September 25, 2008

America's Financial Panic?

panic.jpgAll right, is it time for deliberate creators to weigh in on this topic?  The emails popping in my in-box say it is.

Last night Bush addressed the country during prime time tv saying if Congress doesn’t act fast, we could slip into a financial panic.  
(I missed the address, but heard AGT Judge Piers’ comment that he hoped Bush watched Nuttin’ But Stringz’ performance in the final five America’s Got Talent finale.)
In fact, that I just now spent ten minutes searching out Nuttin’ But Strings and Eli clips and only 30 seconds on Bush’s gig makes me wonder if I’m purposely or subconsciously avoiding the topic.  Hmm.
I know that’s what many of us have done with “bad” news in general … avoid it, rise above it, or just learn to hear it without negative emotional reaction.
But as it creeps closer to home (like for my client whose spouse is employed by Merrill Lynch, or my client who tries not to watch her investments drop, or my other client who daily quells fears of a drop in her business), some are finding the U.S. economic news more and more difficult to ignore.  More and more distressing.
To be honest, I watched CNN purposely for the first time in my entire life last night (well, it IS the first time I’ve had cable, since I live with my @$&* boyfriend) to get filled in on what was happening.  I was inclined to agree with some guy that said this was just more politics in action, but despite that – part of me actually got a little excited. 
Excited?  What’s that about?! 
Change, I think.  Excited for change.  Excited for the breaking point that wakes lots of folks up; excited that for reaching the bottom that requires us to do things different.  Excited that the old ways aren’t going to fly any more.  Excited that things are happening!
Or maybe I’m just excited that I’m no longer in the financial services industry.  ha!
But the reason I’m writing this post is to give us all a chance to weigh in on what you think of what’s happening – if you think of it at all. 
Thoughts?  Opinions?  Rants?  Let’s hear it!
PS – I’m rooting for Eli and Emily to get singing contracts, although the violinists seem like the best bet for getting the Vegas act.  (Oh, am I avoiding again or just disinterested in our financial decline?  I can’t tell for sure!)

  • Holy hannah – this excerpt from an Abraham workshop belongs here, too!
    Jerry: Abraham, this evening we’re gonna have a presidential hopeful, not hopeful debates but debates between some hopeful presidential people And a —
    Abraham: We don’t find either one of them very hopeful do you?
    Jerry: OK. (laughter) OK, so but I just thought it’d be fun to hear from you if they would allow 3 people in the debate. And the question posed would be, “And you, Mr. & Mrs. Abraham, what would be your proposal to alleviate the current financial crisis, worldwide crisis?”
    Abraham: Chill out and go to work.
    Jerry: That’s it?
    Abraham: Focus upon the things that are important to you and figure out how to satisfy the details of your life. And stop looking to someone else to solve it. And figure out how to bring yourself into balance. And turn off things like this debate.
    Jerry: Laughs (applause)
    Abraham: So that you don’t continually harass yourself into the misalignment of what’s already in your vibrational escrow. And then we would say, “We have a plan.”
    Jerry: Oh, yeah.
    Abraham: And it was set into motion long before we got here on this platform and you are all co-conspirators in this plan. And you have, through what you’ve been living, been contributing to this plan. And it is the brightest and most exhilarating of future experiences that has ever been upon the face of the earth. And it is the legacy that all of you hold ownership of.
    In order for you to claim your piece of this amazing pie of prosperity, all you have to do is look in the direction of it and see if you can remember what pieces of it you put there. Because every piece you put there, has been lovingly held for you.
    It cannot evaporate from the stock market. And it cannot be squandered by those who don’t understand. And it cannot be misunderstood by anyone and it cannot be taken from you. Because if your life caused you to put it into this holding pattern, this vibrational escrow, then it is forever there for you. And the only
    thing that is required in order for you to make your personal withdrawal is, make your personal withdrawal by no longer paying attention to who else is making what withdrawals.
    Don’t worry about them getting your fair share, it’s not possible for anybody to get your fair share. Your fair share is always ear marked for you. It will always stay there in perfect becomingness.
    Oh, and we might tell you that since you put it there, it has been accruing with magnificent interest, the likes of which we have never seen. So it got bigger than it was when you asked for it and it gets bigger with every request you make. And in fact, the more crises that is applied around all of this, the bigger it gets.
    So first thing, know that it’s there for you and that no one can get it away from you. And next, stop worrying about what anybody else is doing because it is your worry about what anybody else is doing which
    is causing you to hold yourself vibrationally out of whack from it.
    Now, we acknowledge that the majority of people who would be witnessing such a debate would not have heard a word we said because they are not accustomed to focusing upon the vibrational world. They do not understand that there is a vibrational reality that they hold ownership to, that they must find alignment with before it can be a physical reality.
    And so for those who don’t yet know about the vibrational reality we would say to them, “Worry not, we’ve seen this before and we know that you can come through it.”
    We would say, “Do not worry about what’s happening because nothing has changed in the last few days, nothing even has changed in the last few years that is so far out of balance that it cannot come back into balance.”
    Then we would say, “There are enough numbers upon this planet that are involved in the economics of this time-space reality that it is certain that balance will come back. And all you have to do is sort of settle yourself in, and ride it out.”
    And so, the things that we want you to say to yourself every day is:
    “It’s getting better. It’s getting better. And it’s going to be alright.
    It’s better. It’s getting better. And it’s going to be alright.”
    And the sooner you convince yourself that it is better than you thought it was and that it is getting better than it is right now.
    And that it is not only going to be alright, it’s going to be really alright, your prosperity can begin to come to you immediately. (applause)
    And then we would make the longest list of postive aspects about the other 2 speakers on the platform that we had ever made in our life. We would speak of the power of their desire to lead and the power of
    their desire to serve. We would speak about how they wanted this almost the day their feet hit the ground in this time-space reality.
    And how each of them is prepared in their own unique way to be all that they need to be, to stand in that place.
    And then we would say, “Do not hold these 2 men or either one of them or anyone on the planet, responsible for the Well-Being that comes to you. This man and this man is not responsible for your Well-Being, you are responsible for your Well-Being. Give them a break. (applause)
    Abraham Philadelphia, PA 10-7-08

