Guest Post: Animal Revelation for Vexing Questions

Sarah Seidelmann believes connecting with the energies of the Beasties is powerful for creating alignment, expanding self-love and accessing your brilliant intuitive mind.
Here Sarah shares a simple way to open your right brain and get answers to your most vexing questions:
This tool is rooted in the ancient spiritual technology of divination. For the ancients, similar tools or “spiritual technologies” were relied upon to heal, discover the best way to hunt, and ensure the survival of the community. 

Techniques like this have assisted humans in making the best decisions by using “applied” synchronicity to access hidden meaning and information.  And you don’t have to be a Shaman living in the Amazon Basin or the Mongolian plateau to use them.

This Beastie Revelation tool helps you access the (mostly) hidden subconscious aspect of your mind that is non-linear and non-logical and knows how to connect the dots to create manifestation shortcuts (otherwise known as synchronicities).

“Divination is not a rival form of knowledge; it is a part of the main body of knowledge itself.” – Michel Foucault

1st: Formulate Your Question
It is important that the question be laser focused and begin with how, who, what, why or where.  Avoid yes/no questions, should questions, or questions that involve time specifics.
(Because yes/no questions limit the information received; there is no “time” consideration when consulting spiritual forces; and there is no judgment implied by the Universe/subconscious.)
Well formulated questions could go like this:

  • What am I to learn from this diagnosis?
  • How can I heal myself? (My marriage, broken friendship)
  • Who is the best person to mentor me in my career?

My question, for example:  How can I best show my children that I love them?
2nd: Set an Intention
It’s important to set an intention to discover very useful information from this exercise and receive an answer that is both truthful and helpful.
3rd: Notice and Record the Next 4 Beasties
Next step is to notice and write down the next four animals that catch your attention – the ones that say, metaphorically “Hey, look at me!” Simply pay attention – from fruit fly to komodo dragon- write ‘em down.
They may be outdoors, in the window, on your email in box, in face book, on a magazine, a billboard, art, a movie, TV show – write down whatever animals you notice. This could take 10 minutes or an entire day.
4th: Free Associate
After you have four animals written down, next step is to free associate the first word that comes to mind for you for each animal.  No censoring- even if (and especially if) it seems absurd.  Remember its non-linear stuff we are accessing – so right hemisphere only please.

For example: my four animals were

– Buffalo
– Leopard
– Ladybug and
– Domestic Cat

My free associated words for each animal were Strength, Sexy, Joy and Common.

Then you combine and free associate on the first two words. And repeat with the last two words.

Here’s my example again:

Strength + Sexy led me to Model
Joy + Common led me to Moment

So my final result is Model and Moment.

These two words are the clues to “how” I can show my children I love them most effectively this week.
As I sat with that result, I had an immediate “ah-ha” (or synchronicity):

“All I need to do is model (for them) being in the moment- which puts me “in the moment” and when I am in the moment with them- that’s all I need to do to show my children I love them.”

This result smacks of the Truth and I feel inspired already to get into the moment.
(My logical linear and somewhat sadistic mind might have said to take them to the Zoo or make cookies- ughhhh this is so much easier!)

If your results are confusing or unclear to you, set it aside for a while and come back to it. Also, asking a trusted friend to offer their interpretation (as if it were their question and their result) may be helpful.  Please note that YOU are the only one who can “know” what it means for you – you are the guru.

Lastly, send out appreciation to the Beasties or Universe – whoever you want to thank for pointing you towards this information.
It’s perfect to be a skeptic with this. This work, as one teacher told me, is not for the “faithful”.  The “proof” is in your vibe or how you feel after you marinate in the results.
By using this practice, you are essentially building a relationship with the Universe/the field/the divine/the Earth and Beasties/All that is.
Over time if you begin to verify there is validity in the information you receive, it will deepen your belief and you’ll begin to know on a cellular level that you are unlimited and connected to everything.  Pretty cool!
Sarah Seidelmann is a Martha Beck certified life coach and co-creator of Joy Junket.  She has a mad crush on Beasties, which may be a case of Bush Madness.  She wants you to know how the insects, birds, reptiles, mammals, and mammoths can help you to attract all that your heart desires.  Be sure to check out Sarah’s Beastie’s video.

