Activate: New Love Interest

manifest new love As part of our vibration activation series, this post is designed to help manifest a new love interest!
Use it when you’re ready to call in a new romance, and not a moment sooner.
We know this works because whenever we find a way to feel what we want like it’s already here, it cues Universe to make it happen.
One read through should be good for a 17 second vibe activation, and that’s all it takes to make a shift.  All you have to do after that is honor inspiration (that is, do what feels good)..
Be sure to share your stories of new love manifestations in the comments!
Tune into a new love interest now:

There’s nothing like being excited about someone new!  Universe delivered this person in the most delightful way – I didn’t even see it coming!
Just when I got peaceful about not having anyone special in my life right now, bam!  Here it arrives – a hot romance!  Right on my doorstep.  Gotta love how that happens!
I know it’s early, but I sure like everything I see so far: smart, funny, compassionate, clever, sweet, engaging, and charming.  Not to mention … HOT!  (Holy hannah HOT!)
I might have struck gold here!
I’m finding myself doing all sorts of ridiculous things – daydreaming in the middle of meetings; staying up way too late talking at night; floating on air all day long.  Just looking forward to our next conversation; our next rendezvous.  It feels like I’m on top of the world!
I love the way this is unfolding, and I’m trusting my heart when it says “go for it.”  I’m getting all the right signals from them, too.  So far it looks like we’re cued up for the romance of a lifetime!  I don’t know how it’ll turn out, but I sure like where we are now.
Thank you, Universe, for the delightful surprise of new love!  I promise to do us both proud and enjoy this manifestation of new love to the fullest!  🙂

  • September 10, 2012
  • Glad it hit the spot, Ariadne! Have fun with those new dates!!

  • Ariadne says:

    Wow – stumbled upon this as I was looking at other blog entries. Read it through and found myself smiling. I am in the exact right place for an epic romance to happen – you know, holding hands and walks on the beach and all the stuff that makes your heart thump.
    Went for a run and when I came back I had three new messages from a dating site I had given up on. I am sort of in shock!
    Going to read it again and see what other wonderful stuff happens.
    Ms. Maw you are amazing!

  • Lesley, your post reminds me of an Abraham quote I read the other day:
    “Negative emotion means my grid isn’t ready for what I’m asking for. That’s telling you two things: I’ve asked for things I’m not ready for, and I’m not ready for what’s in the grid. Can you hear that distinction?
    “The feeling of fear and the feeling of discomfort means I want something that I’m not ready for.”
    Stamford, CT 10/13/12
    That makes a lot of sense to me, Lesley, which means that the next step is to acclimate yourself to the idea of what you want. John Assaraf has some great tips for that in his book “The Answer,” though it’s written for a business audience.
    This may also be helpful …. Nancy shared this article in the GVU forum earlier this week:
    But it really can also be as simple as practicing new thoughts to create new beliefs. Be patient with yourself and trust that your process is unfolding perfectly.
    Sending good thoughts. 🙂

  • lesley says:

    Hi Jeannette, I just found my way to your site and it interested me. How do you address the fear that comes with knowing how powerful the universe actually is (I know because I’ve seen the results again and again) and subliminally blocking what you want? I would love to meet the love of my life, but if I am honest, it scares me knowing that person could appear literally any minute and I have this problem of trusting people and am very introverted though I can be sociable when need be. I suppose subconsciously I block myself from meeting this person just with my fears and thoughts.
    I’m afraid of falling like that and then him taking advantage. I’ve never dealt with that until recently. It’s hard to really trust people anymore. I know I can say affirmations for finding someone who can be trusted, but all that aside, how do I make myself believe I am ready to meet this person without already projecting negative qualities about him? Thanks for any reply.

