Activate: Perfect New Home

Manifest the Perfect New HomeAs part of our vibration activation series, this post is designed to help manifest your perfect new home.
Use it when you want to align with finding and acquiring a fabulous new residence.
We know this works because whenever we find a way to feel what we want like it’s already here, it cues Universe to make it happen.
One read through should be good for a 17 second vibe activation, and that’s all it takes to make a shift. All you have to do after that is honor inspiration (that is, do what feels good).
Share your favorite stories about manifesting new homes in the comments to give this vibration extra momentum!
Enjoy the vibration of your perfect new home:

As soon as I walked in, I knew this one was different. It felt like mine. My name may as well have been painted over the front door – that’s how MINE this house is!
It’s like I felt a “click” as soon as crossed the threshold. I am home!!
It just feels so RIGHT. It feels so ME. Clearly, we’re a fit!
So many of the things I wanted are in this house! Universe must have been taking good notes when I was conjuring up my dream home.  😉
But there are even more things I love that I didn’t realize I wanted!! This house is beyond perfect!!
It feels so meant to be. It’s really sinking in: this is my home. THIS is what I’ve been waiting for.
I’m officially claiming it: I am home sweet home! This is the headquarters from which I will build the next chapters in my happy life. This is where I will laugh and love, dine and recline, dream and relax, build and prosper. I’ve found my home!
And I’m getting all the right signals from the person helping put this deal together – she’s confident we can make a great deal here and from the few details I’ve picked up, I can understand why. Heaven knows those guys know how to make it happen, so I know all I have to do is follow their lead and let this purchase come together effortlessly and smoothly. After all, this is where I belong!
I trust the powers that be that this adventure will continue to unfold nicely and will usher me into this fabulous new environment. I’ll be laying my head down under this roof in no time.
Thank you, Universe, for delivering me such a beautiful place to call home! I LOVE it!

If you’ve got a home sweet home story of your own, please share it with us in the comments. Thank you!

  • September 22, 2012
  • Berta says:

    Thank you Jacqueline & Carolyn,
    I want to know what your details are so I can hold them in my vibration. I believe it’s what Jeanette terms “Out Sorcering” and its amazing how a few people holding your dreams can amp up the Universal Vibe and speed along your manifestation.
    Details, Ladies. Please let me in on your details.

  • Carolyn says:

    Wow!! You really hit it out of the park! Thank you thank you thank you!
    Will definitely fill in the blanks and have fun with this!
    Thanks so very much!

  • Anonymous says:

    Wow!! You really hit it out of the park! Thank you thank you thank you!
    Will definitely fill in the blanks and have fun with this!
    Thanks so very much!

  • Berta, you angel!
    This is a perfect jumping-off point for me!
    Totally going to write my own version and wallow in the unfolding!
    Thanks so very much.
    the goddess known as Jacqui

  • Berta says:

    @ Carolyn: Here is an attempt at a 17 second vibe to activate the financing of your dream home.
    I can feel myself driving up my driveway as I walk onto my lot. I park in front of my _______________________ house. I’m so glad I choose to paint/stain the siding ____________ and I love how the ______ colored trim sets off the _________ windows and ______ doors and __________ dormers.
    I love twirling around with my arms spread wide open, feeling the joy of having my beautiful dream home in front of me, welcoming me home with the comfy ___________(deck/porch/6′ soaking bathtub) for me to relax and dream of what great events the rest of the day will bring.
    I love to walk around the lot, right where my dream house sits, and pretend I’m walking through the entry door, drop off my purse before I walk into my kitchen and drop off the ____________ I bought for dinner. I stand here for a minute and admire my perfect kitchen, how well I designed the cabinets, the work-space flow, the way it feels to have friends over for coffee.
    As I walk around the lot, I can see each room in their perfect splendor. I stop and look out at the views I have from each window. I feel the _____________ floor under my bare feet. I sit down on the spot that the deck will go, and I remember how the financing seemed to just fall into place. I still don’t know exactly how it works, and it certainly feels like magic the way it did. I remember coming out onto my lot often and feeling this house, all its colors, textures, details and its welcoming warmth. And like a Rubik’s cube, the first financing option appeared, then the second and then the third. As soon as I completed the first hurdle, the second hurdle appeared. And I’ve always loved running the hurdles, the ease of the leap, then stretch, then landing over the hurdle and sprinting onto the next one; because the finish line is only 100 yards from the beginning. My financing for my house was just like the 100 yard hurdles, once out of the gates there are only four fun and easy hurdles and one little sprint to the finish line. I remember the joy of signing the papers, the confidence the loan officer had in me, and how fun the whole process was to build this-my dream home.
    OK, Carolyn, you need to fill in the blanks with colors, materials (i.e. Italian tile, cedar stained siding, French doors, expansive windows, Maple hardwood floors), and if you don’t like to run or hurdles, change that out for something that is a fun and easy challenge that you do love and are successful at. (Hiking, skiing, swimming, swinging on the backyard hammock)And of course, you’ve got to change what needs to be molded into you dream, and add, add, add your details.
    Thank you, because of your request, I am seeing my buyers doing this as they walk around our property and see their dream home.

