneous play dates and dinner dates throughout the week. These dogs are a hoot – super friendly and fun – I’ve never met such happy and personable dogs!
  8. We had a moose in our backyard just the other day. It was exciting and exhilarating and amazing! I am officially not a city girl any more!
  9. Sadie got sprayed by a skunk our second week here, and it felt like the perfect way to give up our urban roots and embrace country life. Everyone survived.
  10. Feeding new birds here that I’ve never seen before. Still learning who they are!
  11. It’s not unusual to see bald eagles on my commute to town. Bald eagles, I tell you! This place is even better than I dreamed. 🙂

I Loved More People In More Ways

  1. Allowed a key relationship that had become a toleration to transform itself. It had been asking for that for a while, but I ignored it because of my resistance to change. I learned that change is good and resistance is futile. And now have a new appreciation for my latest ex-beau. I should have known this would of course have a happy ending, since that’s how everything seems to turn out.
  2. My mom showed up in so many ways to love and support me through the changes the year brought. She helped me turn a new house into a home and was the #1 reason I never felt alone or overwhelmed through the major transitions of the year.
  3. Who knew how much I’d be relying on dad’s help this year, too!  Whenever it looked like there was a problem in the works, dad stepped in to solve it. In fact, he resolved issues before they became issues. Every time I thought I couldn’t ask any more, he showed up to remind me help is always here and love never runs out.
  4. My aunts. Well, now I’m starting to well up as I think about all the ways extended family showed me the love. With advice and encouragement, actual moving and cleaning, and getting settled into a new place and making it my own. Ok, I’m trying not to cry, so moving on …
  5. I know I mentioned new neighbors already, but they deserve to be on this section of the list, too. I’d heard about how friendly country people were, but I honestly had no idea it could be this good!
  6. Speaking of love, I started dating again. woo hoo! I am a girl who thrives when single and I am making the absolute most of this time of life. Men are amazing! I could make a list of 99 things I love about dating! But I’ll spare you my raves and just say I am having the time of my life.
  7. I even love my post office people, my grocery store people, my UPS guy, my real estate agent. It feels like I fell into the love vortex!
  8. I went through master gardener training and hung out with fellow gardeners! So much appreciation for meeting MY PEOPLE! I love gardeners. And I love our instructors. They were the highlight of my year!
  9. Stone people. Have you heard of them? I always knew there was something special about crystals, but this year I learned that they’re also known as The Stone People and I made some new stone friends. 🙂
  10. I met fab new folks at the local animal rescue group I’ll be working with next kitten season. I do love gardeners, but animal people are my lifelong peeps. We get each other.
  11. But there is nowhere I feel more love and appreciation than when I hang with fellow creators, because we are not a dime a dozen. (Yet. One day we will be!) For now, though, connecting with conscious creators on GVU calls and in the forums is a treasured experience and where I feel most myself. I love you guys!
  12. I need a separate entry to celebrate the wonderful clients I worked with this year. You know who you are. THANK YOU for being the best parts of my life!

I Loved My Body Even More

  1. Through the process of moving I reminded myself how physically strong I am. Way to feel capable and empowered!
  2. I had energy I didn’t know existed! Physical endurance was mine! Plus I had a new spring in my step I hadn’t felt in some time.
  3. Sleeping solidly through the nights again. 🙂
  4. Adrenal fatigue symptoms abated. I feel good in my body again!
  5. I have some suspicions about how this happened (I got happy!) … but whatever the cause, I dropped a couple sizes. When I wasn’t even trying to. Funny how that works, huh? I wear a belt on size 6 jeans. It’s ridiculous. (I had fourteens in my closet at one point.)
  6. I finally like my hair. That hasn’t  been a toleration for so much of my life, that I can’t tell you how nice it is to actually appreciate it.
  7. In addition to yoga as a way of loving up on my body, I found the 5 Tibetan rites. Very cool!
  8. This isn’t completely new, I had learned this trick a while ago, but I’m better at it now than ever (practice makes perfect): I love how I look in the mirror. 🙂
  9. Treated myself to some new clothes, which is yet another way to enjoy this beautiful body.
  10. I’m listening to her better than ever – when she says yay or nay, I honor it without question. Well, almost. Getting better at it every day!
  11. Learned how to take even more joy from food and drink – truly one of life’s daily pleasures this year.
  12. We (my body and I) also relished in the joys of nothing this year. We learned how to do nothing like it was something. We lounge, we loiter, we linger, we pause, we revel. It’s not go-go-go until we drop. We nap, we stretch out, we get wrinkly fingers in the tub … we enjoy for no reason at all.

Business Got Even Better

  1. This celebration list is taking forever to write, so I’ll speed things up: fab new clients
  2. fab long term and returning clients. I just can’t say enough how much I love the people I work with!
  3. super cool colleagues (The Coaches League is one of my favorite parties of the year!)
  4. launched a new podcast
  5. clients are rocking it (their successes deserve to be compiled in a book!)
  6. interviews with cool new people
  7. less work
  8. fab money
  9. GVU went mobile
  10. this blog gets more traffic and more raves than ever
  11. you readers are as generous and wise as ever! your comments are still the best part of this blog!

I Loved Myself and Life Even More

  1. broke a few rules
  2. found my courage
  3. honored my heart
  4. my ’66 Caprice got a makeover
  5. watched great stories
  6. read fabulous books
  7. learned from amazing teachers
  8. got inspired by fellow creators
  9. loved new songs
  10. discovered new restaurants
  11. dared to say yes to what life wanted to deliver
  12. I saw Sasquatch
  13. loved master gardener training
  14. enjoyed volunteering in the gardens and on the help desk!
  15. learned to appreciate contrast like never before
  16. laughed more than ever
  17. Joy became a regular thing in my daily life
  18. invested in friendships – and let others go
  19. ate a lot of high quality chocolate!
  20. pared down my belongings to those that spark joy
  21. got better at relaxing
  22. learned to be easier on myself
  23. got even better at believing in big dreams
  24. saw what a truly skilled co-creator I am
  25. gave myself credit for being an excellent guide to fellow co-creators
  26. learned how to take mistakes in stride
  27. trusted guidance and listened to inner nudges like a pro
  28. paid attention to dreams and messages from angels
  29. said yes to what my heart wanted and no to what it didn’t
  30. saw the perfection of how life unfolds and embraced the pace of my journey through it
  31. learned better than ever what matters and what doesn’t
  32. felt the privilege of being here now
  33. got better at trusting that everything’s working out perfectly
  34. and am looking forward to an even more amazing and delightful new year.

