Acting As If

Acting As If - a law of attraction processAre you familiar with the manifesting method of “acting as if”? It’s a powerful way to create alignment to your desire and signal Universe that you’re ready for it to deliver the goods!

Acting as if is all about creating immediate alignment with your desire.

Whatever your goal, desire or intention is, you simply conduct yourself throughout your day as if you’ve already achieved it. Act as if you’ve already achieved the success you dream of.

For example, if you want to drop a few pounds, act as if you already have. Ask yourself what would an ideal-weight person wear today? What would an ideal- weight person eat for breakfast? How would he answer the phone? What would she do for fun tonight? Become that ideal-weight person with your actions, and your body will soon reflect your new “ideal weight” vibration.

Or if you want to attract financial abundance, act as if you already have, to the extent you’re able. How does a rich person drive through this intersection? How does a wealthy girl walk through this store? What would a financially secure person contribute to this conversation?

The bottom line is we don’t have to wait until it’s here before we start enjoying it. In fact, that’s what deliberate creation is all about – find the feeling state of it first, THEN it’s delivered.

Acting as if is a powerful tool for creating vibrational alignment and an easy one to have fun with. Enjoy!

  • April 1, 2007