Abe's Blahg Bashing

reality-checkOkay, after listening to Abraham make fun of blogs (August 2008 workshop in Los Angeles), of course I couldn’t help but blog about it!
(Good thing I’ve learned not to care so much what others think, or it might have hurt my feelings!)
The message was included in one of Abe’s rants about not letting reality be as important as we think it is.  Or as Abe sometimes calls it: getting over “what is-itis.” 

Abe implied our blogs (or blaaaahh-gs, to be exact) are just recaps of the very reality we don’t want – which by writing endlessly about, we reinforce. 
That was actually a nice plug for the power of pray rain journaling (using the power of the written word to create your preferred reality).  And it also inspired an idea for a “fantasy blog” where we write about life like we want it, rather than how it is.  That’d be cool, huh?

At any rate, you Abe fans already know their point is that since we get what we’re focused on, by paying attention to “what is” (whether by writing, talking, or thinking about it), we can only create more of the same. 
The challenge for most of us is that reality seems so .. well, REAL.  Ignoring it is easier said than done.
But Abe reminds us that there are plenty of things that are “real” we can sink our teeth into that make us feel fabulous.  (And how we feel is what matters most, after all.) 
Their suggestion is to at least direct our attention to those fabulous-feeling realities if we’re going to ridiculously insist on paying attention to what’s “real.”  But Abe also informs us there’s another reality many don’t see.  That’s our “vibrational reality”: the things we create through experiencing what we don’t want (i.e. “contrast”).
Every time we experience something we don’t want, we immediately and automatically create the opposite of it.  That creation exists in our “vibrational escrow” or “vortex.”  That’s where all our financial abundance and perfect health and gorgeous bodies and true loves and brilliant successes hang out – till we line up with them.
Abe says just because you can’t “see” it yet doesn’t mean it isn’t “real.” It is.  It’s real and it’s coming.  That’s inevitable.  And if we don’t get to enjoy it before we check out, no worries because someone else will (or maybe even we will on our next go-round.) 
The important thing to know is that we can let ourselves in on that vibrational party now by feeling good.  By getting happy.   
And if we have to run away from home to get happy, or go to the beach every day to feel good, or whatever it takes to feel better, that’s what we must do in order to get in on the goods!  (Seriously, that’s what Abe said.)
Pretty simple message, huh?
Yeah, I know.
We’ve got LOTS of excuses about why it’s not that easy!  But that’s all they are – excuses.  Habits.  Reasons that don’t serve us.
What if we raised the standards on how we felt, and no longer tolerated anything that took a vibrational toll on us? 
Oh my.  Talk about upsetting the apple cart, huh?!  (I’m liking the sounds of this!)
But the truth is I don’t think reality is as hard to enjoy as we sometimes think.  Maybe that’s easy for me to say where I stand now.  However, having changed many circumstances and people in my life just to find that the same challenges awaited on the other side – I’ve come to believe that feeling good and being happy is possible no matter what the situation.
At any rate, I’m glad this blog doesn’t keep us stuck in “reality,” but rather inspires us to step outside our old creations and live into our current dreams and desires.  All of which happens as YOU bring this forum to life by creating thoughtful conversations and sharing important suggestions and helpful resources on the topic of deliberate creation with the law of attraction.
Thank you for being part of this leading edge community, and here’s to a blog that supports our highest growth and sweet success and biggest dreams come true!

  • March 13, 2009
  • Mark says:

    WordPress is my preferred choice. A hosted solution ( wordpress.org ) offers more flexibility than wordpress.com. You could start with wordpress.com and then as prayrainblog.com grows move to the self hosted version. Or start with the hosted blog right away and that way it can be super customized.
    Multiple authors work great on wordpress. There are ways to customize the multi author setup. Also, commenting can be customized towards more forum type features. There are lots and lots of powerful add ons.
    Another consideration would be a Ning community, although with the domain name you picked it seems a better fit for a blog format.
    Its awesome that you’re getting all these great ideas!