Your turn. 🙂

  • December 20, 2016
  • ΑΝΝΑ says:

    1) i live in my own apartment for the first time ever
    2) i live in a quite neighbourhood in the house like i envisioned
    3) i have plenty of free time since i quit high school (although i will enrol in another area for 2017-1018 universe already told me the number of it and the area .its a great school
    4) i manifested a scholarship winning for makeup art courses of a year worth almost 2000 in USD(2017)
    5) my relationship with my mother and my grandparents went from -20 to 50 Celsius !!! im blessed
    6)i visited an amazing island i wanted to see
    7)i learned gratefulness forgiving and have never been happier and laughed more
    8) i had my first boyfriend (well lets say i manifested him ,all characteristics about him from hair to behaviour to all the things we did together (it helped me grow and know what more i want from a relationship )
    9)I had my first Korean Oppa
    10)I made new friends
    11)i understood a lot about LOA and the universe
    12)i won the lottery in my vibrational reality (its ABOUT TO come into physical i got my numbers for it and i get signs all the time from universe guides i and angels)
    13)i got a vision of what i want to be do (basically of who i really am )
    14)i touched areal horse and it was amazing -its been more that 13 years i ever done that
    15) i learned i have a guide and angels in the non physical
    16) i was taken care in small ways by strangers (like a grandma fixing my hood or when i was struggling with my luggage and was in trouble a rich woman came over from nowhere literally run to me to help me lift up the stairs,i would not expect that especially from such a rich woman while no one arund even noticed anything)
    17)i learned to speak out for myself and be clear when i speak to people
    18 )i got amazing ideas for my future artwork in visions and dreams
    19) i got amazing innovative ideas for my company
    20) i got so much attention from guys it was fun im an interesting person
    21)i am happier and healthier
    22)my country is in piece
    23)i got a new phone as a gift in the color i wanted and i like it a lot
    24)wrote a lot of songs for my album
    25) my voice improved a lot
    26)manifested a trip to ROME
    27)i went into the nature a lot forests and sea shores
    28) i played with children and had fun they love me
    29)i manifested a high pay job in a week although i was under-qualified for it (all is possible)
    30)i felt so limitless 4 the first time maybe
    31)i ate a lot of yummy food
    32)i had amazing time with my friends
    33)my sister is visiting me this summer already bough her tickets (and i will take her by my new car ill have manifested by then from the airport and well go to the islands ,im thankful)
    34)listened to new amazing music
    35)rediscovered old songs
    36)writing my own book
    37)i am free of work
    39) my classmates were so kind to me its the first year i had such nice classroom and mates we had so much fun
    40)i was invited and went out with my new classmates
    41)understood im a tough cookie but a yummy too(im stronger that i think im very very strong )
    42)i went through crazy lessons of life came out stronger
    43)made a new friend from overseas – we intend to meet each other very good person
    44)enjoyed the stars in the sky – its been a while for me to stop and notice
    45)got gym membership
    46)met a neighbour for first time
    47)went on a roardtrip with a boyfriend for the first time
    48)beautiful clouds
    47)noticed the birds singing beautifully
    48) found a penny on the ground
    49)won on lucky game 5+ times
    50) was driven by a taxi for free lol

  • Danielle says:

    I’m jumping in!
    Posted in the rampages of appreciation forum
    Went to Hawaii
    Walked the dogs-lots
    Petted the dogs
    Petted our kitty
    Rode my horse
    Went to girls camp
    Got to do some riding lessons
    Made a boat load of money
    Got to visit with my mom
    Gained new territory
    Got a new motor in my jeep
    Grew my hair longer
    Finished the siding on the house
    Decided to put siding on the chimney
    Swam in the ocean
    Got pretty clothes at my favorite used store
    Started drinking smoothies
    Ate more fruits and veggies
    Got a blissful week off at the end of the year
    Became a ninja unicorn manifestor
    Enjoyed yummy cocktails
    Went to girls camp
    Stayed with my friend Stephanie
    Saw really cool photos of a wolverine
    Went on a hike
    Stayed really healthy
    Got bathroom lights
    Got a new roommate who loves our critters
    Saw sea turtles up close on the beach
    Tropical air
    More tied into GVU
    Got started with elaine
    Was bold
    Was very positive
    Had lots to laugh at
    Had so much happiness come my way
    Got to travel
    Bought 2 new outfits in Canada
    Cleaned out two cupboards
    Stayed warmer in the house
    Relaxed more
    Learned to take 3 deep breaths when feeling tweaked out about something
    Learned that there is so much abundance in my life
    Learned how to ramp up my dreams (just really figuring that one out in the last few days)
    Started planning a vaca to costa rica
    Enjoyed mom being healthy
    Laughed more
    Ate at a really cool place in kona
    Saw two eagle rays
    Saw an eagle up closer than I’ve seen before
    Paid down credit cards
    Took some really beautiful photos
    Sold two more photos over shutterstock
    Went to a really fun end of year sales meeting
    Saw an incredible supermoon
    Watched a beautiful meteor shower
    Got an incredible anniversary gift from sexy hubby
    Discovered more fun websites to laugh at
    Made a new friend
    Got a gift of the yummiest pudding on the planet
    Love who I am even more
    Kicked a habit
    Bought some cool clothes in Hawaii
    Had lots of yummy peanut butter
    Saw lots of woodpeckers in the woods
    Cleaned up the yard
    Cleaned up the old construction wood pile
    Got a 6’ cord to charge my i-phone
    Got some purple reading glasses
    Got a memory foam mattress topper for my bed
    Was able to laugh when super puppy chewed up memory foam mattress topper
    Learned that I’m a goddess of wonder
    Learned that everything is so much easier
    Discovered Pandora and created lots of new stations
    Got a new leaf rake for the barn
    Discovered a great new source of hay
    Had new hay delivered and stacked
    Got to enjoy a beautiful snow storm
    Took advantage of a deep freeze to worm the horses
    Had ceiling heaters installed
    Sexy hubby installed new lights
    Got rid of socks that had been hanging around for 3 years
    Learned what tolerations are and looking forward to getting rid of more of them
    Brought down a beautiful piece of furniture from storage and put in the living room
    Washed the windows
    Discovered I am brave enough to go up in a boom truck
    Saw beautiful snow covered mountains
    Swam in the river lots this summer
    Saw gorgeous double rainbows on Maui
    Took some cool selfies
    Gave a fun gift basket to my sales manager
    Did an awesome, fun presentation
    Started reading harry potter again
    Got some amazing cupboards from my in laws
    Drank a champagne toast with all my office mates
    Discovered Nashville on Netflix
    Started watching game of thrones starting with season 1
    Manifested a beer
    Got lots of lovely feedback

  • Barbara says:

    You all inspired me to do mine, too! I did 101 Things I Appreciate About 2016 on my Gab of Gratitude blog. I added some photos of my year to it, too. It was about time I wrote again on that thing! LOL Happy New Year!

  • Maria-Daphne says:

    Jeanette. Loved it all, of course. Sasquatch? Please please do elaborate.