  • Jeannette says:

    Thrilled to hear it, Ben!
    In fact, I’ve just hung up the phone with a girlfriend who’s got this energy flowing in an exceptional way, so I thought I’d share a few details to help activate this vibration for those of you who are ready to attract a new love interest.
    She met him online, and they exchanged emails for a few weeks before they actually met. She sent me a picture of him after their first date – he is HOT. He’s tall, a sharp dresser, great shape, and handsome to boot. She’s learned from their emails, conversations and the early dates that he’s smart, articulate, has a great job, and is a little bit old fashioned (in that he insists on paying and holds open doors). He’s considerate (he drove all the way across town to meet her, even though she offered to meet halfway). Plus he asked her how she prefers to proceed (what pace she’s comfortable with) in meeting someone new online. How sweet is that?!
    He’s a great conversationalist, they have lots in common (enjoy reading the same authors, neither want children, similar family experiences, similar religious views), and while he’ll have an occasional glass of wine, he’s not much of a drinker, doesn’t do drugs, and can count on one hand the number of times he’s been drunk in his life. (I’m a huge fan of sobriety, so that one I especially liked!) He hasn’t been forward at ALL on their dates, and in fact waited for her to give the green light for their first kiss. Of course, he turns out to be a great kisser, too. (And told her that she was as well.) Chemistry is a go!
    And he texted her the same night after their first date, to say how much he enjoyed meeting her and what a great time he had. Super sweet, if you ask me.
    He’s got lots of other things going for him as well, but my favorite part was hearing my girlfriend share how much she’s enjoying him already. She’s on cloud nine, not attached to an outcome, but still expecting good things to continue to unfold. It’s enough to put you in the mood for new love. Woo hoo for meeting fabulous new people that are even better than you believed existed!!

  • ben says:

    i would like to ty sooo much for thr vibes you send… ive met the most amazing woman ty

  • No, these are not necessarily my personal experiences, Diana. (The good boss one was, though.) But I figured whether we’re reading a real story or a fiction script – anything that gets us into the place of imagining it and feeling it is what activates the vibration within us.
    (Sort of the same way they tell you not to watch the news if you don’t want “doom and gloom” activated in your world – these posts are like the opposite. GOOD things you want activated. If hot dates and new love interests were considered good things, anyway. They might not be for everyone depending on where they’re at in life and what they want.)
    If you aren’t feeling a shift in how you feel when you read it – I suspect one of two things is happening. Either I didn’t get the words right to ring your bell, or it’s not time to have that bell rung.
    Know what I mean?
    You might want to process some divorce-inspired feelings in order to clean the vibrational slate and then call in new love. Either that or someone else needs to post their experience here so we can find a better ticket to your feeling it!

  • Diana says:

    I enjoy receiving your emails Jeannette,
    I’m just a bit confused on how to use this blog to activate a new love interest. Am I reading your great experience (if so, good for you 🙂 ). Or am I supposed to feeling a vibration of some kind.?
    Sorry, going through a divorce….I’m hopeless

  • Not a silly question, Maralyn! One I wondered myself for a while! lol I just use the acronym to save space and for ease in conversation.

  • maralyn says:

    All good and indeed wondrous, however, major SILLY QUESTION, PLEASE SOMEONE ANSWER.
    What on earth does LOA stand for?
    I have no idea. Wait! Just glanced at the Good Vibe Categories – does it mean Law of Attraction?
    I am a silly granny – now I know?

  • Danae Sinclair says:

    Oh wow. Great script – I found myself smiling and laughing all the way through.
    Yay for hot new romance!

  • Serena says:

    I’m reading this and looking over my laptop at this cute guy I happen to be married to. It’s great to remember those early days when things were new and I was thinking “I don’t know how it’ll turn out…” Well it turned out awesome 😉 and we still stay up way too late talking.
    I’m sending everyone else happy new love vibes! Or happy existing love vibes.

  • Leigha says:

    Jeannette…as you know in February of this year I met my hunk-o-burnin love 😉 and things are still getting better and better!! This post reminded me to stay in that feeling of newness…to not take it for granted…thank you!! 🙂 I really did strike gold!!! 🙂

  • Kim falconer says:

    Jeannette, that’s just the best post ever. It’s so good, I found myself in the middle thinking, ‘oh oh . . . she warned me not to read this.’
    Too late now 😛

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