An Inside Job

outsideWe all know the best manifesting tool out there is to just FEEL GOOD.  If that’s all we ever did, it’d rain good news on us day and night.

But when you’re in the mood to pull a different trick out of your law of attraction hat, consider this one:
Make it an Inside Job
Often when we approach a desire, we think of it as something we want, i.e. something we don’t yet have.  Right? 
It’s like we’re on the outside looking in; saying “I want that” –  as if it were separate from us. 
That perspective signals the Powers That Be that we are without it, and since like attracts like that means we only perpetuate the “withoutness” of it.
To create true vibrational alignment (which is the name of the manifesting game), we’ve got to get on the inside of it.  We’ve got to make it a part of us; to feel it as if it’s already a done deal.
(“Feel it real,” as author Denise Coates might say.)
For example, when I was ready for One of the Ones (that’s what I called the new long term boyfriend I was manifesting), I purposely and deliberately felt like a girl who already had a fabulous keeper.  I smiled and walked and shopped like someone would who was in a long term relationship with One of her Ones.  I felt him here.  Not there, in my future or in my dreams, but right here right now.
I didn’t treat it like something outside of me that I wanted.  I got on the inside of that desire.  I brought it to life now, by feeling it as if it were already reality.  (Three weeks later we met; three years later we’re still having fun.)
Yes, it takes imagination along with a willingness to detach from reality.  But that’s what deliberate creation is all about, and once we understand how powerful it is to manage our vibration, we’ve got huge incentive to do so! 
So this is your manifesting tip of the week: get on the inside of your desire and feel it as if it’s already a done deal.  Whether you use your daydream skills, a pray rain journal, script it out with a friend, etc. –  Universe will hear a very different instruction from you when you treat it like an Inside Job.

  • October 5, 2009
  • Michael says:

    I want to post this to the group in the hopes that everyone will see it.
    I posted above that huge sums of cash had come into my life indirectly. In actual fact, the money in question comes on the heels of the death of my step-daughter and the resulting settlement involved.
    I’m posting this because my above post hurt my significant other badly.
    I’m not above being responsible for hurting people’s feelings by something I write or do. I want to apologize publically for that hurt and make it clear that the death of our little girl in no way feels like manifested cash.
    I was just noticing the instinct to ‘protect myself’ and I really ran over her feelings roughshod.

  • Erik says:

    @Jeannette: Looking inside ourselves is a reaaally good hint – as I guessed you pray rained it, your articles always come at the right moment ;).
    @Flavia: Now that was a great key for me you saying that when you “don’t ask when it is going to be there” you really let go, so true. I am much too often asking myself “when will it come”…. (@Adrienne, I feel exactly like this pretty often)
    @Emiko: my take home sentence “everything occurs at exactly the right time and we can use the meantime to prepare ourselves for receiving and having”. Yay, so I better be preparing for all the onrushing goodness ;).
    @Michael: It’s really great that you can teach these laws to your son at an early age – oh my, the master manifester he will be later on!! 🙂

  • Michael says:

    Great job again, Jeannette…you always show up with the right reminders at the right time.
    You know, in time, I want to look for the opportunity to teach my little son how to N-O-T look to reality for cues on ‘how to feel’. It’ll be such a gift to him to learn from the time he’s just little, how to create the reality he wants by ‘feeling it real’.
    Tia, you crack me up! That diamond ring…that’s perfect. You know, as a musician, I’m really successful locally. I make more than nearly all my other friends in other bands…but now it’s time to take on that STADIUM-SIZED LED ZEPPELINISH VIBE that leap-frogs right over the sort of ‘truth’ lots of musicians have that we’re starving artists, never quite making it, etc. It’s a story so often told, that it creates a kind of badge of honor as musicians continue to talk about all the dues they’ve paid.
    Well hell, I’ve paid all mine anyway! And it was fun…but the vibe of walking, talking, shopping, brushing my teeth just the way I would as a rock star is what I”m taking on just now.
    And, in actual fact, huge sums of cash have now come–somewhat indirectly–into my life. Interestingly, my first instinct is to ‘protect’ myself…can you believe that??? Good to notice.
    Thanks everyone for the great insights…

  • Janette says:

    I just caught myself behaving like a successful writer, and then had a momentary reaction of ‘ooh, better stop that before someone spots the fake…’
    And now, you cured me, LOL! 😉

  • Actually it was Hannah who coined happying! I just love it so much I use it all the time now.
    All year I’ve been talking about going back to New Zealand this December, now that it’s so close I found myself doubting a little so this is a timely reminder to get back daydreaming about it and start packing my bags.
    As it is, I’m packing away stuff and getting rid of lots for when I move into that 2BR apt I’ve been manifesting in Jan next year. I’ll be packed and ready to move as soon’s I’m back 😉 Yay

  • janita says:

    you rock 🙂
    Ohh i am grateful of, and i am sooo extrem happy for i whent into reading in this blog right now!! 🙂
    thank you for reminding me i am it 🙂 at the right place at the right time:-)

  • Ah, nice distinction, Emiko. And I can also relate to the overwhelment when it shows up in full force.
    Not that I’m complaining, Universe! I can learn to manage that! lol
    (Says the girl still recovering from the stress of going on Oprah. I may be a big talker.)
    But – I’d rather play it that way than play it safe. There is just too much fun to be had to do it any other way!
    K, I got sidetracked … just wanted to say thanks, Emiko, for pitching in and do you have any idea how excited I am to share your guest post?! woo hoo!!