  • Susan sent this great piece of wisdom from Alan Cohen ( that I thought might be helpful here:
    1. The economy is an expression of the consciousness of those who create it ― all of us. We vitalize the economy with expansive thinking and action, and we deaden it with fear and contraction. You have power over the economy ― especially your own ― by consciously choosing the thoughts you think, the attitudes you hold, and the actions that proceed from them.
    2. The economy is not a fixed entity, but is quite liquid, constantly changing in accord with the thoughts and emotions of those who create it. The economy you see today is a result of the attitudes and actions that sourced it yesterday. The economy you will see tomorrow is a result of the attitudes and actions you think and do today.
    3. You have the ability to create a personal economy independent of the one experienced by the masses. There are always people who thrive in a floundering economy, and people who flounder in a thriving economy. The two greatest architectural achievements of the twentieth century ― the Golden Gate Bridge and the Empire State Building ― were funded and constructed at the height of the depression.. There is always money out there for people who know how to use it. A visionary thrives under all conditions.
    4. Engaging in conversations of lack only adds to the pool of thought that creates lack conditions. Talking abundance creates abundance. Join others in only those conversations that affirm what you want to create.
    5. You are wealthy by nature, rich in an infinite number of ways that have nothing to do with money. Money is one thin slice of the greater pie of prosperity. Remember how rich you are regardless of money, and you will attract money to match your wealth consciousness.
    6. In the Chinese written language, the symbol for “crisis” is a combination of the symbols for “danger” plus “opportunity.” What opportunity lies before you as an individual and us as a nation?
    7. This is a fertile time to check and reset your priorities. If you have been distracted by the quest for money or trapped by your business, you can refocus on your family, loved ones, and activities that truly bring you joy. If you end up being truer to values that fulfill you, this “crisis” will have served you well.
    8. Circulate your wealth. The only antidote to financial contraction is to move energy. When you spend money, you become part of the solution. If you don’t have money to spend, be generous in other ways. Give of your time, skill, and love. Even giving compliments is a way to stimulate the economy.
    9. Remember that the tide always comes back in. The entire manifest universe functions in cycles. Every wave has a trough and a crest. No wave has ever ended with the trough. There is always a next crest.
    10. Don’t wait for the economy to get back on its feet before you can be happy. Find happiness right where you stand, and you will be the richest person in the world.

  • Deb says:

    Wouldn’t it be nice if….
    ….the candidates would just talk about what they do want?
    …those same people would identify things that are going well?
    …. we were a little more celebratory about the fact that we are the richest nation in the world?
    ….we looked at the strengths of each candidate and made statements of “would like a little more of that.”

  • James Perry says:

    I love what Louise Hay says to say whenever someone is telling you how bad the ecomomy is or the how the market is affecting them: That may be true for you but it is certainly not true for me. I prosper wherever I turn.
    Everyone has a failure story to tell you to bring you down to “hard reality.” It’s always good to affirm: That may be true for you but it is not true for me, I …….(fill in the blanks with the appropriate successfull outcome).

  • Bruce says:

    I think that our leaders are in a $700 Billion trance. Tonight I saw two Congressmen on CNN suggest that this crisis doesn’t have to cost our country a penny and other countries have been in a similar set of circumstances and found a successful outcome. One of things I noticed about their appearance is that they were both very centered and grounded in their energy compared to the panic energy exhibited in the last week by our leaders.
    Throwing money at a problem is not a solution. The real problem is a failure in confidence and only time and the focused good will of our leaders will provide a lasting solution.

  • Patricia says:

    Let’s not forget that the purpose of spontaneous forest fires is renewal.
    I’m afraid I can’t be as giddy as you guys, but that’s what I try to keep in mind.

