Activate: Nailed the Interview!

vibration activation: nail the interview!As part of our vibration activation series, this post is designed to help you nail the interview!

Use it when you want to give a great interview and manifest a wonderful job offer.

We know this works because whenever we find a way to feel what we want like it’s already here, it cues Universe to make it happen.

One read through should be good for a 17 second vibe activation, and that’s all it takes to make a shift. All you have to do after that is honor inspiration (that is, do what feels good).

(Change words or phrases as is helpful to support your best feeling on the subject.)

Enjoy the vibration of a perfect interview:

I’m excited for this interview. This job is perfect for me! I like what I know about the company, and the job description almost matches my ideal job word for word!

In fact there are a couple things about it even better than I imagined!

This job has got my name written all over it.

So I show up with time to spare, and I’m looking great. Wearing a sharp outfit that I feel very confident in. I look the part.

I can tell right away as I walk through the building that this place feels good to me. It’s busy, but not chaotic. People are interacting, but not noisy. It’s modern, open, clean, well-decorated. (I bet the bathrooms are nice, too!)

I can hear a couple employees joking around with each other as I get off the elevator to find the receptionist. There’s a light vibe flowing here – I like this place already!

While I’m waiting for my interview, I’m noticing how confident I feel! My vibe is UP, for sure, but I’m also calm, cool and collected. What a nice energetic combo!

It kind of feels like I belong here. I bet my car even likes her parking spot! We’ll be spending more time here, I’ve got a strong feeling.

It’s time for my interview now, and it starts off great. I’m at ease, the interviewer is likable and smiling, as soon as we shook hands I knew this was going to be a great meeting.

We’re chatting effortlessly as we settle in for the conversation, and I realize he’s glad to be talking to me. (!!) This isn’t a chore for him, he’s not just going through the hoops, he’s actually interested to be talking with me!

Good sign!

In fact, as the conversation goes on, I realize he’s almost kinda sorta doing a sales job on me for working there! He’s sharing the high points of the job, the company, the co-workers. It’s almost like he’s recruiting me! Wow. This is cool!

I’m asking smart questions, getting really encouraging answers. This job is looking better and better!

And the things he ask me are perfect questions for me to be addressing! I mean, I’m looking REALLY good here! These guys are going to spot me as their perfect candidate no problem if it keeps going like this!

But it gets even better … he asks me if I’m considering any other offers right now. That can only mean one thing. He’s wondering whether he’s looking at a bidding war with me, or whether he has to make me an offer before I accept someone else’s.

I love that he assumes I’m in demand and can have any job I want!  woot!

Okay, there’s only one thing left to find out about, but I know I’m not supposed to ask. What is this going to pay? Because so far I love everything I’ve heard!

And he asks me what my compensation was in my last position. I tell him. He shares that this position is well within that range with some upward room.  Okay then.  All systems go!!!

I’m thinking he may as well ask me to sign an offer letter right here right now. lol I’m clearly the one for this job!

And I suspect he knows it, too.

As we say goodbye, I know he’s not just shaking my hand never to be seen again …  he’s shaking the hand of a future colleague. I like this guy. This company is going to make me a great offer, I can feel it!

This job is mine if I want it.

I nailed this interview!!

  • August 7, 2012
  • notkate says:

    Hello! Thank you so much for replying. That in itself helps me feel more energised and focused. What you said makes a lot of vibrational sense and I really do love my current job. At the same time I had been in the good spot of thinking of the other job as mine. Where I think I went wonky, recently was to generate the whole “So long as it’s not X” – and “I hope they get other great candidates” that in part I think came from fear (rather than embrace) of the personal challenge involved in the job. What I know now is this thinking led me to manifest strong outside competition. Now I just have to start feeling what it’ll be like when it works out perfectly…not focusing on the result but the feeling.
    Love it!

  • Oooh, thought of you again, NotKate, when I read today’s TUT note!
    Go ahead, want it all. Just learn to be happy before it arrives, or you may not notice when it does.
    The Universe

  • Well, the first thing we do is drop the resistance to the incumbent getting it. The more we DON’T want that, the more we actually help create it!
    So make some peace there first. (Find some softer thoughts about it.)
    Next up I’d invite all my favorite higher powers to play here. 🙂 Angels, guides, guardians, spirit, God, Universe, deceased loved ones – I’d invited everyone to the party with the instructions to help this work out perfectly!
    And then I’d start feeling the feelings of that. What DOES it feel like when it’s worked out perfectly? (Have you read the Simple Alignment Exercise? Start there!)
    It might also help to count your blessings. Dial in on appreciation in whatever ways you can so you’re sending a loud and clear signal that says “life is good” for you.
    That in itself will very aligning. But part of me really likes the full out affirmation that you want it – except I might declare it AS mine. Already. That can be tricky for some to pull off without introducing feelings of attachment, but if you can do it with clean, confident energy – it can be very powerful.
    I’d love to hear from others on this, too … What suggestions do you guys have for someone in this situation?

  • notkate says:

    Jeanette –
    What about when you’re going for a job interview that involves a promotion in your existing organisation? I’m currently in this situation and I’ve longed for it! i know the job inside out and I want it. Not for the money but to get things working how they should. Money is bonus though : D But now I’m losing my alignment big time. See, the thing thing is I’ve been longing for this opportunity as the person currently in the role doesn’t…enjoy it and see it’s rewards. I do. But I’ve been so focused on not caring who gets the job so long as it isn’t the incumbent that I’ve actually become doubtful of my own chances. I’ve been thinking: I don’t care who gets the job so long as it isn’t person x. But I know I can do this job. How should I realign now? Is channeling “I do care and I want it to be me” the right track or is it out? HELP

  • Kim falconer says:

    Fabulous. What a vibe lifter and applies to publishers, agents, you name it! Thank you!!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    Jeannette, this is superb!

  • thanks for adding your two cents, my friend! 🙂

  • Janette says:

    Delicious! And here’s my two cents’ worth – the best part is that these guys passed MY personal interview process with flying colours!
    Because every job interview I do is an opportunity for me to check THEM out. Are they a good fit for me? Are these guys my future best ever boss and/or colleague? I love it when the answer is a big resounding YES.

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