  • zannie says:

    the dog lady at the animal home where I help out was feeling angry yesterday because of the attitude of prospective adopters..anger does seem to be her emotional set point…I said ‘wouldnt it be lovely to line them all up against the wall and shoot them’ and did a pretend machine gun motion..everyone laughed..it gave her the opportunity to say she’d love to do that..however the mood did shift and she seemed expanded. It was good for me to do that too, as it helped me play my way out of the politely saying nothing mode!!!

  • bonni says:

    Just for reference, Blogger allows multiple participants and offers free hosting, and it’s pretty straightforward to use, plus it gets good traffic from Google (since Google owns Blogger).

  • JM says:

    ooh…I am totally down with your prayrainblog, and have wondered about starting one of those myself. I would love to join in!

  • Missy B, I was thinking the same thing! Fantasy felt like it was putting it out of reach rather than bringing it home to reality .. so I bought the domain name prayrainblog.com for it! ha
    And it’s coming together nicely … still allowing the perfect solution for multiple authors to post, but possibilities are revealing themselves.

  • Missy B says:

    Lots of posts here again so I’m gonna be short and sweet.
    – Fantasy Blog – excellent idea – but needs a different name me feels – for it suggests “fantasy” and not possibility. Just my view. I do something very similar to another follower of you above – I keep a “my best self diary”
    – And my belief is that your posts Jeannette, are not blogs. We’re merely following how you to chose to view your life, and luckily for us, its a postive one.
    Well done – I love it here.

  • Debra says:

    Me too! Me too! :0) prayrainblog.com, I want to play.

  • danae says:

    ooh, I’d love to be involved in prayrainblog.com Jeanette!

  • LOVE the photo AND the story, Elizabeth! How cute!
    And thanks for the reinforcement about how easy our pray rain blog is/will be … I’m liking how this is shaping up!

  • elizabeth says:

    jeanette: you can meet him virtually if you click on the URL here. it’s actually another good cat story. 😉
    btw .. on your fantasy blog idea — I was looking through the wordpress templates last night to find one for a new blog and I noticed that they had a few that were designed for multiple authors – the format looked very twitter-like. Their blogs (these are the free ones, not wp.org) are remarkably easy to set up ..

  • Yay, Danae!!! This gave me goose bumps!! Keep us posted what you put together (and let me know if you want to be involved in prayrainblog.com)
    woo hoo for the changing face of blogs!!

  • danae says:

    lol, there’s no such thing as coincidence – on a day I’ve been seriously contemplating shutting down my blog for the simple reason that now I’ve learned The Work, and Ho’oponopono and Pray Rain Journalling, whenever I’ve sat down to write my blog, I’ve questioned everything I could have written into oblivion, taken full responsibily for it, cleaned it out of my sub-conscious and gone off to write in my pray rain journal instead – which makes me FEEL GOOD!
    but… yesterday a mutual friend of Kim’s and mine suggested I start a new one, with an uplifting and purposeful bent… I can’t ignore THAT now can I?
    lol, ABraham Hicks sure is getting a lot of OUR attention 😀

  • Thanks, JM! You guys are making me feel much better about what I’m doing here with this blog!!
    Again, THANK YOU!

  • JM says:

    Hey there Jeannette!
    I just wanted to mention, as you have figured out on your own, that Abe could not possibly have been referring to THIS blog when he said whatever he said. Blogs are, more often than not, very similar to the journaling that people usually do. Before I learned about this whole LOA thing, my journals were 99% about whatever was upsetting me in life…it was my way to vent about it. I still think there is a time and place for that, but now I would rather use my journaling time to focus on what I am grateful for or whatever I am intending for myself. I imagine he was referring to the general population’s way of journaling which, in this day and age is often blogging.
    Keep doing what you’re doing and inspiring us all to inspire ourselves!!
    Thank you for that!

  • Mitch, we’re well on our way … I bought prayrainblog.com and am manifesting someone to create the blog template and a handful of co-administrators to handle posts from anyone who wants to contribute.
    Thanks for the inspiring fuel to get this done! 🙂
    PS – let me know what you’d like your level of involvement to be – whether it’s administering, creating, or just providing valuable pray rain content!