  • Jerielle says:

    Oh wow! I absolutely love this topic! I can’t stop taking notes on all of your responses either! I’m so glad we have a place to come to think about this in more effective terms.
    I too have no interest in the news. I am interested in learning what is happening in the world and do my best to find unbiased information wherever I can. The only news I read/watch is The Onion (a fake parody newspaper), The Colbert Report, and The Daily Show! Those too are biased I suppose, but they are brilliant and we share the same opinions.
    I also believe we are amidst some entirely thrilling times…and am excited by them as well! Sure they can be a tad frightening, but what is the difference between the body’s physical state amist excitement and fright? Probably pretty identical and what is most important is what thoughts you are shaping those sensations with.
    Oh Josh…I LOVED the post about fixing the toilet!!! I need to check those people out and send that info around!
    Eric…I had not heard them say the thing about how “…America won’t run out of money. If they need to, they will just print more!” ..but I wish I had…and never thought about it like that, but they totally WILL and DO. I mean, it comes from somewhere, right? And it literally DOES grow on trees even though they would all have us believe that it doesn’t! Someone gives the word to create more physical bills right? Makes you wonder why they can’t create more than enough of it to go around to those that truly need it.
    I say POO on money anyway!
    El…your bananas and money talk is brilliant! I have really been thinking a lot about how ridiculous money itself is. How it barely even exists as an object in people’s hands even when they have TONS of it. A peice of plastic swiped through a slot “buys” me my iced coffee every morning…checks…actual money….is just paper we agree means something. Why aren’t all these post-its strewn about this office worth something too? How many of these rich companies ever have their hands on any ACTUAL money? That’s how they can fudge it all on paper and run things into the ground! It isn’t REAL!
    I realize this is the farthest thing from any politician’s mind, but let’s just do away with “money”. Perhaps we can create some new currency if we must…but let’s just call it even. No one owes anyone anything. What would we have to fight over? Try that old barter system again? Make something new and call it Lovemuffins…and make sure everyone always has the same amount of ’em!
    Thomas Jefferson said it best in 1802…
    “I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around [the banks] will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.”
    Thomas Jefferson, Letter to the Secretary of the Treasury Albert Gallatin (1802)
    I love the post from World Puja…and Tim’s reflection on this Armageddon thing and how we as a universe are manifesting it. I totally think we are….which is why we have to be grateful for every step of this process…we created it and are getting exactly what we have all been focusing on for years. It must be vital to our growth and we must continue to have faith in the divine timing of the Universe! My roommates and I have discussed recently how we feel like we are amidst this major pivitol moment in life…much like the people who built the pyramids must have been…or any huge advance humans have made in history. They did it because they absolutely HAD to. Something HAD to be done in order to progress. We are at one of those points again in the history of the world where something HAS to be done, and something is definitely HAPPENING. And it is absolutely thrilling to be a part of it and understand not to get swept up in the fear. It’s unfortunate that our leader wants to focus on it, but we have to accept “what is” in him too (that’s a toughie for me!)
    And whatever happens this election…or the next…is it not true that the pendulum will always swing the other direction again? Have we not traded 8 years republics…8 years dems…and on and on quite frequently? Is this the yin and the yang that is a part of everything? You can’t have the one without the other!
    I am obsessed with everything every one of you has said here!!

  • Mark Semple says:

    Interesting thread.
    I intentionally don’t keep up with the news because I really don’t care for the general negativity.
    I don’t live in a cave, so I have, of course, picked up on some of the ‘sky is falling’ comments regarding the economy.
    Now, being blissfully unaware of any crisis, I’m able to stay focused on what I want and continue taking inspired actions towards, trusting the process.
    If I become aware of the ‘reality’, does that change my mindset, strategy or philosophy.
    It’s a true test of what you really believe when the world around you feels out of whack. It’s easy to believe in all the principles and concepts when everything is going great.
    Do you REALLY believe in LOA and abundance? Do you TRUST this process even though your personal situation might not actually be in the space that you visualize and focus your energy on?
    I do.
    And, regarding political parties – An old English joke is: “Changing political parties these days is rather like changing your deck chair on the Titanic.”
    Be Great

  • Susie Beifuss says:

    …hi gillian and everyone else here!!!!!
    and, yes…..definitely time for reflection….thank god, and it’s EXCITING!!!!!

  • Gillian says:

    Well, pondering on it, I think there may be a higher purpose for this sudden financial distress in the US just shortly before the elections. I think that the new US president will be “forced” to focus on internal problems instead of obsessesing with terrorists and war, like chasing a ghost, while Americans are in deep financial and domestic trouble. Who wants to support the financing of a senseless war in Iraq, when the money is needed at home? There is a Yin and Yang in all things, I am sure something good must come out of this financial distress. Just pondering!

