Activate: Happy New Year!

happy new yearAs we close out 2012 and say hello to a brand new year, let’s activate the happy new year vibration!
This special installment to our vibration activation series is designed to help you usher in a fabulous 2013.
One read through should be good for a 17 second vibe activation, and that’s all it takes to make a shift.
Enjoy rockin’ the new year:

It feels so good to have a fresh clean slate to play with!  A whole new set of possibilities, with last year’s triumphs and challenges behind.
While there were plenty of things that went right this last year, I’m looking forward to an even better year ahead.  One filled with exciting opportunities, brilliant insights, fun adventures, amazing people – as well as love, well being, and abundance.
I’m looking forward to putting the past behind me and opening myself to new ideas and habits that allow my favorite dreams to come to beautiful fruition.
I trust that everything will work out to my benefit this year, and that I’ll enjoy the process tremendously.  Because I’ve never been wiser, or more experienced, or more allowing than I am now.  Count me in for good times, with great friends, in amazing places.
I am ready to rock this new year!  (And for it to delight and thrill me.)
Woo hoo for 2013!!

If you’ve got excitement for the new year, please share thoughts in the comments to help amplify the vibe.

  • December 31, 2012
  • Cyndi says:

    Jeannette, you’re awesome, this post is awesome, the Good Vibe Blog is awesome…2012 was awesome and 2013 will be awesome! Life is so…AWESOME!

  • Happy New Year, Jeannette and the whole Good Vibe Empire! 😀
    Many blessings for every day of 2013,

  • Thank you, Cyndi! Here’s to more AWESOME for us all! 🙂
    Nancy, best wishes for a fabulous new year to you, too.

  • MissyB says:

    Out with the old…in with the new. Dream big folks – this is our time.
    Happy New Year.

  • Agreed, MissyB! This is our year! In fact, you’ll love this World of Possibility Card from Alexandra Franzen (Ming shared it in the GVU forum today):
    Hey you.
    I’ve had my eye on you.
    I see possibilities — things that (maybe) you can’t see yet.
    I see a world of possibility. Scratch that — I see a whole solar system.
    Here’s what I see for you, in 2013.
    < choose / circle all that apply. Or add your own. >
    : I see you on stage, speaking live & raising the roof.
    : I see you with a book deal, signed, sealed & delivered.
    : I see you taking a WHOLE MONTH OFF, to frolic & play, without fear.
    : I see you & me. In Hawaii. Coconut butter & bikinis. Me oh Mai tais.
    : I see you finally starting that damn blog.
    : I see you finally quitting that damn job.
    : I see you finally putting your health & happiness first (and second, and third, and fourth.)
    : I see you starting a book club / cheese club / wine club / sex club / all-of-the-above club.
    : I see you recording an album & making a music video. (Big hair. Small pants.)
    : I see you making up for lost kisses & missed opportunities.
    : I see you on the cover of O magazine. Wedged between Dr. Oz, Ellen & Oprah, herself.
    : I see you rocking a TEDx talk. Wobbly knees & all.
    : I see you discovering the method to your madness.
    : I see you walking down the aisle, towards the One that you Want.
    : I see you tearing up old contracts & bolting into freedom.
    : I see you selling everything you own & levitating with lightness.
    : I see you hiring that assistant you’ve been talking about, for eons.
    : I see you making more money than you ever dreamed possible.
    : I see you publishing a volume of poetry. Just because.
    : I see you not giving a fuck about can’ts, mustn’ts and shouldn’ts.
    : I see you breaking your own sound barrier.
    : I see you ASTONISHING all of us.

  • Jackie says:

    Printing this one out and reading it every morning.

  • Jeff Atherton says:

    I’m loving the awesomeness of that first comment by Cyndi. 🙂

  • Terry says:

    Great post, Jeannette. I’m with Jackie; this one’s good to read every morning.
    What am I excited about? I’m excited about finishing the fourth revision of my novel and querying agents and being promoted to the stars by a publisher who loves and values my work. I’m excited about eating better things and moving more. I’m excited about making money. I’m excited about travel. I’m excited to see my children grow up and accomplish their dreams.
    Thank you very much for asking!

  • robinvk says:

    “Because I’ve never been wiser, or more experienced, or more allowing than I am now. Count me in for good times, with great friends, in amazing places.”
    This resonates so much with me. Like Jackie, I am going to print it off and read it everyday. I truly feel like I have never been wiser, more experienced or (the important one)more allowing that I am now.
    Happy New Year!!

  • Sophie says:

    what if 2013 turned out to be even better than anything I could have imagined?
    what if 2013 was easy and fun?
    what if I made more money in 2013 than I have ever had before?
    what if I facilitated workshops for 100s of people in 2013?
    What if I was asked to be a corporate facilitator in 2013?
    What if I made my first “millions of people” video or film in 2013?
    What else is possible for 2013?

  • >