  • Mitch says:

    Your blog is number one in my book, Jeannette! However, the fantasy blog with multiple authors sounds amazing as well! More than amazing. Innovative! Like nothing I’ve ever heard of before! 🙂
    And I got warm tinglies at the conversation about counting the things to be grateful for each night. I think I’ll just go ahead and manifest a sweetie who will do that with me! 😀
    As far as the “opposites” talk, Abraham says that every subject is two subjects, what is wanted and the lack of it. So illness, for instance, isn’t really illness, but simply a lack of health. I mean, that’s consistent with Abraham’s logic, right? I’ve heard other LOA teachers say similar things. Like darkness doesn’t really exist because it is only a lack of light.
    According to this logic, if we were to create the opposite of every good thing we want, then our “negative escrow” if you will, would be empty. It would only be a lack of everything we do want.
    I’m not sure what I think about everything I just said. Ha ha! I’m just working with the theory of how there is only a stream of well being, and anything we experience to the contrary of that is our resisting it. “Bad” things don’t exist by their own right, but only as resistance to the natural goodness that is.
    *takes a breath* Am I rambling? lol

  • Gillian says:

    Rest assured Jeannette, your blog is such a great place to learn, share and grow! I love the community on this blog and I can’t wait to share my success stories and hear other success stories. To the success of this blog, its fantastic host and the community participating on this blog!
    Love Gillian

  • Ooh, beautiful blessing, Gillian! Much appreciated!

  • Thanks, Michelle, for the kind words (they mean a LOT to me!) and thanks, Debra for the fabulous links!

  • Debra says:

    Hi Michelle…
    I’m so happy you like the song! I gave my nieces (age 2 & 5) the CD and the DVD (both amazing!!) for the holidays.
    Here are links to both:
    CD (you can listen to sound clips here as well): http://www.spiritvoyage.com/yoga/Feeling-Good-Today/Snatam-Kaur/CDS-001930.aspx
    DVD (Includes all of the songs as well as Shanti the Yogi~Mountain Adventure story told along with gentle yoga, breath work and dance movement. Snatam guides the children in the DVD, and yours at home through out. It’s beyond beautiful!):
    IN~JOY! :0) Love, Debra
    **Thanks Jeannette for allowing/holding space for our sharing. :0)

  • Michelle Dobbins says:

    Debra, I love that music so much. Do you know if ther is a CD or if it can be purchased on itunes? I want to play it in the car for my children & myself!

  • Michelle Dobbins says:

    I listened to this Abe track and I have to say when I did my first thought was to laugh and think “Well, I know they are not talking about Jeannette’s Blog” Your’s always raises my vibe, so thank’s!

  • Debra says:

    Just needed to share how much I’m enjoying everyone’s contributions to this vibe-raising comment conversation!
    Kim, I love your question…and Flavia thank you so much for sharing the light of your brilliance in response to it…and thanks to Abraham, of course!
    Stephen, we do this gratitude offering at our dinner table every night as a family; it’s an amazing way to come together and count our blessings.
    Jeannette, I’m *still* flying blissfully high (Mrs. Plugged In, like that ;~) from last night’s concert/singing w/Snatam Kaur.
    How about these lyrics:
    “I am the Light of my Soul, I am Beautiful, I am Bountiful, I am Bliss, I Am, I Am”
    Chant, sing or say this repeatedly for awhile and observe how AMAZING you feel. Mmmm, mmmm gooooood!!!
    Want to sing with Snatam and Children? (I Am the Light of My Soul, Snatam Kaur from her CD for children ‘Feeling Good Today’) Go here, now…
    Satnam! :0)

  • Hm, thanks for that reinforcement via Abe, Flavia! 🙂
    Your answer to Kim’s question is summed it up nicely: “It all IS … and we decide which part of it we want to play with.” I like that concise capture!
    Thanks for an important post, Flavia. Your presence here is MUCH MUCH appreciated!

