Action is Mediocre at Best

“Creation through action is mediocre at best in terms of the results it brings …”
These are the words Abraham shares in response to our cultural myth that there’s no gain without pain.
“Creation through action is mediocre at best.”
An important truth to remember, huh?
MMMsIt’s the main message of my Money Mojo Magic product (released today!), which doesn’t spend a single second on the action required to make money.
(Despite the fact that I preached “action” for over ten years in the personal financial services field.)
I of all people know how futile it is to take action for money without having the energy lined up.
Since most of us weren’t ingrained with that message growing up, it can be an easy one to forget.
Yet, the evidence abounds to remind us that “pain for gain” doesn’t work. Working hard for little money, counting calories like a mad woman yet not dropping an ounce, hitting our to-do list with fervor yet never feeling the payoff …
If we know anything, it’s that diving into action not only doesn’t work well, but often doesn’t feel good either.
The question becomes, are you relying on action for results?
Is your first response upon feeling a new desire to “do something”? Or is it to feel something”?
When we take the time to line up the energy first, that’s when life gets magical. That’s where our true power lies.
Abraham goes on to say:

“Creation through alignment of energy is where all of the masters and all of those that you revere have found their place.  ou cannot be a magnificent creator without alignment to the energy of the power that creates worlds.”

Well, listen for yourself (about three minutes in):

I’m curious to hear where we see we’ve been in action without first lining up the energy, along with commitments to shift it. Anyone dare to share?
Or does anyone struggle with the belief that there really is something to the “no pain, no gain” mentality of our current culture?
(I’d also love feedback from those of you who check out Money Mojo!)

  • October 29, 2009
  • Anja Böttinger says:

    I second Gillian on your sentence of Feeling vs Doing. In Germany mostly everyone is actionoriented. Sitting around and getting into alignment is thought of as lazy.
    Just to tell of something that finally worked with alignment. When I was past 30, I was sick of still being single although I always wanted to be married and have kids. I stated vehemently that I had enough of guys, and I would have a great life alone and enjoy myself. So there, God! I just had fun, went out with a church group and within half a year I had struck up a friendship with the great guy, who is now my husband of 6 years. The fun part was fun and not work!

  • Judy says:

    Assume everyone has read today’s Abe quote: Good affirmation that we (this community) are all in the right place at the right time.
    The most valuable skill or talent that you could ever develop is that of directing your thoughts toward what you want—to be adept at quickly evaluating all situations and then quickly coming to the conclusion of what you most want—and then giving your undivided attention to that. There is a tremendous skill in deliberately directing your own thoughts that will yield results that cannot be compared with results that mere action can provide.
    — Abraham

  • Gillian says:

    “Is your first response upon feeling a new desire to “do something”? Or is it to “feel something”?” – Jeannette, this sentence of yours sort hit home for me, because I must admit that thats the way I have been thinking all my life. My first reaction always was (and still is, have to admit it!) “what should I do, do, do in order to achieve this or that, instead of paying attention to my feelings. Thanks also for the video posted, its all a great eye opener!

  • Sometimes taking action is what we need to do to feel good. In medicine it’s called the placebo effect. Doctors know that sometimes we cure ourselves by taking a pill, even if that pill doesn’t “do” anything. And every 3-year-old knows that the best medicine for a boo boo is for mom to kiss-it-better. And I like the story of Christ healing a blind man by having him put mud over his eyes. Putting mud on eyes does not heal blindness, but believing that it will, does! Does that make sense to anyone?

  • OMG, Mitch. I KNOW!!
    You are always such a hoot! I couldn’t have said it better. “couch margaritas #1” … lol!
    In fact, when I was launching money mojo, I was pretty busy with getting the materials from various people – graphics from (thanks, Alice!), the workbook from Alicia, the audio files from Annette, the ebook from Nancy, getting Susan everything she needed for the web page and shopping cart (wow – that’s a lot! thanks EVERYONE!) … and I was reminding myself, “Girlfriend, you better get your dog walk in or all this will be for naught!”
    Because I KNOW if I’m not doing something that feels REALLY downstreamish, then I’m not headed where I want to go.
    And managing all the moving parts to create the final result is kind of fun and easy to enjoy if I don’t overdo it, but the dog walk cements it for me. Second to that is kittens and one on one client work.
    It’s important we know what “actions” put us in alignment. And it doesn’t matter how “unrelated,” indirect, or nonsensical those actions might seem. If it feels good, we’re headed in the right direction.
    And that goes for couch margaritas, too!! lol
    Love you, Mitch!

