A World of Favorites in 30 Days

april-2007-0561You’re my faaaaaaavorite,” I whispered to Sadie this morning as she rested her head on my knee after breakfast.  She thumped her tail as if in collusion.  She knows my world rises and sets with her.
While I was reveling how much I love this girl I remembered how just last night I shared in a hushed voice to my girlfriend’s husband (who was debating what my pit bull mix’s lineage might be) that “Joe is my favorite.”  (I said it while the other dogs were out back so they didn’t hear!)
And yet, the truth is, we all know … Koda is the best dog ever.  That’s why his photo is on my debit card!  (“Is this your dog?” every cashier can’t help but ask … “Yes, he is” I reply through the biggest smile ever as I feel like the luckiest girl to walk the earth.) 
So I wondered … Am I fickle?  Confused?  Or just predisposed to exaggeration?
I thought about my best (human) friends as a test: Pam, for sure.  And Lisa.  Well, and Ann, Sharon, Shauna … sheesh, they’re all my favorite!
I’m realizing this perception of everything being “the very best” is not limited to just my dogs. 
How about favorite foods … ?  Easy.  Just proclaimed this over lunch with dad yesterday: Saag Paneer (yes, it deserves capitalization) with garlic naan at India House is my absolutely favorite meal of all time!  (I literally danced in my chair through the entire meal, and tried not to sing.)
And so is the warm spinach salad (with garlic and goat cheese!) from Macaroni Grill.  And the veggie burrito with sweet corn and onions from Bajio’s I had last night with my ex.  And the fire roasted tomato soup at Paradise Cafe.  And those fries from Five Guys.  To die for!  ColdStone’s Hunka Chunka Burnin Fudge sundae is the ultimate treat.  Except for mom’s homemade cheesecake. 
It’s the same thing with flowers, boyfriends, songs, movies, clients, neighbors, stores …
Now that I think about it, my appreciation feels like it’s on steroids.  Like, someone dropped something in my water and I’m permanently dialed in on Love.
Which made me wonder more .. is it that life got so much better that everything seems so lovable and perfect?  (Some people say, “Sure, Jeannette, it’s easy for you to say ‘just feel good’ when your life is so easy to do that in.”)
Or is it the other way around … I got turned onto Love and then life got even better?  (I think that’s where smart money’s going.)
Or maybe it’s the same life, I just see it through a stronger Love filter now. 
I don’t know guys, but I’m inviting you on this trip!  Abraham says miracles can unfold as soon as tomorrow when we just start focusing on what’s going right in our world. 
And when we develop a habit of appreciation for 30 days it can seem like we stepped into a whole new fabulous life.
This wasn’t necessarily a 30 day journey for me, but it can be if you would like to live in a world of “favorites.” 
Here’s some 30 day inspiration from Abraham just to get you revved up for the possibilities:

We can tell you if you will put these questions to yourself, “How can I be happy when ..?” and then make your statement of what you think’s gone awry.  And then do your best to be a little more happy even though that has happened, what’s going to happen is you are going to shore up your vibration until those things just fall by the wayside.
Do you know if you could answer the question and fulfill the answer, “How can I be happy when my house hasn’t sold?”  If you could ask that question for about 30 days, to the point that within that 30 days you are not unhappy because the house hasn’t sold, it will sell!
If you ask the question, “How can I be happy when I haven’t found my life partner?” if you could ask that question for about 30 days until you’re happy even though you haven’t found what you consider to be your life partner, that partner would walk through the door and you would recognize them.  It has to be that way!  – March 2006, Phoenix

And this one is a good reminder, too:

“It doesn’t take more than 30 days to talk yourself into being a perfect match to your dream.” – August 2005, Albuquerque

I like this one, too:

Almost all of you were taught that you are inappropriate beings, here to prove worthiness. So, we could put it very simply: The only thing that has been getting in your way is one thing: you have not been appreciating you.  (Hey, that’s what I said!)
So here is a process. Your goal is to find an object of attention that makes you feel good while you find it. Look for objects of attention to which you can flow an Energy of appreciation. By choosing an object of attention that causes pure positive Energy to flow through you, guess what happens to the vessel through which the pure positive Energy is flowing? You thrive. So what we would encourage you to do, for about 30 days, is get yourself on a blitz of appreciation. Make a decision that you are going to do as much appreciating in any day as you have physical time and Energy to do. – February 1994

Trust me, I know how trite and corny it sounds when someone talks about how fabulous it is just to be alive. 
But it is a journey worth taking.  Not because all problems and challenges disappear forever, but because they become well worth it.  And pretty soon they actually become part of the good parts, too.  (I’ve had glimpses of that!)
So consider this invitation to regularly notice what’s right in your world, and to revel in your answers to that.  Soon you’ll find you’re also living in a world of “favorites,” too. 