  • Speaking of … I just opened an email from World Puja ( Here’s an excerpt:
    “While many profess we are in the worst times in our human history, with our ‘Wag the Dog’ politics, shaking and shuddering of Mother Earth and an economy careening out of control, I beg to differ.
    “We are in the midst of the most mystical times of our life, and the most demanding times of our lives as we are being called UP to higher consciousness and higher stewardship of our lives on ALL levels of our Creation including the aspect living on Planet Earth.
    “What we are facing in the world external is our blessing, not our curse. How much longer could we continue to live beneath ourselves as powerless hostages rather than Powerful Alchemists and Unified Co-Creators of a Great Reality rather than a pathetic Illusion?”
    – Maureen Moss, World Puja (

  • Loving our giddy Kristen about the dam that’s broke! That’s a perspective that brings a big smile to my face.
    Thank you, Phillis and Gillian and Jeff, and Leslie, Susie and Kim! What great conversation flowing here. I knew you folks would deliver!
    Tim, I’m seeing it, too. All those energy workers I occasionally touch base with over the years have been talking about this “clearing of the slate” for some time. I’m almost wanting to check in with them just to hear their excitement that what they’ve been predicting could very well be in the works of unfolding now.
    PS El – nice affirmation!!
    Thanks for posting everyone. I personally am gleaning some great tips to use myself and I know many others are as well.
    I suspect this topic might continue to be relevant for another while, so please feel free to continue sharing if you feel so inspired!

  • Paul. says:

    Gillian, I love how you listen to the news that’s meaningful for you and allow yourself the freedom (like so many others here) to avoid the Evening News. That seems “wise” rather than “ridiculous” to me.
    Thank you, Leslie, for double-checking my observations re: Mercury retrograde and the financial panic. I’m always loathe to chime in with my astrological interpretations because they are interpretations. They only have as much power or meaning as you or I chose to give them. (“Rules Shmules,” anyone?–Note to self: Gotta check out these “destiny cards” of which Leslie speaks.) And someone else observing the same phenomena may make equally valid but different interpretations–whether we’re talking about 2012, the End of Days or Pluto in Capricorn. (By the way, I’ve read scholars who’ve interpreted Pluto in Capricorn as a “bad” time; for what it’s worth, the words that come to my mind when examining that environment are “revolutionary” and “enlightened.”)
    Josh, thank you for sharing that email; its empowering message resonates strongly with me. It called to mind an Einstein quote (this is the week to be quoting Einstein here, isn’t it?): “You can never solve a problem on the level on which it was created.” (Rather like the Fed and the Treasury have been trying to do.)
    I like to work on my vibe and my action at the same time. When I search for a plumber for my toilet, I “pre-pave:” I intend that the plumber I find will be talented, fairly priced, have excellent communication skills and reliable. Same with my calls and faxes to Washington. (Those of you who know my penchant for things Abraham will rightfully remind me that I’m a human “being,” not a human “doing.” But I just feel better participating in the solution.)
    So, I’ve been pulling out all the tricks in my tool-bag: calling/faxing, managing my vibe, and now (thank you, Jeannette, for reminding me with your remark about how the external reflects the internal!) ho’oponopono.

  • Kristen says:

    I am absolutely giddy with the recent financial news. It frees up all that hoarded energy so we have a chance to perpetuate a bit more flow. To me it is like a dam just broke bringing much needed water to the desert.

  • Phillis says:

    I catch the on-line news — local on tv if I am home. Watch and observe — not involved watching — am very interested in all the Alaska todo right now – as that is something that I can relate to as knowing the people involved etc. . . It is good to be informed but not allow one to get emotionally attached. . .
    Love the conversations here and thank you all for the wonderful comments and enlightnment . . . and for the Non- United States perspectives — Cheers – have a great weekend! P.

  • Gillian says:

    I am not a very financially savvy person, nor am I politically interested or concerned, however, I only truly hope and pray that whoever may get elected as the next US President will pull US troops out of Iraq as fast as possible. The Iraq occupation has caused so much unnessecary horror and claimed lifes of people around the world. Not just American soldiers and Iraqi people are effected, also the 2 Bali bombings were linked to the Iraq occupation. So my only hope and prayer is for peace and that American troops leave Iraq the sooner the better.

  • Jeff Atherton says:

    I saw Bill Gates interviewed on the news this morning. I was just passing a TV in the lobby of a hotel and saw Gates so decided to stop and listen in for a bit. The reporter was trying to get Gates to comment on all the doom and gloom and wanted to get Bill to verify it all.
    Bill Gates wouldn’t go there. The most the reporter could get out of him was that “there is more concern” than he’s seen in a while but Gates had this big smile on his face when he said it, as if he was saying it’s not part of my reality and I’m not going to spend any time in that reality with you.
    Bill Gates ROCKS!

