A Choosy Believer

Be a Choosy BelieverMany of us were taught that our core beliefs were implanted early via our authority figures and childhood experiences.

Some say our beliefs are tricky to identify and hard to change.

I’m opting out of some of that.

Instead, I think a belief is just a thought that got a lot of air time. (Thank you, Abe, for that realization.)

And I believe I can direct my thoughts, and that reality comes from them.

Which is why I’m choosy about what to believe. For example …

I don’t believe in:

I do believe in:

  • happy endings
  • miracles
  • Universal favor
  • and plenty of opportunities.

I don’t believe it’s possible to get it wrong. And I don’t believe in wasted time.

I believe everything works out perfectly. And I believe in goofing off.

I don’t believe in “the one”; I believe love abounds.

I don’t believe in broken hearts. Hearts heal when we let them.

I don’t believe in death, the devil, mistakes or fated destiny.

But I do believe in angels. And our divinity. And that anything’s possible.

I don’t believe we’re here to learn life lessons or prove ourselves worthy.

I believe we’re already worthy. All the time. Automatically.

I believe puppy kisses are the secret to good health, and I believe life is meant to be fun.

I believe everyone can win, and that life just keeps getting better.

I believe this place is crawling with fabulous people and that we’ll never run out of things to love about this amazing life.

I believe I’m getting better every day, and that Universe is rooting for me.

I believe in my power to choose, and I believe that perspective makes all the difference.

And I believe all of us get to be right, whatever we dare believe.

But all that really matters is …

… what do you believe?

  • April 30, 2015
  • Katy says:

    What another uplifting post. I ponder on a lot of these things, yet rarely voice them unless it comes up and I realize I actually like saying some of it out loud. lol Mainly because sometimes I wonder if some folks have EVER even tried to consider things are or could be better than they are.
    I don’t feel the need to change anyone’s mind, yet sometimes saying it out loud reinforces it to ME.
    I believe in a loving Source, angels and maybe even fairies ;)- no devil or source of evil
    I believe in love – so many versions – and possibilities
    I believe the planet/nature knows what it’s doing
    I believe the body heals itself. I believe our cells react to our vibe/tone and respond to our vibe of joy, laughter, relief and delight. Same said for our vibe or tone of fear, anger, sadness etc. How does a pet respond to those tones from us? Very similar. We can always choose.
    Well I could go on…but just a quick mention of some very basics for me – as always, thanks for sharing Jeannette! 🙂

  • anonymous says:

    Thank you both Sage and Brian for your replies, I appreciate your shared insights. It feels good to get some feedback and outside reassurance. I know I’m still on my path, and even if it feels at time that I stray, coming back to an aligned place brings greater clarity each time.

  • Brian says:

    ”I guess I am still pretty attached to my desires…”
    It’s okay to enjoy your desires, you just don’t want to withhold yourself from the emotions you believe you will feel as a result of having those desires.

    The only reason anyone wants anything is because they believe they will feel better in the having of it. So, the only reason you want your desires is because you believe you will feel better in the having of them. And that’s okay. You also want to keep in mind that those good feelings you want to feel, you can have those good feelings now—you don’t have to wait to feel good now (which you are focusing on feeling good now). And the more you focus on feeling good, and finding relief now, the more you become a vibrational match to who-you-really-are and what you want.

    ”It feels good to think about them, excites and uplifts my mood…even though I’ve read many places that you should stop thinking of your desires and distract yourself with other things.”
    The only reason it would be helpful to not think about them is because, sometimes, when people think about what they want, they are aware of the lack/absence of what they want, they do not feel good and offer resistance to their desire. But, if you think about what you want, and feel good, then keep doing it. You’re doing great. Your emotions are your guide.
    If you ever wonder, “Should I do this?” See how it feels. There isn’t one cookie-cutter answer for everyone; it just depends how you feel and whether it feels good and feels right for you.

  • Elle says:

    Thank you so much for your comment. It helps a lot, more than you know.
    You are down the rabbit hole and can never go back. Regarding my comment, people tell me to give up on my dream and do something else, but I have done that already and I was led back to taking these exams I need to take. I actually got a promotion in my last job, but to be promoted, you need to take exams, so here I am again. This is my particular example of how what is in your vortex you need to tend to, as it keeps showing up and never forgets.
    Of course you want what you want. You cannot change that. What I have found that works is letting go of the outcome. I manifested several marriage proposals and a natural pregnancy that way, after having gone through an ex who said he would marry before me (he is not married) and ivf and being told I am not able to conceive. And I know my exams and the baby are connected, because the ivf clinic and test center were 1 block apart from each other! How is that for a sign? The pregnancy came on its own, but I still need to pass my exams, so the baby let me do that, resulting in a miscarriage. I just know it is coming, once I am done with these tests and have a good job. These tests have almost taken the life out of me, but there is something in me that is telling me to “just go” in its exact words, and I am following my gut.
    So, tune in to the signs. They help tremendously but you and you alone will know about them and what they mean, do not expect anyone else to understand. Just know and acknowledge it in your heart. I manifested marriage proposals after fully embracing being single and not giving a rip about what others said about my life and asking the most annoying of questions, “why are you not married?” After letting all of it go, the guys appeared on their own and I had plenty of choosing to do. But, then again, I had pre-paved that as I once shouted out to an ex that I will have to choose who to marry one day, as there will be so many! Haha! 🙂
    So, it is easy, in a sense. You must feel it wholeheartedly. These are my stories and thank you again for your input. I deeply appreciate it. I read a guru’s words once that said that if you are willing to die trying rather than giving up, then you are on the right path. Sometimes we need a break from our path to re-calibrate, and it is necessary to get away from a while, but it is not the same as letting it go.