  • Laurie says:

    not sure where my numbering went but there are 100 🙂

  • Laurie says:

    Was going to wait til NYE but was inspired…
    I started the year living in a great airbnb in Playa del Carmen with Neil.
    Logan came to visit us in Mexico and we did great fun trips
    Barbara and Rick had their honeymoon with us as their Mexico guides, while we planned wedding
    I performed my first wedding ceremony and it was awesome
    We got to go back to Sonoma County for the wedding and also connect with friends
    We traveled all around CA visiting friends and family
    We had a great house and dog sit in Oregon and connected with Noah and his new girlfriend
    We visited with Nancy in Portland, one of our travel meet up friends
    Denise and Brock came up to Portland, friends we met in Costa Rica
    We booked a great location for the winter of 2016-17 in La Penita, Mexico
    We did the Whole 30 and changed our diets to Paleo
    I trimmed ten lbs on the Whole 30 and continue to improve my health and get slimmer
    I started doing watercolor painting classes in Mexico, am having success and fun
    I reintroduced very dark chocolate and rice and handle them well
    I saw my naturopath and am no longer pre diabetic
    Enjoyed some great movies in Mexico, including the new Star Wars before the US release
    I greatly increased my Spanish vocabulary and my willingness to engage in conversation with native speakers
    I received a substantial financial settlement from my work with managed care
    I met and enjoyed time with Laura in Portland
    I enjoyed time with a new dog friend in Oregon City and one in Waltham MA
    I took some great walks in the Boston area
    I went canoeing twice in beautiful rivers in Boston area
    I got a great recipe for paleo bread which we love
    I learned to make my own larabars for my Mexico snacks
    I go to continue working with my naturopath, Norman
    I got off of night time Advil, and only do sometimes Tylenol
    I got free physical therapy and my foot rarely hurts anymore
    I fall asleep more easily and sleep better this year
    I learned to make healthy gummies with real gelatin
    I found people to cut my hair well in different places
    I went snorkeling on both Mexican coasts
    We wrote some new blog posts and published them
    We wrote a book – The Complete Kombucha Brewing Journal, published on Amazon
    I got testimonials and gave away some books
    We brewed our own kombucha most weeks and it came out awesome
    We bottled and shared our homemade vanilla extract
    We got two more great testimonials for our house and pet sitting services
    Jaci and Linda visited us in Oregon City and we took them to the gorge for hikes, picked lavender and cooked together and drank good wine
    We got to stay at friends’ houses while they were home and while they were away and visit friends in our former home area in May and November
    We got to visit with Briana when she came “home” in July.
    The balloon flowers I planted last year bloomed outside our studio window
    We took some great photos and Neil shares them on Instagram
    I made some new friends on fb groups for kombucha and house sitting
    I started reading two new book series by Louise Penny and Laurie King
    My kindle is full of great books waiting to be read
    I got great audio books from the library for road trips with Neil
    We used mileage points for free travel to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
    Our hosts in Mexico picked us up at the airport and took us shopping on our arrival
    Logan came to visit and brought things we really wanted in his luggage
    Neil bought us a great little bluetooth speaker
    My computer broke and I got a great new Asus Chromebook
    Neil and I visited my dad and his wife in Florida and things went quite well there
    I celebrated my 60th birthday at the beach and a great restaurant in Playa del Carmen
    My dad gave me his ipad and Tom gave me a stylus and showed me how to use a stylus to draw on it
    I have tons of great music on my computer, as well as comedy to listen to
    I became much more comfortable with big dogs
    My fingernails are stronger and healthier
    I enjoyed doing parenting coaching for my hairdresser in Playa del Carmen and she made great changes with her teenage son
    I got really good at cutting Neil’s hair with our traveling kit
    I saw lots of new birds in our backyard in MA out our studio window, woodpeckers, bluebirds and more
    I enjoyed some beach days in Massachusetts and a gorgeous summer there
    We had an awesome meat CSA and cooked delicious things with and for Laurie and John
    I kicked my sugar habit, going on nine months now
    I saw whales swimming near our tour boat in Mexico
    We spent four days in a beach house with Barbara and Rick and their grown kids and partners in Bodega Bay
    I got new Keene shoes in teal
    I helped Laurie make the meditation room nicer with new rug and ideas for the hearth and walls
    I helped choose colorful paints for the main part of the house in MA
    We went blueberry picking
    We started getting Abraham recordings again
    We are getting more connections for insider leads for awesome housesits round the globe
    I got great new and affordable glasses and sunglasses from Zenni
    Neil gave our travel blog a new fresh look and I enjoyed choosing photos and design ideas with him
    I got emails from friends in Australia and stories and photos about the dog we cared for there in 2013
    The place we rented for this winter got upgrades on the bathroom, AC, and the tv which were surprises
    Our rental includes drinking water -delivered, and twice weekly housekeeping (better than last year)
    I got some new clothes and fit in some that were tight before
    We visited a phenomenal dahlia farm in October, flowers for acres in every color and size
    Our housesit in Oregon had a great deck and garden with a waterfall and, inside, a cheerful fireplace
    Our current rental is great for walking to town and the beach and taxis are very inexpensive
    Groceries here are so inexpensive and we have fresh avocado, pineapple, papaya, limes…yum
    I am having fun making pinterest boards and designing pins for kombucha and for paleo cooking
    More people are reading and commenting on our travel blog JoyfulJourneying
    Doug and Sharon agreed to keep our car at their house for the winter
    We enjoyed connecting with Shelly and Chris and their kids in November, watching them grow up fast
    My back has continued to improve and I did some yoga in our studio last summer
    We got new backpacks on sale and trimmed down our luggage to medium suitcases
    Neil and I celebrated our 35th anniversary on August 2 (still looking for a great snorkel trip to mark it)
    We started talking about more places we want to travel and making connections about Australia
    Our car continues to be reliable and economical
    We drove across the US again, from Boston to Oregon in September, staying in airbnb and motels that were comfortable and affordable and making great time, listening to music and books and chatting
    It is December and I have an awesome tan and plenty of Vitamin D exposure
    My husband gives great backrubs, often!
    My sons are smart, funny, lovely people and they enjoy each other’s company
    We have skype and can chat with our loved ones often for free
    We easily get cell phone service wherever we go
    We have learned to cook a lot of new things this year and are healthier for it
    We are going to see some new cities in Mexico, trips are booked for spring
    Our family in MA is so generous with us, sharing their home and yard with us and including us on a trip to North Carolina with them
    Going with the flow gets easier each year, listening to Abraham recordings and meditations and visiting with likeminded friends like our friend, Ruth in Virginia

  • Anonymous says:

    1 Passed my 2 year mark after my spinal fusion and my back is staying strong!
    2 I pushed my envelope out by rappelling a 13 story building for a local fundraiser
    3 I am making headway in becoming closer to my sister and her daughter
    4 I am getting my habit of clearing my throat under control
    5 The person that melted down over my throat clearing lead me to taking vocal lessons (which I wanted anyway)
    6 Through my vocal lessons, I have a more relaxed larynx and stronger singer
    7 I have the most unbelievable, supportive friends!
    8 More and more of my friends are vibrant and living into their 90’s
    9 I attended a Sierra Hull workshop
    10 I love my city!
    11 I love my job!
    12 I am a super connector!
    13 Becoming a better teacher
    14 Becoming a better leader
    15 I love how my positive light can shine to make others happy
    16 No more searching… just ask the universe and it will be drawn to me
    17 Learning to change negative thoughts/feelings to something positive
    18 I love being able to make lists and check each off without distractions
    19 I love my assistant, who I can count on getting documents processed, so I can continue to build my business
    20 My friend came through AGAIN with beautiful Holiday labels for my 200+ cards
    21 I have the best dentist
    22 I have the best chiropractor (non-force)
    23 I have a new fun butcher who only sells grass fed meat
    24 I love my hairdresser, who has matched my original color and highlights
    25 I love my connection to the local Asian community
    26 I continue to find appreciate all the ways I adore and am connected to my husband of 36 years
    27 I love being connected to someone who understands what I need
    28 My husband and I started an official band with our friend
    29 Our band, Sunnyside Bluegrass, played for the opening of the VIP Sponsor exhibit at the Natural History museum
    30 Our band played our first private party and got a huge tip besides our normal fee
    31 We had a blast riding our bikes, exploring and hanging out with cousins at the Tahoe reunion
    32 I bought a new pressure cooker and made a lovely goat roast, for the first time
    33 I bought a meat grinder for my Kitchen Aid, and have been making yummy burgers and sausages
    34 I discovered Wagyu beef!
    35 I LOVE my new hybrid bike!
    36 I have the best brother in the world!
    37 We got spoiled for the second time at Valter’s with the most expensive meal of our lives!
    38 My nephew graduated from STEM School with 3 scholarships!
    39 I got to see 2 of my favorite aunts this year
    40 I continue to receive love and encouragement from my sisters and brothers in laws
    41 I receive nothing but compliments from my cousins.
    42 I got to attend 3 bluegrass festivals with my husband (and best friend)
    43 I love creating new recipes with my husband
    44 I have a new connection in CA for the world’s best olive oil
    45 I also have a new connection locally for olive oil and balsamic vinegar
    46 I love my local honey stop
    47 I love my local lamb
    48 I love my local goat
    49 I found a source for local llama, that I am looking forward to trying
    50 I found a new source for local smoked and cured meats
    51 I got to attend Wintergrass Bluegrass festival for the first time
    52 I met the nicest man, who let me borrow his violin, bow, case for a workshop without knowing anything about me
    53 I got to meet Tom Rosam, one of my favorite mandolin players and singers
    54 I met the Seldom Scene, close up and personal in the elevator
    55 I made great connections in the music scene
    56 I love my fiddle teacher and am a better player after each lesson
    57 My quest for a 5 string fiddle and electric fiddle ended in me getting a 5 string electric fiddle, that I lOVE!
    58 Through my connections, I got invited to a private sale where I got my dream fiddle
    59 I continue to learn from musicians at my monthly jam
    60 I got 3rd place in the West Valley Old Time Fiddler’s Senior Division in fiddle!
    61 I got to participate in an art exhibit that my go to DC to the women’s museum!
    62 I have now rounded out my instrument collection with a beautiful banjo from my cousin
    63 Made reservations to next year’s Wintergrass
    64 I won 2 round trip tickets on Southwest to Wintergrass
    65 I love our local water
    66 I discovered new vegetables at the refugee farmer’s market
    67 I met people from new countries at the market
    68 I transitioned to a new Treasurer after 4 years for the Asian Chamber
    69 I completed 1 year as Treasurer for the Buddhist Women’s Assoc
    70 I reviewed my first 2 micro-loans for 2 refugees
    71 My husband is helping me become a better musician
    72 Whenever I need a helping hand, someone is always there for me
    73 I love sharing and expanding on ideas in my pottery class
    74 I love looking at all the ways my mom made me better
    75 I love how my dad worked behind the scenes to support me in his gentle ways
    76 I am joining top team at my firm!
    77 My oyster mushroom came back on my stump and we had a lovely dinner with it to celebrate
    78 I reconnected with some long time childhood friends.
    79 I got to hold a baby redtailed hawk
    80 I sold more pottery this year than ever before
    81 I am connected to movers and shakers who are walking in DC and UT for women’s rights!
    82 I love the wild birds in my yard
    83 My neighbor has shoveled our walk the last 2 snow storms (by hand)!
    84 I connected with a new friend that loves bluegrass and shares my husband’s passion for building knifes
    85 I love my new team!
    86 I love recognizing in me traits that my husband loved in his mom.
    87 I love how much my mom had in common with my mother-in-law
    88 I found out that we have local fireflies… and look forward to finding one
    89 I love watching my niece grow into a fun, smart adult
    90 I love nature… even bugs when I connect with them
    91 I love how many ways I can connect to a new person
    92 I love how my city is growing and becoming more diverse
    93 I love the wisdom of the elderly!
    94 I love having a reason for a good hearty laugh
    95 Signing up for GVU as a member and sustainer was something I should have done years ago!
    96 Turning lemons into lemonade is getting easier!
    97 Learning and receiving and vibrating is working!!!
    98 Realized how much power Jeannette Maw can unleash in me.
    99 Staying open to even more “miracles”!

    • Jeannette says:

      omgosh, your fiddling and bluegrass festivals are giving me some inspiration for what I’d love to see on my 2017 appreciation list! (Not that I learn how to play, but to be hearing it live would be such a treat!)
      And I’m with you on #90. Very cool item to include on your list. Loved where GVU made it and I’ll be smiling about your #98 all night.
      Thanks for sharing, Anonymous! 🙂

  • Maryann says:

    You guys rock! I am going to try this but my guess is I will not come up with 99 items. How did you do that? I admire you!
    I have a lot to be thankful for but I am not sure if I can come up with 99…wow!

    • Jeannette says:

      Maryann, I believe if we had a conversation about it you could come up with 99 things you loved just about THIS DAY.
      It did take a couple of sit downs for me to finish my list, though. So worth it for the joy I get each time I re-read it! 🙂

  • Harriette says:

    Love this idea!! Shall do it now! PS, Jeanette, you rock! Hxxx

  • Alora says:

    Jeannette…. #77….. you saw Sasquatch?
    What a great way to celebrate 2016 and make way for 2017! Thanks for the idea!