  • April 25, 2009
  • I subscribe to very few blogs and YOURS is my favorite. I love the fire roasted tomato soup at Paradise Cafe too! I’m also a dog lover and Koda looks amazing. Thanks for sharing your wonderful writings with all of us!

  • yep, I love this post too… it reminds me of something a friend (from Kim’s forum actually!) said to me a few years back ‘life is and/and and not and/or’ – this post adds a whole new dimension to it. Just because we have choices doesn’t mean we can’t choose it ALL! (that’s my favourite saying, by the way *wink*)
    I have five favourite daughters – I’m the luckiest Mama in the world! I have many favourite places to be, and just as many favourite outfits to wear there ;)… there are about a zillion things that inspire me, I couldn’t possibly say I have only one favourite of anything… I’ve long since learned that by nature I am not someone who can just have ‘one’ of anything, see only ‘one’ side or think in only ‘one’ way. I want both, or all, I see the whole picture – and many pictures within it, hear the whole story from all sides… it was confusing 😉 in a society that teaches us that making a decision – one thing or another – is the path to empowerment. Ha!
    OK, well, here it is – I’m my favourite me. One and only 😉

  • Mitch says:

    Well, let me start by appreciating this blog post! 🙂 I’ve been working on appreciation of several things in my life because I did recently hear Abraham say how quickly that can change things. But the first thing it has changed is how I feel about my current situation. I’m suddenly really happy right where I am!
    I went on a bit of an appreciation rampage just today at work… I wanted to see just how much I could amp up the good vibes. When I got to the point that my heart was pounding and my eyes were watering, I decided I had done a good job. And I’m sure the other people in the room decided I was crazy. But I appreciate them anyway!!! 😀

  • elizabeth says:

    So this 30 day journey is awesome! While I was taking my dog for a walk last night, I was appreciating my favorite neighbor cats, and how nice it was to live in a neighborhood where there are cats for my dog to enjoy. We usually see one cat in the morning and sometimes another one in the evening. This morning, we ran into nine cats! My dog was ecstatic, and by the fourth cat, I was in a perpetual state of giggles. There was even a cat sitting in the tree the squirrels usually play on. (Clearly I need to be more specific, he likes squirrels too, LOL.) I am still giggling ..

  • I am so glad to know I’m not the only living in a world of favorites!
    Thanks for posting this, Kristy! You are always a pleasure to hear from!

  • Kristy M says:

    This post really hit home for me. As a “mother”, I love my cat, dog and bird just the same. I don’t just have one favorite song (okay.. maybe “Semi Charmed Kinda Life” is the one I always say is my favorite… but “Don’t Stop Believing” is not far behind it), I don’t just have one favorite movie, I could never choose whether I love Kelly Clarkson or Britney Spears more.. they are both awesome to listen to… and don’t forget Christina Aguliera! and both “Family Guy”, “Daria” and “American Dad” are my favorite shows.. I was even talking to my friend today that when I make an album it will be the most random album of all time.. one song will be Lady Gaga-esque, another Evanessence-eque and the other like Carole King and Jewel… woo! lol
    I love this whole idea of the “30 Day Journey”! And Esther and Jerry really have some great stuff to say.. I love their “Daily Quotes”

  • Elizabeth, I hope everyone reading this blog finds their way to your post. Especially this part:
    “started appreciating everything related to money – even the stuff I took for granted before (coupons – yay, even if I didn’t use them; a coin on the floor – yay, instead of just picking it up; a check in the mail – yay, even if I knew it was coming and expected it; a bill – yay, it was a few dollars lower than I thought and I had money to pay it). It is quite fun.”
    Not just fun, but a powerful practice!!!!!
    Gosh, I think I want to write a post that really spotlights this … thanks for the inspiration, Elizabeth!!
    Your presence in this community is MUCH APPRECIATED!

