The Affirmations of Life

I was reflecting the other day on how well some of my favorite affirmations have served me …

From the time I was new in the coaching business affirming that “I am a brilliant coach in high demand,” to the one for amplifying financial abundance (“Holy sh*t, I make a lot of money!”) to the one I use lately that “I am the best there is and I get better at it every day.”

(Yes, that latest one feels audacious, but so did the brilliant coach in high demand version at first. It’s that willingness to claim it (and feel it) regularly that makes it so.)

I thought it was smart of me to pick such bold statements to build my life on. They have served me well, and continue to do so!

But the truth is those aren’t the only affirmations of my life.

Because those aren’t the only thoughts that get regular air time with me.

In the past I was known to overuse a couple of other affirmations that went something like:

  • “What a jerk!” (predominantly in my love life)
  • “This isn’t right.” (featuring in hired help)
  • “Uh oh.” (that one got spread everywhere)

as well as the one that continues to plague me: “f*$%ing cats.”

(I’m so well known for that one that my friend said it for me last night when I held up the broken baby succulent that Merlin had just clobbered.)

I used to inadvertently employ “What’s wrong with people?!” on a regular basis (inspired by time volunteering in animal rescue) until I realized I was manifesting some seriously messed up situations with that one.

I used to say, “It figures” regularly until I realized how that vibrational instruction was manifesting.

Now I’m more likely to say something along the lines of “Even better!” and lots and lots of “thank you”s.

If you think about the people you’re close to, you probably know their favorite affirmations, too … phrases they’re known for or sentiments that if you repeated everyone would know who you were quoting.

How about your own most-engaged affirmations?

I mean, most of us conscious creators have at least a few well-chosen, carefully worded statements designed to acclimate us to a desired outcome …

But what about the thoughts that run unchecked that might not be as helpful?

It’s the day-in day-out thoughts that form the basis for the lives we create.

One I Am statement repeated once a day can’t override hundreds of counter-thoughts throughout the day, no matter how powerful it is.

It’s worth making sure your most common thoughts aren’t holding up your manifesting party, because I suspect I’m not the only one who has a combination of well-crafted affirmations along with knee-jerk thoughts that contradict my instruction for the good life.

This is your invitation to get clear on what your top affirmations really are and replace anything that deserves an upgrade.

(Wish me luck with the cats!)

In the meantime, I’d love to hear what you discover about your own day-in day-out affirmations in the comments …

  • August 10, 2018
  • Rakesh says:

    True that, a few conscious statements aren’t likely to offset the continuous stream of ‘sucky’ thoughts, if we allow these thoughts to dominate. The trick then is to be constantly aware of what’s brewing in your head – even ‘rewind and replay’ if necessary to catch those gremlins firmly, shake ’em and toss ’em out for good.

    Constant vigilance is the price for growth!

    • Sejual Shah says:

      That sounds like a whole lot of control that you’d have to exert to be so vigilant. I’m not sure I know anyone that gifted. And what if those ‘sucky thoughts’ were helpful at one point to us? Is there a kinder and easier way possible to shift one’s thinking?

      One of my favourite tools is Emotional Freedom Techniques (aka tapping) for changing the balance from challenging beliefs that I find are now holding me back. Think of it like weeding some ground before planting new seeds of positive thoughts. Much easier than having to be on constant patrol.

  • Sejual Shah says:

    Recently I’ve been enjoying feeling the vibe of what I’m generating and having it be easy. It helps me ease back from over-thinking what I see around and so I then don’t have to tangle with too many opinions and judgements. I just get to ride the emotional wave of what I’m allowing like a surfer. It’s a fun selfish/self-indulgent approach. The affirmation I’m using at present is ‘I’m feeling into my good/expansion’. Combined with Reiki or spending time with my beloved and wow, it’s hedonistic and easy 🙂

  • Tam says:

    Hi, Jeannette! This is a very useful reminder for me to be more thoughtful about my thoughts. I would love guidance on how to frame an affirmation for my upcoming milestone (50th) birthday. I’ve been having a quite a time embracing it.

    • Jeannette says:

      It’s making me think of Abraham’s advice not to put focus on how old we’re getting … unless of course we can think about it in an empowering and positive way.

      But here’s my method for creating any affirmation: imagine myself in the happiest outcome I can conjure mentally. Once I click in to that experience, then I listen for what I’d be saying about it. Whatever those words are, that’s my affirmation.

      So if I imagined myself LOVING my 50th year, and super happy to have arrived here, and feeling like life has never been this good before – it’s seriously better than ever – I feel fabulous in my body and have the best relationships and feel excited about the next phase of life – when I click in to that version of reality, I listen for what words I use then. Yours will be different than mine, but that’s what makes it so good – it’s in your own words. 🙂

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