Abraham’s Vortex

vortexToday is the release date for Abraham-Hicks’ latest book, The Vortex: Where Law of Attraction Assembles All Cooperative Relationships.

Some of you have posted questions on my facebook page asking what this “vortex” stuff is.  Let’s talk about the vortex and what it means to you.

Simply put: the vortex is “where what you want is.”  (Abraham in Los Angeles, March 2009)

(If you’ve heard Abe talk about vibrational escrow, it’s the same concept.)

Being in the vortex means we’re lined up vibrationally with what we want.  It means we’re feeling good (joy, love and appreciation) and that our desires manifest swiftly because we’re an easy match to them.  Being in the vortex also means believing and knowing and fully expecting those desires to unfold.

You can see how the vortex is a happenin’ place to be, right?  It’s where dreams come true.  With swiftness and ease.  It’s where inspiration is at its greatest, it’s where our path becomes clear.  In short, it means we’re up to speed with who we really are because we’re flowing the high vibes.

Abraham says the best way to get in the vortex is to simply stop doing the stuff we do that doesn’t let us in.  And again, the vortex is “just this high non-resistant energy place where we rendezvous with the Source” (Abraham in Los Angeles March 09).

From that same workshop:

  • If you’re mostly joyful, happy, eager and frisky, then you’re a cooperative component assembled in your vortex.  You’ll find that things work out for you, ideas come at the right time, you barely think about something you want and the path to it reveals itself, you wake up excited to hit the floor.
  • If you’re ornery, confused and resistant, you’re not in the vortex.  Most of us pop in and out of it, and Abraham actually says much of the time hovering on the brink of getting in.  But by focusing our attention properly, we can get right in.  That just means focusing on something that feels good.  Simple stuff.

Abe says everything they’ve ever offered has been to help us get in our vortex.  From the Mexico cruise last February:

We so want you to understand that you have the ability to get in [the vortex] but you’ve got to do the work. You’ve got to do the work that brings you relief. You’ve got to get a focus wheel out every day and you’ve got to DO the focus wheels. You’ve got to talk yourself into a place of feeling better. You must recognize the discord and you must soothe the discord.

In the vortex we are being who we really are; we’re tuned in, tapped in and turned on.  We know our desires will be satisfied.  We’re in love and we’re being love.

Here’s Abraham describing how to get in the vortex (for free) last year:

You don’t need money to get in the vortex! Getting in the vortex is a conversational thing.

You don’t have to pay money to get in the vortex.

It doesn’t cost anything to be hopeful.

It doesn’t cost anything to tell a positive story.

It doesn’t cost anything to dream the dream, to tell the story!

It doesn’t cost anything to tell the story.

And you know what? You tell that story often enough, you’ll believe it!

And when you believe it, you’re in the vortex. And the Universe has to give it to you.

If there’s something that you want, and you’re not getting it, it’s only because you don’t believe it. And you say, “I believe it.” And we say, “You can’t believe it, because if you believed it, you’d be living it.”

And you say, “I sort of, kind of, believe it on rare occasions.”

You gotta give it more air time!!!  – Abraham in Denver, July 2008

Abraham has said the focus wheel is the best way they know to get in the vortex.  Again, here’s a great video on the focus wheel process.

I like this Abe quote on the topic as well:

It doesn’t matter what your excuse for your appreciation is, appreciation puts you in the vortex. And if you hang out there for just a little time, evidence has to show itself to you. But we don’t want you to go in the vortex looking for evidence. We want you to go in the vortex looking for the feeling.  – San Francisco, August 2008

Pretty simple stuff, huh?  Here’s one final quote from their Australia workshop December 2008:

If you’re believing, or knowing, you’re in the vortex and everything you want you know will be. And so then you’re standing in this place of anticipation, not worried about if it will happen – you know it will – exhilarated about the idea of when it will happen because it will be fun to watch the adventurous way in which it unfolds. You reach the place that you are so knowing that life is going to be good for you, that your worries are gone and now you’re focussed upon who you really are, what you really want and why you’re really here.