  • Tim Thacker says:

    I believe the current financial crisis is the culmination of many things, but is the direct result of the Law of Attraction. Huh?
    Imagine the power of millions of thoughts over many centuries focusing on so-called endtime events. A recurring theme in bible prophecy is a world economic collapse, and this has been focused upon for at least two thousand years.
    I have done some interesting research and have found a direct correlation between bible prophecy and the law of attraction.
    Though I am not religious, I believe we are attracting the event known as Armageddon (not in the literal sense). If the law of attraction is real (and I truly believe so), then we can actually ascertain the next set of events to hit the world stage. See my site for more information, and let’s change our world.

  • Leslie Richter says:

    Paul inspired me to look at what is going on astrologically and I read this fascinating account by Rose Marcus. She says essentially whatever is decided now is only a bandage and won’t stick. That the energy is that way right now and deep decisions will not be made at this time. She also inferred down the road there would be profound changes in the works. I think it is the profound times we are in right now.
    I also read an article looking at the destiny cards of Bush and McBain who have the same Jack of clubs card which means they both have the potential for dishonesty. Not really energy you want for your next president.
    It is interesting there is this unsettling energy going around politically, Palin coming out of nowhere, our prime minister calling for an election after saying he wouldn’t and not giving anyone much time to campaign or make educated decisions. It’s underhanded energy and who needs to buy into that.
    Love Leslie

  • El Baugher says:

    * My Hubby is an emergency roadside mechanic for semi trucks and deisel engines. We talk regularly (about once a week) about how semis will ALWAYS run, no matter what state the economy is in, and how very blessed we are to not be touched or bothered by what has everyone else in the country in such panic. (Big Ol affermation we share.)
    *I gave up watching the news 2 years ago. I don’t feel that I’m missing out on current events because I decided that what’s on the news isn’t “current events”…. it’s a fear and hate filled broadcast put into the air by panic filled people who intend to monitarily advance themselves by striking fear into the lives of bystanders by exagerating and embellishing and sensationalizing people and events that occur in a lower vibrational frequency. I’ve been much happier since I gave it up.
    *I believe financial crisis is a load. Money only has the value that we give it. In my world, money is one of the least important things in my life. It’s always there. When I need it, it appears. It’s simply another thing in our form filled lives that we feel adds value to us as people when in reality, we couldn’t be more perfect or valuable no matter what we do because we’re already the most perfect and valuable beings in the Universe.
    Anything can be turned into a crisis if you wish it to be.
    OMG! I don’t have any bananas!! I always have a banana for breakfast! What am I gunna do?!? Oh this is awful! My day is going to be ruined now! This is just my luck! Why does this always happen to me!? I bet everyone else is the world has a ton of bananas! This is SO unfair.
    Silly? Oh yeah. But in my little corner of the Universe…. bananas and money…. same thing… If you have it, you have it. If you don’t, you don’t. But it doesn’t make me “better” if I have either thing or if I’m lacking BOTH. And with both things, if I find I have none, and desire to have some…. I just ask and offer my humble thanks to this wonderful Universe for providing me with exactly what I need, as it always does.
    No fear filled news broadcast about the perceived crisises in the world can take away MY truth. And I know they preach fear to perpetuate fear and I consciously choose to not be a part of that collective fear. My life is perfect and will remain exactly as I want it. Why would I want to fill my head with a bunch of lies?
    It makes me think of the Billy Joel song, “Matter of Trust”. I love the line…. Some love is just a lie of the soul. A constant battle for the ultimate state of control. After you’ve heard lie upon lie, there can hardly be a question of why.
    Happy Friday!
    El (Or my Indian name: Talks with Long Wind! LOL)

  • Susie Beifuss says:

    I, too, stopped watching tv news several years ago, but find it a challenge to miss the headlines on yahoo when I sign on there to check email!!!
    I read local newspapers (the free ones about my community) and that’s about it. My roommate and her boyfriend, when he’s here, both watch …not sure, either fox news or cnn on huge flatscreen tv in livingroom….and that seems to be all they watch. roommate keeps it on all day long as she works from home on her laptop in livingroom. that’s a lotta bad news seeping into one’s being……i hurry to kitchen and back so as not to absorb any of it!
    The day before yesterday, my boss, told her “indoor gardner” who comes once a week, she sure wasn’t going to vote for “that ARAB”….
    jeeeez…i’m surrounded by NOTlikeminded folks here…what gives?
    ok, enough about politics for me….seem to have enough challenging thinking about home and work to keep me on my toes…..REMEMBERING TO FEEL EXCITED AND HAPPY AND EXPECTANT OF GOOD THINGS AT ALL TIMES….

  • Kim Falconer says:

    Gillian, I don’t hear ‘ridiculous’! I hear preference. Actually, I hear myself. I haven’t watched the news since 1989.
    Instead, I meditate.
    xxx Kim 🙂

  • Well, Gillian, the only reason I knew anything about it was because I was watching America’s Got Talent. So, please don’t feel ridiculous! lol

  • Gillian says:

    I know this may sound terrible to most people, but I have stopped watching the news all together. Just can’t be bothered, hehe! Though the headline is “America’s financial panic, and I don’t live in the US, I see this panic everywhere and I ignore it, because I can’t do anything about it! In February, at the Lunar New Year, I read a forecast for the year of the rat, which is this year 2008, and it mentioned financial instability, stock market crashing. Supposedly because of the elements of this year, if I am not mistaken the earth element above the water, which causes this financial uncertainty. So, every year the elements change and so will the financial situation. So hang loose, don’t take it too seriously! I think I sound so rediculous, but I really don’t pay any attention to whats going on around in world news!