  • Sandra says:

    As a way to pre-pave an awesome 2017, I’m going to create a similar list, put it away until 1/1/2018. I’ll then read it and be amazed how all 99 items came to be! 😊👍🏾

  • Leslie says:

    Jeannette, thank you for the inspiration!
    2016 Rocked because…
    1.I learned fairies live with me!
    2. I still live in Pawleys Island, hey, that’s big enough for several numbers
    3. I released a relationship that has been troublesome for many years.
    4. I became friends with my ex, and love him for who he is
    5. Just recently, I opened myself to a new relationship! I’m excited to see what happens!
    6. I became a Reiki Master!
    7. I joined a team that is doing very important work!
    8. I found friends online who are so magical and share their wisdom with me!
    9. I learned that “I Am” statements are one of my favorite manifestation techniques.
    10. I shared Reiki weekly with a friend who was very ill — she’s now doing great and I really love that Reiki had a part in that.
    11. I did the Joy Challenge with Amina. OMGosh, that was fun!
    12. I joined Being Present to Serve with Ming and Amina. Life. Changing.
    13. Whenever I felt a little off, I logged on to Good Vibe University and read, read, read and listened, listened, listened. This is an awesome place to be!
    14. I shared my home with my son and my niece for the summer. Their youthful energy was fun!
    15. I saw my son and my niece take off to do their lives! Quiet is good.
    16. I fostered a sweet dog named Pongo.
    17. I acquired a feral colony of kitties. All but one are now fixed and vaccinated. Plus, they kind of like me too!
    18. Bubba kitty moved into the house, he finally decided to retire from active duty outside.
    19. My inside kitties are doing great — they give me a lot of joy and love.
    20. A car accident that could’ve been very serious was not.
    21. I got a new car
    22. I’ve had several bursts of unexpected money. I’m getting better at this!
    23. My money vibe has changed. I see it in so many little things and even when they old stuff comes back, I am able to turn it around so easily!
    24. My mother-in-law, who I adore, she’s my second mom, is still in good health. I’m spending Christmas with her!
    25. My daughter, son-in-law and the two perfect granddaughters are coming the week after Christmas!
    26. The grandbabies are starting to remember me from one visit to the next. And they like me! I’m a fun grammie!
    27. I’m so much easier at work. It’s still not my dream job, but, wow, there are so many good things about it.
    28. As part of my job, I took Marcus Anderson, Prince’s former sax player, to a rural school for an outreach program. YAY!
    29. Marcus told me a lot of cool things about Prince, who I adore.
    30. I also was able to take Shana Tucker, an amazing cello player, to a local school.
    31. Shana and I became friends — we spent a day shopping and I got to call it work! HA!
    32. People I can go to the beach anytime I want. It’s a short half mile walk and there I am.
    33. Sunrises on the beach
    34. Sunsets on the creek
    35. I have coffee on my screened porch almost every morning. Even when it’s freezing, I wrap up and go out there for a few minutes.
    36. Because I live in on the coast of SC, it’s not freezing very often.
    37. I took a great trip to the mountains of NC with two dear friends.
    38. The cabin we stayed in belongs to another dear friend who gives it to me a couple of times a year!!!
    39. I’m exercising again, walk/runs almost every day.
    40. My yoga practice has greatly improved.
    41. I drove to the Angel Oak and spent a few hours, it’s a very old live oak with amazing energy. Really cool!
    42. I have made friends with my wonderful crystals.
    43. I am finally acknowledging my power. I have a lot.
    44. I met the nicest attorney who helped me with the car accident.
    45. While I was writing this list, my mechanic called and he can fix my car today!
    46. And, while it’s not a cheap repair, it’s certainly reasonable and I won’t worry about driving to my mother in law’s house on Christmas!
    47. Plus, I’ve learned that every penny I spend comes back to me doubled! How darn cool is that?
    48. I’ve read almost every blog Jeannette has written. Now I’m going back and starting over, they are just that good.
    49. I’ve listened to all of her podcasts too!
    50. Ming. I’m so very appreciative of Ming. How blessed I am to know her.
    51. Friends! I have such beautiful friends. I’m tearing up just thinking about it.
    52. I stayed with my ex during Hurricane Matthew because I live so close to the ocean. We had fun! It wasn’t weird at all.
    53. A coworker, a super talented photographer and great person, is getting married in May and she showed me her wedding dress!
    54. My son sends me photos of all the places he’s visiting in Europe.
    55. I love that my son is so brave! He packed up and moved to Europe not knowing a soul. He did have a job, but no place to stay and no idea of what he would be facing. He rocked it.
    56. Seeing my daughter parent her girls is a super, duper blessing.
    57. I love that my super smart, scientist son-in-law, think “Big Bang Theory” smart is the best dad and husband.
    58. I witnessed a dear friend work though my pretty serious issues in her marriage and come out stronger than ever. (Her husband is awesome, love him too!)
    59. I love that I now believe anything is possible.
    60. I love that I have a great plumber. He’s amazing.
    61. This year, I learned that I can hear the trees talking. Most of the time they don’t say much, but when they do it’s important.
    62. I’ve made some pretty good Pelican friends recently.
    63. I watched a lunar eclipse on the causeway bridge that goes over the marsh. Incredible, beautiful and very awe-inspiring
    64. I love that Ms. Possum comes to eat every evening. And the kitties just hang out with her.
    65. I played on my boogie board about a dozen times last summer. Riding the waves is a huge thrill for me.
    66. I got a lot better at body surfing too.
    67. I saw dolphins playing a least a dozen times.
    68. I found not one, but two bathing suits that I like.
    69. I love my hair. My stylist is also a dear friend and she really has the magic touch.
    70. I love that I’ve met a host of magical beings this year and they all like me a lot.
    71. I love that I found an absolutely perfect birthday gift for the one hard-to-buy-for friend this year.
    72. I love that I met and interviewed a real PIRATE this year. And she’s a women and she is fierce!
    73. I love that my pirate friend shot her real, antique gun during the interview. (No bullets, just powder, but so cool). And the photographer caught the fire coming out of the barrel. Awesome shot.
    74. I love that I was invited to go on a boat this summer with friends and we went to an uninhabited island where we saw alligators! And, I found a few perfect, uninhabited whelks to take home and put on my altar.
    75. I love that I love summer now just as much as I did as a child.
    76. I also love that I’m learning to appreciate the cooler months. The sunrises are spectacular when the air is clear and cold.
    77. I love that my home was barely touched by Hurricane Matthew.
    78. I also love that all the cleanup gave me a wonderful chance to use my body. It felt so good to work. I’m a powerful woman.
    79. I love that I feel good giving a decent piece of money to the people who stand with signs on the road. It makes me feel happy to help and it’s coming back to me doubled anyway.
    80. I love that I’ve read some great books this year.
    81. I love how easily things come to me. Case in point: One of my kitties, Ruby, she’s always the one, attacked and killed my television. I was telling a friend and she said, “oh don’t worry, my husband can order you one wholesale.” He did and I got another one very quickly.
    82. I love being a Reiki Master, I think I said that one, but the energy is so much more powerful now! I can share Reiki with just a thought! (Thank you Ming!)
    83. I love how much more easily I forgive. I do get angry, but it passes so much more quickly and I’m better able to see both sides of any situation.
    84. I love my lunch hour walks. They’re perfect for this time of year; the weather is cool and I get to enjoy a little daylight. Plus, my walks are in Murrells Inlet, a beautiful fishing village. I see my Pelican friends, plus lots of other animals and a lot of nice people.
    85.I love that my curious nature has grown even more this year! I’ve learned so many new things, just from asking questions!
    86. I also love that I’ve learned to not give myself a hard time when I can’t exercise for a couple of days — I love that about me.
    87. This year I’ve learned to ask, “how can this be easier?” It’s an amazing question that MAKES THINGS EASIER!
    88. I love that this year I’m excited about the new year! I can see how great it’s going to be and the changes it will bring are going to benefit me in ways I can not yet imagine!
    89. I love that I appreciate my desk in my office much more now — I have windows that allow me to see the sky!
    90. I love that my foster dog, Pongo is back for a few months while his family finds a new, big dog friendly home.
    91. I love that I know people who will do most anything for their pets — they are family.
    92. I love that I’m actually looking forward to the office Christmas party this year. It’s the first time in 11 years that I’ve actually wanted to go! Yay me!
    93. I love that I don’t have any plans for Christmas Eve and I’m okay with that!
    94. I love that I get to see Pongo and the kitties have fun together. He’s such a huge dog (100 pounds), but is so very gentle with them.
    95. I love that I figured out a way to have a Christmas tree that’s not too hard on the kitties or me. Thank you Bitter Yuck spray.
    96. I love how much I’ve grown spiritually this year. There have been many epiphanies, many downloads and a lot of joyous exploration.
    97. I also love how I’ve learned to trust. Everything really always works out for me. So cool huh?
    98. It’s so cool to make this list on the Winter Solstice. This is a good day for me anyway, I always breathe a sigh of relief, now we’re on the way back to more daylight!
    99. I also love that later today I’m going to start a new PRJ about how great the upcoming year is going to be!