Wow, huh? I’m super inspired to go dive into my vortex. See you there?  😉

  • August 20, 2009
  • Francesco says:

    I love this one but I especially love ask and it is given.
    However, the thing that I love most is this precious, unique moment of now. 🙂

  • June, here’s a quick video link:
    But John Allmon is doing a free call for Good Vibe University on this very topic very soon. We haven’t confirmed the exact date yet, but if you check the GVU calendar:
    or the GVU facebook page for updates:
    we’ll keep you posted. 🙂

  • june says:

    What is the wheel you are talking about? how can i learn more?

  • Annette says:

    ‘K. like, so ya know, like DUDE – Vortex references everywhere! Reading all these posts brings me to the conclusion: So what DO I want?? I want CONNECTION – to Be Connected: Source and People. I realized that’s why I want to live by the Ocean – it connects the entire planet! I can look out to see and think ‘Oh, Suzie and Janette are over THAT way, and Mia’s over THERE, and over here is Mica!’. I think I will strengthen that Connection connection with water therapy in the morning ~ just let the water flow over my feet in the tub while I do the Gratitude list! And Jeannette’s places – she connects so many people – I should check them out more regularly. I think I am ready for a Wheely Good Time right now.

  • “Nothing is more important than that I feel good.”
    Nothing makes me feel good more than when I am giving of myself to “others,” because then my “getting” takes care of itself! – Arlo R. Hansen, 1928 – ?

  • Debra says:

    PS~ Yea, Dyson’s Animal. It’s purple power!!! 🙂
    I could do commercials for Dyson I love it so much!!! hehe

  • Debra says:

    Your wish is my command.
    Funny…more like…
    Your wish is my wish, too. 🙂
    Thanks for inviting a link to my latest post; of course…please visit with grace and ease:
    In JOY… Mwah!

  • My hero, Mitch!! Those focus wheels WORK!
    You have the ANIMAL, Debra?! Ahh. Mine is still yellow, but I also am in mad love with my Dyson! You cracked me up talking about speaking unkindly to it. he he
    And the computer as our way back into the vortex – THANK YOU for that! I hadn’t realized what a fabulous tool it is for that!
    PS Debra, where’s the link to your post? You may as well make it easy for us to get there, since you know we all want to read it!

  • Debra says:

    Love, love, love, love, LOVE IT! 🙂
    You’re too cute…
    “Wow, huh? I’m super inspired to go dive into my vortex. See you there?” ~Jeannette
    Honey…you were IN the Vortex when you wrote this post…beaming your enthusiasm, brilliance, feel-good-ness all over everything!
    Must be a whole lot of Vortex activity going on. I’ve been exceptionally in the zone as well. Lovin’ it!!
    The Vortex is what inspired my post this week, too. 🙂
    **Just this very moment I came to the computer to give myself a *time out* ’cause I was feeling a tad bit out of the vortex.
    I was cleaning the house. Big time.
    I actually enjoy cleaning most of the time, but for what ever reason (don’t really need to know why) I felt myself getting kinda grumpy & bah-hum-buggy about the whole process.
    My first indicator was when I talked unkindly to the vacuum cleaner. (I know, **gasp** Especially ’cause I love my Dyson purple animal vac sooo much!!)
    Second indicator was when I recognized myself having the lovely old pattern thoughts I used to carry…”grrrr….everyone else makes the mess and I’m the one to clean it all up!…grrrr!!!”
    OY. I’m having none of that. I put myself on an immediate time out.
    Came to sit at the computer, ’cause that’s often where I find my way back…such a lovely community I have globally. (Appreciation for the WWW! w00t!)
    And…lo and behold…just what I needed, when I needed it!!! (Of course!)
    A post from my favorite Good Vibe Coach…not just any post, but one about the Vortex!! My FAVE topic in the whole world. I’m all about living the JOY. Can’t be having any CRANKY.
    Thanks Jeannette!! Now my cleaning can continue and it’ll be a JOY PARTY ’til it’s finished.
    Look out scary toilets and dusty, yucks…you’re soon to be singing the “I’m not so dirty anymore blues”! HAH!
    Love you…and let’s party in the Vortex!! XO
    ~Deb (@debsoul)