  • Flavia says:

    Ha! Blaaaah-gs is really funny! Thanks for sharing that with us. I’m a big fan of Abe and I know they were talking about blogs in general, blogs that regurgitate what is, NOT leading edge, growing in awareness of our where our vibe is and reaching for a better feeling thought blog like your is. In fact I was watching an Abe DVD “Revealing the secret” ( episode v) in which Abe says “Jerry and Esther adore it when someone finds the basis of understanding that is helpful to them and then applies what they are knowing to their own life experience and then writes the details of that further exploration.” Which perfectly describes what you do Jeannette.
    My answer to Kim’s question is something that abe repeats often, “within every particle of the universe there is that which is wanted and the lack of it”, so all of it exists but when we experience it, our preference exudes from us and goes into our vibrational escrow, it’s not that we’re creating it as a general thing. It all IS, All That is, IS and we decide which part of it we want to play with. It’s justthe brilliant mechanism source has put togeher so that we can automatically create our preference, for ourselves, in our escrow.

  • Well said, Gordon. I especially appreciate this perspective you shared: “If that belief is creating happiness within us and inspires us to seek that which we believe will create happiness within us, who cares? If it works for you, use it, if it doesn’t abandon it and choose something that does.”
    Thanks for adding to the conversation here, my friend!

  • Gordon says:

    Feeling good is the main thing, because thats what we all want anyway, its the reason we do everything because we believe it will make us feel good. It is possible to focus only on what makes us feel good and if we feel good in each moment, then we raise our vibration to attract that which makes us feel good.
    Sometimes life may through us a “wobbly” we can acknowledge it and we can either shelf it for the moment knowing it has to be dealt with or we can deal with it right now. Thing is we do not have to dwell on it if it creates a negative emotion within us.
    If the LOA and every other law/belief are real or not real and are just models that we create to give us something to have faith in, does it really matter? If that belief is creating happiness within us and inspires us to seek that which we believe will create happiness within us, who cares? If it works for you, use it, if it doesn’t abandon it and choose something that does IMO.

  • Mmm, well said, Pernille, that to dream REALLY big requires releasing of “reality.”
    Can you imagine the time when we are simply opting in and out of beliefs, choosing realities at the drop of a hat, simply because we changed our mind or recognized a new desire? As easily as we might change our shoes or flip the channel on the tv?
    Like, remember how traveling cross country used to be such an ordeal before the U.S. was even born? And now – how it happens every day without anyone even blinking an eye about it? One day I bet we’ll choose thoughts and beliefs and realities just that easily – and we’ll look back on the “old days” when it used to be REALLY an ordeal. And we’ll wonder how they/we did it.
    hee hee

  • I simply LOVE this blog and all the clever, wise and fun comments, and reading it always makes my vibe go up – and this blog is surely part of my reality 🙂
    So I think it depends on, what part of our reality we focus on.
    When I think of all the things in my life I’m gratefull of I find it very easy to enjoy my reality.
    But when my focus is on the negative aspects….
    And when I’m dreaming big dreams, I can feel that the thought of my reality reduces my power to dream big, so to dream really, really big I have to let go of reality – easy en theory, but takes some practice.
    …. this sentence “Every time we experience something we don’t want, we immediately and automatically create the opposite of it” also made me wonder, like you Kim, does the opposite also apply?
    … I loved this post, really loved it
    THank you so much Jeannette, for showing us the way on this leading edge 🙂
    Love you 🙂

  • Bonni, I’m not even done reading your post yet and it’s making me strongly desire a commentluv plugin that doesn’t slow this blog down. Because I want – not just for myself – but for everyone else, too, a link to this blog of yours! I know we can get it by following your name, but I want an efficient commentluv plugin! If anyone knows the secret to that, please share.
    And yes, regarding Abraham’s outlook on blogs, I’m sure if we got in the hot seat and asked them about it, they’d acknowledge the benefits of blogging and say that they were just describing the typical blog out there … but part of me also feels like the “typical” blog out there is also changing. That could be my limited perspective or wishful thinking, though. After all, I do tend to run in a very high-vibing circle. hee hee
    Don’t ask me why that sentence is making me giggle so much!
    Anyway, what I want to say is, don’t judge Abe based on my summary. I’m not as crystal clear a filter as Esther is. 🙂

