All the Talk about 2012

mayan calendar - what will 2012 bring?If you’re tired of all the talk about 2012, this is not your post.

This is for deliberate creators like me who are excited about what 2012 will be!

Here’s what some are saying about 2012:

Bashar calls 2012 a threshold crossing, not the “end”:

The threshold of 2012 is simply the leading edge of the collective consciousness crossing critical mass threshhold.  The idea being that on the other side of that particular moment in time there will be more positive momentum on the planet than negative.

The way you experience this transition is up to you. There are an infinite number of parallel realities all going on simultaneously.  It’s not that you’ll change the world you’re in, but that you change your frequency to be like that of the world you prefer to experience, and then experience that parallel earth that already exists on that level.  It may look as if everything around you has changed, but in fact, it’s you that has changed.

Those that are not on that frequency will no longer appear in your reality.  They will simply vanish from your life one way or another.  As time goes on even though right now you are still in a collective agreement that allows you to experience many people who have belief systems that are very different than your own, in time this will no longer be possible.  Those people will remain in the reality in which their frequency is appropriate.
‘I wonder what ever happened to so and so’ … they’re on another earth having their own experience based on the frequency they most believed would occur.

You decide how you want to experience this reality. And that’s what determines what you will experience.  You can even, for a time, be standing right next to someone who chooses to experience the transformation in a scary, destructive, fearful way, standing right next to them and not experience anything that they’re experiencing at all.

Bashar says here that 12/21/2012 is a demarcation of the collective consciousness changing (a tipping of the scale) and with that our “quarantine” is over.  After this date we are open to contact from other civilizations.  (!!)

Why am I quoting Bashar instead of Abe on this topic?

Because Abraham’s words are kind of boring.  I’m sure they were just intended to reassure, but the idea that nothing different is happening is too dull to embrace.  (No offense to any fellow creators who choose to live a normal, average kind of year.)

Abe says 2012 is simply the year after 2011, and the year before 2013, and that’s as significant as it is.  They say we dwell in these false endings to motivate ourselves.

Okay, moving on …

Lee Carroll who channels Kryon says this about 2012: “Shift? Yes.  Doom?  No.” Lee says, in fact, we’re already experiencing the shift as a gradual change in human consciousness.  (Easy to believe.)

Gregg Braden interprets the writings about 2012 and the history of previous generations who lived through similar cycles to conclude that we are indeed living in the end of a mysterious cycle of time that we can best navigate by learning from our ancestors, abandoning competition and transcending the challenges to become better people in a better world.

“This is no ordinary time … and this can be no ordinary experience,” Gregg says.  A brand new sixth world age is upon us – what that means isn’t as clear.

I couldn’t find anything from Deepak Chopra on this subject, although I am interested in his thoughts.

As for me – I believe 2012 will be what we think.

(Which is probably why I quoted Bashar so extensively.)

If you’re wondering what 2012 will bring, I think the answer is whatever you think.

What are you thinking/cooking up for 2012? I believe each of us gets to choose what this year will be.

Focus on what you prefer.

More than anything, I loved these words from numerologist and quantum energy artist Keith Allen Kay today about 2012:

This is a magically transformative year. The numbers five and three have a principle influence on the energy for this year, which creates an unparalleled opportunity for adventure, freedom and creativity.

This is not the year to shrink back, play it safe or fade into the background.

This is the season for spontaneous adventures, biting off more than you can chew, being unashamed, embracing the unknown, casting off restraint, breaking old patterns, being a bit naughty, laughing until it hurts, eating new foods, taking exotic trips, loving with abandon, going a little too far, speaking from your heart, making ridiculous money doing what you passionately love, waking up in wonder, going to bed exhausted, making new friends, letting go of old relationships, discovering new beauty in those you love and unlocking the infinite potential of your most remarkable life.

That sounds like a good year to me, Keith.  🙂

Here’s to using your creative power to manifest your best dreams and delights in the year of 2012!

  • January 2, 2012
  • Julie says:

    Thank you Jeannette and others! Great post! Janette – loved your intentions as well… totally awesome!
    Happy New Year!

  • Jen says:

    Oh! I was just feeling sadness about a friend “drifting away”, but in reality, she has always drained my energy. Now I get it! Thank you Jeanette, and all you other deliberate creators! I really needed to see this today.

