Activate: Hot Date

how to manifest a hot dateAs part of our vibration activation series, this post is designed to help manifest a hot date!
Use it when you’re ready to call in a new love interest, or fuel the fire with an existing one.
We know this works because whenever we find a way to feel what we want like it’s already here, it cues Universe to make it happen.
One read through should be good for a 17 second vibe activation, and that’s all it takes to make a shift.  All you have to do after that is honor inspiration (that is, do what feels good).
Warning: if this is NOT a good time to attract a hot date in your life, skip this post!
Share your favorite hot date stories in the comments to give this vibration extra strength!
Enjoy the vibration of a hot date:

I’m really looking forward to tonight – I’ve got a hot date!
The excitement isn’t so much because of what we’re doing or where we’re going – it’s who I get to be with!
Hand in hand, or maybe arm in arm – it’s just the two of us tonight.  I’m enjoying it already just thinking about it.  🙂
We’re going to have such a good time – I just know it.  And who knows where this might lead next … ?!
This person has been on my radar for a little while, and I really like what I see.   Fun, attractive, good natured, smart – hanging out with them is my idea of a good time.  There isn’t another person I’d rather be with tonight!
I haven’t had butterflies like this in a while – it’s so fun to be this excited about going out with someone who really floats my boat!
And it’s just what I wanted – to be excited again!  To look forward to possibilities!  To feel my heart beating fast just because I’m spending time with this charming soul!
Just knowing they’re in my world makes me smile as I go through my day.  People wonder why I’m in such a good mood.  They don’t know what fun I’m looking forward to tonight.  And I don’t share my secret with most of them: that I’ve got a hot date!

  • September 5, 2012
  • Fiona says:

    Good question. As I said previously, the current relationship appears obviously not right for this to happen doesn’t it? I don’t agree with what happened, but I guess I feel everyone makes mistakes and don’t think that makes them a bad person. I’ve certainly made mistakes in my life. Just felt as though there was a reason for this happening.
    Are you saying if I attract someone who cheats then that’s I what I’ll get?

  • avery says:

    how on earth is a guy who cheats on his gf with you supposed to be The One for you?

  • Fiona says:

    Hey, firstly you have an amazing website! Have been reading heaps lately.
    I have a question I’m hoping someone might be able to help me out with. I’ve come across this blog last night because have been wondering if it is possible to bring on a relationship using the LOA.
    There is a guy at work who I have always thought was pretty cool, not much more than that as I knew he had a girlfriend. We all went out last weekend for work drinks and he walked me out to get a cab when i was going home. Anyway, he then told me how much he liked me and tried to kiss me. I told him I wasn’t into anything while he has a girlfriend-thats not fair on anyone. After we talked a little he then kissed me again….it was the most amazing kiss I have ever experienced. I got in the cab and went home.
    Since then we have seen each other at work and whenever I see him my heart starts racing as I have never felt it before. This guy is always on my mind. He says he may have done or said some things he shouldn’t have but, that’s not to say he didn’t mean them.
    I just felt this unbelievable connection that I can’t explain and am thinking that there must be something more than just a kiss.
    I do feel bad that he has a girlfriend but feel as though it obviously isn’t right between them. Can I use LOA to make this guy come into my life as single or is the fact he has a girlfriend an indicator that He wouldn’t be right for me?
    Thanks do much for any responses and help with this one

  • Cheers is right, Denise!
    omgosh, I should have heeded my own warning! It was not time for me to entertain a hot date, but three days later – that’s exactly what’s unfolding right now! Innocent email out of the blue, leading to the hottest date I’ve probably had this whole century. Holy hannah. I gotta get my hair done!!!

  • Denise says:

    Thanks for this! As I read this, I reconnected with the energy of the last time this happened for me (and him). Amazing man, deep connection, not the time for it to be more than it was. I’ve felt the loss. And now I get this gift to reconnect in the energy of what I want. I really appreciate how I feel in this exercise. And like Columbus, sailing to a new world he knew already existed, I too am sailing and seeing the signs (hot dates!)that my new world of a being in loving partnership exists – and I am feeling how amazing it is. Cheers!