  • elizabeth says:

    I love this reminder! I have a million favorites – and I love them all. I was trying to decide which piece of art was my favorite one day (if there was a fire and I could only save one) and I kept saying, “well, this is my favorite because ..” and “this is my favorite ..” and so on .. I finally decided I would have to take them all.
    Except I only have one dog, LOL, so he really is my favorite. 😉 [He is also on my credit card and that card gets as much ooohs and aaaahs as he does.]
    On a similar note, I noticed how this worked after I started doing the abundance mantra daily. I started appreciating everything related to money – even the stuff I took for granted before (coupons – yay, even if I didn’t use them; a coin on the floor – yay, instead of just picking it up; a check in the mail – yay, even if I knew it was coming and expected it; a bill – yay, it was a few dollars lower than I thought and I had money to pay it). It is quite fun. 🙂

  • MissyB, I am practically laughing too hard to even type this!! “I’ve just eaten all my favourite chocolates trying to find the best.”
    You are a HOOT!!

  • MissyB says:

    Ok – the paradox of appreciating what isn’t has started to rumble away. Day 1 of 30 not going to plan !
    In the meantime, I’ve just eaten all my favourite chocolates trying to find the best.

  • Yay, Tiffany! You know we’re doing SOMETHING right when others think we’re using drugs to get there. hee hee
    Here’s to more happiness for us both/all!

  • Tiffany says:

    What a coincidence! Over the past few days, EVERYTHING has been my favorite. I was raving about my favorite blue nail polish when my family accused me of being on illegal drugs because I was so happy!
    Nope, I’m simply taking happiness!

  • Yay, Mia! I figured if nothing else, this post would be a vibe-raiser due to the topic. Thanks for confirming that’s the case! 🙂

  • Kim, I don’t know what I love more – that you whisper sweet things to your plants, or that you TELL us you whisper sweet things to your plants.
    Your world is one I want to visit in person some day! Thanks, too, my friend, for the phrase “strange loop of love” – and for being in mine. 🙂

  • Mia says:

    Love this post! What a relief to give myself permission to love x and y and z and all through the alphabet. Feels like I’m walking in a supporting circle – broad and strong – instead of on a narrow path to a lonely top.
    Thanks for the reminder about appreciating – my vibe had gone up considerably by the time I finished reading 🙂

  • Kim Falconer says:

    Oh Jeannette,
    I love this reminder of favorites! When I garden I tell the sacred bamboo (whispering so the others don’t hear) that he is my favorite. Then when I’m trimming the Kahilli Gingers, I tell them they are my favorite! And then the canna lilies, and the hanging fuchsias and then the cats come strolling down the path and I tell them they’re each my favorite. (They know it but enjoy the reminder)
    Every day is my favorite day.
    Every blog post you write is my favorite post.
    Every chat with a friend…every song, every dance, every meal–all favorites!
    And still, no single experience is the same–no one thing less distinct. It’s just when you see the energy of it, see it as source and know it is you, well, it’s all favorite!
    A strange loop of love.
    Thank you for being my favorite!
    🙂 Kim
    PS Hi Verrall

  • MissyB says:

    Hmm – I’ve a problem – too many favourite goodvibe blogs !
    Ok someone upstairs is asking me to take note of this 30 days thingy. Purely by chance I followed a twitter link that took me to a post on Abe’s forum. I meant to favourite it, but forgot and couldn’t find it when I went back to look. But second time to the forum I found the 30 day appreciation exercise instead. So 30 days it is for me too. I like the idea of finding the apprecation in what is even if what is is what isn’t ! Seems likes that’s a real resistance smasher compared with to just changing your focus on to something better.
    I’ve needed an answer to a problem that has just arisen. I stuck the problem down on paper and put it in my surrender box (thanks to Toni) last night, handing it over to the universe … and here I have this morning, the answer (actually I’ve had two answers, but don’t tell everyone !)