  • Susie Beifuss says:

    Well, hi everyone,
    Without detail, I’m happy that my 2 cents has a lot of company here….shall I mention….

  • Thanks for the recommendation, Phillis. And Susie, your post made me smile!
    Thanks for checking in, you two!

  • Phillis says:

    Here’s a great book on “Words” by Yvonne Oswald
    “Every Word Has Power”

  • John, here’s to turning the giant vessel! (And perfect clarity coming your way, of course.)

    Josh, your note reminded me of the quote “Be the change you want to see in the world.” This is our chance to do exactly that. Thank you.

  • Josh says:

    Hi Jeannette,
    I too have had a flood of email regarding this “economic crisis” and the proposed “bail out”. It seems like everyone has an opinion, but not much else.
    I did however get one email that actually made me sit up and pay attention. One of my coaches sent me an invitation to join a group called “Our Next Step Together”.
    I think this quote from their website really elloquently illustrates what is missing in America right now. And it provides a call to action, rather than a call to observation and opinion.
    “It’s time to begin treating your world like you treat your toilet.
    When your toilet is broken, you fix it. You don’t pray that God fixes it. You don’t go to a protest against the injustice of its brokenness. You don’t write a letter to your congressperson asking for action. You don’t give to a charity for sick toilets. You don’t read or write articles or books arguing that the socialist way to fix toilets is better than the capitalist way. Your toilet is important, so you don’t piddle around. You JUST FIX IT.
    If fixing the toilet requires more work than you can do alone, you get help fast. If the break is complicated, you problem-solve and plan with practicality and effectiveness.
    Today and every day, there are 24,000 people unnecessarily dying of poverty. We are quickly destroying our Earth’s species, forests, oceans, rivers, atmosphere and life support systems. Economic inequality is worsening. Wars rage. By the evidence of human actions, it appears that our planet and its life forms are not as important to us as our toilets.
    This is a call to action. Your friends are calling YOU to help FIX a broken world system.”
    Here is the website address if any of you feel moved and inspired to heed that call.

  • Me, I stuffed the retrograde cloudiness into my sinuses… but that’s part of my rowing, to process it the rest of the way out of me! Your intention that my “perfect” cold become perfect clarity would be most welcome! :^D
    I’m going to move toward the part Paul’s talking about, actually making use of what I can see coming, whether the rest of the world sees it as good or bad. Joy and increase in all situations: that’s my goal. I figure, if I think of what would make me happy about something, and that solution involves petulance or a grumpy face (even if only inside), that negativity is keeping me from the happiness. If we all pull together, I’m pretty sure we can turn this giant vessel.

  • I hear ya, about the manipulation, Paul.

    These words I’m going to remember throughout this entire election process and continuing economic reports: “I can’t afford the luxury of having a negative vibe.”

    Thank you for weighing in. Your well thought out words are much appreciated!

  • Paul. says:

    Being mindful of this situation for the last 2-3 years has been an interesting classroom for me with the LoA. “How to watch this unfold without taking it into my vibe?” has been an interesting challenge. In a lot of ways, this “classroom” has the feeling of an “economic out-of-body experience.”
    I’ve come to the LoA through some of the earlier scholars, many of whom experienced the Great Depression, and your earlier post, Jeannette, on Ed Gandia’s newsletter reminded me of their lessons: that there are opportunities for prosperity in every environment. (Witness the Morgans and the Rockefellers who really parlayed their existing wealth into fortunes. ) I’ve augmented that belief by adding the idea that, if I’m focused on the doom-saying, I won’t be able to see those opportunities as they present themselves.
    I’m not gloating when I say that I’m grateful that I was able to see this coming so that I could position myself (close my store, re-arrange my investments, etc.) in such a way that my vibe is “insulated” from this news. I am grateful that I’ve left my investment career (a long time ago–whew!) and that I’ve chosen to associate with people of greater character and higher vibration than the people I encountered in that field. (People who created this mess and who, I’m sure, are taking no responsibility for it.)
    This “beating of the drum” by our politicians and our press smacks to me of manipulation and it reminds me of how unattuned to the LoA our leaders are. I recall the run-up to the Iraq War and how, after focusing so much emotional attention on Saddam Hussein, they attracted to themselves (and us and the rest of the world, by extension) a war that has served very few people for the better.
    I have reacted, signing petitions and writing letters because it raises my vibe to exercise my power and co-create a world, a financial system, etc. in line with my vibration.
    I happen to notice that all of this is taking place during a Mercury Retrograde and, as Kim will confirm, thought processes are not clear. Agreements reached during this time are reached without full knowledge of all the facts and often need to be redone.
    And this whole situation is an excellent opportunity for me to practice compassion (so many people I know are directly impacted by this) while maintaining my vibe. As I’m navigating my own career transition, I have been reminding myself that “I can’t afford the luxury of having a negative vibe.”
    (Sorry for the rant. Believe it or not, this was editted for brevity.)