  • Sharon – that’s what I’m talkin’ about! WOO HOO!!! Thanks for sharing that lovely vibe-raising story with us!!
    I just LOVE it!!!!!! I’ll be re-reading that again and again. Thank you!!
    And Cheerbear – steamy!!! You guys are GOOD at this!! 🙂

  • Cheerbear says:

    Sparks…every time I thought about him, looked at him, laughed in the same sentence…..rapid, bright, forceful, strong sparks…like a firework inside. Then…..Tender…each kiss to his lips, delicate like a daisy’s petals being gently plucked, like a soft low tide coming in…I felt it….I felt what I have been waiting for in every kiss since I was a little girl…the tenderness, the way I always imagined it….this kiss…I don’t have to look anymore or wait….it is here…forever…this is why the others ended or never began…my lips were waiting for this feeling to be sure….to know it is worth anything and everything to hold on to.

  • Sharon says:

    We are foursquare buddies (I forgot who asked who to be friends, first). I remember thinking he was good looking from the 1×1 picture that you’re allowed to see of your friends, and I remember sifting through his profile to see if he was “single.” I couldn’t find anything. It drove me nuts, so every once in a while, I would look again … most times through his photos (on Facebook).
    I think he asked a question one day on his FB profile about a relationship thing, and I couldn’t help myself so I popped the question, “Are you married Anderson?”
    Course, no answer.
    I remember talking to him a few times on “chat” however, I don’t remember the conversation all that much (I’m kinda bad at that stuff … to me, it’s like small talk, to see if there’s a connection ya know?)
    We were supposed to “hook up” last minute at an event I was putting together that got cancelled at the last minute due to inclement weather here in Lauderdale.
    Anyway, it didn’t happen.
    Last week, I contacted Anderson to see what his plans were for “Sunday.” He said he should be wrapping up helping someone move around 5pm. Why what was up he asked?
    I said, I have some time for you, let’s go do something.
    Sooooooo, we were bantering (in a friendly way of course) back-and-forth and he suggested “dinner and a movie” and me being me suggested that was too boring and that we try something a bit more fun, like bowling, mini golf, hot air ballooning lol ..
    Eventually, we parted with “I”ll figure it out.” <—- meaning "I" was going to figure it out because I certainly didn't think that going to a "movie" was a good place to go on the first date .. especially since "talking" on the first date to see if we even connect is prolly a good idea. He agreed.
    So, on the day we were to get together, he called me to see if we were still getting together. I was thinking he thought I was wishy washy or something … now, that I think about it, he was being polite. :O)
    I did some research of "things to do" in the local area and nothing of interest was peering out at me. Then, a bright idea came to mind and thought, "What about the food trucks we've been meaning to see and taste?"
    So, I suggested that and we met at the place … we hugged for the introduction and it was nerve wracking, at first, because I'm a touchy-feely kinda girl when I find that I've connected with someone and I do it in little spirts to see if the interest is mutual .. it's almost as if he was purposefully doing whatever he could NOT to touch me .. I didn't know if it was because he didnt want to seem like he too aggressive or if I would be turned off by it .. we walked the entire small area chit chatting .. and each time we'd stop at a new truck, I never found myself really looking at the "menu" items .. I was more interested in hearing what he had to say or answering his questions .. (we did find a few places to eat though … he was kind. Anderson let me choose what I wanted to eat and he followed behind me – awww).
    We talked and talked and talked and talked .. He kept asking the questions (which was soo nice because I get so tired of being the one to ask all the questions all the time) and I kept answering. It was like peanut butter and jelly. We just flowed together. It's so nice to be able to talk to someone who works in the same field as me – we talked about everything for what seemed like five minutes only it was three hours … my how time flies when you're having fun!!
    We had dinner on the cheap which was fine by me, a nice band that played various sounds of the 70's, 80's and 90's and we even shared a peanut butter oreo cookie shake … (for dessert) and where I learned he acquired the taste of sushi (yay) – sidenote: that came up because he had to acquire the taste of peanut butter ha ha.
    As we strolled deep into the parking lot since I parked way back in Goofy, Anderson and I were walking towards my car and as we got to my door, he proceeded to open my car door for me, only, I didn't have a "beep beep" kinda car .. the key had to go into the hole lol ..
    He gave me a big hug and told me how he had such a great time and that he looked forward to seeing me again .. I opened the car door, and put my belongings inside, but we just kept chatting … I don't think he wanted to say goodbye either, but he did put his arms around me again … this time, it was like a "I'm not going to let you go kinda hug…" and we kinda bumped into each other's cheeks as we shifted to let go and whoa! a kiss … and another one …. and another one and then I let go and got into my car.
    I have not stopped thinking about him since we parted. ;D

