July 31, 2007

A Welcome Home Life

It’s possible I’m ruined for vacations forever.

Ever since I quit that j-o-b and started doing what I loved (talking about LOA with others), I just don’t feel the need to get away like I used to. Wednesday night I heard myself almost complaining to a client that I had to leave town. “I don’t need a break from this!” I lamented.

Yes, the white sandy Bahamas beaches were nice, the ocean was amazingly warm and blue, and I loved the accents of the new people I met, but … I sure like it here in my little Salt Lake City, Utah home, doing what I love most: connecting with and guiding other deliberate creators.

Which makes me think about all the clients who say that if only they had more time and money, they would travel.

Yeah, that’s what we think.

But after you get a reprieve from what it is you’re not loving in your current life, and you’ve had your fill of foreigners and hotel rooms, I suspect you’ll find something else calls you after that.

That call is our passion. It’s “our thing.” It’s what we came here for; what trips our trigger.

For some people, I’m sure that’s traveling. (Tim Ferriss is probably one of them.)

But for others, I think it’s hidden underneath the “escape” dream.

And that’s where the real juice is: discovering and living that passion in every day current life.

Think about what you would do if you left behind all your worries in present day life and travelled the world for three years straight. What would you want to do afterwards? What would call to you? How would you invest your time and energy after you’ve lived the stereotypical dream of world travel?

That’s where the action is.

That doesn’t mean we won’t take our sweeties out for anniversary trips and have a grand time visiting friends across the globe, but there’s lots to be said for injecting some passion in the life we’re living today.

Thank you for allowing me to live my passion. If it weren’t for you, this gig wouldn’t be nearly as fun! It sure is nice to be home sweet home. : )

  • Antonio Thornton says:

    I will think about the change. Good luck to you.
    Thanks !

  • Terry says:

    I love my home, too!

    I moved to green, scenic Connecticut from New York almost five years ago, and the only thing I regret about it is not being able to get good falafel.

    So driving around and enjoying the scenery of an enchanting neighboring town, I said to my friend (who’s also into LoA!), “I wish I could get decent falafel.”

    We turned into the parking lot of the Indian restaurant where we thought we’d have lunch, but it was closed.

    Across the street was a sign for a Greek market we’d never noticed before.

    “Think they sell falafel?” (There are tons of Greek diners in Connecticut. None of them do.)

    Feeling lucky, we went in and asked.

    “Yes, I have falafel,” said the strapping man from Greece. “How many you want?”

    Turns out, not only did the man sell falafel, he also used to work in a diner in the same part of New York where I used to eat them!

  • Paulette says:

    Very nice vibration. Welcome home and welcome back to the world of the blogosphere!! Loved the entry.


  • Peregrine John says:

    The office was probably not the best place to read this. Unless, of course, it was the perfect place to read this.

    Either way, I nearly exploded with barely contained “YES!”

  • Teena E. Mason says:

    Wow! I am glad to have you back home!!! I love your blog! Mine isn’t this good yet, but be watching, it will get better. Why? Because I have a friend in Utah who is going to help me with it!!! I can’t wait! Welcome Home!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    Isn’t it funny; it is always exciting to go somewhere but even better to come back home!!!
    It’s the contrast of being stimulated by new sights and sounds to coming home to our familiar field of energy. Somehow the process makes us deepen our appreciation of what we have created for ourselves.
    Hope you had a great time and glad to have you back home!

    Love Leslie

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