  • John, you’re your usually eloquent self, even if you DO have a plugged up nose!
    Thanks for reiterating the abundance we all live with day in and day out.
    That’s important to remember, I think, and potentially easy to lose focus on when you watch CNN.
    Thank you, and I would say “feel better,” but I wouldn’t wish your perfect cold away!
    Much love, my friend. 🙂

  • Judy, you crack me up: I love earthquakes, too! (For those who fear them, let me tell you right now that I’ve been in every sort of natural disaster I’ve heard of except for avalanche and tsunami, and I’m in California for a reason.) There’s an idea forming in my head about being part of a story, and this is all part of it, but my nose seems plugged up all the way to the back of my head and it’s muddying the thoughts. I’ll come back to it in a bit.

  • Don’t forget, everyone, that everything is as it should be; there is no way we can mess it up; and there is, consequently, no “right” candidate.
    Nicole’s take on things is, by any LOA standard I have ever heard, the healthiest: We are, each of us, blessed with riches beyond the imaginings of most people in history. I meander through the bottom of America’s middle class, but have all I need and more, and can share with my friends and those who have less.
    Going with the flow is helpful. The river of life has its waves, and we know that up follows down follows up, and it only seems scary when we fight the current too hard or, conversely, get complacent and end up somewhere we don’t understand. We do need to row in order to adjust where we want to be in this river; but it’s a good river.

  • Okay Eric, I have to admit, I am really enjoying the thought of sleeping next to YOUR energy night after night! ha!

    YOU are DELICIOUS! I am laughing out loud at your perspective on the “crisis.”

    Refreshing and empowering. THANK YOU!

  • Eric says:

    To me the biggest thing I have gotten from this “crisis” is the fact that I have heard them say over and over again that America won’t run out of money. If they need to, they will just print more!! To me this is LOA bringing proof to those of us that are “money magnets” that there will always be more flowing our way. So for me it actually busts a limiting belief that there is a limit to how much money is out there and because of that I expect it to flow my way even easier!! Hooray!!!

  • Phillis says:

    I just have to keep this in mind:
    “We become what we think about – As you think so shall you become” (sic) Earl Nightengale

  • Thank you for the re-perspective, Nicole! All really IS well, isn’t it?!

    Thank you for that.

    I also love your reminder that it’s not oil (or money) that creates challenges – it’s our attitudes about it.

    Nice post. Thanks for chiming in, Nicole!

  • Nicole says:

    Great post and comments. I agree with Judy…I think it is important to be around people with LOA attitudes.
    I think the real crisis is that high-paying CEOs suddenly won’t have their huge salaries…that’s who the government is bailing out! Wouldn’t be wonderful if the government bailed out the millions of students who are up to their knees in student loan debt?
    I am excited too. There is a change in the air…change is ever flowing and constant. Its wonderful to be a part of this changing universe. As a Taoist would say, “flow with the river, do not fight against it.”
    My family just hit oil. We have rolls of dough about to come our way that we are very excited about. We finally have a chance to spread the love. We’ve talked for years about what we would do with a fortune and it seems as if all the talk finally paid off. Everyone tends to blame big oil for the world’s problems, but I only see this as a fortunate event for the world. We are the perfect family to receive money as we aim to infuse it into the world.
    A lot of people have a lot of money right now. I can take a shower every day, sleep with air conditioning, order food at any moment, wash clothes and buy medicine when needed. If those things didn’t exist, I would say we were having an economic crisis….but only a minority of us in the US cannot do those things. Even the poorest of people in the US are much richer than the poorest of a third world country.
    We are a grateful and successful people!

  • Judy, for some reason, your post made me recall how everything on the outside is a reflection of the inside.

    So .. hmm … what does THAT say? I’m having some fun with that one …

    Thanks for an entertaining and light response to the topic. I love your energy!

