Activate: New Money Story

Vibration Activation: Tell a New Money StoryIs it time for a new money story?

If the one you’ve been telling isn’t your favorite, let’s replace it.

I’ll share tidbits from mine and invite you to share highlights from yours so we can piece together our absolute favorite way to do money.

Remember how this works: change starts with a new story. And we have to be willing to tell that story before it’s “true.”

This is not for sissies.

Being able to speak it like you want it before it is takes some cojones.

But we can do it – because we’re conscious creators who know how to engage our reality-creating power.

So let’s focus into a new money reality.

(This post is an addition to our vibration activation series, where you can find a wide variety of scripts to activate a new vibe.)

Without further ado, here’s an excerpt from my money story:

My money is so cool, it likes to make itself! I hardly do anything and it just rolls right on in!

And it does it in abundance. In enjoyable, pleasant ways.

Sometimes it surprises me how it comes from places I didn’t even expect, while at the same time being so reliable. I love how much I can count on it … to keep showing up, finding excuse after excuse to be with me.

I do give it good excuses (I make stuff available for people to buy that I’m really proud of and that I think they’ll benefit tremendously from), so I am definitely a good partner to this money party that’s going on.

But I have a feeling that no matter what I do or don’t do – that money will still find a way to be with me. It’s so fun!! It’s like we were meant to be together!

I’m getting better and better at letting money be easy, fun and BIG. It’s like it’s set to “turbo” when it comes to play with me.

I know that one of the ways that money gets to be so light and free and easy with me is that I be light and free and easy with it. Which has meant that I learn how to be playful with it, and more joyful in general.

Because the more fun I have in life, the more fun money has with me.

And we do great things together – we’ve had such great times! I know where to send it for a good time, and it always comes back with great things for me.

I really do have a good thing going with money. And although it’s not the be-all end-all of life, it sure is fun to have around. I’ll welcome more money to my world any day.

Thank you, Money, for being so good to me!

Okay, it’s your turn to craft your favorite money story.

If you care to share it, we’d love to hear so we can upgrade our own money stories even more.

  • December 11, 2014
  • ash says:

    Thank you So much

  • Ask and it is given, Ash! I’ll put the word out now to see who can write that one for us …

  • ash says:

    Is there any vibration activation for “Perfect Married Life” or “Perfect life partner”?

  • That’s one of my favorite elements, Carol – how fun and money go hand in hand.
    Cristina, I love how you used the “sticky points” in the story to examine/shift beliefs that weren’t in alignment. I’ve never heard the “hesitate/investigate” quote from Bashar – love it!
    And clearly it’s serving you well. Thanks for sharing your inspiring story with us here!!
    You can leave us a long comment anytime!

  • Cristina says:

    I grew up in a very abusive home and had a lot of guilt, fear and shame conditioning around money because it was something that was used as a tool of control which carried through to my relationships as an adult. And, while I feel I’ve done a lot of healing around other aspects of my life, money has always been a sticking point. But, I really began to explore my belief systems around money a lot recently. I’ve been doing visualizations where I imagine how I would live or what I would do differently if money flowed more easily in my life, etc. and if I hit a spot where my vision doesn’t feel “believable”, I go deeper and explore those “sticking points” – like Bashar says, “wherever you hesitate, investigate”, what is affecting my ability to believe I can have that thing right now? Doing this, I discovered sooooo many deeply held FALSE beliefs that I had about money and my own self-worth and self-value. It was literally the biggest bunch of epiphanies! And after recognizing those false beliefs, I felt, for the first time, that I believed I could handle my own finances and money. Also, one of the HUGE parts of that – was that I forgave myself for my handling of money in the past and I completely understood for the first time why I made some of the decisions that I had (like letting an ex-boyfriend drain my bank account of a very hefty sum). And for the first time, I saw those experiences that I had felt bitter about as learning opportunities rather than “mistakes”. I gained such a deeper understanding of myself…
    I saw so clearly how much power I had given to my fear of money and how much I had let money control me. After coming to those understandings of my old beliefs, it was like “poof” – all of the fear I had around money just evaporated – literally – overnight! I didn’t even have to “try” – things just changed on there own. Since then (and this is just in the past 2 months), I’ve negotiated a higher rate for the freelance work that I do and walked away from potential clients that aren’t willing to pay my rate – and my work has nearly doubled! I am landing more and more good clients who are willing to pay my rate without even flinching and with whom I feel really appreciated and valued for the work I do for them. In the past, I’ve always felt hindered by the fact that I ask a high rate for my work – higher than many of my colleagues. I thought for sure I was shooting myself in the foot by asking so much – but now I know and feel and believe that I deserve my rate because I pour my heart and soul into what I do – and there doesn’t seem to be a shortage of people willing to pay it. It has really been one of the most miraculous turn-arounds I’ve seen in my own life – and that I have done on my own…
    I’ve become an avid journal-keeper now. I write my own stories about my life and wherever I hestitate, I investigate. If something “un-wanted” appears in my life, I ask myself “what belief system am I holding that has attracted this?”
    Bashar talks about “processes” in life – that they help bring us to the “threshold of believability” – ask yourself “what would I have to believe is true to experience this reality”, “how far off in time could you imagine yourself living up to your ideal life” – then, investigate, investigate, investigate… It started off with changing my story about money and now I am using it in every aspect of my life and I see the changes every day…
    ok, that’s a really, really long comment!