  • anonymous says:

    Hi Elle,
    It’s really nice to have read your comment 😉 It feels good to know someone else feels/felt the same.
    After a long and replenishing rest, I’m feeling a lot better. I want to keep on with this stuff, if anything because the hope and excitement, having something to look forward to and ‘prepare’ for feels good. It brings me joy and pleasure to visualize and daydream about the things I want, things that will be in my physical reality in the near future. At times there are doubts, but it feels better to soothe them and keep at this stuff, to keep feeling the feelings of having what I want now.
    It seems that once you know about deliberate creation and practice it, you can’t go back, only stay on the path. I’ve tried giving up using the LOA deliberately but have always been led back to this path.
    Sometimes from what I read or hear on the internet it seems like your vibration has to be ‘perfect’ to manifest what you want, and that stresses me a bit, as does a lot of seemingly contradicting advice from LOA teachers. Sometimes I feel like I can’t trust myself or don’t know who to follow. I just want to feel better and good though, so focusing on what I want and maintaining an overall positive state feels better than giving up. I guess I am still pretty attached to my desires, but it feels better to dream and enjoy them as non physical than to attempt to forget or stop thinking about them! (It feels good to think about them, excites and uplifts my mood…even though I’ve read many places that you should stop thinking of your desires and distract yourself with other things. They are one of the few things I can focus on now that generate a lot of positive emotion.)

  • Elle says:

    oops, “than” not “then”.

  • Elle says:

    I am with anonymous above. I have plenty of evidence and acknowledge things are working perfectly as they should and I am on the right path, yet they have not manifested yet. It has been a bit of time for me as well. In the meantime, time has stood still for me, as I feel and look several years younger, so on the outside, people still think I am young, yet I know the truth, but I do not feel it, so I really am several years younger. Still people ask when is stuff going to pop already and I just tell them it is on its way. Abe Hicks say “I am tuning my frequency”. Another thing is I have evidence that time has not been wasted, since I hear from people from several years ago, and it is as if nothing has changed in that respect, but I feel much better than I did then, so vibrationally I am in a much higher place and have come a long way. So, I am not giving up on this nor throwing in the towel. Actually, I have no other choice than these couple of things manifesting anyway. I’d rather die on this path then do anything else, since I tried other things and they led me back to this path! I also have a huge scar from a regret I’ve had, but that does not sting as much as it did in the past.
    I also realized that there was nothing wrong with my life before. It was fine, but I was melodramatic and in despair, things I learned at home, so it was not really me. Not good, I know, but since realizing this, is it safe to say that there is nothing wrong with my life now either and the best is yet to come?

  • anonymous says:

    This may sound silly, but how do you release attachment to strong desires that you’ve wanted forever, but are still not manifested? I’ve ‘let go’ over and over, still nothing has happened. I’ve read everything I could find about releasing attachment and letting go of resistance towards a desire. There are signs in my reality to show I’m on the right path, but I’m getting impatient. I’m really worried now that it’s going to take forever to come, and that I’m not going to get what I want until I transition. Sometimes I think it’s just not worth it staying alive, because this really sucks if I am never going to be unattached and therefore never get what I want.
    My current circumstances are not ideal, I’ve been working on changing them for a long time (so it can be easier to feel better) but have had no success and am now facing a lot of pressure to have things figured out. Even though there’s a lot of negativity I feel, I do spend a lot of time in a good feeling place and doing things that feel good. Still every now and then I feel down, angry and frustrated that the physical manifestations I want aren’t here. And it’s been years…

  • Elle says:

    I will also quote you about the electron. That is awesome. Thank you!