  • Baker says:

    I believe in my reality, that 2012 represents a linear time when one can accelerate the manifestation process. This is from my own personal experience, indeed I believe this marks the golden era for an individual choosing to make it so.

  • Kristina says:

    Thanks for this very insightful article Jeanette! One of the best articles I have read so far to start 2012 with a blast! You sure helped me clear up my dilemma’s about 2012 and made me realized to stop worrying instead make it more worthwhile not only for my own benefit but also for the people I love. Looking forward for your next article! Keep inspiring!

  • Suzie Cheel says:

    Love the Allan Kay words: unparalleled opportunity for adventure, freedom and creativity.
    Freedom and Creativity my focus words and 2 of my empowerment needs- so will I ad in adventure?
    Yes I agree with you Jeanette- there is a shift happening and as you say The way you experience this transition is up to you.
    As a deliberate creator we have the choice?

  • Kimberly, Keep the Tail Wagging says:

    I’m beyond excited about 2012 and every moment that I realize that it’s 2012 makes me giddy inside. This is the year when it’s all going to come true for me – all the dreams that I have, what I write in my Pray Rain journal. Wow wow wow!!
    I just started my newest blog and it’s taking off and I’m so over the moon. The weather is crap, but when you go outside, it looks like a gorgeous photograph and the sounds the winds make remind me of the cartoons of clouds puffing up their cheeks and blowing.
    And I’m already seeing people drift away. I’m quietly saying goodbye and good luck. I can see the people who are coming from ego – and I get a kick out of the “feedback” people share instead of feeling hurt.
    2012 is going to be amazing!!! Gosh I sound cheeky! LOL

  • Janette says:

    I’m being slack and reposting a section of my blog post about 2012 (you’ll appreciate the slacking, Ms Maw!! – OMG, did I just try and win an award for being best slacker?? Blerg – back to the drawing board LOL)
    Here’s a part of what I wrote, in describing the intentions I have set for 2012:
    I intend to connect with myself, with the Divine, with Source, with my tribe of colleagues, clients, friends and family.
    I intend to attract only kind and gentle life lessons and relationships.
    I intend to hold myself and others in a sacred space of compassion and non-judgement.
    I intend to walk my dual path of practical Saturn and ineffable Neptune with balance, peace and harmony.
    I intend to see myself and others as our powerful True Selves, connected to our Source.
    I intend to connect even more fully with my power as a deliberate creator, choosing my story and my thoughts in ways that serve me.
    I intend to live by my mantras for 2012: nobody else gets credit for how I feel; nothing is more important than that I feel good; I choose to see only the shining light of the Divine in each and every person, including myself; and (when necessary)… screw it!
    Out of that list has emerged my theme word for 2012: CONNECTION.
    I believe there are some big paradigm shifts coming for the world. And I believe they will create our perfect opportunity to step into a more loving, compassionate and powerful way of being.
    So this New Year, I’m wishing for every single person on the planet abundance, love, peace, harmony and connection. Because we get to decide what our future holds. Yes we do.

  • Debra says:

    Oh Janette!!!! That’s the most fantastic list of New Year Intentions I’ve ever read. …and I’m hopping on over to your blog now to check out the rest. Good on ya, for slackin’…if this is what slackin’ looks like!!! 😉 I’m seeing every one of these brilliant intents BEing REAL, and filled with ease and grace in the flow of this/your physically focused experience. Way to rock SO deep! Keep Shining!!! XO DebSoul

  • ChipEFT says:

    I’m with Abe on this one. Yawn.
    You see, for a deliberate creator, you can have the world any way you want it. If you want a world that has a lot of drama surrounding the year 2012, you can have it. If you want to have a world that has cataclysmic economic and political shifts, you can have it. If you want to be part of a dynamic shift in world consciousness you can have it. The Universe is perfectly able to accommodate you any way you want it.
    Personally, none of that interests me. For me, 2012 will be a year when I refine and redefine what I am wanting. I plan on honing my ability to control the thoughts that will create those things.
    But I also acknowledge that it is just my preference. You can see it anyway you want and you will be right. Just remember that you get to choose what you are right about.

  • Janette, you crack me up!
    Great list – sounds like you’ve got a fab year in store, too!