  • bonni says:

    Actually, I just made a blog entry talking about the cool stuff that I saw today and how grateful I am to be able to find pleasure and joy in small things.
    So I think Abraham isn’t as all-knowing as people think. It appears that Abraham doesn’t know very much about blogs. Yes, there are the kind where people just complain and gossip and such, but there are also blogs that are positive and upbeat and which seek to enlighten or heal or teach or encourage.
    I would agree that negative blogging isn’t good for your mental outlook. But I have to just shrug my shoulders at Abraham’s pronouncement that, apparently, the very act of keeping a blog at all is somehow destructive. A blog is just a journal. It’s what you write in it that matters. (I’m surprised that Abraham doesn’t know this; it makes me wonder about Abraham now.)

  • Well said, Stephen. Blogging is no different than every other aspect of life. We always have a choice of what to focus on – and that choice makes all the difference!
    I admit I want in on that nighttime ritual with you and your sweetie. hee hee
    I can get my guy to say a couple things about what he’s looking forward to tomorrow, or what the good news was of the day. But I admit I sure miss playing “Wouldn’t it be nice if .. ” with my ex ex-beau. That was my favorite way to end the day, and it’s so much more fun with an enthusiastic partner!

  • stephen taylor says:

    Every night as we lay in bed together my sweetie and I list at least three things we appreciated about the day. Most days it’s easy and we can list way more than three. Some days the list is only “a hot shower, a warm bed and thou.” But no matter how tough the day felt, we end it with the feeling of appreciation.
    Blogging is like everything else. It’s choices. What we blog about, what we speak about, what we think about; it’s about choosing our life – all aspects of it. Reality (or rather our perception of reality) is only the part of the universe we choose to focus on. My “reality” at the end of the day contains (at least) three (often many, many more) things I appreciate.

  • What great rituals for closing out the day, Janette. I can imagine (well, I know personally, I don’t have to imagine) the difference that makes on the vibe overall!
    Thanks for being part of the conversation here .. your energy is wonderful to be with!

  • Janette says:

    Love it! I used to write a diary every night full of all the dramas of the day – doh! – then when I started doing Pray Rain Journalling I decided to keep doing a diary, but just flip it.
    Now my bedtime ritual is to write my daily diary, just focussing on the good stuff (and if necessary reframing any challenges to see what great things I got out of those moments too). And then I do PRJ. Lovely!
    Hadn’t yet thought about how to apply this principle to blogging but have to admit it felt unhelpful to blog the so-called negatives. So I’ve been kind of avoiding doing it altogether!!!! NOW I have another way to look at it, yay!!!

  • Music to my ears, Ms Nikki: “self love is the key to the happiness we seek”! I could not agree MORE!!
    Sounds like you’ve gained this wisdom through experience, which is the best kind of teaching/example for others. Thanks for sharing your words here!

  • MsNikki says:

    Abe and I part LOA ways on this topic about blogs! Easy for him to say being a non physical entity and all not having to pay bills, find a soulmate,locate a good hairstylist,etc. Think about how many people have benefited from reading about the trials/tribulations/successes from your weekly blog???
    I now believe that self love is the key to the happiness we seek. I noticed some definitive changes in my life after working on the program (Art of Self Love). I was a big believer in exchanging one situation for another in the hopes of feeling better and would ultimately get disappointed when I wasn’t 100% shiny and happy. Don’t get me wrong,I have dropped the harmful people/ situations and feel much better for it! But I never really examined my role in happiness creation…it was always external. Hmmmm…

  • All right, we gotta let this fantasy blog come to life. What I’d love about that is if we could all make posts to it – not just comments. Know what I mean? So it would be a multi-author blog. Or maybe it’s got one administrator who posts our entries as blog posts.
    What shall we call this and where shall we host it?
    Fun fun fun!
    Kim, your question is one I have never heard nor considered in exactly that way before. That mind of yours really does the most amazing contortions!
    “Is the opposite created.” hmm. I know this (from Abraham) – our escrow actually holds a wide variety of things, things we would probably label “good” and “bad” if we hadn’t yet released our judgment of those things.
    And that’s what we’re lining up with when we don’t feel fabulous – those “negative” escrow items. Right?
    Hmm … I’m interested in thoughts from everyone else on this, too … you’ve got us thinking again, Kim!