    • Berta, this is fabulous! Can I make it a separate post so it’s easier for others to find? Let me know what kind of credit (bio, link, etc.) I can include on it – and THANK YOU!!!!!!

  • Carolyn says:

    I am loving the post and all the comments above. For me I am looking to find enough money to build my dream house. I have the perfect land/plot and want to build my dream house on it and hopefully move in next year. Anyone with a 17 second vibe activation for this? I will be really grateful.
    Thanks in advance.

  • Berta says:

    @ Jacqueline: I too have property to sell, and I’ve been thinking about a seventeen second vibe lifter for sellers, like me. So . . .
    I just talked to the neighbor and they said someone spent half an hour wandering around the property. They went to get something to eat and then came back and spent another couple hours having lunch and wandering about.
    The Realtor just called and said a couple called about our listing, said they are super excited about the south exposure and Lake Superior view, said they really are stoked that it is off the grid. They are way into a passive solar system for electric and heating.
    Hey Honey, the Realtor just called and wants to know if we can meet him this afternoon. He just received an offer that he thinks we’ll love. I said we’d could be in his office in an hour.
    Wow, this is a great offer. They sound like they’d be perfect neighbors in the neighborhood. I’m so glad you think we should accept this offer as is.
    Lets bring coffee and donuts to the closing. It will be fun to meet this couple. They sound just like us when we first married.
    I don’t remember having so much fun at a closing. I can’t believe they invited us over for a wine and cheese this evening to celebrate their new property. I love they are interested in some of our ideas about where the house should go. But honestly, I think they have excellent ideas. It’s good to know that our property went to such a good home.
    I don’t know if that is 17 seconds or not, but it’s got my vibe up. Hope it helps you Jacqueline.

  • Serena says:

    I’m SURE you’ll find your perfect house soon, Danae! I’m not house-searching right now, but I KNOW that when I feel like it’s time to move, using these techniques I WILL find the perfect home for me too!

  • Danae Sinclair says:

    Hey there Beautiful people, I’m working on manifesting the $$ for the ideal house to raise my daughters in… ten years after divorce my children and I have been moving from one rented house to another. (We managed to find a nice place last year and the landlord has renewed the lease for a second year – phew!)
    I can see us in a place with high ceilings and plenty of big windows letting in light, gorgeous hardwood floors and good electrics, roof & plumbing (and a solar power system to keep the bills low). At least two bathrooms (6 girls!). A garden for a cubby house/tree house and room for a dog at long last. It’s within walking distance of school and shops in a quiet, safe street.
    Imagining us all sitting down to dinner in this big, light-filled happy home makes me feel SO good.

  • Evan Griffith says:

    Jeannette —
    We’re living in our manifested home too! As I was reading your Activation above you took me back to that feeling we had when we first saw it. Literally felt transported to that day I first walked inside . . .
    A few years back we decided to sell our big home and buy a smaller one that we could own outright. It was tough after becoming accustomed to the superlative amenities in that big, modern home. At one point we drew up a list with two columns — the things we had to have in one; the things we really wanted in column two.
    After months of looking column two logically should have been tossed, since none of those things were in our price range. (For example, a 40-ft. pool for swimming laps is rare enough even in high price ranges, in ours . . . our realtor just had a good belly laugh when I mentioned it.)
    We live in that house today — the house that maxed out column one and column two.
    Here’s the really interesting thing. My wife Ann had her eye on a house in our favorite neighborhood — I wouldn’t even look at it because it was $200,000 beyond our limit. (And I say I believe in these things. Ironic, isn’t it?) Well, the price suddenly dropped $200,000 in one day — while my wife was looking at it online . . .
    I was away on a trip and all we had to go on was on overhead view from Google Maps. But my god the property was gorgeous — we love trees and this was ringed by forest. And from the aerial view it looked heavenly, it even had the type of roof and driveway we wanted. And what looked like a rare sighting of that nearly extinct pool subspecies . . . a 40-ft. rectangular pool.
    We agreed immediately we didn’t care what it looked like inside — and Ann called up and put an offer on it. She got in first for what turned out to be a list of 29 offers.
    So when I read your post above, Jeannette, I tripped back to the first time I walked into our now home — we already had an offer on it and it was the first time we were seeing it — and all those delicious feelings you described so well above came flooding through us!
    It’s been two and a half years and I still can’t believe how magnificently it all turned out —
    PS: A second interesting thing. Prior to buying this home, several other properites had fallen through. They hadn’t worked out for various and surprising reasons. This was the ONLY home that fulfilled columns one and two of our list — and coincidentally, it was the only home we made a vision board out of. We printed out photos. I handed it out to friends. We put it up on our refrigerator. I had it in my planner. On the wall above my home office computer . . . . Jeannette, everything you speak about so thoroughly on your site here works!