  • Helen, I like what you’re cooking up!
    Such beautiful allowing and intentionality.
    Thanks for chiming in on this one! Happy 2012 to you. 🙂

  • helen says:

    sounds like all manner of great things are being plotted by us all, right down to those yummy buffet dishes!! I think a lot of that has been happening all through this year especially where as I have become more positive and deliberately chose happier thoughts I stopped watching doom and gloom reports and one great thing is I cant think of a thing to say to all the negative nellies and they are drifting ever swifter from my life. I am content to let them have their view rather than try to change their minds. That is a huge step for me who once wanted to change everyone into how I thought they should be!!! What will my world look like come the end of 2012?? Well I am sure we will have all the same stuff here to deal with but I wont be stressing out about it or trying to change it by my actions. I wont know any people personally that will be living high contrast lives and far from having that contrast removed I think it will be my attitude towards it softening and going to a different level. Really the only power that can influence our worlds is ourselves. Think about it, multi realities all exisiting within the planet that is itself multi dimensional. The leading edge wow 🙂

  • Chip, your post makes me realize I’m not just excited for major political upheaval and probably some corporate restructure, but also for the aliens. hee hee
    In MY version that’s all good, and I am pretty excited for it! 🙂
    And I get that might sound like broken glass and nails to some.
    Love that you’re helping to create a much different version for others who are much more inclined to “business as usual.”
    Thanks for posting, Chip!

  • Lovely to see you here again, Debra! Thanks for dropping by to share your lovely thoughts with us!
    And Mara, I’m excited for your 2012, too! With energy flowing like that, you can’t HELP but have a fabulous new year!

  • Mara Enid says:

    At first I was going to say I was with Abe (2012 is the year after 2011, lol), but I loved your thoughts best, Jeannette. It’s what you think it will be. I for one am so excited about the things I’m manifesting in 2012 🙂

  • Debra says:

    Love this, Jeannette! We’ve been so busy JOYfully Holiday-ing that I haven’t done my usual scan of New Year energy forecasts/thoughts/feelings, etc. What a wonderful gift that you have so beautifully done it for me! Your ‘go-to’s were much the same as mine would be. 🙂
    I love Stephen and Carrie’s delicious representation of the buffet line! …the prosperity pie is heavenly! …and oh my!…have you had the JOY parfait? Amazing! Cheers to the absolute BEST 2012 we can think and feel into being! …it’s going to be magnificent. We’re stellar deliberate creators!!

  • I might be one of those choosing some drama – but I personally am looking forward to the toppling of some governments and political systems & structures that aren’t based on Truth and Love. I think we’ve had enough contrast there to benefit from for quite a while, thank you very much, and I am completely down with a graceful change in those systems.
    (I picked up “graceful” from Phil on the Matt & Phil show. Doesn’t have to be bloody or chaotic, I suppose.)
    Yay for the evolution and the raising of consciousness! 🙂

  • Carrie says:

    I support my personal vision of 2012 by watching and listening only to things about it that are downstream for me. There truly is a strange buffet that has been set out on the topic. I see bowls of chocolate mousse, a lovely dish of key lime pie, and on the other end there are plates of broken glass, rusty nails, etc.
    I only take what looks good to me, and I leave the rest for everyone to decide for themselves.

  • Stephen says:

    I’m with Carrie on this – it is an interesting buffet. I don’t think I want even a nibble of the apocalyptic casserole. That personal prosperity pie looks divine, though. I’ll take a big slice of that!
    It is interesting to listen to folks comment on the items they choose from this particular buffet. The justifications for why they chose their items are as amusing as the items themselves. We certainly love our stories and drama. That’s all good. I like stories, too.
    I’m just going to choose the stuff that tastes good. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m headed for that personal prosperity pie… oh, the first class travel souffle? Heavenly…. some of that luxury loaf looks good…and the new car cafe au lait? yes, please…hmmm what else is here….

  • Carrie, it really is something to allow others their broken glass and nails, isn’t it?! Kudos to you for choosing so deliberately while allowing everything that’s not to your liking.
    Lots of people are inclined to only trust their choice when they see others agreeing with them on it. I love that you’re not doing that.

  • Oooh, that’s a nice vibe to start the year with, Nikky!
    woo hoo for you!

  • Nikky says:

    I loved the words of Keith Allen Kay….. they speak so much of what my husband and I have intended for 2012.
    I am excited with anticipation. 🙂

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