Abraham on the Crisis

I shared this Abe quote on our Financial Crisis post comments, but wanted to make sure everyone has a chance to see it because it’s really good.Β  (In fact, you can watch it on YouTube, too.)

Jerry: Abraham, this evening we’re gonna have a presidential hopeful, not hopeful debates but debates between some hopeful presidential people ..
Abraham: We don’t find either one of them very hopeful do you?
Jerry: OK. (laughter) OK, so but I just thought it’d be fun to hear from you if they would allow 3 people in the debate. And the question posed would be, “And you, Mr. & Mrs. Abraham, what would be your proposal to alleviate the current financial crisis, worldwide crisis?”
Abraham: Chill out and go to work.
Jerry: That’s it?
Abraham: Focus upon the things that are important to you and figure out how to satisfy the details of your life. And stop looking to someone else to solve it. And figure out how to bring yourself into
balance. And turn off things like this debate.
Jerry: Laughs (applause)
Abraham: So that you don’t continually harass yourself into the misalignment of what’s already in your vibrational escrow. And then we would say, “We have a plan.”
Jerry: Oh, yeah.
Abraham: And it was set into motion long before we got here on this platform and you are all co-conspirators in this plan. And you have, through what you’ve been living, been contributing to this plan. And it is the brightest and most exhilarating of future experiences that has ever been upon the face of the earth. And it is the legacy that all of you hold ownership of.
In order for you to claim your piece of this amazing pie of prosperity, all you have to do is look in the direction of it and see if you can remember what pieces of it you put there. Because every piece you put there, has been lovingly held for you.
It cannot evaporate from the stock market. And it cannot be squandered by those who don’t understand. And it cannot be misunderstood by anyone and it cannot be taken from you. Because if your life caused you to put it into this holding pattern, this vibrational escrow, then it is forever there for you. And the only thing that is required in order for you to make your personal withdrawal is, make your personal withdrawal by no longer paying attention to who else is making what withdrawals.
Don’t worry about them getting your fair share, it’s not possible for anybody to get your fair share. Your fair share is always ear marked for you. It will always stay there in perfect becomingness.
Oh, and we might tell you that since you put it there, it has been accruing with magnificent interest, the likes of which we have never seen. So it got bigger than it was when you asked for it and it gets bigger with every request you make. And in fact, the more crises that is applied around all of this, the bigger it gets.
So first thing, know that it’s there for you and that no one can get it away from you. And next, stop worrying about what anybody else is doing because it is your worry about what anybody else is doing which is causing you to hold yourself vibrationally out of whack from it.
Now, we acknowledge that the majority of people who would be witnessing such a debate would not have heard a word we said because they are not accustomed to focusing upon the vibrational world. They do not understand that there is a vibrational reality that they hold ownership to, that they must find alignment with before it can be a physical reality.
And so for those who don’t yet know about the vibrational reality we would say to them, “Worry not, we’ve seen this before and we know that you can come through it.”
We would say, “Do not worry about what’s happening because nothing has changed in the last few days, nothing even has changed in the last few years that is so far out of balance that it cannot come back into balance.”
Then we would say, “There are enough numbers upon this planet that are involved in the economics of this time-space reality that it is certain that balance will come back. And all you have to do is sort of settle yourself in, and ride it out.”
And so, the things that we want you to say to yourself every day is:
“It’s getting better. It’s getting better. And it’s going to be alright.
It’s better. It’s getting better. And it’s going to be alright.”
And the sooner you convince yourself that it is better than you thought it was and that it is getting better than it is right now.Β  And that it is not only going to be alright, it’s going to be really alright, your prosperity can begin to come to you immediately. (applause)
And then we would make the longest list of positive aspects about the other 2 speakers on the platform that we had ever made in our life.
We would speak of the power of their desire to lead and the power of their desire to serve. We would speak about how they wanted this almost the day their feet hit the ground in this time-space reality.
And how each of them is prepared in their own unique way to be all that they need to be, to stand in that place. And then we would say, “Do not hold these 2 men or either one of them or anyone on the planet, responsible for the Well-Being that comes to you. This man and this man is not responsible for your Well-Being, you are responsible for your Well-Being. Give them a break. (applause)
Philadelphia, PA 10-7-08

  • October 15, 2008
  • Wow – I can see why you’re feeling relief to have found your way here, Jeff!! Thanks for posting, and please know I’ll never ask you to be quiet! lol
    Did you catch the latest Abraham wisdom on the economy?
    Please do stay tuned, Jeff, as your perspective and energy is exactly what I intended to attract to this (our) blog! Thanks again!

  • Jeff says:

    I know the election has come and gone but I just ran across this and just had to comment and thank Jeannette for posting it her. It’s great to see your beliefs validated and expanded upon.
    I’m a member of a popular self help forum that has sub categories in every area you could imagine, including a sort of global politics forum. It’s been interesting watching self professed LOA experts take sides in this election and go on and on about the impact it will have on everyone and why we should vote for XYZ… Any time I brought the subject of LOA into it and tried to point out the mis-alignment with those principles the forum was expressing I was politely and not so politely told to be quiet. I finally had to bow out of the discussions because I was starting to buy into pro and con arguments.
    I just have to remind myself occasionally that I choose self responsibility for ALL of my life, not just the parts left over after the world has it’s way with me. This Abe snippet really drives that home.

  • Peregrine John says:

    Oh, there you go, making me blush again…
    I do adore you so, Jeannette! You’re a smile in motion.

