Activate: Money in the Bank

Manifesting Money in the BankOur latest addition to the vibration activation series is designed to help you manifest money in the bank.

Use it when you want to align with financial abundance and plenty of cash cushion.

We know this works because whenever we find a way to feel what we want like it’s already here, it cues Universe to make it happen.

One read through should be good for a 17 second vibe activation, and that’s all it takes to make a shift.  All you have to do after that is honor inspiration (that is, do what feels good).

Enjoy the vibration of extra money:

Yes, I know money isn’t the be all end all of life, but just the same, it sure feels good to have extra money in the bank!

There was a time when that wasn’t the case, which is probably why I appreciate this all the more.

It feels wonderful knowing there’s a nice cushion in my bank account.  I love knowing I could handle an unexpected expense; or treat myself to something just for fun if I wanted to.

And I know money can’t buy happiness, but it sure seems easier to relax when there’s a cash stash tucked away in my account.  Makes me feel like like I’m ahead of the game, making progress toward financial freedom!

I feel like I’m getting a handle on all this money management stuff.  In fact, it’s a treat to log in and see a balance showing extra money in there!

I’m sure I’ll get used to it one day, but in the meantime, it’s a delight to see those extra digits on the ATM receipt and in my account register!  Such a nice change from my old routine.  Yay for me!!

It’s kind of fun to think about what I might do with this extra money … I could put a down payment on a car, I could make a deposit on a dream vacation, I could pay off one of my big bills early if I wanted to!  I could surprise a loved one with a gift, I could treat myself to a salon visit, I could go shopping or have a night out on the town.

Or I could just let it sit, attracting more abundance to it.  Letting it grow even bigger.

Because money does that – like attracts like.  And now that I’ve got this ball rolling, it’s easier than ever to continue the momentum.

I like going to the bank as someone who’s got assets on deposit, instead of just outstanding loans.  I like how I walk a little taller and smile a little more because of this cash cushion that shows my ability to manifest financial abundance.

It’s cool being the one who has money in their pocket when I go out with friends, knowing I could pick up the tab if I felt inspired to.  I’m feeling even more confidence and have a little skip in my step.  I think this extra money is making me feel easier and more relaxed about life and my ability to enjoy it.

Yep, I’m finally getting a handle on this money thing.  I heard “the trick to money is having some,” which just means once you have a little bit in your pocket, it’s easier to grow it because all you have to do is pay attention to what you’ve got.   And that works!  All I had to do was give thanks for the extra money I had, even when it was just temporary, even when it was just a little bit, knowing that focus would just attract more of it.

This money stuff is easier than I used to make it out to be.  It feels good to flex my manifesting muscle and see a nice difference in my bank balance.  Yay for having extra money!  … Money that doesn’t have to do anything else for me but sit around and call more of its friends to join the cash cushion party!

Woo hoo!!

Are you feelin’ it?  If not, tone it down or up to help you get to an uplifted place.  Finding your way to this vibe can make all the difference in your cash cushion!

And share your favorite thing (real or imagined) about having extra money in the bank to activate this vibe even better …

  • October 8, 2012
  • Beautiful post! I totally agree with you that once you get some money and focus on it, it becomes much easier to increase that amount! Cheers
    Law of Attraction blog

  • Oh, you guys are doing a great job of putting delicious icing on this vibration! I’m feelin’ the joy for extra money, too!
    Thank you!!

  • Lois says:

    I am having so much fun now that my money vibe has been activated. People are wanting to give me money. Literally in the last few days I have had several experiences where it seemed like people were just waiting for me so that they could give me money. The other day my husband had a boogie board for sale. Someone came to the house to pick it up and as I walked out of the house with it, the guy was pulling his money out to hand to me. The same thing happened when I went to return some containers at a pool store. The guy was opening his cash register almost before I told him I was just returning the containers and didn’t want any replacements. We sold a bike rack to someone, and she could hardly wait until it had been installed on her car to give me the money. Today I walked into a store that sells jewelry for us on commission. Before I had even finished saying “hi, how are you?” the lady had her hand out with money for me. I am getting such a big kick at how easy it is becoming to get money. My bank account is growing and it feels so good. Paying bills? No problem. Paying the rent? No problem. Eating delicious food? No problem. But the best thing from having such a large bank account is the peace of mind that I have. No worries. I love it.

  • Reeya says:

    I really enjoy this one. I especially like how I know that I have this nice comfortable coushion in the bank. Even more so, playing with the idea of what I am able to do with it at anytime…if I wanted. But the one thoght that inspires me the most, is also letting it sit and attract some more of it’s little friends like you said. Hahaha…That’s the best. Like attracts like And I’m learning to be appreciative of every little bit!

  • Brenda says:

    Now that my money vibe has been activated, its momentum just keeps on going, rolling, getting bigger. I love looking at my bank balances and consistently seeing that extra digit. This is new for me, but I’m sure appreciating this and expecting to find yet another digit in the near future! Haha – how much fun is this?! I love paying my bills! I adore that just today I had wayyy more enough to have myself a pedicure, then I followed that up with a massage, and then I visited to The Body Shop and picked up some beautiful body butters along with some extras to surprise my girlfriends with – just because! And I love how much fun it is to see the money going out; I’m really enjoying that part too. It’s like a snowball of money, and as I release the snowball out to bless and benefit others, it builds momentum, gathering speed, getting bigger and bigger as rolls and circles its way back to me. Then, YAY, I get to do it all over again!!!!
    Ahhh…that feels good! Thank you for getting me started, Jeannette. …and also to everyone else who posted here!!

  • Veronica says:

    I loooove how having my cash cushion allows me the freedom to follow the direction of my dreams. I am blessed to make choices about how to creatively focus my time and resources! I love that I have this sense of ahhhhhh….. this ample wiggle room to do what I need to do, rest when I need to rest, and also plan and do playfulness as well. What a gift! I am so worthy, this feels really good.

  • Julia says:

    Oh yes…I’ve got one of those cushions & it REALLY does feel good to see it sitting there, growing bigger….or even when it stands still I always withdraw ‘cash with reciept’ when I get my money out, just so I can see the digits & it makes me SMILE & do a little *happy dance* on my way to do the grocery shopping each week! 😀

  • Masa says:

    I love, love, love having more than enough cash money to do, or buy, anything I want, anytime I want with absolute ease! WooHoo! 🙂

  • Lisa Mayers says:

    This post feels beautifully timed for me ;). Ahhh…I LOVE the way my money attracts more money, which attracts more money…in my wallet, my bank account…every time I turn around more money seems to be finding its way to me! Yayyy for a big, fluffy cushion of money!

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