Activate: Thriving Business

manifest a thriving businessAs part of our vibration activation series, this post is designed to help creators dial in on the vibration of thriving business.

Use it when you’re ready to see your business take off in all the best ways.

We know this works because whenever we find a way to feel what we want like it’s already here, it cues Universe to make it happen.

One read through should be good for a 17 second vibe activation, and that’s all it takes to make a shift. All you have to do after that is honor inspiration (that is, do what feels good).

Enjoy the vibration of a thriving business:

This has been my dream for a while now, to see this business thrive. To launch it, nurture it, and grow it in a way that impresses even me, its creator.

Through a variety of contrast over time (my own and what I’ve witnessed with others), I’ve contributed energetically to the success of this enterprise. I know what I want this to become, and I know that it’s possible, simply because I dare to hold the dream of it.

I also know I’m closer than ever to allowing it to materialize.

My time has come. My business’ time has come!

We are well positioned for things to unfold even better than I dreamed.

I know because already I see some things working out really well. Even when it’s just an inspired idea within me, I know that means I’m aligned. That I’m on track. That I’m hearing guidance and that that’s what makes all the difference. To hear the guidance and to honor it.

And I don’t let contrary evidence deter me. I know better. I know where this is going.  We’re going big, baby!!

I remember why I wanted this business all along. There are so many desires contributing to its success! To do what I love, to support my customers in a way that makes a real difference, to create a lifestyle for myself (and my family) that serves us, to feel the pride of growing something from an idea into a thriving enterprise!

This is what I choose to invest my creative energy in, and I know how the system works. I focus on what I want, then listen for inspiration, only doing what feels good. It’s a simple formula that serves well.

I remind myself it doesn’t have to be a long hard struggle and that I’m not a victim of statistics. Because the deck is stacked in my favor when I remember to align the energy.

It’s easy for me to visit with my big dreams for this business; knowing it’s just a matter of time. And not much time, because it’s 2012 after all and love is on my side. Everything that I want, wants me. It would be harder to stop this from happening than it is to just let it manifest into physical reality.

This is my business, and I invest my best love in it. With this much love and positive expectation going into it, I know what the return on investment will be. It’s turning out to be beautiful!

I was made for this and more than ever, I am ready to allow my thriving business to manifest in perfect way, in perfect timing. I am a Master Creator growing a thriving business I am proud of and passionate about. Watch out world – here we come!


* * * * * * * *

Adding some of my own personal experiences that helped me feel “thriving business”:

I’m starting to feel like I know what I’m doing! I’ve gotten the hang of this not going to a job every day, and am really thinking this could be a good gig!

I’ve got some key things in place that make up the foundation of what I’m doing with this business, and beginning to feel rather like a real live entrepreneur. And a successful one, at that! I know what I’m doing!

Thing are already happening. They’re starting to come together. I see how this will work. (And even when I don’t see it, I know how to trust that it will.) I’m beginning to believe!

It’s easy to expect success when I see how many things have already gone right for me. I can look back and see so many reasons to believe that more good things will unfold.

I’m not in any big hurry – I’m truly enjoying the journey. Some of these things I’m experiencing now will be my favorite stories to tell later on! I know that one day I’ll look back on where I was now and see that this was the best part. Because I believe it’s ALL the best part!

I love that I dared to do this. I’m so proud of myself for investing in my passion! And it’s paying off. I get to do what I love, and I get to call my own shots!

And I’ve got a great support team to help with whatever comes up. It feels like divine energy is part of this, helping it to grow in an even bigger way than I dreamed of myself.

I am an entrepreneur growing a beautiful thriving rewarding business. woo hoo!!

Listen to this script here if you prefer.

  • August 13, 2012
  • Just had a fabulous experience with a thriving new business:
    At Michele Woodward’s Revenue Rocks event in Washington D.C., we took a lunch break on Friday to head around the corner to District Taco. (
    Her daughter knew the guys who started it originally as a taco stand truck thingy. Started small – growing bigger – this was their second official restaurant, from what I gathered.
    Michele told us it was good food and reasonably priced, so several of us headed over.
    We walked a couple blocks to find a line. A LONG line.
    Like curving through the store, out the door, and down the block kind of line.
    I’m not a fan of lines, especially when it’s a timed lunch, and I’m the next speaker starting after the break! But we were told it was worth it, so we stayed.
    While I was taking it all in, I felt what a dream come true this was for a business owner. People happily standing in a ridiculously long line just to get a taste of what you’re offering.
    And the employees were moving this line pretty quickly. I could tell they were having fun in the process.
    One employee came from the back of the shop and pulled a handful of us out of line to take our orders at another register. And she was super friendly. The kind of friendly where you’re thrilled to be interacting with her.
    Michele wasn’t kidding about the “reasonable,” part either. This was a very affordable meal.
    The guys making our lunch were laughing and having fun, and they were a WELL OILED MACHINE!! They had a system down and were putting together customer orders like you wouldn’t believe!
    I asked what the back of their t-shirts said, and Dixie said it translates to “Right on!”
    And then let me tell you, when we actually ate that lunch – oh my WORD was it GOOD!!!! It was so good I insisted on going back again the next day! It was SOOOOOO GOOOD!!!
    That was my recent experience of a thriving business. I’ll never forget the ridiculously long line snaking through the restaurant, out the door and down the block. People patiently, happily standing in line knowing they were about to have their best meal of the day. What a treat!!