  • Sandeep says:

    Good morning friends,
    After writing my comment here, I went to the bed when a few more thoughts popped up in my mind; so I am sharing here.
    I believe in happiness, love, peace, health, wealth, success, contentment; giving help; receiving help; duality on Earth; lives on several other planets in an expanding, infinite universe; past actions lead to present state; present actions lead to future state; miracle of good words; myself; God, and Angel Jeannette.
    Love and regards

  • Sue kinnel says:

    I believe that is one of the Best pieces you’ve ever written!
    So inspiring
    You made my day! <3

  • Jeannette says:

    Glad you enjoyed it, Aloha. Thanks for reading and for adding in your high-vibing beliefs, too.
    Here’s to being magic!! 🙂

  • Aloha says:

    I believe that I AM the magic (everyone else too)
    I believe life rocks!
    Awesome post Jeannette, yet again thank you!

  • Jeannette says:

    Yes, Anonymous – oh, Susann, here’s to the heretics!! ha ha
    You have such a delightful heresy going yourself, my friend.
    Loved this: “I don’t believe that because something is true in your reality that it’s true in mine” and this “I believe that “being human” is a delicious joy” in particular. I like how you roll.

  • Susann says:

    Oh for crying out loud!! That’s me ^^^ right there!

  • Anonymous says:

    You realize most of this stuff is pure heresy, right? These are the things I know in my heart, but rarely say out loud except to my fellow heretics 🙂
    I don’t believe life is hard.
    I don’t believe in suffering & hardshship.
    I don’t believe I have to accept what “is” if what “is” isn’t what I want.
    I don’t believe that because something is true in your reality that it’s true in mine. I have my own reality, thanks.
    I don’t believe the answer to getting what I want is just working harder.
    I don’t believe the answer to having all the money I want is just working harder.
    I don’t believe that getting older means bad health, brittle bones, saggy skin & no sex ;-D
    I don’t believe in guilt.
    I don’t believe in shame.
    I don’t believe I’m broken and need fixing.
    I don’t believe my past has any effect on my present unless I choose to let it do so.
    I don’t believe that moving away from fear & pain ever works.
    I DO believe that moving toward joy, relief and ease always works.
    I DO believe in ease, joy, gratitude, abundant love, laughter, kindness, generosity, release, letting go, that I can create whatever I want and that doing what truly makes me happy is *always* the answer regardless of the question.
    I believe that “being human” is a delicious joy, not an excuse.
    I believe in magic & miracles & witness them daily.
    I believe that this website — and Jeannette — are part of the magic & that those of us who find our way here have done so because with an open heart and a questing mind, we’ll always find the tools & guidance to make the best of ourselves & our lives.
    And thanks to *everyone* here who makes this true for me.

  • Jeannette says:

    Ming, I loved your story!
    And Brian, thanks for that post. Super helpful and inspiring. I realize I was answering a question Elle didn’t actually ask with my response. lol
    Thank you for chiming in on it! 🙂

  • Elle says:

    Thank you, Brian. I deeply appreciate it.

  • Brian says:

    Elle: “Can you elaborate on the no mistakes… part?”
    Here’s Wayne Dyer’s take on failure:
    You can read the whole article, and here’s a snippet:
    “I suggest you consider a radical idea. What if there is no such thing as failure? Failing is a judgment that we humans place on a given action. Rather than judgment, substitute this attitude: You cannot fail, you can only produce results. Then the most important question to ask yourself is, ‘What do you do with the results you produce?’”

  • Ming says:

    This BLOG is MAGIC Jeannette. I wrote you details on how fast this worked. All I did is read it. heh. Magic.

  • Jeannette says:

    I agree with you, Sandeep, about how delightful it is to read everyone’s lists!
    And to my own list I want to add this one: “I have been experiencing miracles all life.” That one gave me goosebumps!

  • Sandeep says:

    Hi Jeannette,
    Thanks for yet another lovely post.
    After reading your post, it is like icing on the cake to read comments of fellows.
    Somebody mentioned above to start a church – I think we are already assembled here in a church.
    I have been experiencing miracles all life, and due to God’s love and grace, I continue to do so. At the same time, I have got to defend myself from antagonistic feelings and people; sadly, I feel trapped currently, but I feel I will get out of it soon.
    Somebody also mentioned above about love, expansion, and miracles in words. I am practicing mantras that have been revealing miracles.
    I believe in God, love, peace, truth, and angels. Surely, we have an angel with us here – Angel Jeannette.
    Love and regards

  • Jeannette says:

    Cristina, none of my own dogs give kisses, so I have to leave home for that kind of lovin’. lol It’s like the first thing I ask when I meet a new dog … “do you kiss strangers??” because so many have been taught not to. Here’s to more puppy kisses!
    And Rapelang, my heart is soaring to read your belief that we’re all already rich. Hear hear!!

  • I believe in abundance.i believe in gratitude.i believe that i’ll always reap what i sow.i believe we are born to celebrate life.i believe we are all rich.i don’t believe we have to work hard in order to get money.

  • Cristina says:

    I believe that I can attract more puppy kisses into my life!