  • Oh, Pregrine John, what a great way to activate the hot date vibe – with an appropriate song!!! We should get a playlist going here …

  • Evan Griffith says:

    Jeannette —
    I am totally dialed into the hot date vibe apparently — just had another one with my wife and then landed here to read this!
    I’ve got to tell you about two friends of mine that took this vibe of yours one step further. Friend One — David — was spat out of a bad relationship four or five years ago. So as not to replicate the same thing in his next relationship he thoroughly detailed what his next girlfriend would be like, in a lengthy list spanning 2-3 pages. To add emphasis to the energy, he gave it to me to read so he could talk it over with me, getting real comfortable and specific about what he sought in a mate.
    Talk about contrast informing his choices from this now new vantage point! This new woman he hoped to attract had strikingly different qualities from his recent ex.
    Six months later, in a new relationship, David and I sat down one day and read through his list. It was as if his new partner was tailor made from those pages. It was so profound it actually hushed us up for awhile while we took in the magnitude of what (who!) had materialized in his life.
    Several years later they are still together, going strong, deeply in tune. Friend Two heard about this, and after years of dating frustration, this year decided to make a thorough list too. Well, I’m telling you about this, so yes, she too came along, rather quickly. Even though they’ve been dating for months now, I just met her.
    I thought you might appreciate those two ‘materializing people’ stories, as they materialized hot romances . . . .
    Good on ya for all the phenom work you do here!

  • Peregrine John says:

    Note the difference between this and the 392-point lists (some) people make for What Makes An Acceptable Mate. They look alike superficially, but are vastly different underneath*. It’s the intent that makes the difference, not to mention mindset and method… which are also why this version works.
    I’m pickin’ up good vibrations. She’s givin’ me excitations…
    *(Been looking for some months for a term describing that phenomenon, in which 2 things look very similar but are nearly opposite in truth. Anyone comes across one, I’d be most grateful.)

  • Tia, did you see the recent Abe workshop link where Abe asked the hot seater what he did to prepare for getting called on by Abe? His answer: “I did my hair.” lol
    It was the joke of the day at the workshop – Abraham saying “your hair looks great” and other hot seaters saying, “I did my hair.” hee hee
    I think it’s a powerful way to signal Universe that we’re READY!!! 🙂

  • Tia Sparkles says:

    Goosebumps, Evan! Great stories, thanks for sharing!
    I’ve manifested hot dates and relationships even though I decided later they weren’t for me, but hey, it was fun :). Just read the post out loud and giggled – guess I’d better go wash my hair asap! After all, someone’s calling any minute now to ask me out on a HOT DATE – someone I 100% want to say YES to, teehee!

  • Evan, that is super cool! That you and your wife have hot dates, and that story from your friend – WOW!!
    Thanks for sharing and for keeping the vibe alive! 🙂

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