  • Debbie, your post makes my heart sing! I’m glad this blog means something to you … it’s a labor of “love” that I hope makes some sort of positive difference.
    Thanks for the laugh when I read this: “I might have to leave you a ‘your my favorite’ comment every day.”
    ha ha! You are too much, my friend! Thanks for being here, Debbie. You make the journey worthwhile!

  • Debbie says:

    Jeanette, you’re my favorite blogger. In the sea of blogs, yours stands out and fills me with a sense of rightness. You speak to my soul, and I am on my 30 day path. I might have to leave you a ‘your my favorite’ comment every day. Get ready for the good vibes coming your way.

  • Isn’t he darling, Nancy? He’s my Koda Bear. Just a few weeks after my retriever mix died (Sophie from my home page who is one of many of my favorite girls), Humane Society had a 5 week old puppy dropped off by someone who bought him from a breeder.
    Apparently after the buyer realized this little fur ball she brought home would grow up to be 50 pounds, she didn’t want him any more.
    At 5 weeks he was already nipping at people’s faces!! So he not only needed to grow up before he was old enough for neutering, but also needed behavior modification. My ex hooked me up with him as a foster mom, and I think he knew I wouldn’t be bringing him back. 🙂
    People now tell me he’s the friendliest chow they ever met, which was one of my intentions! But I don’t think he’s a pure bred chow – his snout is a little long, he has pink spot or two on his tongue and he runs out of the yard given the chance. (Stinker head!)
    Thanks for letting me rave about my sweet boy, Nancy. I love him so!!

  • Janette says:

    (writing from Oz… heheheh….)
    Thank you for this wonderful post!! I unconsciously stopped using the word “favourite” ages ago, because I believed it meant just one thing – and I got to the point where I could never CHOOSE just one thing!
    How liberating to think it’s okay to have lots of favourites, whoo hoo!! Like… dark chocolate and hazelnut chocolate and white chocolate and fruit & nut chocolate and…
    Jeannette, I just realised why I look forward with such HUGE anticipation to your blog posts – since “finding” you 😉 I have spent an increasing proportion of every day in appreciation rather than “lack” (I put it in quotes because I don’t even like to say the work any more)
    For instance – I injured my arm several weeks ago, which meant I couldn’t work, play, anything. I got so miserable and stressed that the doc prescribed anti-depressants – and boy, did THAT make me stop and think!!! Talk about a wake-up call…
    Needless to say, I didn’t take the drugs! Instead I used some of the great techniques I’ve learned through Abraham and others (including you, of course), especially appreciation for all the millions of things in my life that are NOT a sore arm.
    I turned my mood around in just a few days, which not only felt WAY better, but also allowed in some great stuff – like my employer buying me voice recognition software (ooh, that’s fun!). And of course now the arm is recovering nicely 🙂
    Choosing to feel good does feel fantastic, and I reckon appreciation is the most reliable way to get there. And that’s why this post is my FAVOURITE!
    PS -for those confused by the Oz reference, I live in Australia – and we Aussies often refer to it as Oz ’cause it’s quicker to type. No wonder I like living here! LOL

  • Nancy says:

    AND who is the gorgeous being in the photo for this post? My heart skipped a beat…..

  • I can imagine that love, Karen, through your description of it.
    What a wonderful thing to tap into!!
    Thanks for sharing it here. 🙂

  • Karen Lynch says:

    I love this post.
    I have 3 beautiful daughters and before the last two were born and I just had the one I would tell her that she was my favorite daughter, but the next one came along and my love for her was just as deep as my love for the first favorite so then I had 2 favorite daughters. And then my favorite surprise (yes, there is only one of those as the other two were planned!) came along and my heart expanded even more and now I have 3 favorite daughters. And each one of them can trigger the sweetest feelings of love…..and that is really my favorite….all of that amazing, incredible, deep, deep love that I feel.
    Thank you. This was a feel-good post for me!

  • Janette, I didn’t know you were in Oz!!! (Did I ever tell you that’s my FAVORITE country?! Because it seems to me every single person I know there I absolutely adore!)
    Hey, kudos for this: “especially appreciation for all the millions of things in my life that are NOT a sore arm.” I like the way you put that, Janette!! I’ll be remembering that next time I’m feeling challenged on the “feel good,” I’m sure. 🙂
    Thanks for pitching in, Janette! (Did you use your voice recognition software to do it?!)