  • Mitch says:

    I also wanted to respond to the action conversation. It’s so interesting when an Attraction teacher stresses not just the importance but necessity of action. They almost sound like LOA naysayers as they lecture, “You can’t just sit on your couch sipping margaritas and expect money to magically appear in your life.” I’m loosely quoting a book I read recently on ATTRACTING MONEY with that one! What?! So what’s the point of law of attraction then? ‘Cause if feeling good is essential, I’d say couch margaritas are number 1 on my to-do list! lol
    Jeannette, I love your approach. I find that lining up energetically and then doing whatever feels good either a) really does cause whatever you want to magically appear in front of you or, b) causes me to take the proper action without even realizing that I’m doing it. It can be hard to trust in that sometimes when everyone, certain LOA teachers included, tell me that I have to figure out how everything is going to work and then go physically work it. But the best and fastest results always come from letting the action act *through* me, in those times when action is even required.

  • Ah! I’ve been enjoying your tweets – nice to see you checking here!
    Funny you would share the best shape by 40 intention – I held that one as I approached 40, too!! lol
    And you’re absolutely right – if it’s not inspired or “feeling good” action it’s absolutely not taking us where we want to go.
    This is why I still love Abraham’s analogy about upstream vs. downstream … because it’s so easy for us to start the upstream “work” and not realize everything we want is DOWNSTREAM!! Which we get there by relaxing and enjoying and giving up the “battle.”
    As a sidenote, although I may not have hit “best shape ever” by 40, I did succeed in accomplishing what (I eventually realized) I REALLY wanted … which was to feel the best I ever have about my body. And that feat, I have to say, brings me to tears. That one was a long time coming.
    Yay, Jeannette!! ha ha
    Thanks for furthering this great examination and conversation about action, girlfriend!

  • LivingtheLOA says:

    I’m new (as of ~ 2 weeks ago) and love, love, loving everyone and everything about this blog and the people who post their comments here!! Re: the above. I dont’ think the lesson is that you take NO action, it’s that you only take “inspired” action, which should be effortless, easy, enJOYable, etc. My struggle in that area is with working out. I’ve been running for a few years, but with my 40th birthday looming, I went into overkill a few months back (adding strength training, yoga and plyometrics to my routine – 1.5 to 2 hrs a day, 6 days a week) with the goal of being in the best shape of my life by the time my birthday arrives. Naturally, it isn’t nearly as much fun anymore (often feels like a chore) and although I’ve added a lot of muscle, I’m STILL not seeing the dramatic results I wanted. Reading this blog and seeing the video reminded me that a) I am in great shape already and I haven’t been appreciating that enough; and b) all I NEED to do is hold the intent of being in the best shape of my life and then do only what feels good and is fun toward that end. Thanks for the insight and great lesson! Looking forward to the next!
    P.S. Will by buying Money Mojo Magic and getting started on that today…

  • Amen to THAT, my friend.

  • Michael says:

    It’s funny how we need to be reminded of this, despite it being so simple! But what a great thing to be reminded of.
    I would add, that even in the most difficult circumstances, a great vibe can produce incredible results. I’ve had some crazy, hard, stressful fallout from just the past week , but after feeling what’s there to feel for a minute or so, I’m able to reach around and find what feels good and fun to think and then to do (or not!) next.
    And even in the seemingly darkest times, if we can even find just a bit to feel better about, we can get really good at manifesting some amazing things. I got free energy work and massage and a martial arts class last night. Didn’t even ask for it…my friends who oversee it DEMANDED that I come. Great places to live, amazing new work projects that are so fun, the great money that comes along is almost an after thought.
    If I can align energy even haphazzardly during a week like this and get bursts of amazing results, then imagine what I can do with a little more practice!

  • The way I’ve seen it play out, Brigitte, is that the importance of the action component is highly dependent on a person’s belief system.
    If you believe something needs to be done before anything can happen, then you probably better do something.
    But if you can release that belief … MAGIC!!!!!!! Not joking – crazy, cool, amazing things will unfold without any “action” whatsoever. Universe proves this all the time – all we have to do is be willing to let it in.
    The thing is that most of us are HIGHLY ingrained to believe we have to make things happen through action.
    But man, when we even just start to entertain the possibility of a different way … woo hoo!!!!
    I know lots of you reading this have experienced that in various areas of life. It’s the topics we get uptight about that we don’t experience this as much as we could.
    Great conversation you’ve started here, Brigitte!