  • February 23, 2011
  • I had the most amazing experience with this tool! (Which is why I begged Sarah to write it up for you all!)
    My question was: How can I best support my physical healing?
    My four animals were: Spider, Bison, Ladybug, Mother Earth.
    (Yes, I know mother earth isn’t an animal, but I practiced what Sarah said – NO CENSORING.)
    My associated words were: messy, dead, abundant, and plentiful/supportive.
    Messy + Dead = Killers
    Abundant + Plentiful/Supportive = Abound
    Killers Abound?
    I was quite perplexed about how I was going to get a positive message from that, but asked for input from those on the call.
    The incredibly wise words that came back to me – well, I’m getting goose bumps again just thinking about them.
    (For those who are GVU members, you can hear it on Sarah’s call #7 from Feb 22nd.)
    Which is why I also asked Harmony to write a guest post on the power of community. (Forthcoming, I hope.)
    My takeaway from using this tool (and getting input from others) was that my own immune system is abundant with ways to support my healing. hee hee
    I feel so empowered!
    Thanks for sharing such a great tool, Sarah. I’m going to have so much fun with it!!

  • MissyB says:

    Oh god…another tool to help me to ask for answers !
    Love it though…

  • LovelyMe says:

    To clarify on Step 3 – are these animals that immediately come into your mind, or are they animals that you have to visually see only? Do you go out looking for animals, or do you just have to hope that you happen to see 4?
    I am very intrigued by this!
    Much love,

  • Hello LovelyMe- well I think you could do either :). I chose to discover the 4 different Animals during a GVU call (that was on Animals)- so I selected the ones that “jumped out at me”- you could also go for a walk in the woods with intention and do the same…..OR you could simply set your intention and notice what Animals show up during that day? I don’t see why allowing the first 4 animals that pop into your mind would not work beautifully too- let us know how it goes? Sarah

  • M says:

    I have just tried it and it *told me something* I already knew 😉 and that rings true!

  • M- sometimes re-re-confirmation is all you need for allignment, lol! Thanks for sharing your experience with it!
    I had a result with a particularly vexing/painful issue that was “magic and divination” were the ways in which I would heal- and I felt so much better with that result. Its odd- because from a “rational” or left brain perspective that makes no sense- yet all I knew was it was true that I felt better and it smelled of truth– and in that situation there was little for me to do in the moment- just allow.

  • Sarah, I love this! And I had to try it before I commented here. So my question was: What is the best thing for me to do now to bring the money I want into my life in the next month?
    Of course, the first animal I encountered was dog.
    Then elephant, bee, and monster (yes, I know that’s not technically an animal, but it felt right, so I went with it).
    My words were
    Dog – devoted
    Elephant – wise
    Bee – busy
    Monster – scary
    Devoted and wise = passion
    Bee and scary = forced
    As soon as I saw that, I FELT my answer, which was to follow my passion and not do anything that feels at all forced. Duh. Of course!
    Very fun! I’ll be using this a lot. It appeals to the kid in me who loves animals and loves to play with words.
    Thanks so much!

  • Sarah says:

    Ande- yay! So glad it was helpful:). I often get a similar- “duh” kind of answer- and it’s that kind of answer that often will quickly bring me back into awareness of my ideal path- where I want to be going (and how I want to get there). Sarah

  • Jessica Earl says:

    This tool seemed to resonate with me so warmly- so I couldn’t wait to try it! Right away I wrote down my questions, my intent, and sat with it awhile. I made a spot in my journal for 4 animals, and much more room for comments below! I waited for animals to come to me.
    Well, it took a few days! I was surprised, because I see animals quite frequently! I don’t know why this was so. I was on the look out- perhaps too eager? Anyhow, I am really perplexed. Maybe anyone interested could offer some insight. Thanks in advance. 🙂
    My question was: How do I heal and experience authentic, radiant JOY?
    My animals and associations:
    Fox- stealth
    Dog- Loyal
    Kitty- Sweet
    Panda- Big
    Stealth+Loyal = Military
    Sweet + Big = Candy (specifically, those large Sweettarts-yum!)
    I just don’t see or feel any connection and usually things like this are clear sailing for me with lots of Ahas!
    Thanks for this exercise and I do plan on working with this some more Sarah! Love the animals! 🙂