  • Love this … but really need to focus on the OTHER side of the deal.
    I want to sell my house so that I can be free to roam round the continent … living in whatever city I choose for a year or two so that I can fully experience all the different climes and cultures of this amazing country.
    How about a vibe lifter/alignment for the perfect BUYER??

  • And THEN after 16 years of loving that beautiful home on Sterling Drive, my boyfriend at the time said “hey, I understand you don’t want to be married again, but if you don’t have any intentions of at least living together, you should cut me loose now.”
    Well, I didn’t want to do THAT. So I thought I’d house shop with him and trust guidance to tell me whether it was a yay or a nay.
    Turns out it was a yay. Much as I loved my house, I could appreciate the idea of living with Russ and he surely didn’t want to live in my teeny weeny little paid off home. It was such a beautiful home, though. I thought he was nuts. But, we started house shopping.
    We drove by a bunch of homes neither one of us got too excited about.
    But one day we drove by one that we decided we should look at.
    On the day his real estate brother took us to see it, from the outside I wasn’t too impressed. I mean it was fine, but … nothing to write home about.
    But as soon as we crossed the threshold, I am telling you, I felt that same click all over again.
    My mouth literally dropped. Once again, I knew I was home.
    I hadn’t taken three steps through the door before I said, “I’ll take it.” lol
    My boyfriend said, “Not so fast,” but I could tell he liked it, too. He walked through the rest of the house, and it really just got better and better.
    Then we saw the backyard. Oh. My. GOD!!!!! Oh my GOD!!! It was … stunning. SO perfect!!!
    It was amazing.
    And because he’d said “not so fast” I made him look at homes for three more months before we finally put an offer on this one. lol By then we had to pay full price because there were other people interested in putting in offers, but it was very worth it. Such a beautiful home.

  • This has actually happened to me TWICE. It was so cool both times!
    The first time I was single and living in a third floor apartment with two cats (that I wasn’t supposed to have), and I really really really wanted a place where I wasn’t trying to hide cats from management, and could maybe have dogs, too! And no neighbors on the other side of the wall.
    So I was coming from a little bit of contrast. 😉
    I wasn’t sure whether I could get a mortgage loan, but I talked to my local credit union and they pre-approved me for enough that it was feasible to start looking for something modest.
    I got in touch with a local realtor who it happened specialized in the area I was looking (close to downtown where I worked, and also in the neighborhood or where I grew up). She gave me some addresses to start looking at.
    I drove by a few, but nothing at all that I was interested in looking at.
    Until she gave me an address on Sterling Drive. I was going to drive by it on a lunch break, and a co-worker came along with me just for fun.
    As soon as we pulled up to the house, I felt some sort of magic. Which my co-worker clearly didn’t feel. lol She was astonished when I parked to look at it, she thought it was such an unappealing house.
    It had been a rental, and it showed.
    But I was DRAWN to this house like nothing I’d ever experienced! It was so darn CUTE!!!!
    I went in and it was even more magic after I walked through the door. I literally felt like I was home.
    But this place was HAMMERED. Hammered!! My co-worker thought I was NUTS to be looking at it, let alone smiling about it, but that’s exactly what I was doing – SMILING. I LOVED this house instantly!
    And it made no sense – truly, it needed some work. Carpets pulled out, walls painted, linoleum replaced, the doorbell didn’t work, the driveway was cracked, the lawn was in horrible shape.
    And I was in LOVE.
    It didn’t make any sense, but I knew that was my home. And I bought it! It was a fair deal, not a steal of a deal, but a fair one. At an amount I qualified for.
    When my boyfriend got wind that I was seriously home shopping without him, he proposed, we bought the house together (which was harder to have him on the mortgage, because his credit was shot from a recent divorce). But he fixed that place up, I’ll tell you. Tore out the carpet to reveal GORGEOUS hardwood underneath. GORGEOUS!! Replaced the bathroom linoleum with Italian tile. Put in new fixtures. We painted everything. He put down new cement in the driveway. I did yardwork forever. The doorbell didn’t work for the next two decades, but the place was so small you could hear someone knock without any problem.
    I lived in that beautiful place for 16 years and loved it SO much! I STILL do, as a matter of fact!

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