  • Carol says:

    Quilly, love that!
    Easy peasy. Who knew sweet money could come in so many ways, while I’m off thoroughly enjoying myself elsewhere. The more fun I’m having, the more it shows up, bringing other great things with it…smiles, compliments, delicious connections. Lovin’ seeing how good it can get! Hey Universe, wanna play ‘Sugar Daddy?’

  • Nicole and Quilly, you two are making me smile!
    Thanks for sharing your fab vibe with us. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Quilly says:

    My Money (rhymes with Honey!) likes to circulate … When I send him out into the world to mingle, he brings home lots of friends!
    Think I’m gonna take him Christmas shopping today … ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Nicole says:

    “I am really excited to see how the next large pile of money pushes its way to me in ways I could least expect. And have tons of fun acquiring.”

  • Nice rearrangement, Marilyn. I love how we inspire each other to our best stories!!
    (Thanks again to Chris for posting, too.)

  • marilyn says:

    Borrowing some from Chris, but re-arranging a bit.
    I’m really good at aligning myself with this non-resistant, effortless, light, breezy, easy, flowing vibration. I luv it!

  • Kori, I think that’s a good plan – focusing on the end result instead of money as the middle man.
    The exceptions would be for those who truly find the joy in making the money itself, rather than what they’re going to do with it. For most, though, I think money is just a means.
    Thanks for chiming in here, Kori! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I know what Chris is talking about and I used to do it similarly when I first started trying to journal/script/whatever. Whenever I do my journaling or visualization on money, I generally find that focusing on whatever fun thing(s) I’d want to do with that money in the moment gets my juices flowing and my vibes up better than focusing on the specific amount of money itself. One, I like to leave it up to the Universe to give me even more than what I’d ask for. And two, because then that voice in my head has me asking questions that bring the good times to an end, ups the anxiety, and has me go into actioning mode to try to figure out the how.
    And I LURVE this script. It feels so light and joyful…I actually want to copy it down word for word.

  • Ooh, Karen, I like that metaphor of the money/stone rolling down the hill! Easy, inevitable, and gaining speed. Nice one!
    And Rachel, I’m glad something hit home for you. We all know that emotion is the first manifestation!

  • Rachel says:

    I think I just found my soul mate! I LOVE THIS PART:
    “But I have a feeling that no matter what I do or donโ€™t do โ€“ that money will still find a way to be with me. Itโ€™s so fun!! Itโ€™s like we were meant to be together!”
    That just feels so right! Thanks for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Karen says:

    Oh, boo! Typo!

  • Karen says:

    I tend to think the marketing things don’t apply to me since I’m “not a business and marketing tdpe.” But I do see the wisdom of leaving myself open to any avenue the Universe provides. Heck, my Team knows me well enough to know exactly what will work for me. I am willing to let them have at it. My future is secure, and in capable hands.
    I can see, looking back on my life, how money started as a stone at the top of the hill and has been rolling downhill, picking up both speed and volume along the way. Heck, I’m here at the bottom of the hill waiting for the avalanche. The “details” for me are now about working out all the time and money I have on hand.
    Greater things are on the horizon! That isn’t even an affirmation, it’s an inevitability I am acutely aware of.

  • Such a good point, Chris! I’m glad you brought that up.
    I think it’s helpful for us to find the level of specificity that serves us best.
    My original version of this did have more specifics, but I wanted to publish something that others might feel a fit for, too. (So they didn’t dismiss it as, “Oh, that doesn’t apply to me.”)
    But then when I re-read my more general version, I have to say I sort of liked the room I was giving Universe & money to play with. Know what I mean?
    Having said that, you really nailed it on “being” the person who already has this. When it comes to that, I find specifics are ESSENTIAL to help me plug in to it properly.
    I wonder if that’s true for most, or if it’s different for all of us?
    Such a good point you’re posing here – I’d love to hear more thoughts on this one. Thanks for this, Chris!

  • Hey Jeanette,
    I like this!
    “No matter what I do or donโ€™t do โ€“ that money will still find a way to be with me. Itโ€™s so fun!! Itโ€™s like we were meant to be together!”
    I really like the feeling of ease that inevitability brings, rather than a more forceable, “I work hard and get the money I deserve” or something like that. I’m really getting good at tapping into the non-resistant vibrations of effortless, and this script is chocked full of light, easy, flowing sentences.
    I notice, however, that your script is not very specific. You say, “I give it lots of excuses to be with me,” but not what those excuses are. Is it because, if you get more specific, you find resistance with that? For me, since I listened to your awesome webinar on vibrational marketing, I’ve been experimenting with scripting more specifically. Like, what would it be like to have a passive income of X amount of money? What does it feel like to start from there and feel forward?
    The reason I ask is that I find it helps, while training my brain into feeling this way more consistently, to spend a good amount of time on the feeling place of having already accomplished my desire. Yet, if I stay too general, I sometimes have trouble writing enough about it. Specifics fill in the details and allow me to focus longer on that feeling space, but isn’t the universe supposed to fill in the details? So, in that case, with scripting specifically, what do I focus on (and thus write about)?

  • giggling at “besties” – love that, Ming!!

  • Ming says:

    I am always down for money love Jeannette.
    โ€‹Money is being saved and made in every way. I don’t even know the endless possibilities that can come my way. I am open to all resources. The right people will come my way. With all that I have. All bills are paid so easily . Life is carefree. I have money to give, money to share. Money flows back and forth to me as easy as the air I breathe. Money you are still my bestie.

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