    • Jeannette says:

      Reading this list makes me fall in even more love with you, Leslie. I am smiling from ear to ear at your celebration of 2016 – from Pongo to fairies to alligators and feeling your physical strength – so cool! Thank you so much for posting it!!! 🙂
      I’m going to read it again now, just because I like it so much. 🙂

      • Shan says:

        Wow, Jeannette – that is super-inspiring!! Thank you so much. And thanks tons for the inspiration throughout the year, since I ‘discovered’ you through listening to an audio you did for an organisation I get loads of stuff from and very rarely listen. I was totally drawn to listen to it, not even knowing the subject!!Joining GVU and ‘knowing’ you and the other magic manifestors here has really made a difference to my life. And there’s more——!! I’ll be making my list.

  • Amina says:

    Jeannette – from working with you last year and seeing what I accomplished in 2016 that I wrote as “dreams” last December. I think I am going to write my list of 99 reasons 2017 rocked (yup, as if it already happened) on my blog! Thanks for the fab idea… as always!

  • Wow I love this, I was just saying the other day that I think the magic number is 30, find 30 things to be grateful for and the feeling is there.
    I wonder how much better it gets when you list those 31-99 items, will have to try it to find out 🙂

    • Jeannette says:

      I’ve heard Abe say before that once you start stretching to come up with good things, then you’re activating the opposite of what you want. (So I can see how a list of 30 might be even more powerful to make.)
      But I found the thought of having a big long list to refer to SO satisfying that I kept at it. And the truth is, we could probably make a list of 999 things to celebrate over the past year if we really wanted to. 🙂

  • Namaste says:

    1. My second year back in So. Cal. and every single day I appreciate it.
    2. The rose bushes in the front yard bloomed again and again.
    3. I was given my great grandfather’s desk.
    4. And a brand new full-size futon.
    5. I quit eating sugar and stuck with it.
    6. Six months after dropping sugar my body is back in my ideal physical shape and I love it!
    7. I found that I can live without chocolate and NOT have cravings.
    8. I completed an intense study of the world of witchcraft.
    9. I got a new laptop that is super fast and makes my life so easy.
    10.I found my coaching niche.
    11. I had my most exciting 3 some so far.
    12. My mom bought me some house plants and while I was skeptical, I’ve found that I really love them.
    13. I manifested two bookshelves and finally all my books are out of boxes.
    14. Deliberate Receiving by Melody Fletcher answered some manifesting questions that I’d been wondering about forever.
    15. I started a manifesting mastermind and the people I attracted are truly world class.
    16. Marijuana was legalized in California and that paves the way for so many important changes in the future.
    17. Once again, my philosophy of finding the things I like about both Presidential candidates paid off.
    18. I finally made time to begin meeting new friends and once again I’m blessed incredible people in my life who are local.
    19. After 30 years of fighting with my intuition, I decided to stop resisting and follow the advice given no matter what. That’s what I’ve done and it’s so much more peaceful living this way.
    20. A friend showed me how counting breaths makes meditation so easy to do and I found I REALLY enjoy it.
    21. I realized that everyone who shows up in my experience, whether it looks like it or not, is actually helping me to get what I want. This is a profound realization that I’m constantly reminded of and makes a big difference in my life.
    22. I found tons of things to appreciate about my part-time day job like…
    23. I get paid to work out.
    24. I get paid to think about my research.
    25. I was able to test out a manifesting technique and turn my boss from someone I wasn’t a fan of into someone who I really enjoy seeing.
    26. I’ve continued to do the appreciation texts with my first wife everyday and it always brightens my day.
    27. My friend retired at 33 years old, with over six figures coming in from most passive income, and it felt good knowing that a seminar I suggested to her years ago played a part in her making this happen.
    28. I overcame some long term resistance that has been bothering me for decades.
    29. My friend Galina came to LA three times this year and we got to hang out.
    30. I helped a woman Galina introduced me to get interviewed on a show and I received a welcome thank you.
    31. A woman I grew up with was named CEO of her company. It feels so good to see people I grew up with becoming leaders in the world.
    32. I continued to do my bi-monthly accountability calls with a friend and twice this made a big difference in my life.
    33. I finally broke through the biggest piece of contrast that was always knocking me out of the vortex.
    34. I was able to pay off half my credit card. Feels good to see how little is left on the balance due.
    35. I bought a magic wand =)
    36. I got to walk on the beach countless times.
    37. My boss treated me to lunch twice.
    38. I found a movie theater with the kind of stadium seating near my house that I love.
    39. A friend of mine found Jesus and attempted to remove me from her life because she felt my manifesting perspective was bad. Instead of being insulted, I acted with love and our friendship is now stronger than ever.
    40. I really came to appreciate how my family fits into my life this year.
    41. I was given Amazon Prime for free the whole year.
    42. I figured out the name for the manifesting community I want to build and it stuck (it took me years to do this and to have a name that I’m certain of is a gigantic relief).
    43. I got schooled on why going general can be important and appreciate the lesson.
    44. I found a new lucid dreaming teacher (Charlie Morley) who I really resonate with.
    45. Charlie’s teachings helped me have more lucid dreams than I have ever had before.
    46. My intuition had me call an old friend who I was able to make a huge difference for her.
    47. I got to fly for the first time in a lucid dream!
    48. I got to see the power of not resisting over and over and over again. It’s incredible how not resisting causes miracles to happen right in front of my eyes.
    49. My father shared an article with me on why eating orange peels is a great preventive medicine. I’ve been throwing orange peels into my morning Nutri-Bullet shakes and loving it.
    50. I had a ton of people sign up for my website.
    51. Thanks to a friend, I was able to figure out a way to better organize my manifesting checklist and now it’s really a tool that I’m proud of.
    52. I enhanced my subjective reality living habits dramatically and I’m loving the results.
    53. I got a big confidence boost after joining a manifesting program created by a teacher I respect and realizing that I’m totally capable of doing everything he did. I’m finally ready to emerge as a teacher in my own right.
    54. I had a number of people tell me they appreciate my views on manifesting.
    55. A number of LOA teachers contacted me and requested that I review their products. Feel good to get those requests =)
    56. Thanks to virtual reality googles, I figured out a solid potential solution to the one major problem with subjective reality (people in front of my eyes aren’t actually real). I realized that it’s totally possible for two people to be in the same room, yet viewing two completely separate realities, just like two people can be wearing virtual reality googles and be experiencing two separate worlds.
    57. I added hundreds of amazing people to my online Facebook commmunity.
    58. I learned that insects are conscious and felt good about all the times I’ve caught and released them.
    59. Another bonus from meeting with people to create my new LA LOA mastermind came when I realized that I’d spent my entire life talking about how I am always arguing with my intuition. Talk about a blind spot! No wonder my experience with my intuition has been so challenging, I was telling a story all these years of what I do not want. I’ve stopped doing that and it feels like a world of weight is off my shoulders.
    60. I reorganized the bookshelf in my bedroom so it’s exactly how I want it.
    61. I got to take two trips to my hometown of Morro Bay this year and just relax.
    62. I decided I didn’t want to “be nice” and see a relative who came to town that I’m not a fan of so I didn’t. So freeing to just do what I want to do. I’m getting better at managing the nice guy thing.
    63. I enjoyed so many walking meditations through the neighborhood.
    64. After a number of attempts, I found a pizza place in Los Angeles that is solid.
    65. I decided to take a risk on meeting a new person who reached out to me and made a fun new friend.
    66. Thanks to Eckhart Tolle, I figured out how to prove to a person that ultimately they are awareness.
    67. Thanks for my free Amazon Prime, I was able to enjoy two shows that I wouldn’t have made time for otherwise.
    68. I appreciate that I had the money this year to make charity donations to two projects that I’m really proud to have supported.
    69. I’m feeling more sure of myself than I ever have before.
    70. Thanks to my LOA mastermind I uncovered some resistance I have around romantic relationships that I’d been trying to release for at least two years at the very first meeting. And released it a few days later.
    71. I happened upon a new explanation for what makes intuition possible (that we’ve actually lived these lives before) and it’s given me a lot to think about.
    72. A friend bought me a delicious mint tea.
    73. I got an endless number of amazing deals on the fruits and veggies I love so much at grocery store near where I love. I love that in all of LA this place happens to be 15 minutes from me.
    74. By tipping 20% at my favorite Chinese restaurant (which really isn’t that much more) I’m now given red carpet treatment when I show up =)
    75. I was intuitively guided through two situations in an incredible way and I’m so blessed that my intuition is in my life.
    76. X-mas shopping this year was super easy and I’m excited about the gifts I’m giving.
    77. I have a favorite pair of beach sandals that are falling apart. I went back to the surf shop to buy another pair but they didn’t carry the brand anymore. The cashier was kind of enough to explain where I could get them even though he obviously wasn’t making a sale.
    78. I thought I’d lost a book I needed for my work and it turned out a person I know had found it and turned it in for me.
    79. Google once again delivered so much value into my life. I LOVE the internet. I’m so lucky to be alive in a time where anything I want to know is at the tips of my fingers.
    80. Thanks to dropping all that weight from dropping sugar, I now fit into my favorite board shorts again.
    81. I finally got to eat on Sushi Row in the valley.
    82. My research led to a much better understanding of quantum physics and how it fits in with manifesting. Feels good to know more about that subject.
    83. I was able to let go of a number of domain names that I no longer needed and feels good to log into my GoDaddy account and see only domains I know I really want.
    84. My study of witchcraft helped me realize how much more is possible with manifesting than I had dared to attempt before.
    85. By donating some coaching time, I got to make a big difference in a new friend’s life.
    86. My segment intending practice has paid off in spades time and again this year. I’m so glad that this is now a part of my regular morning ritual.
    87. My mom gave me some feedback on a project I’m working on that really turned it around for me.
    88. I found a really good article that explained some key things about the Bible that I’m super glad to have run across.
    89. I quickly recovered from an injury by changing my focus and deciding it would be so.
    90. I was reminded a number of times this year that if my earlier years hadn’t been so challenging, I wouldn’t be as effective as I am today in making a difference for others.
    91. My diligent efforts towards my goals this year set me up to have the best year of my life in 2017!
    92. My intuition chimed in when I was coaching a friend and gave her some dead on advice that made no sense at the time but ultimately proved true. Love that!
    93. Jeannette posted a question I had on the GoodVibe blog that resulted in me getting an answer about manifesting beliefs that I’d been wondering about for a long time.
    94. It was a great year because I’m not only in California but in the United States too (so lucky to be here).
    95. I discovered how amazing wet/dry vacuum cleaners are for cleaning cars.
    96. I attracted Facebook requesting that I change my profile name to my given name Al. This resulted in me getting to combine my two FB profiles into one and has made my life a lot easier.
    97. I’m getting paid to do what I love.
    98. I’m now reminded of how great a year it was from doing this list.
    99. I got to explain polyamory to another person in my life and saw that make a difference for her.
    100. I found a couple of great movies thanks to RedBox that I would have missed otherwise.
    101. I finally joined GVU =)

    • Jeannette says:

      I cannot tell you how much I love that you shared your list, Namaste!! #5 and #6 – WOW! And then I was wowing again at #8! #64 made me laugh out loud and I totally know what you mean about #83. (I recently did the same!)
      And #84 is making me want to insist that you start sharing this knowledge with the rest of us. I hope you have plans for doing that! And I hope you tell all of us at GVU about it first when you do. 🙂
      Thanks for the smiles and good vibes, Namaste!