  • Brigitte says:

    Thanks for sharing this, Jeannette.
    I’ve always thought that action is just one part of the process of manifesting — it’s one of the last steps actually, isn’t it? Focusing on to-do lists and forgetting about the “thinking” part (intentions, affirmations, visualizations) seems a big error to me. Of course, you’ve got to take action, but just after you’ve gone through the first levels of “asking”.
    Am I right about this? I’m not an expert anyway. I’ve got a LOT to learn. What I love about this site is that these articles really make me THINK and wonder if I’ve done right after all. 🙂

  • Mitch says:

    I had just started focusing on money again deliberately this week, and then I mosey over to your blog to find this new product! Looks like the Universe heard me! I can’t wait to get my copy.
    And can I take a moment to give some mad props to your cover designer? This book looks good enough to eat! 😉

  • Thanks for THAT, Mary! That’s definitely going on the web page when I swap out testimonials from what group participants said to what ebook readers share!
    Again, much appreciated! 🙂

  • Love, love, LOVE this book, Jeannette!! 🙂
    You have really outdone yourself this time… This is seriously a no-nonsense, no fluff instruction manual on how to create more money (or really anything) in your life using LOA principles. I know this stuff inside and out, and yet somehow you always manage to explain it in a way that *really* resonates with me and allows me to understand it on a deeper level. The book looks great, too!
    Kudos to you, and I can’t wait to get this up on my site!! 🙂

  • Here’s to the downstream journey, Tiffany!

  • Tiffany says:

    Haha! Jeannette, that was my favorite note this week! And that video was yet another dose of what I needed to turn downstream. Thanks!

  • Nicely done, Dawn!!
    That’s flexing some nice manifesting muscle, there!
    And we all know what happens next …
    Thanks for pitching in to the conversation today!

  • Dawn says:

    Okay, that wasn’t regarding money, but I know the vibe kinks are linked.

  • Dawn says:

    Lightbulb!!! I just realized I’m looking at the clutter nightmare around here and reciting, “I can’t get my head around this … nothing works!” Wow! I just decided I’m very organized and the house seems to keep itself clean. Thank you again, wonderful Jeannette! xo

  • Amen for dropping the rules about what our fun should look like, huh, Tia?!
    woo hoo!!

  • I am on fire!!! After our talk and a chat with Dana, my energy is thru the roof and I am SO excited about focusing where the passion is 😀 WoW!! Just to feel this energy is more than enough, action will flow thru it – inspired action!
    The last 2 weeks have been a downer, I’ve been trying to take action and failing miserably at it. Today, by accepting and acknowledging what I really want to do, I feel like I have a new lifeline and it’s all gonna fall into place!
    What did I learn? To recognise if I’m not having fun, I’m doing it all wrong. And fun starts with feeling good about what I’m doing at any given time!
    WOOHOO for MMM!

  • Pernille, did you see this TUT note the other day? I’m sure you did, but I want to paste it here for everyone who might not get these:
    “Now let me get this straight, Jeannette: You want things that you don’t yet have, people in your life who you don’t yet know, and events to take place that haven’t yet occurred, so that once these “things” come to pass you’ll feel happy, confident, and fulfilled; accomplished, desired, and appreciated; treasured, adored, and like one bad mamma jama, a beautiful sight to see?
    “But… wasn’t that your rationale for all the other stuff you wanted, that you now have?”
    The Universe
    Nice reminder to acknowledge how far we’ve come, huh? I enjoyed it, anyway.
    Thanks for posting, Pernille. Always a pleasure to hear from you!

  • Pure Potential says:

    You captured the Mojo Money Magic content very well in the full length CD. The information was accessible, clear, fun with your usual wonderful energy coming through as well. The workbook idea is an excellent tie-in with the recording.
    Way to go on your latest project. You have leveraged your energy into a definite money maker! Practicing what you teach in the most tangible manner!

  • Wow – what a wonderful Abe video!!!!
    You ask “where we see we’ve been in action without first lining up the energy, along with commitments to shift it” – well, I certainly have been “working hard” for very many years in order to “get more abundant financially”. I made quite a lot of money month after month after month, year after year – and still I NEVER had “enough”. I never felt abundant or wealthy, I didn’t even feel “OK” moneywise.
    – that was before I knew about the Law of Attraction and energy alignment!!!!!!
    I have stopped “working hard” to make money. Most of the time I work as feels good and now my passion is my work (spreading the word about the Law of Attraction!), so I really enjoy what I’m doing.
    I still don’t feel “wealthy” or “abundant” – yet!!! – but I work much less, it’s not “hard work” and I have much more fun in doing so, and financially I’m more or less “in the same spot” or a bit better 🙂
    And now I’m off to download your Money Mojo – can’t wait to listen/read/…. and align with abundance 🙂

  • Ha – thanks, Susan! I do like to walk the talk. lol
    Seriously, your comments and positive review are much appreciated! 🙂

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