  • Iyabo says:

    Hello Jeanette, I have a lot to say on this.
    As a lawyer, I was left brain educated and trained. I find my move into the coaching world is using up my right brain which is what was missing from my world all along.
    The fact is that the politics, economics, medicine and education of our entire society is based on left brain analytical sequential thinking that allows for very little creativity from the right brain. When we are creative, we can think of options and possibilities. Our right brain is what brings hope into the equation.
    Not one of these folks have any hope or creativity to the solution. This is a bail out solution by the president that will help select few corporations and probably not trickle down to you and me. It is emergency surgery and not preventative medicine. It is a huge big band-aid. As he gave his speech, to me, it felt robotic and cold. I could not read his energy further. That told me that I should pay attention to what impact his proposal would have. It did not feel well thought out to me. (Sorry, if I am stepping on anyone’s toes.)
    Is that the energy we want behind the strength of our economy?
    In fact, a CNBC commentator said last night that he was shocked at the speech because the president used words like panic, crisis and equally negative words that were down right unpresidential. He said presidents tend to try and create hope not panic.
    I thought “Wow, that is an enlightened commentator.”
    It is time for mass hope and prayer, which you cannot enter into fully if you have no true hope. Like Albert Einstein said, Do you believe the Universe is essentially friendly or unfriendly? This is the key question. You cannot have hope if you believe the Universe is at its core unfriendly.
    I want leadership with hope. Leadership that does not want to do things the same old way. Leadership that believes in a friendly Universe and believes in me as a citizen as well. Leadership whose energy can connect with mine and create positive change. Guess who is my candidate?
    Leadership that can juggle multiple things at the same time and knows that the economic peace is just one portion of the equation. Need I say more?
    After all, part of our LOA journey is not to get derailed by any one thing in our lives and pull on the other good things that we have so much gratitude for to raise our vibration to help the ailing area. Hello!
    But I do believe that my economy, my personal financial world, is affected by my vibe which has long since disconnected from everyone else’s vibe. After all, I know other lawyers that are capitalizing on the so called crisis and are handling foreclosures and bankruptcies and making a mint.
    I chose not to do that because I do not believe in putting people in homes and then putting them out.
    Nevertheless, I know and I am experiencing thriving in this economy. Not in the way that I would ever have planned or imagined but yes, thriving.
    So, I do not ignore the news but I certainly do not focus on it. If I hear on the news that someone has cancer, I send good thoughts their way. I do not dwell on it and fester on it until I get cancer and worry about that slight ache in my right pinkie, is that cancer? NO. NO. NO. I wish the person well; I send them white healing energy and move on. I bless them.
    Same with the banks, mortgage companies, people losing their homes and all those affected by this economic issue – I send white healing light to each and every entity. My prayer is proper alignment for all of them to be in a thriving economy.
    My desire and prayer is for all to see how this translates into selecting the right candidate for our leadership and that they think and put their proper corrected energy into their vote from a place of hope.
    That is my take on it.

  • Judy says:

    I’ve been enjoying my range of response to this “economic rebalancing” as I call it.
    I love my internal conspiracy detective’s response: Isn’t this how the republicans LIKE to win elections? Overwhelm the masses and then sneak in for a win while no one is paying attention?
    I love my internal Oblivia: “Crisis? What crisis? Just keep on living like you want to be living.”
    And, I’m enjoying my genuine self emerge. I’m finding that my sense of well being is strong enough that I get to watch some news, listen, and chat with friends and family.
    When I get afraid, it is about my ability to respond and deal with what is happening around me-an old, outdated message for sure. So, I’ve been using this time to clarify how I want to be. …
    I know I’m still expanding, and I’m a huge resource as I remind others that the same is true of them. The qualities that I’m connecting with most these days are vision, character, fun and love.
    This is a great time for those of us who understand LoA-how do we nourish ourself and others when given a challenge/opportunity. Talk about leaning into our evolving edge!
    hmmmm, as I wrote that, I also became aware that I want to nourish myself w/ others who are also understand LoA. In other words, I want to be in a group that understands choice and creation AND heart.
    Jeannette, I’m kinda like you-I do get excited. (I also love earthquakes) But, I think i need to whisper this so I don’t offend someone that is being impacted. . . but here I am putting it in writing-ha!
    hmmmmmm, I can feel myself rising up and/or engaging in a different way for sure. . . and, i want to do this w/ others-there’s my dual nugget.
    thanks, and w/ love

  • This struck me as particularly wise, Iyabo:

    “So, I do not ignore the news but I certainly do not focus on it.”

    I remember Gregg Braden talking about how he used to practice “news fasts” but invariably he’d overhear someone talking about the latest whatever … so he decided it was unavoidable and he just made peace with watching the news.

    I can relate to that. Although I do feel particularly uninformed at times, which I love, those moments when I DO happen to hear Piers talk about the President, knowing how to handle them helps.

    Which is why I love your habit of not focusing on the crisis. Nicely done.

    My intention is that this post doesn’t require people to focus on something that might not feel good to them, but rather gives tools, ideas and inspiration for how to walk through the “real world” (I love how that phrase gets quotes!) AND still be connected to whatever serves them (source energy, higher self, Universe, God, all that is, etc.).

    Thanks for posting, Iyabo. Nice to hear from you again!

  • Thanks for being one of the instigators of the conversation, Phillis!

  • Phillis says:

    Should bring some interesting conversations — I am so LOA that I have not been paying attention to that thought much – a brief hum, and then let it go . . .
    Interesting if the ‘World’ conscience is thinking along those lines then what will that create?

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