  • Jeannette says:

    Love that one you included about time, Stephen! Yes, THAT! I’d like to add that to my list, too!
    And the “electron is mightier than the sword” – I’m so quoting you on that!

  • Stephen says:

    I believe that time is more flexible than we perceive.
    I believe that right now is all that exists and that everything else is thoughts.
    I believe that this life here in “physical reality” is an elaborate virtual reality video game and that our lifespan is just an afternoon’s entertainment at the arcade. When we’re done, we take off our skin suits and go home for dinner.
    I believe I am responsible for every relationship I am part of.
    I believe this is a really fun video game (hey, I’m almost to level 60!).
    The majority of the physical universe is composed of “dark Matter.” Scientists do not know what dark matter is. I believe it is love.
    I believe the electron is mightier than the sword.
    I believe I need another cup of coffee.

  • Jeannette says:

    Gary, I just finished hearing yet another rave review about your book(s)! So glad to see you chiming in on this one …
    my favorite is “I don’t believe that anything is wrong.” woo hoo to that!

  • Gary Bodley says:

    Hi Jeanette,
    Great post.
    I believe that everything is always working out for me. I believe that the universe is responding to my vibration and that my work is to feel good. I believe that if I predominantly feel good, then what shows up will be the manifestation of that good feeling. I believe that there’s nothing I have to do unless I’m inspired to and when I feel that feeling of inspiration and do what is fun, interesting or exciting, the result will always be for my higher good, whatever that may be.
    I believe that my perspective is somewhat limited and I can choose to see things from the higher perspective of my inner self. If something seems like it’s not going my way, I believe that it’s just an illusion and I can’t really see the big picture yet. I believe that when I feel positive emotion it means I’m on the right track and when I feel negative emotion, I’m not seeing it from the higher perspective.
    I believe in meditation, exercise, good food, good friends, fun times, good wine, great books and enjoying life to the fullest. I don’t believe that anything is wrong, that anything needs to be fixed or that I must help anyone. I believe that everyone else can believe whatever they want and that’s fine with me.
    I believe it’s wonderful to be involved in this community of conscious thinkers!
    Thanks for bringing us together.

  • Jeannette says:

    Such a good question, Elle. Happy to elaborate.
    With that one I’m thinking of what I learned from Abraham … they said that every day our path is sprinkled with multiple opportunities to rendezvous with our dream come true. So there isn’t just ONE chance we have to keep an eye out for, that we’re SOL if we miss.
    It’s not like that at all.
    There’s an abundance of ways Universe is conspiring to deliver our dreams … so there’s no such thing as “too late” or “missed out.” I love that reminder!

  • Elle says:

    You have a lovely blog.
    This was fantastic! Can you elaborate on the no mistakes/no missed opportunities part? I really get stuck on those and sometimes can’t move forward, knowing I screwed up and I end up wasting a lot of time, which you do not believe in either. Are these a matter of focus as well? Are they products of our conditioning?

  • Jeannette says:

    Oh, Jacqui, I like that list!! You took it to a whole new level!

  • Jacqui says:

    I want to play!
    I don’t believe in struggling. I know that everything can be easy, if we allow it.
    I don’t believe in complaining. I believe I have the power to choose, and re-choose, and re-choose again.
    I don’t believe in trying to control the outcome, circumstances, or other people. I believe that everything is working out perfectly, everything is working out for me, all the time, and all I get to do is choose it as if I chose it – drop the resistance, get clear on how I want to feel, and go with the flow.
    I don’t believe anyone is ‘difficult’. I believe there is the biggest freedom in letting others have their own experience, think their own thoughts, make their own choices.
    I believe in love, and expansion, and that this is a friendly universe. I know the part of me that sometimes taps into fear, or lack, or ‘wrongness’ doesn’t have the power to lead my life, unless I let it.
    I believe that this is a powerful exercise – that there is power in words, and writing/journaling and in turning our thoughts around (woo hoo!)
    I believe it’s going to be a fabulous, ease-filled, joyful day. Because I declare it, and therefore it must be so 
    Fun to do! Thank you for the inspiration this morning!

  • Della Monk says:


  • Jeannette says:

    Aw, thank you, Melissa!
    And Anna, I’m not surprised at that. 🙂

  • Melissa says:

    I just wanted to say I completely agree with Sandi. Your words always hit the spot and are very inspirational. Thank you for all you do!

  • Anna says:

    Wow~ we have the same beliefs!!! we ought to start a church or something…BAHAHAHA! Great post J!

  • Jeannette says:

    Sheesh, do other LOA bloggers have as wonderful readers as I do? Or did I manifest the best readership ever?!
    You guys are so sweet! Thank you for reading, Judy and Sandi, and thanks for your kind comments!

  • Sandi Sola says:

    Right on! Your posts are always just what I need – when I need it. Thank you.

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