  • Dana, I love that observation of children … maybe they more easily embrace the “and” of our world than we do once we’ve gotten used to believing in limits. lol
    And you make an excellent point. It’s important to be able to savor and enjoy what is here right now, rather than focused on what “favorite” might be coming next.
    Thanks for contributing to this conversation, my friend! Much appreciated. 🙂

  • Dana - Your Inspired Coach says:

    I have always been this way! Even as a child I could never pick a favorite anything. When forced to choose, I’d get overwhelmed. In fact, maybe that’s why small children do get so overwhelmed when faced with too many choices…because they’re still so innocent and connected to their inner self that they know it’s all good and it’s so darn tough to pick just ONE! I want that, no, I want that, and I want that too!! And maybe that’s why when they get something different than their sister or brother, they argue over who got the better thing…both things are so darn cool that they want both!
    I’ve observed recently that I have so many favorite recipes in my cue that I have a hard time deciding which fav to make next, but I’m learning to make every day my favorite day and savor the inspired choices I make and samples I experience as they are happening. Isn’t it fun to have so many choices and so much to love about life?
    And don’t even get me started on music or colors or friends or roses…

  • Nancy, I laughed out loud with delight reading your post! THIS is a nice way to go through life, huh?!
    I especially like the thought that the favorite one is the one we’re experiencing right now.
    Thanks for sharing your perspective – nice to have such good company in it! 🙂

  • Nancy says:

    What a brilliant post, Jeannette!
    I have lots and lots of favorites and whenever I get a new one it really doesn’t diminish my love for the other favorites. It is such a relief that I don’t have to decide whether I like Norway better than Hawaii. It is so much fun to love and appreciate it all. My favorite wine is usually the one that is in my glass.
    It used to bother me when my husband would say every once in a while, ” Which dog was your favorite?” Because they all have been and are. Now it just gives me an excuse to revisit all the wonderful memories I have of each one. Perhaps that is why he asks.
    Can’t quantify Love. Unless you count the ways.

  • I KNEW you would relate to this, Tia! Ten years ago, had you written this post, and I were reading it from where I was back then, I would have immediately discounted it.
    Even five years ago I would have thought it was something from Oz – nice idea, but completely foreign or unfathomable.
    So truly, Tia, I’m thinking maybe some of YOUR majik rubbed off on me. he he
    Or maybe just those of us in this vibe keep good company, huh?
    And that doesn’t mean that tomorrow I won’t be writing about my ridiculous boyfriend again. lol
    Love you, Sister!

  • I loveeeeeeee it! I do remember saying to you “But Jeannette, everything is your favorite!” We grew up with the notion that a Favorite could only = ONE thing. A Best friend could only = ONE friend.
    And yet when someone asks me my favorite color I say: Pink and Silver. Oh and I also like orange cos it’s a happy color, purple cos it’s sexy and mystical, red cos it’s so passionate, white cos I look great in it … until I realise I just named the rainbow 😉
    And I have 4 best friends from growing up, 3-4 best friends from each country I`ve lived in and A LOT of favorite coaches, websites, foods etc.
    So favorite is now a —- AND ——- AND as opposed to either—– OR —- And favorite could mean favorite in this moment, this very second.
    I don`t think that`s fickle anymore 🙂
    The more I focused on love and inner happiness and peace, the more I found myself smiling broadly and saying `ÒMG I`m so happy` which led to me feeling EVEN happier in that moment. Wow, that`s a whole lotta power to tap into.
    Since I started proactively loving myself and everything around me (as I shared in the forum and my latest blog post!) it keeps amping up and I can`t count the number of times my friends say `You`re ALWAYS happy!!` like it was something extraordinary. They think I`m on steroids too and you know what .. it sure feels like that sometimes.
    I think some of your majik rubbed off on me real good. So THANK you for that! When I met you, I did think Jeannette`s got it all going for her, of COURSE she`s happy. And just from hanging around and learning from you, one day I was there too.
    Holy cow – I changed my beliefs, my thoughts, my words and actions and THAT`s what made it all turn around. I love that I`m such a quick learner – when I see Gold, I go for it and you showed me Gold!
    So, I concur. It`s like you wrote this post from inside of me. What a great feeling. What a fabulous way to love life and live it.

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