  • Well THAT sums it up nicely! How nice that Solomon paved the way and left a simple message to save the rest of us the “trouble” of seeking the secret to happiness.
    (I hope that doesn’t sound sarcastic because I mean it totally sincerely!)
    Enjoy our food, enjoy our drink, enjoy our work.
    No wonder you’re one of my favorite people of all time, John. πŸ™‚

  • Peregrine John says:

    Why, thankee kindly! πŸ˜€ I see wonderful things coming your way as well!
    You know, this whole topic falls in perfectly with something I came across recently. A discussion with a learned theologian friend brought to me the fact that certain items in the biblical book of Ecclesiastes are not generally translated well. Firstly, the word usually read as “vanity” or “meaningless” is, literally translated, “vaporous.” Something being insubstantial, or vaporous, gives a pair of implications which only partly overlap: it is temporary and easily dispersed, or it is hard to define. Both are used extensively in the book. Secondly, the phrase usually translated “chasing after the wind” is more accurately written “trying to herd the wind.” That one speaks for itself.
    I mention these because after learning them, I went and read the book again. I had never much liked Ecclesiastes, in its gloomy outlook, seeming to say, “I’ve tried everything, and it’s all crap. Don’t bother.” With the adjusted translations, it was a whole different thing. With echoes of the Abe message above, what Solomon turns out to be saying is (and this is very nearly a quote), “I have tried every success to excess, and have found that the secret to happiness is this: Enjoy your food, your drink, and your work. That’s the whole secret.”

  • Glad you’re getting a kick out of it, too, John! lol

    Abraham’s sense of humor is definitely one of the reasons I so easily enjoy their material.

    And Esther delivers it so perfectly! I don’t know many channelers who can pull off humor as well as Esther & Abe. πŸ™‚

    Enjoy the rest of your Monday morning, my good friend! πŸ™‚

  • Abraham: Chill out and go to work.
    This is the best, wisest, funniest advice I’ve seen in a long time! I’m still laughing, here, and need to figure out a short way to explain when my coworkers come to ask what’s so hilarious on Monday morning.

  • Smart plan, Paul: using this as permission to disengage and just work on your vibe.

    I may follow your lead there.

    Thanks for reading, and especially for writing in!

  • Paul. says:

    Thanks, Jeannette, for giving these important words their own post (and for putting them on Financial post as well). They have been coming to me by many avenues in the last few days, a sign from my Well Being that I need to heed the solace they contain.
    They also make me feel a little bit better about the election in that I’ve seemed to have attracted to myself a crowd of people who are not vibrationally aware and want to debate their positions (and, since I live in one of America’s most politically correct cities, this is saying a lot). I can really use this permission to disengage from this platform or that, this economic or fiscal policy and just work on my vibe.
    PS to Anna: the crossword, the funnies and the horoscopes are the only part of our city’s ‘paper I read anymore.

  • Anna, this is truer than many folks realize, I think:
    β€œPanicked Viewers Cause Financial Crisis”
    You’ve got me laughing out loud!
    Thanks for pitching in, my friend. Puts things in proper perspective. πŸ™‚

  • Anna says:

    Perfect, as ever — and essentially sums up the truth for every political debate in every campaign where I have voted or participated in this life.
    In fact, I can say it applies to just about every “crisis” I’ve faced where someone, thing or condition has apparently put up road blocks. The Way always comes through for me when the Will is unwavering.
    (“Aye, there’s the rub,” she says, pondering recent events with kid’s school… A-ha! haha!)
    Ultimately, isn’t that how it works with everything? When we read, watch or listen to the news, the Top Story (at the least) tends to stay with us. It’s in our thoughts and on our minds (financial instability, experts say crisis could be next; recent home invasions have residents fearing a new gang). Once there, it’s not a stretch to see how those hundreds of thousands (millions) of flecks of similar thought gather together, gaining strength, speed and accuracy.
    Panicked Viewers Cause Financial Crisis
    Because enough people let the media tell us what to think.
    What may have started out as a filler story, struck a chord of fear, which allowed it to grow to other newspapers, TV and radio stations. From there it grew with new thoughts of stock market mayhem, and as enough of us feared and expected – voila! Financial Crisis.
    It’s easy to get wrapped up emotionally and forget the power of our thoughts, feelings and beliefs — which is why I rarely watch news and seek out crosswords and comics.
    May crossword & comic seekers around the world unite!
    Love & Lightenment,
    Recovering Editor & Journalist

  • This is interesting, Whit … thanks for offering the link here! Good reason to keep our heads and relax about it all. πŸ™‚

  • Whit says:

    I found this article today on Bloomberg.com…of all places. Pretty cool that you can find articles in mainstream financial media with LOA keynotes.

  • OMG, just realized – celebrity in our midst! That’s ANDY DOOLEY spreading the exclamation points in this post’s first comment!
    If anyone hasn’t checked out his art yet, you will LOVE IT!!
    Here’s the link:
    I’ve also heard clients rave about his “Change Your Life in 90 Minutes” presentation:
    Andy, I’m super thrilled you stopped by! Thank you!!!
    (Nice to meet someone who uses exclamation points as much as I do.) πŸ™‚

  • I am on the workshop CD program, but this came through the Abe Quotes Yahoo Group:
    Glad you enjoyed it, Andy!

  • andy says:

    Totally awesome words of the highest most delicious wisdom of love and joy!!!!
    thanks for posting Jeanette! You manifest!
    Where did you get the transcript? Are you a subscriber to the CD program?
    with joy, andy

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