      • namaste says:

        I’ll be emerging from my “research cave” in 2017. I will make a point to get in touch and find out the best way to share the things I’ve learned. Thanks for the suggestion =)

  • Kat says:

    I love you Jeannette!! I’m going to do this, too. Very inspiring. We’ve never met and yet you are have been a key player in my life this year, how about that??! Cool, huh?

  • Ming says:

    Jeannette, mine is not as organized as yours LOL. I was rather random at it. But I did it and it was surely FUN.
    1. I love that my word for 2016 was celebration and has it been ever.
    2. I love that I moved to a small town and created #loveithere
    3. I love that I joined the chamber of commerce and they cheered when we said we were Reiki Masters
    4. I love that I found some one easily close to home to blow out my hair. Bet you didn’t know I get regular blow outs, a gift to myself .
    5. I love that we created family night once a week dinners for close friends
    6. I love that I did a call with GVU on fairies. (and about to do another)
    7, I love that I met a guy who could connect to dragons locally. how cool is that?!
    8.I love that my bank is not even in my town but yet Im able to get cash.
    (that kind of made me nervous at first)
    9. I love that I was able to find a new accountant 🙂 it wasn’t easy at first having to let one go.
    10. I love that I met a bunch of women in town that we could get together every other Weds.
    11. I love meeting all the new Reiki Masters that joined our RFB family.
    12. I love all the new crystals that became part of my healing force.
    13. I love that Portland is close enough for a tax free shopping spree if need be.
    14. I love that I had the best facial in my life and it wasn’t in Beverly Hills.
    15. I love that I can actually say I love my dentist. (This is a literal miracle)
    16. I love that I can sit on my deck with my laptop working in the sun.
    17. I love that I can have a WA tan , not just a southern cal one.
    18. I love that my family isn’t too far away if I want to see them
    19. I love that yoga is something that I have committed to for the year.
    20. I love that I created Money alchemy.
    21. I love that I met so many awesome people just doing comp calls. Some have even turned into deep friendships.
    22. I love that I shopped for rocks with Jeannette.
    23. I loved that I met Amina and created a 6 week free program in one phone call.
    24. I love that I read so many books this year inspired by Melanie.
    25. I love all the new animal clients and even met some in person.
    26. I love that I can talk about Money all day lol
    27. I love the shift in my relationships.
    28. I love that I found another family I can call family.
    29. I love that I learned to trust in my own intuition fully.
    30 . I loved all the visitors we had this year.
    31. I love that I have 2 guest rooms lol
    32. I love meeting the new guy friends in my life.
    33. I loved visiting animals on a ranch this year
    34. I loved doing house blessings/ fairy blessings this year.
    35. I loved going to an auction this year and watching Candy do her thing
    36. I love all the new Reiki 1,2 practitioners journey’s unfold
    37. I love that we wrote an e-book so effortlessly.
    38. I love that in my money alchemy , something was created that wasn’t there. That will always tickle me .
    39. Love amping up everyone’s 11/11 intention lists with the fairies. That was truly fun.
    40. Love that I found a new love for visiting LA.
    41. Love that I create a new way for me to celebrate holidays.
    42. Love that Lucy is thriving and seeming younger as she ages.
    43. Love that I found kombucha tea.
    44. Love that I am healthier than ever.
    45. Love that I weaned myself off of soda and even ice tea.
    46. Love that I filled an entire journal with amazing stories of things that happen at night.
    47. Love all the technical support RFB gets.
    48. Love when I give Xmas bonuses.
    49. Love when a goddess becomes my coach.
    50. Love when Im hired when I seem the most unlikely one.
    51. Love that Jesse gives me high 5 on the couch (she’s a dog)
    52. Love that I treat myself to a monthly massage and she sees auras.
    53. Love that food I eat is even more amazing.
    54. Love that I am laughing more.
    55. Love that my masseuse told me I have yoga shoulders. ( will milk that as long as I can )
    56. Love that even though we had 27 women in the house for a party, I had fun (ambivert)
    57. Love that I enjoy and appreciate when the sun is out.
    58. Love my 5
    59. Love that I am seeing more movies at the theatre with out without people.
    60. Love the ease of technology in my life. New laptop, new iPhone.
    61. Love that I have an abundance of socks.
    62. Love that I meditate every day.
    63. Love that when I look back on my calendar how packed it was full of wonderful things.
    64. Love that I can document my metaphysical journey with pins. I love looking at that.
    65. Love that I also write in my journal and saw a big deja vu today
    66. Love that life keeps getting more magical .
    67. Love that I cashed in a life insurance policy that I realized I didn’t have .
    68. Love that Philip is my forever
    69. Love that I am so looking forward to the 24th and it has nothing to do with Christmas. I literally cannot wait.
    70. Love that I have a hair appt for next year in LA. LOL.
    71. Love that fairies came to me told me want me to protect a portal.
    72. Love that I have a favorite hoodie.
    73. Love that I have magical money stones.
    74. Love seeing family in LA and know they are there when I go back.
    75. Love all the support around me in all areas.
    76. Love that I can see my SIL more often and have made a commitment to do so
    77. Love my generous heart even more.
    78. Love finding a great guy who details my car
    79. Love the artist that I have commissioned again to create an amazing gift. (to be delivered tomorrow!)
    80. Loved creating healing huts for people and animals.
    81. Love that I live in joy .
    82. Love delivering gifts this week.
    83. Love watching unexpected money come in all year!
    84. Love finding a new ramen place.
    85. Love having male clients, new experience for me!
    86. Loved spending my birthday in Seattle when it felt so far away.
    87. Loved enjoying the eclipses and new moons this year!
    88.. Loved seeing the dogs play in snow.
    89. Love my morning routine, my favorite part of the day
    90. Loved learning new words that I had never heard of this year!
    91. Love playing with I am statements this year.
    92. Love teaching, inspiring others
    93. Love that I can work if I want or not.
    94. Love that I am still using my pharmacist brain haha
    95. Love that 2016 truly has been an awesome amazing year.
    96. Love that I know its only getting better.
    97. Love that Im a co creator.
    98. Love that Im at 98 lol.
    99. Love that I did this. 😉

    • Jeannette says:

      I love that you did this, too, Ming! So much fun to read your list! Still smiling at #88 and your #91 has been an inspiration to many at GVU. Love you!! 🙂

      • Ming says:

        98. Love that new programs that are offered did not come from me. They existed in another dimension ! ha.
        99. I created a sigil which worked and came true!
        Now, that feels good, done my 99 🙂

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