  • kerrplop82@hotmail.com says:

    I just wanted to pop back in long enough to say… I’ve been having a hard day at work, (Out too late last night. :D), and my coworkers have been extra loud today, or so it has seemed, and I’ve been feeling cranky. When my negative emotion hit a peak, I did a quick focus wheel.
    Ten minutes later, a coworker came to my desk offered me a cupcake.
    Ta-da! 🙂

  • Thanks for your kind words, Jeanne and Melissa and Diane!
    And Carol, excellent reminder that our goal isn’t necessarily to always be in the vortex. Stepping out on occasion is important:

  • I’m looking so forward to reading this book too! Something I’ve found really helpful recently is hearing Abraham talk about how the only way to ALWAYS be in the vortex is to be dead (like them, hehe). In other words, as long as we’re alive and experiencing contrast, we will be in and out of the vortex, and not only is that okay–it’s great–because being out of the vortex means you’re having a step 1 (asking) moment and we don’t have those from within the vortex. So, if we were never out of alignment, there would be no expansion. Wow! (helpful for appreciating the contrast)
    Of course the really important point to add here is that the goal is to be PREDOMINATELY in the vortex. We can change our emotional set point enough and become sensitive enough to the indications of our emotions that we can quickly bounce back into the vortex (and allowing mode) instead of letting ourselves get to depression, etc.
    Ooh and just found this great Abe quote I wrote down: “Staying in the vortex is like staying on a surfboard. Your vortex is always expanding and moving –it expands and grows with your desires” & “accept that we are eternally evolving–reaching and aligning (over and over)”
    I guess hearing all that was so helpful for me because I used to really kind of beat myself up when I realized I was in a negative place, internally saying things like “I should know better, etc.” (which of course is just adding to the resistance)
    Anyway, looking forward to reading and as always so appreciate your post! 🙂

  • Stephen Taylor says:

    Kristi M – I’ve been laughing at that video all morning.
    I ordered Abe’s book from amazon yesterday. Can’t wait for it to get here.

  • Diane says:

    I am just swirling and dancing and singing in the vortex!! Thank you for all the awesomeness everyone!

  • Jeanne says:

    Jeannette, this is a great post! Your explanations are very clear, very easy to understand, and now I finally GET IT (the vortex).
    I love Wayne Dyer’s “you’ll see it when you believe it.”
    My favorite part of your post is your “simple stuff.” You said it twice. I’m going to say it ALL THE TIME! OK, gotta go do my focus wheel. Thanks for all this good stuff!

  • Melissa B says:

    Kristi M – I love the video that you posted…Stop It. Oh can I relate to that. I know it was meant to be humorous but wow what if we just let ourselves stop it. Talk about being in the vortex then!
    Jeanette another great post. Can’t wait to read the book. Also, love the Wayne Dyer quote “Nothing is more important than that I feel good.”
    So I am just going to say Stop It to not feeling good and know that what is important is to feel good!
    Thanks Jeanette for posting such fabulous posts and thanks to everyone here for such great discussions. I have learned so much from just reading and following along.
    Usually I just read but do not post. Today I felt like posting. Must be in the vortex!

  • Yes, MsNikki, Abraham says everything they offer us is designed to get us in the vortex!
    Mary, have you blogged about your awakening?
    And to everyone who’s reading the book – I would love to hear what you think of it!

  • I am soooo looking forward to reading this book!! I pre-ordered it and it arrived earlier this week… might have to re-arrange some of my plans this weekend so I can stay in and read it, lol.
    I had a bit of a “spiritual awakening” about a month ago, and I can honestly say I’ve been living in the vortex ever since… and it is *THE* place to be!! I keep thinking life can’t get any better than it already is, and then it does!! The vortex is totally where it’s at… 🙂

  • Ms Nikki you reminded me of the turtle in Finding Nemo “I’m from the EAC Dude!!” I’m in the vortex, dudeeeee! LOVE it!
    Oh and Jeannette, thanks (for the congrats abt my talk show) I forgot to respond to that on your comment above!