  • Jeannette says:

    Jessica, I had a similar experience in that the two words I came up with didn’t click for me AT ALL. It wasn’t until I asked others for their insights that I got insights. Which is why I had asked Harmony for a guest post on the power of community. (Which I intend is forthcoming!)
    I’m laughing as I imagine the connection between Military and Candy and radiant joy – and not coming up with .. wait a minute, maybe I do have something … will email you when it gets more formulated!!
    Dang, maybe we just need to have a hotline where we interpret each other’s answers. lol

  • LovelyMe says:

    Jessica, looking at yours, my first thoughts were “The sweetness of order (and possibly routine)”
    Perhaps they are telling you to fill every day doing things that bring you joy. It doesn’t have to be big, even if it’s just your ritual morning coffee/breakfast. Or only allow things in your daily routines that bring you joy. What does order in your life look like? Perhaps they are telling you to not walk around hoping for joy to randomly fall into your lap (don’t worry, it will), but it sounds like you want to experience joy from your own making, so perhaps it’s about taking more joy in your day to day life. Be a little more decisive to feel joy and look for it in the things that are already happening around you.
    Those are my thoughts. Good luck!
    I will share mine on here, too. I shared it at GVU first, and it was a fun story how it unfolded for me!

  • Jessica- Sometimes too more is revealed as it unfolds- and Lovely me made a very lovely connection- that military might imply order- looking at the sweetness of routine:) Sometimes joy comes from rountines- like reading affirmations daily?
    If it were my exercise and your results- I might think about drumming music (as in a miltary band) and how heavy drumming or marching band like music might lift me up ? Or how if I got really serious about my own joy (militant about enjoyig the sweetness of life) that it might happen, lol. The best interpretation is the one that feels like WOOHOO! to you though. Here is to you joy Jessica!! Sarah

  • MissyB says:

    Oh bum…this seems to be working for everyone…except me. I ask…I intend…then I don’t see any animals apart from my dog and one of my cats. Neither seem to call to me.

  • Missy- Don’t lose hope-(((((smile)))) sometimes its good to leave it- either its not going to serve you – OR (even better…)- more will be revealed– its in that curious place that the MAGIC can and does happen all the time……..Sarah

  • Jessica Earl says:

    Thanks for the feedback! It’s wonderful! 🙂
    Everything is resonating perfectly with me! The irony just blows my mind. The day before I got my last animal, I was speaking with a friend. His advice was that I needed a routine! How funny. We were talking about the benefits, and basically, how I don’t have much of a routine. Let’s see, my routine consists of trash day being on Thursday, and even that I forget sometimes! hahaha
    Also you both mentioned “decisive” and “get really serious” about my joy, and that rings true for me as well. When I do get diligent by not accepting or expecting any less, then it is inevitable that I am going to manifest whatever it is that I want. In a determined, matter-of-fact way. I journaled on that, and I felt a relief, or an excitement that I was seeking.
    Lastly, it is interesting you mentioned the drumming, Sarah! I’ve been wanting to learn to play the drums and haven’t set them up yet.
    I’m looking forward to giving this another try on a different topic just for the fun of it! 🙂
    One observation about the process and the responses. It seems it was others’ associations with my two words that had the meaning, not the two words. So I was wondering what would happen if I had wrote down a few word associations for both of my two words. For instance: Military- rigid, strict, scheduled, routine, marching, diligent. Then I may have been able to come to my own revelation. I don’t know if this is the case for you as well Jeannette because I wasn’t on that call, but I’d be interested to know if this applies to you as well.
    I am going to try to do that if I am stumped the next time too! 🙂
    I really love this though! Thanks so much!

  • Ahhhh Jessica! So great to hear all this- wow- major synchronicities–I always see that as a sign you are really tapping into the power of the Universe , (((((smile))))) Sarah

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