  • Emiko Jaffe says:

    I’m loving my pray rain journaling and acting “as if” is so much more fun than acting “when. . .if” I, too, am loving Flavia’s point: asking “when” has an impatient, dare I say, negative quality to it. I believe more and more that everything occurs at exactly the right time and we can use the meantime to prepare ourselves for receiving and having. I’ve had enough examples where I get a taste of having something I requested, only to be overwhelmed with the full effect of having it. Progression is key (thanks again Tia, for making that one stick for me!).

  • Tiffany, you took the words right out of my mouth! I was thinking that I should have added in the post that this process is just one of many ways to get to that “feel good” place … and then I thought, no worries – someone will share that in the comments.
    You rock!! 🙂
    And I just want to add, that your ability to imagine it to the point of inspiring goosebumps and butterflies is clear you’d give Tia good company in that Olympic event! lol
    Thanks for posting, Tiffany!

  • Adrienne says:

    oooh Flavia … love that ….letting go of the “when” is always a tough one for me, even if I can “feel” the having of it “now” – I still drift into “ok, I”m ready! ready! where is it?? I’m ready!” … thanks for your incredibly helpful insight/tips!

  • Tiffany says:

    Jeanette, you’re so amazing at this you deserve an iPhone App. Ahaha! This is my VERY FAVORITE way to get into the feeling place. I’ve gotten so good at it, whenever I envision my One of the Ones, I start to get goosebumps and butterflies.
    Not only does this work beautifully, it’s a lot of fun and helps you get to step one: feel good!
    Thanks again for another fabulous post.

  • Oooh, talk about a recipe for magic, Flavia: “just the presence of relaxation and trust and positive expectation.”
    I bet you’re cooking up some fun stuff with that formula!
    Can I also just say how much more I like this blog when it’s got Flavia in it? You are such a treat, my friend!
    Thanks for being here. 🙂

  • Flavia says:

    Esther and Jerry almost named their latest book “You can’t get there from there”. And they repeat it often in the “The Vortex” so the opposite of that would be, “You CAN get there from HERE” Or “You can get here from here” (inside of it) 🙂
    Talking about an inside job, I’ve discovered that if I can say (and really mean it) “It doesn’t matter how long it takes” then I KNOW it’s mine, it’s just a matter of time. There’s no charge or tension about it.
    But if I care about the “when” then it indicates I don’t really yet believe it. Plus the really great thing about it is that when I really mean it, my attention is freed/allowed to think about what I really DO want, to think pleasant, anticipatory thoughts. I release a lot of resistance all at once (attention to lack) and I focus back on what feels good -without taking score. And Voila! No binding negative emotion, just the presence of relaxation and trust and positive expectation. If I believe it matters how long it takes because if it doesn’t..then such and such unpleasant things will happen then I’m really pushing against how I’ll feel when that happens which just means my attention is now exactly on what I don’t want.
    It doesn’t matter “when” because I know it will happen. How do I know? Because there’s nothing in the way, it’s law, it’s how it works. Because everything’s in motion, because well-being is in place- all we do is stay out of the way and not hinder it coming.

  • Terri Smith, My Hero. !! I LOVE that story, Terri!
    And you’re absolutely right, it WILL work again. Again and again and again.
    I practiced something similar the other day when a client asked for session later this month and my knee jerk response was “can’t do it that day, I’ll be in Texas receiving an award.” ha (In “real” life, I’ve only applied, winner still to be announced. )
    That’s gettin’ on the inside. lol
    Thanks for pitching in on this conversation, Terri. Always a pleasure to hear from you.

  • Terri says:

    I wrote my FB page update in my head and felt how excited it was to see it in print. Terri Smith, Sr. Project Manager at xyz bank. And guess what? I got the job.
    Now, I lay in bed at night and feel him around me, holding me and whispering me to sleep.
    It worked once, I know its going to work again.

  • “Happying” – why doesn’t it surprise me that you would introduce me to that term, Tia?! lol
    I think daydreaming should become an Olympic event. he he We know who would get the gold!

  • I’m so on it! 😀 I’m wearing my lovely diamond ring as I go out to dinner with friends, I’m loving life and happying as much as I can 🙂 I see how my big talent (daydreaming) really serves me! Reality bites .. lol

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