  • MSNikki says:

    I must admit that I initially didn’t care for the term “vortex” because I always heard the Star Trek theme in my right ear every time it was mentioned.
    But after your detailed explanation, I have to say that I quite like it and shall replace “bieng in the flow” with “I’m checking into the Vortex, dude!” So Big Lewbowski-esque yet totally effective!
    The vortex is essentially the effect from the accumulation of various LOA techniques? After all, those methods get us to this great feeling place!

  • I know why you’re feeling the vortex in that, Kristy – I did too when you said, “it could come as soon as tommorow.”
    Sheesh – I got goose bumps AGAIN just typing that!!
    Mm, that’s delicious!! Shall we all revel in it a moment?!

  • Kristy M says:

    Apparently, the link didnt work for the ‘Stop It’ skit.. hopefully this one will
    If it doesn’t, go to youtube and search ‘Bob Newhart- Stop It’.. it is hilarious but inspiring!

  • Kristy M says:

    I loved this part…
    “If there’s something that you want, and you’re not getting it, it’s only because you don’t believe it. And you say, “I believe it.” And we say, “You can’t believe it, because if you believed it, you’d be living it.”
    And you say, “I sort of, kind of, believe it on rare occasions.”….”
    ‘Doubt’ is killer (and resistance)! It was (I’m saying ‘was’ because I’m taking advice from this MadTV sketch http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BYLMTvxOaeE.. and ‘stopping it!’) my biggest downfall and especially in a career like mine where they always tell you about rejection.. sometimes my dreams would seem so ‘crazy’, ‘unrealistic’ and ‘impossible’… a turning point for me was watching the Will Smith interviews.. he is movie and music gold.. and to find someone in your career that is so successful that believes in that kind of stuff (and his quote about ‘being realistic’)… well, it is magical.. I want to inspire young actors and actresses like he inspired me! I’ve also learned to stop being jealous of people my age and younger who have achieved the success I want… because they’ll probably end up as some of my best friends anyway (some of them, the boring ones at least.. I’m not a big ‘partier’ or ‘clubber’ lol!) Thats one of my ways of ‘making peace’
    But I told myself “Its happening.. It has already happened! theres no turning back now.. the only thing thats slowing it is YOU whenever you have an ‘OMG,will I ever make it’ thought, so stop it, man!”.
    The thing Im most excited about is how the Universe will give it to me.. hell, it could come as soon as tommorow. I’m jumping on every oppurtunity that is given to me. I’m pretty open to anything now, that is the fun. who knows.. maybe I’ll lose out on the ‘summer blockbuster’ (which will recieve awful reviews) and win an Oscar (and an MTV Movie Award lol) from the ‘low budget Indie film’ ;).. the end result for me is to be ‘a successful, in demand film and stage actress and singer’.. I am so ready 😉
    Okay, I talk too much… but…I like the concept of ‘the vortex’..
    I’m totally in the vortex right now (if you couldn’t tell) and thats where I’m staying 😉

  • Iyabo Asani, The Inner Genius Coach says:

    Great post again Jeanette!
    That vortex describes the heart-swell feeling I talked about in the last post. Go on and feel it and fall deliciously into the vortex! So cool!
    Gotta go get the book!

  • Nice use of the visualization, Emiko! Thanks for sharing that!
    Yay for doing the work, Mitch! That’s exactly what Abe says we must do if we expect change. 🙂
    “Agreed” with you on appreciation, Flavia. It’s a quick and reliable ticket in for me as well.
    Thanks for pitching in, Iyabo – and Cheri, I know what you mean. I pull out the focus wheel for the ones that I’m feeling a little bit distant from. Just to help me get in the vortex vicinity so it can suck me in.

  • Cheri says:

    Love this post! I have done a lot of magnetizing work today. Honestly haven’t tried the focus wheel…always kind of seemed like slow baby steps to me. But maybe there are areas I can use slow baby steps…I’ll report back on how it goes.
    I like to keep things simple. What I want wants me! Especially if I am sending great energy out to meet it!
    Kind of the difference between woman #1 who is full of self worth who totally accepting and expecting and woman #2 who is doubting and looking for the ‘sad me’ story.
    When I feel like woman #1 all things are flowing to me. When I play small as woman #2 things are heading in the other direction – because nothing feels great or wants to be in that space!
    Isn’t it amazing that it doesn’t just work with people – it works with things? I have relocated my family across the country and ended up 15 houses away from my boys best friends from another state. (Not sure if you can follow all that – but that is Divinely Orchestrated!)
    I love to play with this with other people who like to play with this! Thanks for playing!