  • Kim Falconer says:

    Oh Debra, I can feel that slice of heaven from here, you describe it so beautifully. And I love hearing about the cat loving dog’s creation…and Nichole’s turn around. This Blog is not Blaaaaaaaaaghing! It’s a well of resplendence.
    I do have a query though. If Every time we experience something we don’t want, we immediately and automatically create the opposite of it, does inverse hold true. Is it part of a balance of energy? I mean, every time we experience something we DO want, do we immediately and automatically create the opposite of it as well?
    Ultimately, if everything is energy and we choose to experience it as ‘good’ or ‘bad’, is there any difference between what we want and what we don’t want?
    Or am I reading too much SF/F?
    🙂 Kim
    PS I am so on board with the fantasy blog!!!

  • HUGE goosebumps from your last paragraph, Debra! Wow, you are MRS. Plugged In!
    I’m gonna read this comment of yours again just to get another hit off your high energy!!
    Thanks for tuning in here, Debra – much appreciated!

  • Debra says:

    Oooo, I’ve not heard Abe cover ‘blaaaaah-ging’! Does Abraham know about you, Jeannette? Have they met you? ‘Cause if they have then surely they know that you are one amazing exception to their ‘rule’. :0)
    I love, love, love the fantasy blog idea! And I adore the ‘get happy’ ideas. Going to the beach is a winner for me!
    That’s why living on Kauai was such a blissful experience for us. Mother Nature’s playground all around, a buffet of get happy treats served continuously…simply be willing to partake in creating ones own happiness and voila! Happy. Mmmm…so nice!
    And I do agree with you…we can make happy out of anything; it’s a choice. (There are those choices again!)
    It’s an honor to be a part of this ‘leading edge community’. Thanks for leading by the clarity of your example, Jeannette! Your Good Vibes super charge a whole lot of us…and we’re deeply grateful for your vibe-a-licious blog (no blaaah-g here!) :0)
    In Harmony… Debra
    PS~I’m pretty sure I’m in the vortex right now!! Just came home from singing/chanting with an audience of good-vibers and Snatam Kaur. Talk about music that will give you good vibrations. OMGoodness. She’s an angel. And everyone in the room creates heaven together through angelic voice. Feeling extreme bliss. Feeling deep love. Feeling abundant gratitude. Feeling magnificently blessed… Mmmm… :0)

  • Elizabeth – thank you for the laughter fest your post inspired!! Oh my gosh, that’s hilarious and fabulous all at the same time!!
    Gosh, I want to meet this master manifesting cat-loving dog of yours!! lol
    Thanks for sharing your energy here, Elizabeth! Looking forward to hearing more from you soon.
    (and still laughing!)

  • elizabeth says:

    Good reminder to focus on the fabulous parts of the day, thanks! I just found your blog and have been enjoying reading the posts – but something amused me the other day and I thought you’d enjoy it. My dog loves cats. Madly, passionately, loves them. I, however, was allergic. Emergency room/can’t breathe/within seconds allergic. Yet somehow I am healing .. and now I think it’s a question of “when” will he get his kitty, not if. He will have managed to manifest a kitty into my home against extreme odds, LOL. And if my dog can do it, well .. think of the possibilities. 🙂

  • Nice redirection, Nicole! Thanks for including us in it! 🙂

  • Nicole says:

    Thanks for the new post Jeannette. It completely fit in with how I was feeling this evening…the crabbiness and exhaustion have been my focus all evening. So here’s to creating what I want my Friday night to look like!
    1-hot bubble bath…kids busy playing by themselves.
    2-luxury reading
    3-the house is livable
    5-long uninterrupted sleep
    6-kids asleep by 10, quiet house with a great movie on the couch
    I’m glad I looked for an update to your blog to see if I can turn around my feelings…thanks for being there 🙂

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