  • Glad you enjoyed it, Sue! Thanks for saying so. 🙂
    Lee, sorry that I didn’t explain that … “contrast” is referring to all the things that didn’t work or that I didn’t like from the past. Every time I run into something like that (something I DON’T want), it helps me know better what I DO want. For that reason, it’s helpful in that helps me be more clear about what I desire, and since desire is where it all starts – that contrast is an important part of the equation. It’s a way of finding a “softer” or “lighter” feeling about all the crappy stuff that’s happened in the past.
    Did I explain that well, or should I ask others to weigh in to elaborate?
    Thanks for asking the question, Lee! I’m sure you’re not the only one wondering about that!

  • Lee says:

    I don’t understand the part about contrast- what does this mean??

  • Sue says:

    I just had the best day ever, scouting out new possibilities for my business, enjoying the journey and the company of my husband! Then I come home click on Jeanette’s blog and see this fabulous post!
    Also how perfect that it was posted DAYS ago, but I didn’t see it till today, of course!
    You aced it Jeanette, just what I wanted and needed……….
    It feels like I wrote it myself, but I couldn’t see through the muck I’ve unintentionally created
    Thank you so very much
    Much love and appreciation!

  • Lauren says:

    Thank you for posting this Jeannette! It’s exactly what I was looking for. 🙂

  • Wow – I’m so glad I’m getting these right! I wasn’t sure when I posted it whether it would do the trick or not. (Is it generic enough to work for many? Not specific enough to ring any bells?)
    That’ll teach me to doubt myself!
    Thanks for the great feedback, everyone! And for the requests. We’ll continue posting in this series! 🙂

  • Ming says:

    What a wonderful way to start my day today, reading this! It actually moved me to tears because, yes, yes, yes, its how I feel.
    This so much resonated with me. What a wonderful time we live where we get to create what we love. Seeing our own businesses thrive and even better, make a change on our planet. I am so thrilled with how our little biz has been growing.
    Thank you for sharing this Jeannette!!

  • Eva says:

    Great post, Jeannette, so timely. I keep reminding myself that a happy “me” vibrates positively out into the universe and changes the universe in ways I may not even be aware of. That’s what makes it so worth the effort to get past the pointless fear and keep moving forward with the dream!

  • Mariëlle says:

    This resonates like crazy with me Jeannette, goosebumps all over, I love every part of it and will come back to read often, thank you!

  • Yea! This was the one I was wanting to have posted the most!
    I had an aha moment recently – I realized that me being successful helps the world. My business is helping business owners make their business more successful and profitable by getting them more customers/clients through an awesome web/marketing presence. And when they are more successful they, in turn, are helping the world more. By employing (more) people, spending more with other businesses and thus they are helping other businesses become more successful through their patronage. By more people having these jobs at fantastic companies then they obviously are doing/feeling better and will in turn spend more. Also when everyone is more successful they are able to just relax and spend more – or participate in life more fully – such as being a supporter of a variety of artistic endeavors. So now a variety of artists’ careers and passions are being supported and they in turn are spending more and helping other businesses.
    So really I am doing the world a great disservice by NOT being successful. And since I do want to help, then gosh darnit – I’m just going to have to do my part by being successful in my business. 🙂

  • Evan Griffith says:

    Jeannette —
    This is the second time this week you’ve awed me with how entrained we all are! Today, for hours upon hours, I’ve been feeling nothing short of awe for my day job (I own an art gallery). And I haven’t been feeling that for some time. In fact I’ve been ASKING to emigrate permanently to a higher frequency neighborhood . . .
    Suddenly I burst into the sunshine and hours later I click here . . . and it feels like a continuation of the thoughts threading through my mind today. I’m feeling as if I should check in with you on what you’re posting in the near future to find out what I’ll be thinking!
    Thank you for broadcasting on my (oh so recent) wavelength!

  • I love this line:
    I am an entrepreneur growing a beautiful thriving rewarding business.
    My mantra is I am living a wonderful, beautiful, abundant, creative life. I am going to print out this post and read it often and have my husband read it. We’re each building our own businesses – me as a writer, he’s working on coaching certification – while still working day jobs. Some affirmations that keep me going –
    It’s a marathon, not a sprint.
    A bad day of writing is better than a good day at work (the day job)
    My readers are out there waiting for me.
    I am also enjoying the journey. Thanks, Jeanette.

  • >