  • Flavia says:

    Thanks for the reminder Jeannette! I just ordered the book from Amazon! I’m sure it will remind us how to connect with our true selves more easily and how everything is about relationships because that’s how we connect to…well..everything!:))
    For me the easiest way to get in the vortex is through appreciation and even more through self-appreciation! It’s fun and yummy!

  • Mitch says:

    I’ve been getting the focus wheel message lately too! They’ve been popping up everywhere for me. Last night, I even got out “Ask and It Is Given” so that I could remember how the process works and between yesterday and today, I did about five wheels! And that’s all before reading this post. 🙂 I am hopping into the vortex today.
    And yay on a new Abraham book!

  • Jenny says:

    “Nothing is more important than that I feel good.”
    That’s going on a post-it all around my house. Thanks for sharing. Love it!

  • Emiko Jaffe says:

    I actually imagine a vortex when I’m magnetizing something. Oren (through Sanaya Roman from Creating Money) uses the imagery of becoming a strong magnet when magnetizing, but Im really drawn to the image of a powerful vortex drawing everything I want to me, so this is really cool!
    I also found a site that showed an illustration conceptualizing our chakras as little swirling vortices of energy, hmmmm . . . this vortex concept is very powerful.
    Thanks for clarifying what the vortex is!

  • That’s what I did, Jenny … it’s on a post-it note next to the computer where I cannot miss it.

  • Jenny says:

    I’ve got to be honest, I aspire for living more of my life in the vortex. Right now, it’s more like:
    And you say, “I sort of, kind of, believe it on rare occasions.” You gotta give it more air time!!!
    Jeannette, This post comes at an inspiring time for me (though all of your posts seem to come at the right time!), as I have really been focusing on cleaning up my messy thoughts.
    I’m living this, though my personal choice is The Work:
    You’ve got to do the work that brings you relief. You’ve got to get a focus wheel out every day and you’ve got to DO the focus wheels. You’ve got to talk yourself into a place of feeling better. You must recognize the discord and you must soothe the discord.
    I’m curious, how do you choose what tool you use? Focus Wheel, The Work, Afformations, Psych-K. So many choices! I stick with The Work because I’m comfortable with it, though the others ones are juicy, too.
    I’ll have to look for this book in the store this weekend.

  • You know the overriding tool I use? It’s a quote that Wayne Dyer shared at a Louise Hay event from Abraham:
    “Nothing is more important than that I feel good.”
    When I’m feeling off (which sometimes takes me a minute or many to consciously realize), I remember what’s most important is that I feel good, and then I let guidance point me in the direction of what’ll feel better.
    Sometimes that’s the Work, sometimes it’s a focus wheel, but usually it’s just a change of scenery, a new thought or even just a deep breath.
    Simple works well for me.
    But I pull out the other tools when I’m not getting back on track so easily. 🙂
    You’ll probably get through the book before I do, Jenny, so be sure to let us know what you think of it!
    And thanks for contributing to this conversation. You are always a pleasure to hear from!

  • Well, he was so into LOA I thought you MUST be related!! lol

  • Yes, him, me and Vijay Singh (golfer) are thick as thieves related by name along with another few million Singhs. LOL 😉

  • Agreed!! I wondered if you two were related!! (Same last name, right?)
    Hey, that was a great call you led today on procrastination – congrats!

  • ps: Arvind’s voice is so sexy … I watched this focus wheel vid last month and couldn’t stop listening … hehe … mmmm

  • I’m living in there baby! Esp the last 2 weeks – pure genius joy living life powerfully 🙂
    And everywhere I look today, the Focus Wheel and the Wheel of Life is popping up. Message for me, big U!?
    I’m gonna do one right after my coaching call – spin those wheels, get some momentum going. This is a VERY exciting time for me in the vortex!

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